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A good-quality smartwatch is only a few steps back to behave just like your smartphone. Starting from attending a board meeting to booking your air tickets, everything can be easily executed by your electronic gadgets. A few years back, people used to wear wristwatches just to see the time, but now your smartwatch allows you to undergo plenty of actions without making haste.

How many types of smartwatches are available in the market?

There are several smartwatches with different areas of function available in the market. With a few gadgets, you can download several apps while other models are more focused on fitness with heart rate sensors, GPS monitors and more. Hence, you should select your android smart watch as per your requirements.

High-profile Smartwatch for business purpose: These smartwatches are specially designed for business purposes. With a good-quality smartwatch for men, you can check and revert to your texts, record voice messages, check notifications and more.

Fitness tracker smartwatches: You will find the business smartwatches useless if you require only monitoring your fitness. Fitness smartwatches are focused on tracking your heart rate, counting the stair steps and measure your blood pressure.

Normal smartwatch for regular use: The ordinary smartwatches are the best choice for regular users. You can enjoy multiple applications that will satisfy your standard requirements.

How to choose the best smartwatch that fits your pocket [User Buying Guide]

  1. Budget: If you don’t fix your budget first, you won’t be able to select the perfect Android smartwatch of your choice. Hence, above everything else, fix your budget and filter your search accordingly.
  1. The purpose: Your purpose is essential. Make sure if you are planning to buy a smartwatch for regular use or you want your watch to assist you during business meetings. There are smartwatches for various purposes; hence, buy the product that fits your requirements.
  1. Features: Choose a smartwatch for women that come with features as per your demand. Otherwise, later you might have to regret your purchase.
  1. Reliable store: You should always purchase smartwatches from a reliable online store. Or else, there are chances for you to receive an inferior material.
  1. Brand: Brand name does matter. If you buy a smartwatch from a reputed brand, undoubtedly, it will run a long race.
  1. Reliable store: You should always purchase smartwatches from a reliable online store. Or else, there are chances for you to receive an inferior material.

Top 8 smartwatches in 2020 that you can’t afford to miss out!

Even if you are a tech-savvy person, choosing the best smartwatch will never be an easy task. There are lots of gadgets in the market with plenty of facilities. Hence, go through the top 8 smartwatch reviews and filter your search.

1. SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

This super stylish smartwatch appears to have an AMOLED touch-screen display. The super solid gorilla glass protects the screen. It is featured with Bluetooth, shock-resistance technology and 4GB internal memory. If you are looking for a smart android smartwatch then you can check this out.

  • Quick response: When you are buying a smartwatch, the gadget needs to respond quickly as the name ‘smartwatch’ refers to. The touchscreen of this watch is very satisfactory.
  • You can call: With Gear S3, you can make calls. This amazing smart watch for men allows you to make or receive calls without taking out your phone while you are jogging or riding a bike.
  • Good sensor and big dial: This watch has a big dial that eases your eye while checking the time. Else, the sensor is very responsive.
  • Your wallet: With this high-profile smartwatch, you can check your mobile notifications, wallet balance and receive the weather update.
  • Samsung Pay: In case you prefer this watch for Samsung Pay, then pause your purchase. There are chances for Samsung Pay to not work in specific locations.
  • Connectivity: The WiFi may not work properly. In that case, you will have to connect your watch via Bluetooth, and that restricts you from sharing a distance not more than 100 meters from your phone.

2. SYL PLUS Smart Watch

SYL PLUS Smart Watch

This cool touch screen smartwatch is compatible with all the iOS and Android smartphones. It features calling facilities, reminders, Bluetooth and more. Else, you can receive messages, check the weather update and read the news updates with this smartwatch.

  • Fall detection medical device: This smartwatch works as a fitness tracker, sends signals if your heart rate elevates or if you fall all of a sudden.
  • Quality: The quality of the material is really good. It is durable and tends to last for long.
  • Outlook: The watch looks stylish. The black body elevates the appeal of your wrist.
  • Applications: You can use in-build applications and check weather updates.
  • Low battery life: Running out of battery is very annoying. This watch has a low battery life.
  • Function: The functions of this watch are not up to the mark.

3. Rewy Heypex Bluetooth Smartwatch

Rewy Heypex Bluetooth Smartwatch

This wonderful smartwatch features plenty of impressive functions. You can make calls, send texts, view sync notifications, enjoy sound recorder and many more. The premium quality HD display is worth-considering.

  • Amazing functions: This unique smart watch for men features image viewer facilities, alarm, sedentary reminders, pedometer, sleep reminder, phone book, audio player, calculator and many more.
  • Fitness monitor: This unique watch features heart rate sensor, GPS tracker, Samsung Pay Support and more.
  • Jaw-dropping notifications: Unlike other inferior smartwatches, this smart watch features an anti-lost system. Else, it supports E-mail, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter notifications.
  • The smart display: The HD touch screen display is notable.
  • The connection issues: After you connect the watch with your phone, you will start getting the notification, but you won’t be able to receive your calls.
  • The pedometer: The pedometer doesn’t work automatically but manually.

4. Rewy Heypex Unisex Bluetooth Smartwatch


This super-cool Bluetooth smartwatch is a treat to the eyes. It features Bluetooth music connectivity, cell phone finder, voice recorder and more. This up-to-date smartwatch allows you to receive social media notifications. However, the best part of this phone is the anti-lost function.

  • Anti-lost system: If you unknowingly share a distance of 10 meters from your phone, you will receive a ‘beep’ in your smart watch.
  • Fitness notifications: This smartwatch supports a pedometer, sleep monitor and sedentary reminder.
  • The stylish outlook: The decent body of this Bluetooth smartwatch is amazing.
  • Remote photo function: This unique feature allows you to click images using the wristwatch.
  • Time and date: You will need to reset the time and date after switching it on.
  • Sim card: Often, the sim does not support.

5. OPTA SB-047 O-Versa SB-047 Bluetooth Smartwatch

OPTA SB-047 O-Versa SB-047 Bluetooth Smartwatch

This smart watch for women is very stylish. It features a heartbeat monitor, alarm, social media notification, fitness tracker, Bluetooth music and more. Unlike other smartwatches for men, this model features calorie monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, and heart rate sensor.

  • The super stylish outlook: The watch looks cool on the wrist.
  • The applications: There are several unique applications, such as the calorie counter. The fitness tracker will inform you about the number of steps you just took.
  • All-day activity tracker: This Smartwatch monitors all your activities throughout the day.
  • Notifications: With this smartwatch, you can check your social media notifications
  • Low battery life: The battery life is not impressive. You may have to charge the device again and again.
  • Material: The strap is of inferior quality.

6. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker

If you are looking for a top selling smart watch for women, then you will surely love this model. The watch appears with a black band, and the display type is digital. You are advised to charge the watch before using it. It features a fitness tracker, heart rate monitoring system and more attractive facilities.

  • The versions: This smartwatch supports all versions, starting from iOS to android.
  • A good battery life: You don’t need to charge the device again and again.
  • Material: The material is sturdy and runs a long race.
  • Fitness monitor: This is the best part of this gadget. If you are jogging or cycling, you can check your pulse rate with this smartwatch.
  • Poor connectivity: The connection is lost after every 2-3 minutes.
  • Dull neon color: The inside neon color is dull and appears to look pale.

7. Bluetooth Smart Watch (White)

Bluetooth Smart Watch (White)

If you are such like a tech-savvy person, then you will fall in love with this gadget. With this smartwatch on your wrist, you can text your friends, make urgent calls and track your fitness. This smartwatch features alarm, heart rate monitoring system and a special Taptic engine.

  • The stunning outlook: This smartwatch is perhaps the most beautiful gadget you can ever buy. The impressive white color looks so elegant.
  • Applications: You can use several applications with this smartwatch. From monitoring your heart rate to count the stair steps, this gadget is a beautiful combination for a tech-savvy person. Else, you can also set alarms, control remote and track your route with this watch.
  • The material: The material of this watch is classy, sturdy and durable. It will run a long race even after indifferent usage.
  • Configuration: The configuration of this smartwatch is just excellent. You will feel the thrill of technology with this watch.
  • Complex settings: If you are looking for a user-friendly android smart watch, then avoid this product. The setting is a bit confusing. However, if you are a digital-savvy person, then you may like product
  • Memory card: Memory cards may not support properly.

8. Amazfit Cor Fitness Band

Amazfit Cor Fitness Band

If you are searching for a smartwatch with sports features, then this unique wristwatch is so appropriate for your use. It features gorilla glass and a LED touch screen. The smart appearance is truly appreciable. It tracks your daily activities thoroughly.

  • Ample features: With this smartwatch, you can count the stair steps, measure the distance you have traveled, the number of calories you have burnt and more. Else, it also features some special modes such as cycling, running, treadmill and walking.
  • Solid battery life: You can use this watch non-stop for 12 days (without charging).
  • Water resistance: This standard smartwatch is water-resistant. You can dive deep into the water (50 meters) wearing this smart watches for men.
  • The touchscreen: The LED touch screen is durable and long-lasting. You will surely love the material.
  • Inconveniences: Sometimes, the features don’t work. If you are boarding a bus, the step counts may increase.
  • Servicing: Before paying for this product, make sure that your location is approved for their after-sales services. Otherwise, you won’t get any kind of help from the manufacturer.

Editor verdict

When you are paying your hard-earned money for a product, it is always important to get familiar with the pros and cons of the gadget. After considering all the watches, Bluetooth Smart Watch (White) comes out to be the best. This watch is with more features and less yet ignorable cons, while the other smartwatches come with considerable cons and require to be rectified.


  1. Should you purchase a smartwatch or a normal wristwatch?
    Today’s world is all about technology hence, why shouldn’t you use a smart gadget instead of a normal watch? A smartwatch enables you to enjoy multiple facilities without using your phone or other gadgets.
  2. Is the smartwatch mandatory?
    Not really! Smartwatches are for people who are tired of holding a smartphone in their fist. With a smartwatch, you can receive calls, send texts and measure your daily activities without any additional effort. If you can relate to the mentioned facilities of a smartwatch, buy one.
  3. Are a digital watch and a smartwatch the same?
    No, a digital watch is never a smartwatch. Any clock that shows the time by displaying the digits is a digital clock. Whereas a smartwatch comes with plenty of applications and features.
  4. Is it possible to use a smartwatch without a phone?
    Yes, it is possible to use a smartwatch without a phone. Frankly, there is nothing to do with a smartphone while wearing a smartwatch until; you want to connect your gadget to your phone.
  5. Is it possible to text someone using a smartwatch?
    There is no doubt that an effective smartwatch takes you a step ahead into the world of technology hence, you can send and receive texts on your smartwatch. Else, a high-quality smartwatch allows you to receive calls and enjoy other activities.


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