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Top 8 Large Camping Tent to Buy in 2021

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If you are passionate about trekking, bonfire, hiking and the likes that require you to stay and sleep in camping tents amidst silence and somberness of nature, you surely know the thrill of true adventure. But even if you have never been on such an adventure-packed trip, you surely have seen camping tents in Hollywood movies. This Buying Guide is meant to make you familiar with different types of tents, tips on choosing the best large camping tents and the top choices in this context. 

Our Top Picks

We will give you a snippet of the best picks under different categories. Scroll through the blog to learn the details about them along with a few more top-selling camping tents across the US market

Best Family Tent: Coleman Cabin Tent 

This 6-individual tent is ideal for camping with family. Made of premium quality polyester, the tent is strong and spacious. It is super easy to set up and take down. It protects campers from heavy rain and keeps them warm when it is raining heavily. The tent provides storage to help you keep your essentials organized and promotes uninterrupted airflow.

Cheap Tent for Backyard Campaign: Coleman Sundome Tent 

We bet many of you have hardly stumbled upon such a wonderfully waterproof camping tent ever. It is spacious, waterproof, breathable and durable. It keeps you dry and cozy whatever the weather conditions might be. Furthermore, it comes very easy on pocket. 

Best Car Campaign Tent: Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent (2020 Update)

If you’d prefer to just roll up in your car and sleep on the roof then consider buying car top tents. The lightweight tent is sturdy and long-lasting. It prevents water from getting into your tent and keeps you safe. Moreover, it’s super easy to pack up and put up. 

Best Camping Tent for Backpacking: Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

It’s a reliable, durable, breathable and comfortable shelter for backpackers and campers who often face stormy situations during trekking or camping. The lightweight and waterproof tent keeps you safe and cozy inside during wintry and windy weather. 

It is equally important to know how to pack a backpack

Best Camping Tent for All Seasons: No products found.

It is a big, well-designed, compact, waterproof and durable camping tent that can easily stand up to all seasons. It can easily accommodate 8-9 people and make an ideal choice for an exciting family campaign experience with its premium-quality fabric, sturdy poles, room-dividing curtain and entertainment facilities. It’s one of the best-selling tents for all kinds of weather…

Best Lightweight Camping Tent: No products found.

This 1-person tent weighs only 3.7 pounds. It is extremely lightweight and compact. The ideal summer tent is roomy and reasonably priced. If you want compactness, easy setup, durability, comfort and protection on a low budget, any investment on it won’t go wrong. 


Product Name


Buy Now

Coleman Cabin Tent

Coleman Cabin Tent 

Best Family Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent

Best Budget

Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent

Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent

Best Car Tent

Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

Best Backpacking

No products found.

HIKERGARDEN CAMPROS Tent-8-Person-Camping-Tents, Waterproof Windproof Family Tent

Best for all season

No products found.
No products found.

Clostnature Lightweight 2 and 3 Person Backpacking Tent

Best Lightweight

No products found.

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How to Know It’s the Best for You?

Making a choice is a tough challenge, especially if you have no clear understanding of the must-have features and qualities of a good tent. To make it easier, we put together this tent buying guide to help you find a good shelter ..


Yes, size matters a lot. When it comes to camping tent, size is also referred to as capacity. Figure out how many people will stay in the tent for comfortable stay and sleep. Choose an 8-person tent if 5-6 persons will stay in the tent. This way, you can ensure more elbow room for the campers. An exaggerated assessment will ensure more comfort for you and others. 


This feature has a great impact on the inside space in your tent. There are multiple options for your grab. These include A-frame/ridge tents, cabin/outfitter tents, dome/geodesic tents, backpacking tents, tunnel tents and pop-up tents. 


Higher-denier camping tents and rainfly are sturdier and more long-lasting when compared to lower-denier fabrics. Nylon is a lightweight material and a good choice for backpackers. Cotton canvas is good to insulate your camp in both sunny and cold months. Pollycotton canvases are sturdier but lighter and highly water resistant. 

Polyester camping tents with breathable coating prevent water leakage but not water flow. This type is bit thicker and more long-lasting than nylon varieties.


Choose from mesh, ripstop and raffeta for your tent pattern. Mesh, usually made of nylon or polyester, promotes ventilation inside the tent. Ripstop is more durable and taffeta is tough against abrasion though not ideal for tear management. 

Tent Poles:

These erect the frame and foundation of any camping tent. Poles keep the tent straight. Consider weight, strength and durability when choosing tent poles. Aluminum, fiberglass and carbon fiber are three popular options. 


On this front, there are three options for you – 3-season tents, 3-4 season tents and 4-sesason tents. The first type is the best bet for summer, spring and fall. This variety with mesh panels promotes air flow and keeps insects away. It is also light in weight. 

The 3-4 season camping tents, also referred to as extended season tents, are ideal for summer season, early spring and late fall. It features high water retention capacity and improves balanced ventilation. They have fewer panels compared to 3-season varieties. Pitched on the ground with a sturdy rainfly, these tents are designed to endure heavy snowfall and wind flow. 

The 4-season camping tents stay strong and firm in windy and chilly weather as well as during heavy snowfall. They feature multiple poles and a few mesh panels and rainflies. Different varieties are available and all of them will keep you warm inside when it is frosty cold outside.  

Product Profile 

We have made a list of the top-selling camping tents across the USA. In the next segment, we are going to present detailed reviews so that you can get a clear picture of pros and cons of each of them to make the ultraright decision. Here are top 8 camping tents preferred by our experts…

1. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup | Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds

Coleman Cabin Tent

The best advantage of Coleman Cabin tent is you can set it up and take it down almost in the blink of an eye. 

It’s worthless to waste time on folding and unfolding a tent as you might miss some thrills on your outdoor adventure. The instant tent, with support from pre-assembled poles, stays extremely secured on the ground. It is super easy to assemble, extend and pack the tent. Such quick action saves your time in times of emergency. 

The tent is built around WeatherTec System characterized by tub-like floors with covered seams and patented corner welds to keep you dry and warm if it starts raining in torrents. A built-in vented rainfly promotes airflow without requiring you to do extra assembly.

If you are planning to go for camping with your family or friends, it could be a great choice as the model can accommodate 6 persons. The tent can easily make room for two queen size air beds. 

Leakage is the major problem with this tent. Despite that flaw, it is widely considered the best camping tent that can easily accommodate 6 people

The tent, made from premium quality rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric, is ideal for backpacking as it can easily stand up to harsh weather. Hence, it could be a smart choice round the season. 

Its integrated convenient storage packages helps you keep your small necessities well organized. When you will get ready to go home, the tent can easily be folded and packed into an expandable carrying unit until your next adventure. 

Coleman Cabin tent with Instant Setup prevents 90% of sunlight from streaking inside. The advanced technology used in making of this instant camp decreases temperature buildup by 10% and allows you to enjoy some Z’s when the sun still shines hot. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Inside Space: 10×9 square feet with 6ft Centre height
  • 6-Person Tent 
  • 50D/150D Polyester/taped seams
  • Welded Corners and Inverted Seams 
  • Integrated Rainfly 
  • Double-Thick Fabric Stands
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Roomy Interior
  • Premium Quality Fabric
  • Durable for All Seasons
  • Instant Setup
  • Improved Ventilation
  • Additional Weather Protection
  • Promotes Unhindered Airflow
  • Water Keeps Coming in

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2. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent

Another Coleman Tent makes it to our list of the BEST. This Coleman model wins the runner-up title. As per our experts, it is the best backpacking tent at an affordable price….

It provides ample space to ensure comfy sleep for the whole gang of campers. With a 6-feet height at the center, the tent allows the campers to easily move around inside. 

The 5-person tent, developed around WeatherTec system, is packed with advanced features to keep the campers dry and safe whatever the weather. 

The durable tub floor with inverted seams and welded corners keeps moisture away. A weather-protected zipper, water resistant fabric and leak-free rainfly seams make the tent water-repellent and keep you dry and warm inside no matter what. 

You don’t need to use any sealant to feel bone dry and comfy in the tent. With a tarp and the rain fly covering half of the tent, it is super breathable inside. 

Coleman Sundome Tent, framed with 11mm shock-corded fiberglass poles, is specially designed to stand firm in stormy weather conditions. A mesh vent at the bottom is a nice installation. It along with large windows promotes enhanced ventilation and keeps everything cool and comfy for those inside.

Mesh pockets are seamlessly sewn into the tent’s walls to help you store small essentials within a quick and convenient reach. 

The tent receives bonus points for being easy to set up. It is far better than many high-priced tents in several aspects. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Inside Space: 10×10 square feet with 6ft Centre height
  • Polyester Taffeta 75 Denier Flysheet
  • Welded corners and inverted seams
  • 11mm Shock-Corded Fiberglass Poles
  • Large windows and Ground Vent
  • E-Ports 
  • Super Easy to Set Up
  • High Quality Fabric
  • Plenty of Space
  • High Water Resistance
  • Enhances Airflow
  • Withstands High Winds
  • Comes in Carry Bags
  • Affordable
  • Skinny Steel Stakes
  • No Footprint

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3. Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent (2021 Update)

Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent

One of the best rated tents that is easy to set up! If you are looking for good quality at an affordable price, this Kelty model could be a good choice to serve your purpose. 

It has every making to be your reliable backpacking companion for decades. The fully featured Grand Mesa, after its 2020 updates, has now arrived in its Grander Avatar. It’s easy, awesome and affordable.

The tent sports a simple and steady design. The fact that it is easy to assemble and dismantle is a real plus.  It’s an ideal tent for any single backpacker. 

The tent is light in weight and lightning-fast to set up and tear down. Freestanding design makes it super easy to install and move around to the camp site. 

It is built to last. The camping tent is made of premium quality long-lasting rainfly fabric and 68D polyester tent floor. 

Strong aluminum poles make assembling a real fun and provide the tent with enough strength to withstand windy weather.  

Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent comes with Shark Mouth Carry Bags to ensure easier storage and pack-up. 

It also feels nice to know that such a breezy backpacking tent is easy to afford and hence, does not cause you heartburn. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Inside Space: 54 Square Feet 
  • Weight: 7.7lbs
  • Freestanding
  • 68D Polyester Tent Floor and Rainfly Fabric
  • Aluminum Poles
  • Fly Attachment and Color-Coded Clips
  • Fully Seam Taped Construction
  • Shark Mouth Carry Bag 
  • Lightweight
  • Lightning-Fast to Set Up
  • Strong and Durable
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Easy to Pack Up and Store
  • Everything is Fine Until It Rains

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4. Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

If you don’t mind spending some extra dollars, it is a super cute choice to make your life easier, happier and comfier during your thrilling adventure days. Gushing reviews echo our experts’ verdict – it’s one of the best buy camping tents in the United States.

It offers reliable and comfortable shelter to the campers and backpackers. The lightweight tent is fully waterproof while promoting air circulation. Seal-taped polyester makes it lasting for years. 

Its body is made of fine quality mesh that gives you a feel of looking through a pair of pantyhouse.

It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to set up the tent. The tent arrives in an easy-to-fold bag. You can quickly dismantle the tent and place it back in the bag. 

The tent features a strong ventilation system. Its quick-to-open vents make the tent breathable if heat builds up inside. 

The tent is designed to prevent leaks in stormy conditions. The rainfly works really well. A seam-tapped floor makes the backpacking tent highly water resistant and ensures that campers will stay safe, dry and cozy when harsh and heavy wind is blowing outside. 

Two large and well-designed D-shaped and easy-to-access doors along with two spacious overhead vestibules offer enough space to store gear. 

Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and camping tent features two small storage pockets inside so that you can keep your cellphone and other small necessities within an easy reach. 

According to the customers’ feedbacks, the tent could be a truly awesome purchase for 2-person adventure enthusiasts. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Inside Space: 32 square feet
  • Weight: 4bs
  • 2-Person Tent
  • 7000 Series Aluminum Poles
  • Dual D-Shaped Doors
  • Dual Overhead Vestibules 
  • Full Coverage Waterproof Rainfly 
  • Decent and Durable Design
  • Lightweight but Strong
  • Promotes Ventilation
  • Enough Space for 2 Persons
  • Water-Resistant
  • Withstands Stormy Weather
  • Faulty Tent Pole Assembly

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5. HIKERGARDEN CAMPROS Tent-8-Person-Camping-Tents, Waterproof Windproof Family Tent

No products found.

Hikergarden Campros tent 8-person camping tent is a great choice if you have a large family and are looking for a unique camping experience together.  

It’s a great family tent that can easily accommodate 6 persons with gear and 8 persons without gear. 

The tent features a riveting and roomy design. It can easily accommodate 3 queen air mattresses and 8 sleeping bags. It’s ideal for tall persons as they can easily stand straight inside. Though compact, it can easily hold up in harsh weather conditions. The tent makes a perfect choice during windy and rainy nights. 

The model is designed to give you a feel of HOMELY COMFORT away from your home. A long curtain hanging from ceiling functions as a room divider to section things off and offers private space to the campers. 

The tent features a sturdy frame and that will give you an idea about its years-long durability. The well-made poles along with a smooth 2-way zipper make it sturdy and durable. The manufacturer has paid attention to detailing in order to give it a complete and comfortable character.  It’s an excellent camping tent for camping in mountainous region…..

With the rainfly on, campers can enjoy a great entertainment time by projecting videos on the curtain at night. The interior structure helps you stay organized by keeping your cellphone, keys, wallet and other small necessities in mesh pockets. 

At the end of the day, everything comes down to how easy it is to set up the tent. It’s not a painstaking work and you don’t need to be an expert. It will take only 5 minutes for two persons to put up the tent.  

Zipper is inferior but that is not going to be a fly in the ointment. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Interior Space: 14 x 9 square feet with 6ft height
  • Weight: 17.4lbs
  • Made with 185T Polyester
  • 8.5mm Fiberglass pole
  • 1000mm Polyurethane Hydrostatic Rated Coating
  • Unconditional 1-year Quality Assurance
  • Offers Tons of Space
  • Easy to Set UP
  • Great Family Tent for 8-9 Persons
  • Compact, Sturdy and Durable
  • Room Dividing Curtain Offers Privacy
  • Provides Storage Space
  • Can Withstand Rough Weather Conditions
  • Inferior Zipper

No products found.

6. Clostnature Lightweight 2 and 3 Person Backpacking Tent – 3 Season Ultralight Waterproof Camping Tent, Large Size Easy Setup Tent for Family, Outdoor, Hiking and Mountaineering

No products found.

Clostnature is well-known for making tough, functional and sustainable outdoor gears to safeguard the camping enthusiasts from the harsh elements in adverse weather conditions. They don’t harp on the same strings of retroactive greenwashing kind of sustainability very common in modern-day marketing campaign.

The company has taken a meaningful approach towards manufacturing Clostnature lightweight 2 and 3 person backpacking tent to ensure both sustainability and eco-friendliness. 

The tent has a class of its own and a constellation of several handy features to tease the choice of the discerning buyers. 

Whether it’s a weekend or week-long backpacking plan that you have in mind, there should not be any compromise with quality and durability of the camping tent. This tent from Clostnature gives you comfortable sleep at night. 

The brand has made the product with safety in mind. Two aluminum poles along with reflective ropes and loops provide added strength and keep it firmly grounded. The feature along with its waterproof quality prevents you from tough weather, cold and heavy rain. 

The product is made of 210T Polyester with PU5000 coating applied to the tent rainfly. The tent rainfly ensures the most important insulation that you need in extreme weather. 

The tent features an extraordinary design to promote comfort and breathability. Large vestibule and D-shaped door make ‘get in and get out’ ultra-convenient. 

Portability is highly important a feature worth considering when you are looking for a 1-person lightweight camping tent. The tent is extremely easy to carry. 

Compactness and Quick Pitching are other two must-have features in a single camping tent and this freestanding product takes a few minutes to get erected and taken down. 

The premium quality materials that go into making of the camping tent make it resistant to both hot and cold weather. It’s waterproof. Keep in mind that you need a waterproof tent to stay safe and comfortable while enjoying the thrill of camping at night. 

The tent also gives you extra storage to backpack your trekking or camping shoes. Improved double-layer corner in conjunction with factory-sealed seams ensures enhanced protection. 

Spec Sheet: 

  • Interior Size: 7’3’’ x 2’8” x 3′
  • Weight: 3.7lbs
  • Freestanding Structure 
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Poles 
  • 210T Poly Rainfly with PU5000 Coating
  • D-Shaped Doors and Large Vestibules
  • Reflective Ropes and Loops 
  • Ripstop Material with Factory-Sealed Seams Archives
  • Enough Space for One Person
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Quick Setup
  • Long-Lasting
  • Amazing Strength
  • Excellent Protection
  • Breathable and Great Comfort
  • Reasonable Price
  • Some Users Have an Issue with Durability

No products found.

7. 2-Person Dome Tent- Rain Fly & Carry Bag- Easy Set Up-Great for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking & Outdoor Music Festivals by Wakeman Outdoors

Wakeman 2-Person Dome Tent- Rain Fly & Carry Bag

Some users complain that it is affordable but junk and surviving on gaudy advertisement gimmicks. However, our experts beg to differ and find no reason to buy the negative opinions. 

This Wakeman outdoor tent is a super cute and compact tent that teases eyes with its blue beauty and impresses you with a cluster of competent inside features. Made of superlative quality fabric, the product feels premium and durable. 

This tent will make your camping adventure more pleasant and exciting. The 2-person dome tent could be an excellent companion for camping, hiking and outdoor occasions. 

It comes with the right combo of useful and easy-to-operate features so that you can enjoy your outdoor activities to the full extent. Whether you are heading to a weekend campground or planning for weeklong hiking or festival, it is an excellent choice to enjoy a great outdoor campaign.

It’s a great buy that will serve you throughout the year. The ventilation window and fiberglass poles make it a great camping tent for summer and spring activities

The model flaunts off ultra-compactness that you badly need when camping or hiking. It is convenient to set up and take down. The product is excellently designed to offer space, convenience and comfort. With the tent, comes an inside storage pocket to help you keep the indoor space clutter-free and well-organized. It makes the indoor roomier and gives you a cozier experience. 

Keeping yourself safe and your camping necessities organized means half the battle won. The strong nylon-made body and solid rainfly make sure that water does not get inside and you enjoy a clean, dry and safe trip. 

In a nutshell, it has some excellent qualities to become a great buy for GUARANTEED OUTDOOR THRILL while camping. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Interior Space:  6.25 foot x 4.80 square foot with height of 3.50 feet 
  • 2-Person Tent 
  • Nylon Fabric 
  • Fiberglass Poles
  • Ventilation Window
  • Large D-Style Door 
  • Super Lightweight
  • Cool Setup
  • Fascinating Look
  • Functional Design
  • Pretty Good Floor Tarp Section
  • Lighter Shade Keeps Temperature down in Sunny Days
  • Waterproof Floor Section
  • Single Entrance
  • Not Very Breezy
  • Waterproof Hat Useless

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8. MOON LENCE Camping Tent 2/4/6 Person Family Tent Double Layer Outdoor Tent Waterproof Windproof Anti-UV …

MOON LENCE Camping Tent 2/4/6 Person Family Tent Double Layer Outdoor Tent

It’s going to be a unique camping experience with Moon Lence camping tent.  The stitching on the tent adds to its strength and gives you the ultimate confidence to go fearlessly for your next outing or adventure. 

It’s a nice looking tent that will serve your needs for camping. The great build up both inside and outside will make the investment bounce back with a good value for your money. 

The lightweight tent comes neatly packed in a carry bag and it makes transportation quite breezy.  The feature is suitable for all backpackers whether you are travelling alone or with a gang as everyone prefers a light burden during a trip.  

Setting it up is very easy. Just remove it from your backpack, unfold and install – not more than quarter of an hour will it take to stand firmly on the ground. 

The tent is modeled to make room for anyone but only up to 2 adults. It offers enough elbow room for you and any from your family or friend to experience cozy and safe stay. 

It’s a 3-season tent that offers all-round protection by blocking rain water and UV rays from encroaching inside. 

The all-round mesh fabric and 1000mm water-resistant rainfly give it enough strength for GUARANTEED DURABILTY. Any doubt why it is one of the best-selling camping tents on Amazon?

Proper ventilation enhances the comfort level inside the tent. This double layer outdoor family tent ensures excellent ventilation with two big mesh windows and an extra ground vent. 

The clever design allows air circulation but keeps water from leaking inside. The ventilation system pushes warm air up and out to keep you cool and comfy at night. 

Removable and professional-grade rainfly also plays its role in promoting great ventilation. Even on sultry and damp rainy days, the tent keeps the indoor air fresh and easily breathable. 

Mesh pockets are seamlessly sewn into the tent walls to provide you with enough storage space so that you can keep your small knick-knacks within an easy reach. 

Cannot see anything at night? Well, hang a battery lantern on the built-in hook at night and it will sweep your tent with soft light. A dream date with your darling in tent – won’t it make your camping the most memorable day out? 

Spec Sheet:

  • Weight: 5.95lb
  • 2-Person Tent 
  • 2 Shock Cord Connecting Poles 
  • 63D 190T 1000mm; B3 Mesh
  • D-Shaped Doors with Dual Zippers
  • Ground Vent with Two Windows 
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Stable, Durable and Breathable
  • All-Round Protection – Water and UV Rays Resistant
  • Proper Airflow and Temperature Control
  • Some Complain about Water Leakage

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Are You Ready for Some Tent Buying Tips?

A wider breadth of camping tent models is easily available and each of them comes with some common and uniquely exciting features. As a result, the challenge of choice becomes more confusing. Hence, to melt your confusion and help you with a good choice, here are the must-weigh features that will make your purchase really worth it:


The size you should choose depends on the number of people who will be going to enjoy their sleep in the tent. 

You will see one-person tent, five-person tent and so on. Though a few camping tent manufacturers allot 20 to 25 sq. ft. to one person, there is no hard and fast rule in this context. 

You will find some manufacturers describing a tent for 3 or 5 persons, keep in mind that it’s not a final call. Choose from 6-person camping tents to ensure a more comfortable stay for 3 persons. If 6 people are going to stay in the tent, you should go with an 8-person tent. This way, the tent will provide you with some extra space to store your camping gear and other luggage and also offer an extra legroom to ensure more comfortable stay and sleep. 

If you are a solo backpacker with a single backpack, it’s better to go with a lightweight and compact 1-person tent. 


Tent shape has a significant impact on its square footage of the inside space. Some of the commonest camping tent shapes are as follows:

A-Frame/Ridge Tents: These light-in-weight and easy-to-set-up tents were extensively used in bygone days. Cheap price also contributed to their popularity. These tents feature rectangular flooring along with slopping sides and ridgepoles. Low downside is a big drawback. These tents offer less elbow room due to slopping sides. 

Over time, these tents have undergone several bouts of modification to sport a modern look. The improvised version features either diagonal center poles or a center hoop pole. The shape of the sidewalls features a curve in the outward direction. The feature adds to the space and also increases lateral stability by manifolds. As a result, it can endure windy conditions. 

Cabin/Outfitter Tents: The walls of these tents feature a vertical shape. These tents offer plenty of free space even after storing air beds, cots and other stuff.  

Some cabin-shaped camping tents are designed as rooms to feature dividers or offer additional space to accommodate a wood-burning stove. The only drawback is these tents are a bit bulky and less likely to be a great choice for the campers who literally have wheels under their feet. Another disadvantage is you need to rely on guy lines and stakes to maintain its shape. 

Dome/Geodesic Tents: These tents are more spacious. They offer 50% more space than their A–frame counterparts. These tents feature curved sidewalls that prevent snow or rainwater from building up on the rooftop. The tents stand firm in harsh weather conditions. Dome-shaped tents have a good height for the headroom but the interior space looks smaller due to slopped walls.  

Pop-up Tents: Pop-up tents are great to allow children to enjoy their outdoor activities. It is very easy to set up some of these pop-up tents. You just need to take the tents out of your storage bag and it will quickly pop up. It is also easier to dismantle the tent and pack the same inside the bag. 

Many pop-up camping tents are easy to store in flat circular bags. It might take longer to fold and twist the tent than set it up. 

These tents are great to fire up festive moods. If you are looking for a spontaneous camping solution instead of putting up a tent, it will make a great choice as you can set it up within seconds. 

Tunnel Tents: A uniformed arch shape is its signature design. They offer uniform head room and plenty of space. Though not as popular as cabin tents and domes, this type is slowly spiking in popularity. 

Backpacking Tents: These tents are very popular with the campers who need to carry their tents to the campsite. These are lighter and smaller and extremely easier to carry even for miles. They can easily fit into a backpack. 

Backpacking camping tents are designed to accommodate 1 person or 2/3/4 persons. The weight varies depending on the brand though not on a wider scale. 


Different kinds of fabrics go into making of camping tents. To choose the BEST from the PACKS, you should understand the differences between each of the fabric used for tent making. 

Keep in mind that higher-denier tents and rainfly are tougher and more durable than the tents made of lower-denier fabrics. Higher-denier fabrics in combo with seam tapes also help to reduce the chance of leakage in the intent. Followings are some most popular fabrics used to make tents:

Nylon: Nylon camping tents are cheaper. Most of the on-budget camping tents are made of nylon. It is a thinner fabric that does not soak water. A coating of silicon, polyurethane or acrylic over nylon makes it waterproof. The coating also prevents ultraviolet rays from sneaking into the tent. 

Lighter nylon tents make an ideal choice for backpacker. The only big drawback of nylon fabric is it does not function well if exposed to the sun for a long time. Therefore, if you are planning to camp during summer or in a sunny or hot environment, switch to other options that offer improved toughness and durability for a more comfortable stay.

Canvas: Canvas camping tents are made of a blend of cotton-polyester or pure cotton. These tents are heavy and tough. Cotton can lock heat in colder temperature and keep the tent cool in warm temperatures.  

The conventional canvas tents are put through small weathering phase to make them completely water-resistant. Therefore, to turn it into a convenient and comfy avatar for the users, some brands use a blend of cotton and polyester, popularly known as polycotton. 

Polycotton camping tents are lighter but stronger. It also features waterproofing properties. 

Polyester: Its extensive use is usually limited to only rain flies manufacturing. Polyester fabric has the qualities to resist wrinkles, water and UV rays. You can also use polyester tents during sunny days for an extended time span. 

Polyester tents are a bit thicker and more durable than nylon ones. Choose from polyester camping tents with a breathable coating. It will prevent water leakage inside the tent but not air flow. Uninterrupted airflow within the tents is important; otherwise, condensation might build up and the inside environment might become sultry. 


Mesh: Nylon or Polyester is used to make mesh. The material is used to circulate air and improve ventilation inside the camping tent. 

The no-see type is usually used to make most of the tents. It’s finer than the screens usually used at home to keep insects at bay.

Ripstop: This particular weave pattern helps to resist wear and tears for years. 

Taffeta: This weave pattern resists abrasion though cannot manage tears properly. 


No tent is suitable for all seasons. Depending on seasonality, there are three major types of camping tents as follows:

3-Season Tents: 3-season camping tents are among the pop picks for the users. These tents are lightweight and specially designed to suit different temperatures and seasons including summer, fall and spring.

These tents feature mesh panels to improve airflow. These panels help to keep bugs and insects away. However, blowing or powdery sand might leak inside via mesh panels. 

They ensure privacy and maintain dryness inside even if it’s snowing or raining heavily outside.  

These tents are properly pitched with a taut rainfly. They can withstand heavy rains but not harsh winds or heavy snowfall and storm. 

3-4 Season Tents: These tents, also known as extended-season tents, are ideal to be used during summer and prolonged 3 seasons. They are suitable for use during late fall and early spring when chances of heavy snowing is pretty high. Extended season camping tents promote balanced ventilation inside the tent and come with water retention property. They are strong too. 

These tents feature 1 or more poles if compared to their 3-season counterparts. They have fewer panels than 3-season tents. Hence, they are sturdier and warmer. 

An extended season tent works best for those on frequent trips to high-elevation sites. However, despite being extremely sturdy, these tents are not able to withstand harsh winter temperatures if compared to 4-seaosn alternatives. 

4-Sesaon Tents: These are specially designed to fight against windy and chilly weather. They can endure a heavy snow load too. These are all-weather mountaineering tents suitable for use season in and season out. They are meant to stay strong and firm in extreme weather conditions, particularly during heavy wind flow and cold months.

These tents feature multiple poles. The fabric used in this type is heavier than the ones used to make 3-seaosn tents. They have a rounded dome design that prevents snow from building up on the roof surface. 

There are a few rain flies and mesh panels that are stretched near the ground. It comes in the way of ventilation but will keep you warm inside. However, it might feel a little stuffy in mild weather. However, the tents offer a safe and comfortable refuge when it is chilly cold or heavy windy outside. 

Tent Poles

Poles form the main frame and foundation to hold any camping tent. There are 3 important considerations – weight, strength and durability – to keep in mind when choosing a tent pole. Depending on the materials used to make tent poles, these can be categorized as follows: 

Aluminum Poles: These are lightweight but strong and long-lasting. The main disadvantage is they are more vulnerable to corrosion. If you plan to buy an aluminum pole, make sure to look for anodized aluminum as this variety is corrosion resistant. 

Fiberglass Poles: These are more affordable and suitable for using in different seasons. They offer high resistance to corrosion. On the downside, they are heavier but weaker than aluminum varieties. 

Carbon Fiber Poles: These are usually used in making of high-end and premium tents that are quite expensive. These poles are super light but heavily strong. On the downside, they are less durable than aluminum poles. 

Differences between Free Standing and Non-Free Standing Tent Poles

The pole drops a hint whether it’s easier or harder to install the tent. Free-standing tents need no support of guy lines or stakes to stand firmly on the ground. Therefore, it is fairly easier to move the tents even after installing them at a place. You can also give them some support for improved stability. Dome-shaped tents are the commonest examples of free-standing tents. 

Non-Free Standing poles need stakes to give a shape and structure to the tents. You might need to choose a snowy or sandy place to erect them. They are lighter than their free-standing alternatives and can easily fit in tight spots. Cabin-shaped tents have nearly vertical walls and are a good example of non-free standing tents. 

Differences between Single-Wall and Double-Wall Tents

Single-wall tents are made of a single layer of waterproof and breathable fabric. It explains why these tents are light in weight and easy to install. Make sure to check for tents that feature vents or a hybrid design with a partial rainfly above the front door. They help to reduce condensation. 

Traditional double-wall tents feature an inner canopy to allow you to sleep comfortably and a rainfly to keep water away from the tent. These are less costly and remain dry in wet weather conditions. Furthermore, they offer good ventilation. 

Floor Type

Camping tents with a perimeter floor have both floor and sidewalls stitched to the perimeter. That is why, the edges running along the border are taut and straight. These tents maximize the available floor space. 

Camping tents with a bathtub style floor feature rounded perimeter edges. Absence of stich marks prevents leakages. However, the major disadvantage of bathtub floor is it offers less floor space as the structure tends to curl up on the sides. 

Pole Connection 

Sleeves or clips are used to install the tents. Pole sleeves effectively distribute the tension across a larger area and thus, ensure a strong pitch without much of stress. However, it is often difficult to thread the poles with use of sleeves in wet and low-light conditions. 

It’s easier to set up tents with pole clips. They create a big gap between the rainfly and the body of the tent. It helps to improve ventilation and reduce the chance of condensation. Therefore, if you are looking for a tent that you can set up alone, check for the options with pole clips. 


The fabric, made of polyurethane or silicon coating, is waterproof. The low-denier fabrics usually feature silicon coating to improve the tear resistance of the fabric. Polyurethane coating functions better and comes cheaper than silicon coating. 

Additional Features

In addition to important features, some additional features are worth considering. These are as follows:

Peak Height

If you are planning a purchase that will allow you to change clothes or do other chores comfortably, go with a camping tent with a tall peak height. The manufacturer specifies the height on the spec chart. 

Tent Doors

When choosing a camping tent, check for the number of doors as well as the shape and orientation. 

Tents with only one door are light in weight than the tents that feature double doors. The single door is installed at one of the ends and you need to crawl over the others to enter in and go out of the door. 

If you are travelling with your family, buy a tent with multiple doors for camping. If you need to go to the washroom in the middle of night, you don’t have to climb over others to get out of the tent. Cabin-style tents are the perfect solution in such conditions. 

You should also check whether or not the door is open. Another important feature to check is how noisy the door is. YKK zippers are a useful feature to resist snagging or breaking of doors if compared to other zippers. 

Tent Floor Length

It is an important factor, particularly for people as tall as 6 feet or more. Check for tents with a floor length of 90 inches instead of going with 84-88 inches floor length that is a more traditional measurement. It will provide you with some free space. 

Loops and Pockets

Some additional loops and pockets are very handy features to help you organize your stuff when you are inside the tent. It will be best if loops are located at the top as you can easily hang a torch or lantern from there. You can keep some essential items such as, sacks or tent bags in pockets so that you can easily find these when packing your tent back. 


Mesh panels are located on the ceiling, doors or windows of camping tents to allow you to enjoy the outside view. The feature also promotes ventilation for improved condensation management. 

Check for our reviews of 8 top-selling camping tents in the USA to know the essential features and add-ons that the best models must have.  

A tent having large mesh panels is ideal for camping in hot or humid climates. However, if you are heading towards a cold place, a 4-season tent will be the best option as it features less mesh panels and improves insulation to prevent heat from escaping.


Vestibules are located at the front of the back porch of camping tents. They are formed through extension owing to the rainfly. Vestibules provide an additional storage facility where you can store your boots or muddy items that you don’t want to take inside the tent. 

Some camping tents with elaborate vestibules offer extra room. They feature additional support poles. Vestibules contribute to improved ventilation. They offer additional coverage when it’s raining outside so that you can leave the door unzipped without allowing water to get inside the camp. 


A rainfly features an extra waterproof cover specially designed to fit over the tent roof. Rainfly is a good feature for extra warmth and comfort if you are going to camp at a place that has a higher chance of rain or dew. 

Two kinds of rainfly are commonly used: 

  • Full-Coverage Rain Flies: These provide extra protection from rain and wind.
  • Roof-Only Rain Flies: These provide protection against rain though don’t obstruct an amazing view from the tent outside. 


Footprint refers to a custom-fitted cloth used under the tent floor. It usually does not come with tents and needs a separate purchase. Rocks, dirt and even twigs can damage the tent floors though these floors are tough. Footprint prevents the floor from damages and so camping tent replacement cost does not hit you hard.  

Footprint is a very important feature if you are going with your families for camping. A lot of footfalls will most likely to leave your camp floor dirty very quickly. The size of the footprint exactly matches that of the tent. Hence, unlike the normal ground cloths, footprints won’t catch water.

Footprints protrude beyond the floor edges. Tapped water flows underneath the camping tent and easily gets into through the floor fabric. 

Ease of Installation 

The backpacking campers should choose a tent that is super easy to install. Its importance is best realized in the long run. If you need to take the trouble of doing everything on your own, buying a tent that will relieve you of the hassles of setting it up is a good idea, especially if it involves complicated installation. 

Car camping tents have multiple moving pieces when compared to the normal backpacking tents. The task is not difficult if you get help from others. You should check the installation process before carrying it to the campsite. 

Guy Out Loops

High-end tents have loops on the outside to allow you to attach guy lines. These are helpful to strengthen the hatches. Hence, you will find flapping fabric during windy conditions. 

Tent Color

Lighter color should be your preferred choice as these will make your tent brighter and ensure improved visibility. Tents with bright colors soak heat from outside and make a good choice to use in colder climates. 


If you are travelling to the camping site by a car or have some helping hands to set up the tent, you need not to be heavily concerned about weight. However, the backpackers should consider the weight before a purchase and always look for a lightweight model as it will be easier to carry for them. 


Look for the best deals on camping tents on Amazon

The price of a camping tent is a function of its size and material. The price ranges from $50.00 to several hundred dollars. An 8-person tent might cost you anything between $100.00 and $250.00. 


Make sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty before a purchase. Usually, most models come with a warranty of 1-3 years. 


If camping tent has triggered your interest or you frequently go for camping, you surely need to filter out your doubts and familiarize yourself with nitty-gritty of the product that you want to purchase. Followings are what we feel you want to know along with the answers to the best of our knowledge:

How costly are camping tents?

Price factors in your decision making for any purchase. A good, solid and durable tent comes in the range from $50.00 for the budget backpackers to hundreds of dollars for those with an open budget. We recommend the beginners should buy a mid-to-lower range model.

How much time will it take to set up a camping tent?

The time needed for tent installation is not same for all varieties. Some tents will take you just 15-20 minutes to get installed on the ground but the task might be time consuming for the rests. It will be wise of you to buy a tent that takes not much time for setup. This way, you can easily and quickly pack and unpack your tent if emergency arrives. 

Can I get camping tents for rent?

Definitely, you can. But we would love to recommend that you should buy one instead of getting a tent on rent. This way, you won’t have to worry about its quality or take extra care of it. Many camping tents come at an affordable price and they are good and durable. 

Can I keep sparkling lights on in my camping tent? Will it destroy its quality? 

Yes, you can do so and it won’t damage your tent. Remember to buy a sturdy camping tent; otherwise it could cause you harm. Furthermore, sparkling lights will provide your tent with more lighting and make it look more charming as well. 

What are inflatable camping tents used for?

It depends on the place you are going to visit. If you can do without sturdy quality poles at the place, an inflatable camping tent will easily serve your purpose. If storm and heavy wind frequently occur at the place, the best bet is to purchase a tent with premium, sturdy quality poles. 

How to make camping tents more comfortable?

Catching sleep is often difficult when you are staying in a camping tent. You might not feel comfortable and even pin-drops-silence kind of sound will leave your scared. Still, it’s possible to enjoy a comfortable stay in tent and make the most of your camping or trekking. 
A good start always starts with having the right gear:
Sleeping Bag: Choose one with a temperature and style rating ideal for your destination. 
Sleeping Pad: Weight is an issue when you are backpacking and not when you are camping. A super-lightweight closed-cell pad or air-pad is the best bet to go with for comfort. 
Pillows: Pack a pillow in your bag or use an inflatable camp or small foam pillow. Some sleeping bags feature a pocket where you can keep your pillow or folded clothing. 
Dry Clothing: Make sure to change sweaty or dirty clothes. Right sleepwear choice is important to have a sound sleep at night. 
Always organize your tent before darkness descends as it will give you more time to relax and enjoy your evening. It also contributes to your good night’s sleep. 

How can I wash the camping tent? 

Washing a camping tent might take you some time but it’s not very difficult to do. Soak the tent in mild soapy water to remove the dirt. Alternatively, you can sprinkle water on the tent via pressure so that dirt and dust go away. Either way, the quality of the tent fabric won’t suffer any damage. 

Final Words

Everyone wants to spend on the Best subject to their Purpose and Pocket. A good choice will definitely make your hiking or camping experience more enjoyable and memorable. Enjoying peaceful sleep is every camper’s dream and only a perfect pick can make it come true. The right choice has all the qualities and facilities to give you peace and comfort much needed during camping. A premium tent also needs to be strong and highly durable so that it can withstand adverse weather condition. 

In this camping tent buying guide, we have tried to give you a comprehensive coverage of the important tips to consider and reviews of top picks to help you choose what can serve you best. 

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