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Top 5 Sun Joe Lawn Mowers to Buy 2021

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Maintaining your lawn’s health is an absolute necessity besides watering and fertilizing it. And the task seems to be a daunting one especially if your yard is big. Over the years, this industry has come up with different equipment, the Sun Joe lawn mower being the latest one. As per customer reviews, this is a well-celebrated brand in the USA.

Irrespective of the lawn size, Sun Joe mowers can efficiently get the job done for you.

Push/Electric powered lawnmowers have become an incredibly popular choice for lawn maintenance simply due to the fact that homeowners are now replacing gas-powered mowers with eco-friendly equipment.

Though there are lots of perks of having a lawn, the appalling part comes with the cleaning aspect. But no worries! Electric lawnmowers have got your back! They’ll help you complete the job in a hassle-free manner within the shortest possible time.

However, you might be wondering which are the best electric lawn mowers for you? No worries! We have curated this lawn mower buying guide for you. It will surely help you make an informed decision. 

But we proceed further; we would like you to know the perks of using a lawnmower. 

Benefits of using Lawnmowers

If you have a beautiful lawn, you’ll also need to have the right tools and equipment to maintain it. Most people who have been using lawnmowers can tell you the advantages of trimming grass using these mowers. However, there are different kinds of mowers available in the market. So it’s important to choose the right one that will serve your purpose.

If you’re interested in buying a lawnmower, go through our buying guide to know all the essential parameters that you should focus on. Without knowing the right information, you’ll end up investing in a wrong mower.

To do this, you need to first look out for the best brand in the USA market. If you ask us, we would say- Sun Joe lawn mower is the best. Why we are saying this? According to Amazon ratings, it is an eco-friendly, healthier, affordable and a low noise emitting model. Here’s how this brand can benefit you in mowing.

Improved cutting quality

With Sun Joe mowers, you can experience an improved cutting quality that too in a hassle-free manner. It’s a matter of pride to be a owner of a yard but it’s also important to maintain it. And with Sun Joe mowers, you’re going to enjoy every moment of grass cutting.

According to the reviews of Sun Joe Lawn Mower, this is the bestselling brand on Amazon.

High-end features

Though Sun Joe models come in small packaging, they come with premium quality features to ensure 100% stress-free mowing experience. Below we have discussed about the Amazon’s best-selling mower in USA. Like Sun Joe Mower, Black and Decker lawn mower also comes with high-quality functions.

Saves your time

Another benefit that lawnmowers provide is that you can save time. It helps in trimming down the lawn very quickly. To ensure that the job is done faster, make sure you choose the right model for you.

The above reasons should be convincing enough to let you know why mowers are a smart choice for your lawns.

Top Categories

Best Manual- Sun Joe MJ503M 14-Inch Quad Wheel 9-Position Manual Reel Mower

This eco-friendly mower needs no battery and electricity. a lightweight product powered with a push and has been precision-designed to manage even the harshest lawn with ease. It can cut a 14-inch path just with one single pass. What’s more?  There’s no sound, no gas emissions, and hence it’s one of the healthy gifts that you can bring home for your lawn.

Adjustable and Manual- Sun Joe MJ501M 18-Inch Manual Reel Mower w/Grass Catcher, Green/Black

The lightweight, user-friendly, and maneuverable features make this model the best manual push mowers of this range. It’s jam-packed with a 9-position height control lever with a cutting width of 18-inch grass in a single push. You can find the best price on sun Joe lawn mower at Amazon.

Most Lightweight- Sun Joe MJ400E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric Lawn Mower w/ Grass Collection Bag

Featuring a compact design, this grass cutter can clear 13.4 inches of grass in one push. It has three different height adjustment systems – 0.98 inches, 1.77 inches, and 2.56 inches, allowing customizations while cutting. As per Sun Joe lawn mower ratings on Amazon, it’s one of the most durable and lightweight products.

Easy to assemble- Sun Joe MJ504M Manual Reel Mower without Grass Catcher, 16"

This nature-friendly push reel mower is a perfect pick for small to medium lawns. And the best part is that it keeps a check on the carbon footprint. It facilitates precise cutting with its powerful steel blades and consists of 4-rugged all-terrain wheels, easing the process of handling and pushing.

 Most Powerful and Durable- Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM 48-Volt 17-Inch Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower w/Grass Catcher, Kit (w/ 2X 4.0-Ah Battery and Charger)

This modern grass grooming technology lets you cut a 14-inch wide path with a single push. It has 48v power offering 25 minutes of rechargeable runtime. This is the best mulching walk behind lawn mower that comes with three height adjustment options for precise grass cutting of your lawn.


Product Name

Cutting Width

Buy Now

Sun Joe MJ503M 14-Inch Quad Wheel 9-Position Manual Reel Mower

Sun Joe MJ503M 14-Inch Quad Wheel 9-Position Manual Reel Mower

14 Inches

Sun Joe MJ501M 18-Inch Manual Reel Mower w/Grass Catcher, Green/Black

Sun Joe MJ501M 18-Inch Manual Reel Mower w/Grass Catcher, Green/Black

18 Inches

Sun Joe MJ400E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric Lawn Mower w/ Grass Collection Bag

Sun Joe MJ400E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric Lawn Mower w/ Grass Collection Bag

13 Inches

Sun Joe MJ504M Manual Reel Mower without Grass Catcher, 16'

Sun Joe MJ504M Push Manual Reel Mower without Grass Catcher, 16", Green

16 Inches

Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM 48-Volt 17-Inch Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower w/Grass Catcher, Kit (w/ 2X 4.0-Ah Battery and Charger)

Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM 48-Volt 17-Inch Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower w/Grass Catcher, Kit (w/ 2X 4.0-Ah Battery and Charger)

16 Inches

Factors to consider before buying Lawnmowers

Confused as to which lawn mower will be ideal for your garden or yard? Not to worry! In this guide, we have outlined some of the important things that you need to take care of before investing in a lawnmower. As per the reviews and ratings on Amazon, Sun Joe is a signature brand in the USA manufacturing premium quality mowers.

However, the brand has an array of models to pick from, making it all the more confusing for the buyer. But relax! We have again got you covered. Go through this buying guide to make an informed decision.

Types of lawn mowers

There are many types of lawn mowers available- cylinder, hover, and rotary land mowers. Each of them has its own set of pros and cons. You need to select according to your lawn type.

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Power options

 Sun Joe lawn mowers are loaded with various power options like electric-powered, cordless battery-powered, and push-powered. Which power option will be the most convenient for you? What is the size of your garden? All of these things will help determine the power option that you wish to choose.

Other factors

There are several other factors that are to be taken into consideration like- cutting width, mulch mowers, grass box, cutting height, mowing edges, cutting technique, maintenance, etc.

Tips to buy Lawnmowers

This lawnmower buying guide will explain all the features of different kinds of lawnmowers depending on different power requirements, lawn types, and styles.

Types of lawn mowers

There are three different kinds of lawnmowers–  Cylinder lawnmowers, rotary, and hover lawnmowers.

Cylinder lawnmowers have cylindrical blades and are ideal for flat lawns. They rotate vertically and cut at the bottom against a fixed blade. If you’re opting for this kind of lawnmower, check the total number of blades that it has. Ideally, there should be more than 3 blades for better performance. These mowers are available in push, electric, and petrol power options.

Unlike cylindrical lawnmowers, rotary mowers have one blade rotating like plane propellers. The main USP of this product lies in its versatility – in the sense that it can cut different types of grasses, including rough ones.

If your landscape is uneven in shape, you’ll probably need to get home a hover lawnmower. As the name suggests, the blades drift above the ground to smoothly pass through the uneven surfaces. This is also a good option for those looking for budget-friendly mowing solutions.

Power options

As far the power options are concerned, lawnmowers are of three types-

Electric lawnmowers are perfect for small to medium-sized gardens and as the name suggests, it is powered by electricity. Though these mowers come in small size packaging, they are capable of doing a tremendous work than you can imagine! These mowers are light, easy to carry, and comes with an affordable price tag. Check out the best price on Sun Joe Lawn mower on Amazon.

Cordless lawnmowers allow you to experience a hassle-free mowing process and they are powered by a cordless battery. What’s more? These mowers are jam-packed with all the perks and benefits that you’ll find in electric lawnmowers, therefore you can expect it to be more expensive than their electrical counterparts. Though it is pricey, the investment is worth it.

Push lawnmowers are high in demand in the USA. It requires manual intervention and does the cutting job when you push it with your muscle power. These types of mowers are the best for small gardens. The perks include- no use of electricity, hence no harmful emissions, and no noise.

Type of garden

Another important consideration that is integral to your buying process is the kind of yard or garden that you have. The type of mower selection will require you to evaluate the garden size. For example:

  • Lawns that are up to 100 square meters will need a push, cordless and electric lawnmowers.
  • The size of the lawn ranging between 100 and 250 square meters will need electric, cordless, as well as petrol-powered lawnmowers.
  • Lawns which are bigger than 250 square meters will need petrol-powered mowers.

Other factors

Self-propelled– If your lawn has a vertical surface, then self-propelled or push mowers would be the best pick. The ones that aren’t self-propelled will need you to put in some more effort to cut the grass.

Grass bags– Look for a model that comes with a grass bag to collect the grass rather than leaving them behind. It becomes quite tedious to collect all the grass after cutting.  Sun Joe MJ400E Electric lawn mower has a grass collecting bag for a hassle-free mowing experience.

Mulch Mowers– There are various lawnmowers that push back the glass clippings back inside the lawn as mulch. You must be wondering what is mulch? It’s a material that is applied to the soil surface. These mowers not only trim the grass smoothly but also add nutrients back to the lawn. Keep your lawn in tip-top shape with Sun Joe Mulching Walk-behind Lawn Mower.

Though expensive, it’s a good pick especially if you do not have any place for disposing of your grass.

Cutting Width

It can be defined as the breadth of the yard that can be removed by the mower during the cutting process. The greater the cutting width, the lesser will be the time needed for mowing the lawn. Below is a handy guide for you to know the exact cutting width for different kinds of lawns.

  • Small lawns– 11.8-inch cutting width
  • Medium lawns– 11.8 to 15.4-inch cutting width
  • Large lawns– More than 15.4-inch cutting width

Cutting height

Cutting height refers to the height of the grass after you trim it. Sun Joe Lawn Mower is the best brand and it comes with adjustable height settings for the user’s convenience. All you need to do is move the blade up and down. 20mm to 60mm is the standard height range.

Once you buy a lawnmower, you also need to sort out the mowing technique. Lawns would look pleasing and aesthetically appealing only when you apply the right technique. The mowing process should support the grasses to cultivate fine leaves. This helps in growing dense and lush grasses in your yard.

Top 5 Sun Joe LawnMowers

#1 Sun Joe MJ503M 14-Inch Quad Wheel 9-Position Manual Reel Mower –

Sun Joe MJ503M 14-Inch Quad Wheel 9-Position Manual Reel Mower

Sun Joe MJ503M Manual Reel Power is ideal for small to medium lawns and yards. Though it’s small in appearance, the amount of work it can do is highly appreciating. The model offers an unparalleled design and comes with superior cutting technology.

And if you’re someone who is highly conscious about your health as well as the surroundings, look no further!

This manual mower is operated by human exertion and hence, it does not require any electricity to function – which means no gas emissions and no noise. Eco-friendly, rugged all-terrain wheels, adjustable height position are some of the lucrative perks to name a few. The rugged all-terrain wheels make it easier to mow even on rough terrains.

According to Amazon ratings, it is one of the best manual push mowers in USA.

Must be wondering what are reel mowers? The answer is simple! Mowers requiring human force to get the job done are known as reel mowers. It has a superb cutting ability of 14 inch grass, which is quite good for small to medium sized lawns.

Packed with 5 blades and 9 height adjustment options, one can enjoy a hassle-free mowing experience. The 9 cutting options from 1.1-2.9 inches make it a versatile mower, giving ample opportunity to trim grasses throughout the growing season.

According to Amazon reviews, customers are quite pleased with the product’s durability and the price. However, certain customers have also criticized the model for having design flaws.


Operation mode– Manual

Dimensions– 45.7 x 20.5 x 31.9 inches

Color– Green

Weight of the product– 12.9 kilogram

Cutting width– 14inches

Height adjustment position– 9

  • • 14 inch cutting width
  • • Eco-friendly
  • • Choice of height adjustment
  • • Design not up to the mark
  • • The handle is fragile and breaks easily

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#2. Sun Joe MJ501M 18-Inch Manual Reel Mower w/Grass Catcher, Green/Black

Sun Joe MJ501M 18-Inch Manual Reel Mower w/Grass Catcher, Green/Black

Have you been searching for a mower for your small yard? Your search ends here. Sun Joe MJ501M Manual reel power is worth considering!

And if you’re someone who is also quite fond of aesthetics, this model has got your back.

This reel mower can create appealing borders around the lawn boundary. The product comes in small packaging, thus making it a lightweight and easy to carry mower. It has 9 height adjustment options, adding flexibility to the user to customize the positions while grass cutting.

All these features save time, adds convenience, and gets the job done within the shortest possible time. This mower has a compact structure with a rust-resistant deck. If maintained properly, this mower can be your garden companion for the years to come!

What’s more? This model provides nature friendly push reel mowing experience and comes within an attractive budget. This mower has a 10 inch wheel and two 6 inch wheels with a cutting capability of 18 inches. The comfortable handle grip combined with a durable steel blade ensures high cutting ability that too with precision and accuracy.

It’s a good pick for those searching for budget-friendly mowers.

Talking about the features, there’s a lot to say about this product. Sun Joe MJ501M comes with a grass collecting bag with a whopping capacity of 6.6 gallons. Mowing has been easier than before with this Sun Joe lawn mower manual.

Who would want to spend hours in the garden raking up all the cuttings? The capacity of the bag is a remarkable feature – this means you can clean a larger space without the need to stop after every five minutes to collect the grass cuttings. All you need to do is detach the bag and dispose of the lawn waste for cleaning.


Operation mode– Manual

Power source– Manual

Dimensions– 48 x 24.6 x 50.4 inches

Color– Green/Black

Material– Metal

Weight of the product– 28 pounds

Cutting width– 18 inches

Height adjustment position– 9

  • • Ideal for small yards
  • • Handle grip is comfortable, hence it’s easy to push
  • • Dual wheel design for maneuverability
  • • Comes with a grass collecting bag that can hold 6.6 gallons of lawn waste
  • • Light weight and rust-resistant deck
  • • Front wheels not as durable as it claims
  • • Height adjustment is low

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#3. Sun Joe MJ400E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric Lawn Mower w/ Grass Collection Bag

Sun Joe MJ400E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric Lawn Mower w/ Grass Collection Bag

Are you looking for a mower packed with all the benefits but is inexpensive? Sun Joe MJ400E Electric lawn mower has got you covered. Do not get fooled by its size! It keeps the ability to do beyond your expectations. 

With a weight of 22lbs and at 12 amps, this model can be reckoned as a light duty mower. It is jam-packed with superior engine performance. With 12 amps motor, it can mow different kinds of terrains- be it rough or wet.

The engine needs to be plugged in. It does not require any kind of fuel or oil, so you can expect it to be an eco-friendly product. It comes with a superior cutting capability to cut 13.4 inch path that too with a single rotary blade.

Considering the size of this mower, the cutting width is highly appreciable. Secondly, the deck is reasonably compact, allowing easy mobility and storage. And it comes with three different height adjustment options- 0.98 inch, 1.77 inch, and 2.56 inch.

Another noteworthy feature to mention here is the grass collection box having the capacity to hold 9.2 gallons of lawn waste. Simply detach the bag and dispose of the waste.

If you go through the Sun Joe lawn mower reviews on Amazon, you’ll find that customers are highly satisfied with the overall product quality. The grass indicator that comes with this model is highly appreciated. This indicator window helps in checking the space left inside the bag. Accordingly, you can empty the bag and continue with the mowing process. It also comes with a mulching feature that’s worth mentioning.

According to Amazon customer reviews, this model rate as the best electric lawn mowers simply due to the extraordinary features that it offers.

To sum up, this mower is a perfect choice for those looking for eco-friendly, lightweight, and affordable lawnmower.


Operation mode– Manual

Power source– Corded electric

Dimensions– 59.06 x 15.75 x 40.16 inches

Color– Green (comes with detachable grass collecting bag)

Weight of the product– 12.36 kilogram

Cutting width– 13.4 inches

Height adjustment position– 3 (0.98 inch, 1.77 inch, and 2.56 inch)

  • • Best for small gardens
  • • Comes at an affordable price
  • • Nature friendly
  • • Huge grass collecting bag
  • • Corded electric
  • • Cannot work efficiently on tall grasses

Last update on 2022-08-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

#4. Sun Joe MJ504M Push Manual Reel Mower without Grass Catcher, 16″, Green

Sun Joe MJ504M Manual Reel Mower without Grass Catcher, 16'

Just a few days left to sunny bright days? Then probably you’re looking forward to keeping your lawn healthy and fresh? Grasses have grown too long and you’re still not able to find a mower! Let’s assume that you’re one of those who prefer a manual mower over a gas-powered mower, which if often criticized for emitting harmful gases, posing a threat to the environment.

Sun Joe MJ504M Push Manual Reel Mower comes to rescue when you’re in a dilemma! This 16 inch reel mower is light in weight and easy to use. The model has been precision designed to tackle different types of terrains- rough and course turfs mainly.

Tame your jungle with this super-powerful mower! Packed with an impressive 16 inch cutting technology, it has 9 height adjustment options allowing you to tailor-made the cutting heights ranging between 1.1 to 2.9 inches.

All thanks to this fantastic customization option that gives you full control during the entire mowing process.

While the dual wheel designs enhance its maneuverability, the durable 5-Razoreel sharp blades help in cutting the grasses to perfection. It’s worth mentioning here that these blades are perfect for giving you a picture-perfect cut.

As per the reel mower reviews on Amazon, this model is reckoned to be the best. Here’s why customers believe that!

The main characteristic feature that attracts the customer is the design. It’s a compact fully-assembled mower adding convenience each and every time you go out for mowing! You hardly need any effort to push this mower. And who gets the credit for that? Of course, the lightweight nature of this lawnmower!

As far as manual operation is concerned, this mower comes with a solid handle, making it easy to grab and push the mow throughout the yard. Moreover, it has 4 premium quality wheels – the front one is ultra-rugged 10 inch all-terrain and two all-terrain back wheels.

Moving on to the cutting capability, it can cut 16 inch grass, and thanks to that, you can complete the mowing task within the shortest possible time. Overall, this is a user-friendly product and with proper upkeep, this little fellow is going to stay with you for a long time.


Operation mode– Manual

Power source– Manual

Dimensions– 51.6 x 22.4 x 29.5 inches

Color– Green

Weight of the product– 24.9 pounds

Cutting width– 16 inches

Height adjustment position– 9

  • • Compact fully assembled design
  • • 16 inch cutting width
  • • Front and back ultra-rugged terrain wheels to handle rough turfs with ease
  • • Durable handle offering perfect grip
  • • Small height adjustment
  • • No grass collecting bag

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#5. Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM 48-Volt 17-Inch Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower w/Grass Catcher, Kit (w/ 2X 4.0-Ah Battery and Charger)

Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM 48-Volt 17-Inch Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower w/Grass Catcher, Kit (w/ 2X 4.0-Ah Battery and Charger)

Are you looking for battery operated mowers? Sun Joe Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower is a great pick for homeowners having small to medium sized yards or gardens. This is also a great choice for beginners – and why do we say that? Let’s discuss.

Cordless lawn mower is a rather powerful tool in a small, lightweight package. It’s user-friendly and requires no maintenance at all. It has an amazing mowing width of 17 inches and comes with a smaller packing. The noteworthy feature is that it is lightweight; allowing easy maneuverability and the easy glide wheels are worth mentioning!  These wheels help in smooth movement, while the 6 height adjustment levers allow you to customize the position accordingly.

This mower has been equipped with a grass collector bag having a whopping capacity to hold 11 gallons of lawn waste. The dual battery design is another striking characteristic feature of this model. The total power of this cordless Sun Joe lawn mower i.e. 48 Volts is achieved through the use of two 24 Lithium Ion batteries which can be charged together. Yes! That’s exactly how the charger has been designed – to charge two batteries together!

People with small to medium sized yard can derive excellent performance from this model. The battery runtime is approximately 1 hour 5 minutes. The complimenting aspect is that this mower can be easily used by the first-time users as well.

Coming to the design, it has a compact body, superior wheel designs, and smaller cutting path.

Just a small reminder: This model is not a self –propelled walk behind mower. However, if you need one, do check out the top self propelled mowers at Amazon.

This mower comes with a 2 year warranty. However, with a nominal fee, you can extend the warranty up to 3 more years.

Buy this Sun Joe Lawn Mower on Amazon at the best deals/price.


Operation mode– Manual

Power source– Battery operated

Dimensions– 48.4 x 17.7 x 42.9 inches

Color– Green

Weight of the product– 33.8 pounds

Cutting width– 17 inches

Height adjustment position– 3

Batteries– Two Lithium ion batteries

  • • Budget friendly
  • • Extremely handy
  • • Foldable handle so it’s easy to store
  • • 3 years extended warranty with a nominal fee
  • • Maintaining 24V Lithium batteries is difficult
  • • Batteries lose their capability with age
  • • You need to power off the mower while height adjustment and removing the batteries

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How to maintain Lawnmowers

Push/Electric lawn mowers offer several advantages over gas-operated mowers. This is not to say that these mowers require zero maintenance.

A mower kept in good shape will perform with the highest efficiency levels than the ones which are poorly kept.

Few people have the income to buy new lawn mowers every year. So, with a little bit of effort and extra work every year, you can enhance the longevity of the mowers.

Cleaning your mowers often can keep it in good shape. Though there’s no need for deep cleaning, you should make it a habit to at least wipe it after every use. This includes using a soft wet cloth to remove dirt from the blades, vent, and undercarriage. Remember that blades are highly sharp, so you must use protective gloves to avoid injuries while cleaning.

Lubrication is an excellent way to maintain the efficiency of the moving parts. This not only helps them to move smoothly but also protects them from corrosion and rusting. Check all the nuts and the bolts before using them.

While charging, fasten the batteries and the cords properly. Give a quick clean to the belts and air filters.

Lastly, do not forget to check the blades, which is the most important part of your mower. Make sure that they are sharp enough to cut the grass.

Do not keep the mowers out in the open. Just DON’T DO THAT! Do you keep other important gadgets or appliances out in the open? No. Right? Similarly, you need to keep the mowers indoors to prevent it from the consequences of the external forces like rain, sun, and humidity. No matter how tough your mower is, it is not as tough as the natural elements of the Earth.

Follow the user manual thoroughly to ensure that you’re using your mower in the right way. Some people completely ignore this part thinking that they don’t need a manual guide, only to find that they are using it in the wrong way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the adjustable options on the mower?

The Sun Joe Lawn mower models come with height adjustment options. This mechanism allows you to customize the grass cutting height. Different models have different height adjustment options So check this buying guide and reviews before you finally invest in one.

Are sun Joe mowers any good?

Yes. Sun Joe mowers are an excellent companion for keeping your lawn grasses in good shape. They have a compact body and are either powered by push, battery, or electricity. These mowers cut the grasses to perfection, thus giving your lawn a picture-perfect look.
Some models come with grass collecting bags like Sun Joe MJ400E, which helps in collecting the lawn waste while simultaneously trimming the grass. Sun Joe mowers have been given a robust design to make it durable and they are packed with 5-steel Razors to handle even the difficult turfs. Also, these mowers can be adjusted to various cutting heights, adding convenience to the user.

What area is the mower appropriate for?

Sun Joe Mowers are appropriate for handling different kinds of lawns- both small and medium sized lawns. Shop online for Amazon sun joe lawn mower at the best deals/rates.

Can you reel mow a bumpy lawn?

No. Reel mowers are best suited for flat turfs. It needs a flat surface to clean cut the grass. For bumpy or uneven yards, consider getting an electric lawnmower from Sun Joe.

How do you start a Sun Joe electric lawn mower?

Electric mowers are powered by electricity. It can be with or without a cord. The name ‘electric lawnmower’ has been given simply due to the fact that it requires an electric key to start.
There are certain electric mowers that are operated by batteries, for example Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM is an electric mower operated by two Lithium ion batteries. Also, it is best cordless electric mower of Sun Joe brand on Amazon.
So now the question is- how can you start an electric lawnmower? Well! There are plenty of reasons why customers prefer using electric/cordless lawnmowers, one of them being the easy to start mechanism. Whether the mower is with cord or cordless, you’ll find a key that you need to insert in the provided space.

What is the best electric lawn mower on the market?

According to customer reviews on Amazon, Sun Joe mowers are the top selling electric lawnmowers available in the market. You can check out our buying guide and reviews of the top Sun Joe models, especially if you’re planning to buy one.

Are cordless electric lawn mowers any good?

Wondering which is the best cordless electric lawn mower in the USA? Still confused if you should buy one? Well! Then you should definitely check out the incredible benefits of using cordless lawnmowers.
Battery powered mowers, as compared to the traditional counterparts are much quieter and are lightweight. This is not the case with gas-operated mowers – that are highly criticized for emitting obnoxious gases. A cordless mower gives you a balance in terms of the cost, battery, size, weight, and the height.
In most cases, battery-operated mowers can last for 5 long years. And the top Sun Joe lawn mower cordless on Amazon comes with two lithium ion batteries that not only supplies ample power but also gets charged within few minutes. Wondering which model we are talking about?
Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM is one of the high-rated models that come with superior designs, battery power, and a grass collector. From a general perspective, any battery operated mower will be considered best than petrol or gas-powered mowers, simply due to the fact that the former is eco-friendly and also a cost-effective option than the latter.

What should I look for when buying an electric lawn mower?

There are several essential parameters that are worth considering before purchasing an electric mower. Due to a huge number of models available in the market, it’s quite overwhelming for a user to find the best one.
The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the size of your lawn. How big your lawn is? Is it small or medium? Or is it a large one? Note that big yards/gardens will need petrol operated lawnmowers but small to medium sized lawns can be maintained with push/electric operated lawnmowers.
Besides this, there are several other things that you need to keep in mind- the kind of mower you wish to purchase (cordless or with cord), the cutting width, height adjustments, grass management, budget, and the safety features that comes along with it.
For more details, you can also go through our electric lawnmower buying guide and reviews before purchasing.

Why does my lawn mower keeps stopping?

There can be two reasons why your electric lawnmower keeps stopping- i) there can be a loose connection and, ii) the power switch might be faulty.

How do you maintain an electric lawn mower?

Lawnmowers have go through a lot during every mowing session. To ensure that your mowers stay in good health and work with 100% efficiency, you need to take proper care of them.
According to customer reviews, electric mowers require minimal maintenance as compared to gasoline mowers. The best thing that you can do is read the user manual guide that comes along with the product. The maintenance requirements will be different for different models, so the guide booklet will contain all the exact details needed for maintenance.
However, here mentioned are few common tips that are applicable for any kind of electric lawnmowers.
Wipe out the undercarriage thoroughly to scrape off all the grass clippings. Never use pipes or hoses to clean your electric mowers. Water can seep inside the motor causing damage.
Lubrication is an excellent way to keep the movable parts smooth and efficient. The bracket and the axle of the mowers are usually made up of metal. A bit of lubrication on all the four wheels goes a long way!
Always check out for the screws, bolts, and nuts before going out for a mowing session. Electric mowers go through a lot of vibrations during the cutting process and therefore, there are possibilities of the bolts, screws, and nuts to become loose. Fix them with the correct tools.
Sharpen the blades from time to time. There’s a special kind of tool used for sharpening the mower blades. Once done, put it back to the mower safely. Always use protective gloves while doing this.
Remember, you also need to take immense care of the batteries. Batteries come under the warranty, it’s better to look out for any problems before the warranty period gets over. Store the batteries in a warm place and make sure they are fully charged.
The best thing about Sun Joe battery operated mowers is that you can buy the batteries separately in case if you already have one. The Sun Joe Lawn mower battery cost on Amazon is affordable and budget-friendly.

Who makes the best cordless electric lawn mower?

Sun Joe is one of the signature brands manufacturing the best cordless electric lawn mowers. Each of the models is precision-designed to suit different lawn terrains. If you’re looking for the best lawnmower for your garden/yard, you can check our Sun Joe buying guide and reviews to choose the best model for you

Can I use electric lawn mower on wet grass?

Mowing wet grass with electric lawnmowers is a bad idea. It actually does more harm than good! There are various reasons why we say this.
First of all, electric mowers with cord when used for mowing pose a high risk of electric shocks. If the wires come in contact with water, it will not give way to electrical shocks but also cause damage to the machine. WATER AND ELECTRICITY CAN NEVER BE FRIENDS!
Moreover, it’s not advisable to mow wet grass – it can cause personal danger. Wondering how? You might slip and fall in case if you push your mower too hard to cross the wet turfs. Wet grasses are difficult to slice. So you won’t get a clean-cut at all! Hence, it’s better to mow during sunny afternoons. Also, mowing wet turfs cause damage the soil.

How to use sun Joe lawn mower?

Sun Joe lawnmowers are powered by push or electricity. The working mechanism will depend on what kind of mower are you buying. If it’s a manually operated mower, look for the prime button that is located somewhere in the body.
According to the reel mower reviews on Amazon, push mowers are very easy to start. It does not require electricity. Just with human exertion, you can enjoy a hassle-free mowing experience.
Electric mowers come with and without cords. Corded lawn mowers need to be plugged in a power source. You’ll find an indicator that shows your connection is successful. All electric mowers have a start key. Press that and you’re all set to begin your mowing session.
For cordless lawnmowers, you do need any power source. That’s exactly what the name suggests. There’s a start button that you need to press. Electric cordless mowers also consist of a lever that you need to pull. After pulling the lever or starting the key, if your machine doesn’t work, there might be some issues like your battery might not be fully charged or there might be accumulated dirt on the surfaces.

How long does it take for a Sun Joe lawn mower to charge?

Approximately, Sun Joe Cordless electric lawnmowers will take 4 hours, giving you a total of 25 minutes to cut the grasses.
The batteries come under the Sun Joe Lawn mower warranty. Make sure you find out if there’s any problem with the battery before this warranty period gets over.

How to know if my Sun Joe battery is completely charged?

When you charge the battery, you’ll find two lights- red and green. This means that the battery is charging. And when both the lights become green, the battery is fully charged.


In a nutshell, the buyer needs to understand the size of the lawn. The entire buying process will be successful only if you can comprehend the size and the condition of your lawn (flat, bumpy, or irregular). Each of the lawn type demands a different type of machine.

For instance, people having small yards will benefit from push mowers but the ones having medium to large sized yards will need to consider electric lawnmowers. Your aim is to get the job done in an easy and hassle-free manner.

However, the challenging part is to make the right choice. No worries! We have curated this lawn mower buying and review guide to help you in the best possible way to choose the right type of model that fits your budget as well as fulfills your requirements.

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