Top 6 Best Treadmills for Home Use in 2020

Top 6 Best Treadmills for Home Use in 2020 to Buy from Amazon India

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We are going through a very tough phase now. Due to the spreading risk of corona virus, it has become important to do our part as a responsible citizen and stay home to stop the pandemic. But that automatically means, less activity and more lazy hours, which can seriously cause our fitness level.
When there’s a will there’s a way, and that is why we have bring you a list of best treadmills in the market. Why treadmills, you say? Well, treadmills tend to help you lose 25% more calories then a bike or regular jogging. Just 40 to 50 minutes spend on a treadmill daily, and you can become fitter and healthier at home.

How would you pick the best treadmill within your budget?

Now, before you go off to by a treadmill, it is important that you look at the features as well as the price. Here are some beneficial tips to get the best running machine for your home, office, or gym.

  1. To be efficient, it is always better to buy a treadmill with a space-saving feature, especially when you don’t have much space.
  2. Stability should be of not-notch; otherwise you can fall while running on the machine and get injured.
  3. Look at the features it is providing, such as comfort, good display screen, decent belt length, etc.
    Now, without further adieu, let’s take a look at the top 6 amazon bestseller treadmills of 2020.

Now, without further adieu, let’s take a look at the top 6 amazon bestseller treadmills of 2020 from Amazon India.

Best TreadmillsRunning surface
(length Ă— breadth)
Speed limitBuy Now
Durafit Heavy Hike Motorized Foldable Treadmill1270Ă—470 mm16 km/hrBuy Now
Sparnod Fitness Automatic Treadmill1100 x 400 mm12 km/hrBuy Now
Fitkit FT200 series Motorized Treadmill with Installation Services1240 Ă— 420 mm16 km/hrBuy Now
Healthgenie Motorized Treadmill with Paid Installation1100Ă—395 mm10 km/hrBuy Now
Fitkit FT098 Series Motorized Treadmill1194 Ă— 400mm14 km/hrBuy Now
Fitkit FT100 series Motorized Treadmill with Services1143 Ă— 419mm14 km/hrBuy Now

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1. Durafit Heavy Hike Motorized Foldable Treadmill

Durafit Heavy Hike Motorized Foldable Treadmill

Presenting to you one of the best treadmills for home. This treadmill will help you to get fit and look even better in no time. Packed with numerous featured, this treadmill has a speed range of 1.0 to 16 km/hr. The 16 level auto-incline feature helps you to burn more calories and build muscle while running. You would also get a 1.8 mm thick belt, and the running belt has special friction coating for traction.

If you are worried about the space-consumption, then worry no more. You can easily fold this machine and put it at any corner of your home. Features like “set and chase targets” give you the ability to choose your desired distance. If you get tired after some time, you can press the emergency stop key to with smooth stop system. This treadmill also has a gel cushion to provide shock absorption.

This machine has a user walking weight of 120 kg and a max running weight of 90 kg; thus, no worries with the weight capacity. Now, after all these features comes to the advantages of getting a number of free stuff with it. This treadmill comes with- 1 yoga matt, 1 yoga ball, 1 foam roller, 1 resisting belt, 1 resisting tube, 1 stabilizer, and 1 protective spray.

  • Smooth stop key for emergency stopping system
  • Packed with a number of free stuff
  • Can be folded and fit into a corner
  • Incline option for a better outcome
  • Mp3 loudspeakers
  • Makes noise while practicing
  • Speed changeover is not smooth as much


Motor power – Durafit Heavy Hike treadmill gets its power from a 2.5 HP electric motor which is calibrated to deliver a peak power of up to 5.0 HP. 

Running surface – The constant power of the motor is transferred to a wide-area running surface that goes by the measurement 1270Ă—470mm (length Ă— breadth). 

Preset programs – Whether you want to do as consistent runs or set faster speed targets and achieve them, the 48 different preset programs of the treadmill will help you make changes to your running routine the way you want. 

Speed limit – Durafit Heavy Hike treadmill is also designed to adapt to workout progress you make along the way. The treadmill supports run speeds of up to 16 km/hr. 

Inclination – The 16 levels of auto inclination help you adjust your jogging and running patterns. The higher the inclination, the more intense your jogging/running workout.

Additional features – When using the treadmill, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of wearing a separate fitness band or smartwatch as it includes features such as music system and heart rate sensor. 

Portability – This treadmill has also been designed while keeping portability in priority. You can easily fold the treadmill and use the bottom wheels to move it to any room you want. 

2. Sparnod Fitness Automatic Treadmill

Sparnod Fitness Automatic Treadmill

Bring home this new range of folding machines. This ultra-modern design has so many features that one section cannot state all of it. Now complete your daily exercise by listening to your favorite singer as it has a Hi-Fi speaker with AUX cable. It also has a pulse sensor that enables monitoring heart rate in a clear LCD display.

The emergency stop switch helps you to take an emergency stop. Now let’s talk about the weight capacity, the maximum user weight of this treadmill is of 100 kg. To meet a variety of fitness goals, you’d get three count modes for enjoying jogging, walking, and running with a cardio workout.

With the anti-slip lawn textured running belt, get the best comfort feeling as it can easily absorb shock. The texture also provides a high level of safety and leaves plenty of space for the user to run and walk. Choose different workouts with 12 preset programs in the manual mode setting. Hence, you can upgrade the level of fitness with this running machine.

  • Can take 100 kg user weight
  • Can be folded and place
  • It is manufactured with 3 count modes
  • Hi-Fi speakers that can be connected with your phone
  • Monitor your heart rate in the clear LCD display
  • Anti-slip running belt for added safety
  • 12 pre-set programs for setting time, distance and other modes
  • Doesn’t have any incline feature
  • Not ideal for people above 90 kilos


Motor power – The treadmill gets its core power from 1.7 HP electric motor that is capable of delivering a peak power of 3HP. The motor has been designed to deliver u failing power with a quiet operation. 

Running surface – The running surface of this treadmill measures at 1100 x 400 mm (length Ă— breadth)

Preset programs – Sparnod Fitness STH 1200 treadmill equipped with 12 different preset programs if you can use to choose different workouts. Also, the interface of the treadmill makes it easier for you to customise your workouts by manually setting time, distance, and calorie count. 

Speed limit – If you have plans to progress your way from consistent walks to high-speed runs, the wide speed range of the treadmill, which goes up to 12 km/hr, will not let you down.

Inclination – No inclination option available.

Additional features – Like most high-end treadmills, this model includes an accurate heart rate sensing feature. Some of the additional utilitarian features of this treadmill include an aux in, hi-fi speaker, and USB port.

Portability – The portable design of the treadmill makes it a good choice for small rooms

3. Fitkit FT200 series Motorized Treadmill with Installation Services

Fitkit FT200 series Motorized Treadmill with Installation Services

The sole mission of Fitkit is to make people as fit as possible, and that is why this brand provides that best fitness machine. Now, you can let Alexa help you to control this treadmill. You can ask Alexa to track Blood Pressure and water on the FitPlus app.

Other than that, you can advance your fitness routine with the auto inclination and auto lubrication. The strong 2.5 HP motor is ideal for assisting you at every step of the way. If you are a beginner, you can advance your level of walking and running until you become a pro. The belt is made with professional multilayer material for shock absorption to protect your knee from the vibration.

The best thing is that you would get a free diet and fitness plans to cover all your fitness needs. Plus, you can get your very own personal trainer and wellness expert, with 1 free session at home. If you are still not satisfied with all this featured, the free installation service can change your mind. Even though these top treadmills for home are cost-effective, you can save money on installation as well.

  • Easily connect with the F+ app to monitor and control each mode
  • You can also control this machine with Amazon Alexa
  • Inclination option for upgraded fitness setting
  • Free personal sessions
  • Free diet and fitness plan
  • Included speaker and fan
  • Easily foldable setting with a soft drop system
  • Can be heavy to move around the space
  • There is no after-sales service


Motor power – The treadmill benefits from a core power of 2.25 HP; the treadmill’s electric motor can deliver a peak power of up to 4.5 HP.

Running surface – The textured running surface measures at 1240 Ă— 420 mm (length Ă— breadth); it has a shock-absorbing property. The running belt absorbs vibration which, in turn, helps protect your knees for a long-term basis. 

Preset programs – 12 preset programs help you make effective changes to your workout routine. 

Speed limit – This treadmill can support up to 16 km/hr of run speeds.

Inclination – 15% of auto incline can be controlled through a dedicated handrail key.

Additional features – One of the biggest features of this model is support for Amazon Alexa (virtual assistance). Through Alexa commands, you can get the hands-free advantage to various functions such as increasing inclination, increasing speed, and getting information on step count and calories burned. What’s more interested to know about Fitkit FT200 series treadmill is it comes with 3 months of free doctor consultation included – now that’s a deal you can’t bag elsewhere. 

Portability – The folding design of this treadmill makes it a portable model. 

4. Healthgenie Motorized Treadmill with Paid Installation

Healthgenie Motorized Treadmill with Paid Installation

How about you get your very own motorized treadmill? Presenting the best running machine that is packed with features. You would have an easy to read LCD screen that will track the entire necessary workout monitoring such as time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse. Easily monitor and maintain your heart rate with the pulse sensor so that you can have an efficient workout session. Get double protection with the safety key that connects you with the machine. Push the emergency stop button when you need to.

Run with easy and play your favorite music from your phone, as it comes with an AUX cable. Don’t need to be too careful while running or hogging, as the running space provides a large surface for everyone. The wheels portability makes it simpler to transport to other spaces. Do not worry about the installation process as it comes in 95% pre-installed pairs. That means you can also save money by installing the whole set by yourself.

  • A safe purchase with 3 years warranty on frame and 1 year warranty on motor
  • Easily transportable with wheels
  • Manufactured with 95% pre-installed parts
  • Pulse sensor and safety Key features for added security
  • Doesn’t have inclination option
  • Don’t come with a belt


Motor power – The treadmill uses a 1HP electric motor to deliver all the running speeds that you need in order to make your workouts result-oriented. The electric motor of this treadmill is capable of churning a peak power of up to 2.5 HP. 

Running surface – The size of the treadmill’s running surface sits in the middle of large-sized and small-sized running platforms; the running surface measures at 1100Ă—395 mm (length Ă— breadth).

Preset programs – The treadmill tracks some of the important workout metrics with its 12 preset programs such as distance, speed, time, calories, and pulse. By getting real-time feedback with these metrics from the digital display, you can make your workout regime more effective and result-oriented.

Speed limit – The maximum run speed supported is 10 km/hr

Inclination – The treadmill does not include auto incline which is a good trade-off for the affordable price tag that it comes with. 

Additional features – Like most standard treadmills, this model includes a safety key that acts as an emergency stop button, should you need it. 

Portability – Despite the portable size of the running platform, it supports a maximum user weight of up to 100 kgs

5. Fitkit FT098 Series Motorized Treadmill

Fitkit FT098 Series Motorized Treadmill

Now get fitter even when you are stuck at home, with the help of Fitkit treadmill. Every foldable treadmill from the house of Fitkit is packed with features and personalized options. For example, you can personalize your workout session with the help of Amazon Alexa. You can command Alexa to check your blood pressure and calorie loss through the FitPlus app.

Apart from liberty, you can increase you workout level with the manual inclination. The quick energy-efficient motor also helps you to gradually up your level in walking or running. The shock-absorbing belt protects your knees and absorbs vibration. And lastly, a heart rate sensor is also there to monitor your ideal speed.

  • Running machine with LCD display to monitor essential activities
  • Easily transportable with wheels
  • Can be easily folded and easily install as well
  • Comes with one year warranty against motor
  • Various features once connected with F+ app
  • Not ideal to use for a more substantial person
  • Doesn’t have a wider running space


Motor power – Powering the treadmill is a 1.5 HP electric motor that can crank up to 2HP of running speed power. 

Running surface – 1194 Ă— 400mm (length Ă— breadth) running surface. 

Preset programs – The 12 different preset programs included in the treadmill make it easy for you to make changes to your workout routine from the accurate feedback that you get from the sensors. The sensors in the treadmill have been designed to track heart rate, calories burned, speed, distance, and time. 

Speed limit – The maximum speed limit of this treadmill checks at 14 km/hr.

Inclination – Not available.

Additional features – Like other treadmill models from Fitkit, this Fitkit FT098 Series treadmill is compatible with several popular health apps such as Google Fit, Fitbit, Apple Health, Samsung Health, and Amazon Alexa via the dedicated FITPLUS (F+) app. Other additional features in the electronic console include USB port, aux cable support, volume key, hi-fi speakers, and safety key.

Portability – The simplistic design of this model makes it portable as well as easy to install, use, and maintain. 

6. Fitkit FT100 series Motorized Treadmill with Services

Fitkit FT100 series Motorized Treadmill with Services

This is another top selling motorized treadmill with numerous features. Just like the previous two products, this treadmill also comes with several features. Exercise at home and get better at running and jogging with the help of manual inclination. If you are a person who puts more effort into cardio exercises, then this treadmill if yours to take, as to give you’re the advantage of increased calorie burning function.

Not only in matters of features, but you would be getting several free things. For example, you would get a free personal training session, free diet and fitness plans, and doctor’s consultation for one time only. So, what are you waiting for? Just connect your phone and jog while listening to your favorite music.

  • Folding treadmill with a soft drop system
  • After-sales service with train and consult session
  • Get customized free diet and fitness plans
  • Free installation services
  • One year warranty against motor
  • The non-slip belt for shock absorption
  • Manufactured with AUX port and cable with mp3 speakers
  • Monitor speed, calorie loss, heart rate and time on LCD display
  • Can make noise while in use
  • Short running belt


Motor power – The core power of this treadmill lies in its 1.70 5HP electric motor which has the capacity to deliver up to 3.25 HP of peak power.

Running surface – The powerful electric motor is paired with a highly–ergonomic running surface that measures at 1143 Ă— 419mm (length Ă— breadth). The running mill uses dedicated suspensions to improve your walking, jogging, and running experience. 

Preset programs – 12 preset programs can be accessed using quick keys located in the electronic console. 

Speed limit – Running speed is limited to 14 km/hr in this model.

Inclination – Fitkit FT098 Series treadmill features 3 level manual inclination.  

Additional features – Additional features include hydraulic soft drop system, music player, and F+ fitness app. Portability – Fitkit FT100 Series treadmill includes bottom wheels and a folding mechanism that make it portable and mobile.

What are the top features of an ideal treadmill?

As you already know, there are so many brands of treadmills for home, and choosing only one of them is not easy. That is the way you need to look for these features in a treadmill to get your money’s worth.

Incline: The inclination option is beneficial for when you want a challenge while working out at home. This features while making you work harder and help you to burn more calories.

Monitoring Display: Again an essential aspect of a treadmill. With the help of a display, you can monitor your time, speed, calorie loss, etc. and monitor your growth.

Stability: Without proper stability, you cannot workout efficiently. The treadmill should not shake as you run, because that can cause an accident easily.

User weight capacity: If you are a little heavier, then you must look at the maximum user weight capacity. This will helps you with the sturdiness as well. To be on a safer side, choose a treadmill with 20 kg more weight capacity then your current weight.

FAQs before you buy a treadmill

Q1: Is buying a cheap treadmill profitable?

A cheap treadmill can save your money at the time of buying, but it can cause problems later, which can be costly. A running machine or treadmill will be taking your weight and pressure while you jog, so it is better to buy a good quality product.

Q2: How many days should I use the treadmill to see results?

That completely depends on you. If you are working hard, it will only take 2 to 3 weeks, and if you are taking it slow, then it will take approximately 1 to 2 months. Either way, you’d be getting fitter then you are now.

Q3: Is it safe to run on a treadmill daily?

There are no side effects of working out. But if you have some kind of physical issues, then you should check with a professional before anything. Do not jump on the laborious exercise program at first, start from a basic routine, and gradually increase your level.

Q4: How do I choose a treadmill for home use?

Many factors work behind this process. You need to check with what you need and then go for the buying process. You can get a folding treadmill or an easily transportable one etc. according to your choice.

Q5: Are treadmills bad for knees?

Absolutely not. In fact, treadmills are suitable for the functionality of our knees. That is why so many doctors prescribe walking on a treadmill for regular exercise. But if your treadmill is not well-equipped with the cushioning system, then you may feel some jittering while jogging.

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