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Top 7 Cubic foot Chest Freezer to Buy in 2021

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There are times when the freezer attached in your refrigerator falls short of space. Maybe you have a big family, or you are a pretty host who entertains guests every now and then, or an avid baker who needs to stow her supplies for later days, sometimes you just need that extra space. And, what could be a better option than a chest freezer? Yes, a standalone chest freezer makes a great choice in every possible manner. They are not big enough to eat up your kitchen space and simultaneously makes an aesthetic choice. With a 7 cubic foot chest freezer, you can smartly balance this space crunch. 

A modern day chest freezer comes with tons of features. While choosing the best chest freezer for your kitchen, consider the features like temperature control, inside lighting, energy saving modes, self-defrosting, reversible door and more, before making an investment. Opt for a functional product that gets you a great experience instead of just hunting for a nice-for-price deal. 

If you are going online, check out the models of 7 cubic foot chest freezer on sale and weigh the pros and cons thoroughly. To make your search a tad bit easy, here’s a detailed buying guide for the chest freezer. 


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Arctic King 7.0 cu ft Chest Freezer

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MOOSOO Chest Freezer 

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Kitma 7 cu, ft. chest Freezer

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GE 7 Cu. ft Chest Freezer

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Our Top Picks of the best rated 7 Cubic Foot chest freezer by the people in United States

Honestly, options are plenty in the market with each and every brand offering almost same features. But, here we are talking about the top rated 7 cu feet chest freezer on Amazon. A quick glance over their features can help you make an informed decision.

Arctic King 7.0 cu ft Chest Freezer: No products found.

Providing a storage den for your favorite frozen food, Arctic king 7.0 cu ft chest freezer makes a great choice for everyday use. Featured with mechanical temperature control and adjustable thermostat, this one makes a functional investment for your gourmet space. The balanced hinge design and removable basket offers utmost convenience to the user. 

MOOSOO 7.0 cu ft Chest Freezer: No products found.

Moosoo chest freezer is one of the top picks off Amazon due to its array of features. Offering a 5 gear mode of adjustable temperature mode, the control always lies with you. The best feature is obviously the storage capacity that makes life convenient for you. And, the best part is you can actually save a lot on your energy bills as this one has only 100W low power and on an average consumes 1 kWh per night.

Kitma Commercial Top Chest Freezer: No products found.

Looking for a cost-efficient deal? This commercial top chest freezer with temperature control features offers excellent storage options for all kinds of frozen foods and stores. With top-notch temperature retention features, this one bring you and extensive space with shallow storage just above the compressor. Hinged hands-free storage lids offer a wonderful food safe environment.

GE 7 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer: No products found.

This one serves you that additional space where the freezer of your regular refrigerator falls short. With adjustable temperature control and multiple other features this on is certainly makes a great staple for every kitchen.

Danby 7.2 Cubic Ft Chest Freezer: Danby 7.2 cu ft chest freezer

Wonderfully curated for domestic use, this 7.2 cu. Ft chest freezer from the house of Danby brings you additional space with an aesthetic set up. This chic unit comes with a foam insulated energy-efficient freezer, thus making it an absolutely functional pick. The mechanical thermostat is a cherry on the top.

7.0 cubic foot chest freezer Buying Guide: Features to Consider

While a refrigerator comes with an in-built freezer, it always falls short of space if you have to cook big meals on a regular basis. An additional chest freezer comes handy in such cases. A 7 cu. ft chest freezer not only suffice the additional storage needs but also set up an aesthetic nook in your kitchen, which is simultaneously functional. Here’s what you must consider while comparing the great deals available in the market. 

Storage Volume of the freezer

Capacity is measured in liters, so when you are buying 7 cu. ft. chest freezer, you are actually investing in a beast that can hold 198literes of food inside it. Let’s just say, you are an amateur baker, who needs to stow her bakery supplies and the loaf, maybe for future use. A 7 cu. ft. item will suffice your needs effectively and won’t be a misfit in your modern kitchen. Check out the products available in the market and settle for something that comes with a capacity adequate to your needs. 

External Placement Features

Chest freezers are meant for your gourmet space, but what if your petite kitchen does not support that? In that case, place it outside. There are models which are perfect for placing in colder areas. So, before you get one decide, where you want to keep it. Most of the freezer models popular in the market can easily withstand as low as -15°c and can go all the way up to 43°c. Read the specifications of the model for complete understanding.

Safety Features

No matter how lucrative is the deal, you cannot just compromise on the part of safety. The good news is most of the freezers comes with an array of safety features. From temperature controls, door locks and warning lights, modern chest freezer models come with top-notch safety alerts. With temperature controls, you can decide how much hot or cold is adequate enough to keep your food fresh for long. Plus, some models also come with child lock on door, thus making your little one away from the freezer.

Counterbalance lid

Opting for a counterbalanced lid is always a wise option as it stays open without any manual effort. Also, you can safely prop it open while looking for something. This way you would be able to use your both hands to find that missing bag frozen fish or that cute little cup of dessert, which was probably lost under piles of stores. 

Energy Efficiency

Let’s face it! No matter how much you try to cut your energy bills, at the end of the day, any electrical appliance will surely end up consuming a part of it. But, buying the one with highest energy efficiency is undoubtedly a wise decision, even if it’s a bit expensive. Remember, a chest freezer will be a onetime investment, while our energy bills will be a recurring one. So, opting for an energy efficient appliance, be it a freezer or something else will be the best option. 

Other features

Apart from what is mentioned above, you need to take care of the following:

Freezer Locks: In case you do not need to keep your chest freezer away from the access of kids, or it’s not placed in any commercial space, don’t opt for these automatic locks. It reduces your access to the freezer. 

Warning lights: They make a great safety feature. It stands as an alert that keeps a track of the freezer’s operation at all times. In case, there’s any problem with the power and functioning of the freezer, the warning light will be become your alert.

Insulation: opt for thick insulation as it can comfortably retains the cold inside, thus does not make the compressor run too much. It certainly reduces your electric consumption.

Adjustable thermostat: What else could be a better option when you have this control to get the perfect temperature?

Replaceable Lid Gasket: Opt for replaceable lid gasket, so that you can easily get it changed when it becomes less effective.

Product Profile

1. Arctic King 7.0 cu ft Chest Freezer

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The new 7.0 cu.ft chest freezer by Arctic King is functionally aesthetic. Offering adequate space for bulk storage, this one serves the additional storage quite efficiently. For frequent get-togethers or storing items for big family meals, Arctic kind brings you one of the best 7 cubic foot chest freezers available in the market.

Featuring a convenient size and recessed handle, this makes a great fit for your garage, shop or basement. In case your petite kitchen does not accommodate the chest freezer you can keep it anywhere in your house for easy access. 

The mechanical temperature control features gives the total control in your hand, so that you can change the temperature using the adjustable thermostat. With an easy-to-clean interior and removable storage basket, this chest freezer from the house of Arctic King makes way for optimum convenience. The balanced hinge design ensures that you can move it with ease. 

Spec sheet

  • Easy clean interior plates
  • Removable storage basket
  • Removable gasket 
  • Recessed handle
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Easily removable wire storage basket
  • Compact & space-efficient
  • Easily accessible defrost drain
  • Low energy consumption
  • Zero noise cooling features
  • Easy temperature control features
  • Offers easy mobility
  • It dents quite easily
  • No interior lighting
  • No power-on indicator light

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2. MOOSOO Chest Freezer

No products found.

If you are looking for a nice-for-price deal, opt for MOOSOO 7.0 Cu. Ft Freezer. A perfect addition for any household, this one is absolutely chic and functional in every possible manner. With an array of features, MOOSO Chest Freezer aptly suffice your need for additional storage.

Being energy efficient, you no longer need to worry about the escalating electricity bills after installing this unit. The efficient and smart foam-insulated cabinet with rounded lid makes it visually impressive and helps in reducing energy bills. 

Temperature control lies completely in your hand with easy-to-access front-mount mechanical thermostat. Using this feature, you can easily set the desired temperature for your unit. The adjustable temperature ranges from -12 to -30 ℃. 

Last but not the least is its storage capacity. The 7 cu.ft. Chest Freezer brings you adequate storage room for storing your favourite frozen food. The upper removable storage basket makes it convenient for optimal storage of the smaller items. Through the lids you can check the items inside.

The balanced hinge design is one of its kind. This cover opens at a 90-degree angle. Also, you do not need to hold it open by hand, while taking things out

With two adjustable leveling feet and rear wheels you can move it anywhere as per the requirement. 

Spec sheet

  • Extra-large Capacity
  • Easy Installation with Adjustable Feet
  • Multiple temperature setting with ultra-quiet Technology
  • Removable storage basket and easy roller movement
  • Big vents ensure noise free cooling
  • Drain outlet helps in proper drainage of refrigerator water
  • Built-in handle makes it convenient to use
  • Noise free cooling
  • Convenience of space and functionality
  • Temperature control at the user’s access
  • Low floor space consumption with extra capacity
  • Manual defrost

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3. Commercial Top Chest Freezer: Kitma 7 cu, ft. chest Freezer

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Known as a silent freezer, this commercial chest freezer accommodate all your storahe needs quite effectively. This chic item effortlessly fits comfortably in the back of your house as well as in the ice cream shop or restaurant. 

Plus, this wonderful unite comes with adjustable temperature that ranges between -10°F(-23.33℃)to -1°F Fahrenheit. So, you do not need to worry about the store meat, ice cream and frozen chicken all at the same time. It features silent operation and exclusive design will help to enjoy the convenience and comfort.

There’s a drain plug for easy drainage of refrigerator water and you can easily program the temperature to the optimal limit using the adjustable features. The drain plug is so comfortably located, that it aids in easy defrosting and cleaning. 

The hinged design of the lid gives an easy access to the inside and help you collect the items inside hands free. Also the insulation in the lid helps n temperature retention, thus keeping the food inside absolutely fresh. 

Spec Sheet

  • Zero Noise cooling
  • Foam insulted hinged lid offering optimal temperature
  • Digital temperature control features
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Additional drain plug
  • Free Storage basket
  • Deep ice cream freezer
  • Noise and vibration free operation
  • Beautiful storage and chic design
  • Locking sliding lids secured stuffs inside if unattended
  • Manual Defrost features

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4. GE 7 Cu. ft Chest Freezer

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GE 7.0 cu ft. chest freezer perfectly suffices your needs for additional storage quite efficiently. If you prefer stockpiling frozen foods for your big family, this one is going to be a great pick for you. Featuring a chic and compact design, this chest freezer can be kept in kitchen as well as in other places like garage or so wherever you feel comfortable.

Like all other models of the GE series, this one is also not an exception. It comes with Energy-star certificate that guarantees the energy efficiency of the unit. 

It comes with up-front temperature controls; manual defrosting, beautiful interior lighting, and sliding storage baskets that helps keeping things organized. This freezer can also be safely locked, just in case you want to safely store your items in a garage. 

In-built power indicators help in reassuring that the freezer is plugged in and working perfectly. You can control the temperature range as per the requirement. It can range between -10 to -15 degrees Fahrenheit and can be set as per the requirement.

All in all, this pick from the GE Series is reliable, efficient, and completely. It is available for DIY installation and its streamlined design offers a clean and hassle free appearance. 

Spec sheet

  • Garage ready product tested to operate between 0°F to 110°F
  • 2 sliding lift out storage basket offering adequate space
  • In-built power on light ensuring if the freezer is working
  • Adjustable temperature control features
  • Recessed handle with streamlined design 
  • Upfront defrost drainage offering optimal convenience
  • Can be kept anywhere even in the garage
  • External temperature knob for convenient use
  • Easy-to-access front drain for proper drainage
  • Extremely energy-efficient
  • Manual defrost
  • No metal panel protecting the power cord

No products found.

5. Danby 7.2 cu. ft. chest freezer

danby 7.2

Offering a true value for money, Danby chest freezer suits your storage needs in every possible manner. It is one of the best 7.2 cu. ft. chest freezers available in the market. The popularity of the model is mostly due to its excellent energy efficiency & temperature quality.

A chic unit to gracefully pep up your kitchen, this is an ideal freezer for big families. Even if you become a frequent host to house parties, this freezer comes handy. The foam insulated cabinet and lid helps in excellent temperature control. It keeps the cool inside intact as well as temperature outside warm enough which the freezer can withstand.

The adjustable wire basket helps keeping the food items organized and arranged without messing up with one another. Alongside a manual-defrost functions, there’s an upfront defrost drain that comes with a front-mounted, robust mechanical thermostat. It helps in easy and effortless 

The interior liner looks quite impressive, and these bright lights are designed to help in quick and easy cleaning of the inside chambers.The smooth back design makes it easy to set the freezer against a wall. Rear rollers fitted with this unit makes moving this chic piece throughout the house whenever required. This superb model makes your gourmet space quite elegant and functional simultaneously. 

Spec Sheet

  • Offers eco-friendly refrigeration 
  • Manual defrost long with rear defrost drain
  • Power on indicator light , so as to ensure if the unit is operating properly
  • Exclusive foam insulated lid for temperature control
  • Adjustable wire basket
  • Front mounted defrost drain
  • Rear castors and front leveling legs for hassle-free installation
  • Optimum freezing temperature is 12%, though it may vary
  • Energy efficient with top-notch temperature quality
  • Temperature control features
  • Adjustable storage racks
  • Easy to clean with upfront defrost drain
  • Manual defrost
  • Cooling process is not totally noise free


Where can I find internal dimensions of chest freezer?

The internal dimension of the chest freezer will be written on the packet itself. Usually a 7 cu ft chest freezer comes with 32 inches of width, 14.5 inches depth (front to back) and 27 inches from floor to lid. Plus the right floor at the lower part is a step that is 8 inch wide, 8.5 inch floor to top of step. You can however get the exact internal dimension of the model you choose on the label of the package itself. 

How much freezer space is optimal?

Well, it depends on your requirement. While a 7 cu ft. chest freezer is perfect for families with three to five members, you’d probably need some more space in case you have to cook big meals on a regular basis. Opt for 10 cu ft. or more in that case. However, do not compromise on the safety features and energy efficiency, while obsessing over space. And yes, you can check out some efficient 7.0 cubic foot chest freezer offering great deals at Amazon. If you prefer buying them offline, check out the models in your local shop. You will get the information on the product manual.

How can I transport my freezer?

Amazon will take care product delivery of you are buying it from their online store. In fact, any online seller would do that. 
However, if you are carrying it from the store, keep the freezer in the upright position. Sometimes, you cannot carry it in the upright position due to space crunch. In that case, simply lay it down on the side of the compressor. Secure the door properly, so that you can prevent it from opening. Once you bring it home, place it straight upright. Allow 24 hours of settling time, before you plug it on to any electrical unit. Remember, your chest freezer might get damaged, in case it is being prematurely plugged in. 

What temperature setting is ideal for a chest freezer?

It’s crucial to set your freezer at the appropriate temperature, otherwise it might go out of order. Keep the refrigerator temperature at or below 40° F (4° C). But, when it is freezer, the temperature should never be more than 0° F (-18° C).

What is the best 7 cubic foot chest freezer to buy?

Well, the list will be pretty long and each of the models can vie with each other in terms of features. The ones we have mentioned here are the Amazon’s bestsellers and can provide you an affordable yet effective solution. Check out which one is ideal as per your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Chest freezers are both elegant and functional investment for any household, but you need to know the reason you are buying them. Obviously, you are not investing in it simply to give in to your shopping spree. So, check out how much storage capacity you’d need. 

Secondly, refrigerators nowadays come with in-built freezers, but an additional standalone freezer serves many purposes. Especially for the big families where stockpiling of foods are necessary, a freezer comes in handy.

Though you tend to choose based on the pricing part, do not forget to compare the operating features, energy-efficiency, storage capacity, defrosting ability, and the performance of the freezer during power outages. 

Many people choose to invest in upright freezers instead of chest freezers since the former comes with a more compact design. But, in terms of convenience, 7 cubic foot chest freezers give way more advantages than the upright ones.

So, if you are planning to invest in an additional freezer to suffice your storage needs, this article can be a handy guide to help you pick the right chest freezer unit for your home. Weigh the pros and cons of each of the brands carefully before making up your mind. 

Do share your views and let us know if we are missing on something really important!

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