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Top 10 Slide in Electric Range to Buy 2020

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If kitchen is your comfort zone, the right kind of cooking appliances and accessories makes everything from preparation to presentation much easier, quicker and comfier for you. Of all those appliances gracing any kitchen ambience and making easier one’s day-to-day work, electric slide-in cooking ranges deserve some spaces in our discussion. The right type of electric ranges not only elevates the glamor of your kitchen space but also benefits you in multiple ways. Though slide-in electric ranges are yet to make its way to every household, still there is a plethora of options easily available for your picks. 

An incredible variety of makes and models creates a dilemma for the potential buyers as to what makes the right buy for them. Preference differs, budget differs and so differs THE CHOICE OF THE BEST. To help you out of the quandary, our experts have performed intensive testing on the top-selling models in the USA market. Based on the findings, we have chosen THE BEST PICKs under DIFFERENT CATEGORIES. 

It’s an inclusive buying guide that touches on different topics ranging from the must-consider factors to the best products to a set of FAQs. Read the buying guide to choose the most convenient slide-in electric range for your kitchen. 

Followings are 5 Best Picks to Take a Look at:

Best Overall Slide-in Range: No products found.

A smart look, sturdy build, easy cleaning, large cavity and Wi-Fi connect control are all available in a single package that does not pinch one’s pocket. 

Best 30-inch Slide-in Range: No products found.

Enough space to prepare more than one dish at a time! Baking is done to perfection, thanks to powerful heating and even heat distribution. Extra space for storage and self-cleaning are added delights. . 

Best 5-Burner Electric Slide-in Range: Kenmore 6.4 cu. ft. Front Control Electric Range

Cook More and Clean Less! Make dinners and deserts at the same time. It’s a highly efficient slide-in electric range with latest cooking features. Cooking and Baking will feel super easy. Perfectly and quickly boiled eggs, spaghetti and pastas at the breakfast table will make your day. 

Best Dual Convection Electric Slide-in Range: No products found.

Need different temperatures to cook two different dishes? Well, it’s a good pick to put an end to your long quest. The appliance can be divided into two separate zones marked by two different temperatures. Quick heating and glass touch control with guided LED lights make cooking and baking truly exciting. 

Best Budget Electric Slide in Range: LG LSE4613ST

Low budget a hurdle on your way to purchase a slide-in range? LG LSE4613ST is a great pick loaded with some excellent feature but coming at a budget-friendly price point. 

Factors to Look for in Slide-in Electric Ranges

Cooktop: Smooth ceramic surface is always preferred as a gentle wipe is enough to remove all the spills and stains. Ceramic tops look shining but they are less immune to scratches.

Flex-Width Elements: These are offered by nearly all slide-in ranges. The feature allows you to choose from 2-3 different sizes that perfectly fit the width of pans and pots to be used for cooking.

Oven: Capacity matters but not very much. In most slide-ins, cavity is more than 4.8 Cu. Ft.  That much is enough to roast a big size Thanksgiving Turkey. 

Cleaning: Cleaning a slide-in range might give you a bad headache. So choose a model that features self-cleaning. However, avoid using high mode as it is likely to damage your oven. 

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Product Profile

Slide-in electric ranges are expensive and so, can be afforded by only the well-heeled buyers. That’s why options are not as plenty as other popular kitchen appliances. Still, there are enough of them to leave you confused as what to consider and what to ignore. 

From a plethora of options doing around, our experts have shortlisted only 10 best-selling slide-in electric ranges across markets in USA, according to the industry-standard comprehensive testing performed under their painstaking and piercing scrutiny. We have already listed them after the introduction part. Here are anatomical details of each of the toppers on our list. 

1. GE Cafe CES700P3MD1 Matte Collection Series 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range in Matte Black

No products found.

Compared to many slide-in ranges coming in the same price zones, it has got an upscale design and heavy duty construction. Its sleek look will give your kitchen space a touch of grace. Design aside; it has got other elements to be a pride of possession at your kitchen. 

GE cafe ces700p3md1 electric slide-in range features edge-to-edge glass cooktop that offers some surefire advantages when it comes to cleaning. The appliance will provide you with more cooking space to prepare five-course meals. Another great feature is its quick adjustment of burner size to match your cookware. Wi-Fi Connect Control is a modern toss-in that allows you to control the range via your smartphone. 

Developed around true European convection coupled with precise air ensures proper heat circulation, a much-needed feature for perfectly cooked deserts. With an easy-to-use control panel, you have all the controls in your hands to exercise effortless use of the appliance. The control panel remains invisible when not in use and pops up when prompted. 

With some handy features tossed into a single frame, it springs no surprise that this GE model is one the Amazon best-selling slide-in electric ranges with Alexa support in 2020.

Spec Chart:

  • Dimension: 29.5 x 29.88 x 37.38 inches
  • Total Capacity: 5.7 cu. ft.
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Cooktop: Smooth Top
  • Highest Element Output: 3600 Watts
  • WiFi Connect
  • Glass Ceramic Surface
  • Connects With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • LED Control Panel
  • Sleek Design
  • Easy-to-Clean Surface
  • Wi-Fi Connect Allows Full Control
  • True European Convection with Precise Air
  • Might Not Feel Cool on Everyone’s Pocket

No products found.

2. Frigidaire FFES3026TS 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range with Smoothtop Cooktop in Stainless Steel

Frigidaire FFES3026TS 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range

Featuring 4 electric burners, it allows you to prepare more than one dish simultaneously. It also comes with extra space for cookware storage. Express-Select Controls allow you to easily switch from warm to boil. 

Frigidaire ffes3026ts slide-in electric range is a wonderful appliance to prepare perfectly backed dishes. Thanks to its Even Baking Technology, cakes, cookie and pastries come out divinely delicious every time. Would you wish to have a look at the food inside when cooking is going on? Well, quench your curiosity without opening the door as the extra-large viewing window enables you to spy on the status of your dishes. 

The device features a high degree of flexibility as it can easily accommodate both small and big pans to adjust itself to your varying cooking needs. Self-clean is another great feature that ensures powerful cleaning without involving the user into the process. A time-saving feature truly it is. 

According to our experts, it’s one of the US top selling slide-in electric range models with all the requisite qualities, from design to delivery, to fit your expanded space of expectations. 

Spec Chart: 

  • Dimension: 25-1/2x 36-5/8x 30 inches
  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Total Capacity: 4.6 Cu. Ft.
  • Storage Drawer
  • Self-Clean
  • Electronic Kitchen Timer
  • Plenty of Space to Cook More Than One Dish
  • Storage Drawer to Store Cookware
  • Perfect Baking Every Time
  • Self-Cleaning Makes It Easier & Effortless to Do Cleaning Work
  • Wi-Fi Technology Missing

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3. Kenmore 6.4 cu. ft. Front Control Electric Range in Stainless Steel, includes delivery and hookup -2295123

Kenmore 6.4 cu. ft. Front Control Electric Range

With valuable experience spanning across 100 years, Kenmore introduces innovative models wrapped around groundbreaking technology. Pretty look that the model sports, it is highly likely for you to be smitten but that’s not all that it has in store. On each front, it throws curve balls and it’s to see if you can catch it or not!

The 30-inch. Kenmore stainless steel electric stove offers a larger space to cook both dinners and deserts at the same time. Coming with 3 racks, it gives you complete freedom to arrange weekend food fiesta and holiday feasts for your family and friends. 

Faster boil, like faster cooking, sets it apart from many of its competitors available at a little higher or lower price point. The Electric Turbo Boil Burner is powerful enough to enable you to boil anything in literally no time. It means your hubby and children won’t have to wait longer at the breakfast table for perfectly boiled eggs, pastas or vegetables. 

It’s a true convection oven that combines a powerful, hidden third heating element with an equally powerful fan to provide your dish with an equal amount of heat from all the sides and corners. As a result, everything from pies to turkeys comes out perfectly baked and brown every time they are put in oven. It’s a popular slide-in electric range with more user ratings on Amazon.  

The slide-in range exhibits versatility on another level. It is high on flexibility as it adjusts itself in keeping with the diameter of your cookware. The 5-element cooking appliance features a ceramic glass cooktop that needs less time and effort for cleaning. And yes, we must say it louder that the cooking range brings a touch of spiffiness and modernity to your kitchen with its smart look. 

Spec Chart:

  • Dimension: 26.4 x 29.88 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 160 pounds
  • Capacity: 6.4 Cu. Ft.
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Installation Type: Free Standing 
  • Heating Elements: 5
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Modern Look & Well-Built Design
  • Larger Space
  • Easy-to-Slide Racks
  • Fast and Even Cooking, Baking and Boiling
  • Less Effort Required to Clean
  • Intuitive & Unobtrusive Cleaning
  • On a Slow Side to Pre-Heat
  • Issues with Insulation of the Inside Door
  • Temperature Near the Handle Goes up If the Oven is Used for 15 Minutes or More

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4. Samsung NE58F9710WS Slide-in Electric Range with FlexDuo Oven

No products found.

Samsung seldom disappoints. It’s the MASTER GAMER if we talk about innovative design, advanced features and incredible functionalities. The model is a perfect pick for those passionate about cooking. It’s a popular slide-in electric range with dual oven

Five burners, a warming drawer and three oven racks create enough of space to whip up home-made delicacies. The sleek slide-in range is extremely easy to install and ideal to replace any freestanding range without requiring you to go with remodeling. The glass cooktop, which slightly overlaps your kitchen countertop, brings a customized and captivating refurbishment to your kitchen space. 

Why do you need to open the oven door to check the progress of the food when a wide-angle glass window allows you to do so? Experience a broader and more fascinating control for the most perfect cooking. The intuitive controls that the slide-in range come with allow you to set both timer and temperature, choose cooking functions and program the recipes close to your heart. The GUIDING LIGHT SYSTEM takes your through step-by-step instructions to choose your favorite cooking settings.

The advanced slide-in range does more than making your kitchen a modern and high-tech space. Samsung ne58f9710ws slide in electric range coupled with Flex Duo Oven Features creates a built-in design. The amazing feature sets it ocean apart from run of the mills by dividing the system into two small ovens characterized by two distinct temperatures to let you prepare more than one dish simultaneously.

You don’t need to open the door to check if meat and poultry are done to perfection as a built-in temperature probe puts an end to guesswork of cooking as it often turns erroneous. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 26.3 x 29.91 x 34 inches
  • Weight: 234 pounds
  • Capacity: 5.8 Cu Ft
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Fuel Type: Electronic 
  • Heating Elements: 5
  • Smart Look
  • Larger Space
  • Flex Duo Technology
  • Dual Convection
  • Glass Touch Control with Guiding Lighting System
  • Heats up Quickly
  • Timer Alarm Almost Inaudible
  • Learning or Bumping into the Knobs Might Accidentally Turn on Burners

No products found.

5. LG LSE4613ST 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range – Convection

LG LSE4613ST 30

A nice combo of gorgeous look and great features! It’s the best slide-in electric range with sleek and shiny stainless steel finish. On top of that, it comes at a brow-raising competitive price. In fact, the price is too low to believe. If you are looking for a slide-in range with large cavity at a low price, it’s the right go-with model worth considering. 

Space is galore – 6.3 Cu Ft – for you to prepare multiple dishes at the same time. The top looks pretty and does not require you to spend much of time for cleaning. The burners are hidden and it lends the model a plain and clean look that we liked a lot. The surface is prone to scratches; so take extreme care while cleaning it. 

Of a slew of striking features that it comes packed with, fast heating is what we liked most. It’s a big plus for any cooking range as no one prefers slow and uneven heating. A neat and nice pick to kill many birds with a single stone, what you say? On top of loads of features, it’s the best electric range for budget shoppers.

Knobs won’t confuse you ever and controllers are easy to maneuver. That’s a big relief for the first-time slide-in range users. A middle section displays the status of 6 knobs that are all you need to control the system. A spacious warming drawer, anchored at the base in close proximity to a heating element, keeps your foods warm until they are served. 

Self-Cleaning is definitely a great feature as it relives you from tedious manual work and also ensures a thorough cleaning in quick time. In a word, we feel it’s worth a consider and comparison with others in the similar price range. 

Lg lse4613st stainless steel slide in electric range is a delight to use from the very beginning. As tough it feels, the device is designed to withstand pain and plight that regular and rough use inflicts for years. Stay assured that it’s going to last your lifetime.

Spec Chart:

  • Dimension: 31 x 32 x 44 inches
  • Weight: 202 Pounds
  • Capacity: 6.3 Cu Ft
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Great Look
  • Large Capacity
  • Fast Cooking and Baking
  • Controls Easy to Maneuver
  • Self-Cleaning Technology
  • Available at a Competitive Price
  • Not Safe If You Have Kids at Home
  • Knobs Turned on Pretty Easily
  • Expensive

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6. GE PS950SFSS 30″ 6.6 cu. ft. Capacity Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range In Stainless Steel


GE ps950sfss electric range comes at the higher point of the price curve. It might sound a deal breaker for many but if you are ready to spend some extra cash, you will find it worth every penny. 

Let’s start with its design which is incredibly solid and smart. The slide-in range makes concurrent baking of multiple recipes much easier and faster. It’s a true double oven because unlike others that function under a single door, each oven of the GE Unit has its own door. The 5-burner model can literally accommodate pans and pots of all sizes for heating. One of these burners is easily expandable whereas two feature a bridge. 

The top oven comes with easy-to-access sliding tray. The cooktop looks trendy and feels premium. This slide-in electric range with self-cleaning oven features a huge glass window that gives you a free pass to monitor the cooking process and progress inside. The heating element is highly flexible, so much so that it can easily adjust to any size of pans and pots. 

With intuitive controls, you are allowed to make it dance to your tune. These controls are so easy to use that even a rookie can discover a Michelin-Star Chef in her. They allow you to select the individual burner and specify the active burner size as well as what would be the right temperature for their burning. All these you can do just through button presses that are easily verifiable through the control display screen and light dials. 

Though this slide-in electric range with good ratings by the customers across USA is selling like hot cakes, there are some issues that the brand should address in their next launch. The stove buttons don’t light up. Another drawback is the selectable size burners switch to the largest size by default every time they are turned on. Setting them to the smallest burners by default would have saved energy to a great extent. 

Spec Chart:

  • Dimension: 28.88 x 31.25 x 37.25 inches
  • Weight: 225 pounds
  • Capacity: 6.6 Cu Ft.
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Expandable Burners
  • Huge Glass Window
  • 2 Ovens 
  • Modern & Innovative Design
  • Larger Capacity
  • Self-Clean Roller Rack
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Possible to Keep Watchful Eyes on Cooking Progress
  • Not Energy Efficient
  • Buttons Don’t Light up

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7. GE PHS930SLSS Smoothtop Cooktop

GE PHS930SLSS Smoothtop Cooktop

GE phs930slss smoothtop cooktop is a nice fit for a modern kitchen. It has a spacious den to prepare a variety of dishes – both diners and deserts. It can make room for multiple racks that are easy to shift higher or lower. 

The model can accommodate racks as big as 23” x 16”. The feature is great for even roasting of poultry pieces and turkey without requiring you to open the oven doors and turn around the pieces for the even crust. The same rings true for fishes. In a word, let them sit wherever they are put as every nook and cranny receives the same amount of heat. Lastly, as nothing burns on the glass, cleaning feels like a breeze.

Customers in USA prefer to buy slide-in electric range with induction cooktop. It functions with 5 induction burners, warmer drawer and an oven. The most striking feature is the slide-in electric range model works with no knobs. Instead, it comes with a trendy touch panel and an LED screen to put full control in your hands. Moreover, the system allows you to synchronize the controls to your smartphone and operate the slide-in range remotely via a Wi-Fi connection.

We admit that it’s yet to be the darling of home appliance shopaholics both in real space and virtual market. However, it’s slowly soaking in popularity for a collage of multiple in-trend and functional features. From our experts’ judicious perspectives, it exceeds all expectations, however stretched these are.

Spec Chart:

  • Dimension: 30.9 x 32 x 44.8 inches
  • Weight: 221 pounds
  • Capacity: 5.3 Cu Ft.
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Efficient and Even Heating Throughout
  • Using Touch Panel Cuts Down the Risks of Turning Knobs Accidentally
  • Gas Top Easy to Clean
  • Front Control Glass Panel Not Completely Shatterproof

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8. Bosch HEI8054U 800 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range – Convection

No products found.

Bosch is a top rated slide-in electric range brand in United States. At Bosch, innovation is a daily phenomenon. This time, it has embraced high-end German ingenuity. The German-made glass quality is second to none. Its sturdy frame comfortably accommodates 5 smooth burners, a baking drawer and a convection oven. Perfect finishing in stainless steel gives it a glam look and adds smartness to your kitchen décor. 

It measures 39 x 35 x 32 inches. There is a big advantage of such a moderate dimension as the slide-in range can comfortably share the kitchen counter spaces with other important fittings, for example, overhead chimneys. It has already made its way to the wish-list of many netizens and the credit goes to its powerful heating elements. It is a two-in-one model embracing LED lights and a dedicated warming element. The LED light shows its running status. 

A fan is fitted into the oven to dissipate smoke from inside. The stainless steel top promises some effortless cleaning work that won’t take much of your time.  On the downside, Bosch HEI8054U 800 30″ Stainless Steel slide-in range has a relatively small cavity, only 4.6 Cu. Ft. Another feature we disliked is its glass top that is far wider than the rest of the oven. As a result, it leaves a small gap on both sides of the kitchen counter. 

Spec Chart: 

  • Dimension: 39 x 35 x 32 inches
  • Capacity: 4.6 Cu. Ft. 
  • Color: Stainless Steel 
  • Fuel Type: Electric 
  • LED Map Has Red Lights to Indicate Active Cooking Elements
  • Featuring an Oven Fan to Reduce Smoke Build up in Oven
  • Stainless Steel Finishing Makes Cleaning Easier, Not More Than a Simple Wipe
  • Much Wider Glass Top

No products found.

9. KITCHENAID KSGG700ESS 30-Inch 5-Burner Gas Slide-In Convection Range

No products found.

Kitchenaid range ksgg700ess has moderate cavity. The model features True Convection. The best part of this slide-in range is even heat distribution. Fishes or meats don’t need to be turned on as powerful and even heating supplies heat from all sides so that the dishes come out with much anticipated brownish crust to leave your mouth watering. 

The 5-burner model is touted to be a good pick for perfect cooking and baking. Slide-in racks create spaces for multiple cookware and also make cleaning a job you will no longer find tedious and annoying. 

However, from what we have gathered from Amazon reviews and customer feedbacks, the users are not bowled by its features and functions. A drawback is the knobs easily get turned on and that makes the model pretty unsafe for use. It has got a very poor rank on Amazon – only 1 out of 5. However, if you need a cheap slide-in electric range, it’s a go-to type to greet into your kitchen. 

In our blog, detailing, merits and demerits are all a part and parcel of our guidelines and not endorsements or discouragement of any sort if it comes to a particular product. So, let your logic and intuition guide you whenever it comes to picking from the packs. 

Spec Chart:

  • Dimension: 29 x 30 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 235 pounds
  • Capacity: 5.8 Cu. Ft.
  • Even and Thorough Heating
  • True Convection
  • Steam Rack
  • Dangerously Easy Knobs to Turn on

No products found.

10. Empava 24 Inch Electric Single Wall Oven 10 Cooking Functions Deluxe 360° ROTISSERIE with Sensitive Touch Control in Stainless Steel

Empava 24 Inch Electric Single Wall Oven

Designed to deliver on promises, Empava 24 inch wall oven comes loaded with advanced features to make cooking a real delight in your life. There are many slide-in ranges flaunting off a modern design but this one is a class apart from them. Its encapsulation of modernity will give a classy makeover of your familiar kitchen interior. 

Let’s now plunge into the details of its design. Open view window lets you enjoy a delicious outside view of the foods getting ready inside. A nice integration of easy-to-use interface including traditional mechanical controls and responsive glass touch display deserves generous appreciation. The bold and bright detailing is enhanced by silver mirror glass exterior. 

Looking for an upgrade of your kitchen? Well, welcome it in as elegance and functionality are perfectly balanced. It’s a slide-in electric range with high price and modest cooking features. Powerful convection cooking process causes quick and even heat distribution. Fast preheating in conjunction with uniform cooking ensures perfectly baked dishes as heat is circulated throughout every inch of the inside space. 

Cleaning has never been so easier and comfier before; just a quick wipe and stains and spills are all gone. The surface is immune to heat-induced discoloration. It’s built to be durable and regular cleaning is the only criterion to keep it in mint condition for years. 

The model is energy efficient and safe for users. Its outside is always cool to prevent burns and injuries from touches. In a nutshell, it makes a great buy to tease the Chef in You. It’s one of the highest rated slide-in electric ranges.

Spec Chart:

  • Dimension: 23.4 x 22.64 x 23.4 inches
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Capacity: 2.3 Cu. Ft. 
  • Color: White
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Great Design in Keeping with Trends Yet Way Apart from Run of the Mills
  • Open View Windows Enables You to See Food Preparation Inside
  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Bakes Really Well
  • Extremely Easy to Clean
  • Safe for You and Your Kids
  • Not Self-Cleaning

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How to Choose the Best Slide-in Electric Range 

Slide-in electric ranges are expensive. Therefore, you need to consider and reconsider some important factors before splashing your cash on any particular model. Of all these important factors, some are MACRO FACTORS and the rests are MICRO FACTORS. Take a careful note of the following factors that we have assembled to guide you towards the right choice. 

Macro Features 


Any slide-in electric range features a smooth ceramic glass surface that is best for easy cleaning. Cleaning Models with exposed coil – though a rare find in slide-ins – will feel like a hellish experience. On top of that, ceramic cooktops also look great and make it easier to pass your cookware from one place to another. On the downside, ceramic surface is more vulnerable to scratches. Stainless steel slide-in electric ranges are also in vogue these days. 

Flex-Width Elements 

These are quite common. They let the users choose from two to three different sizes in keeping with the width of the pan or pot in use. Cooktops with easy-to-maneuver, movable, physical dials are much better an option than their button-controlled counterparts. The former type is more flexible and responsive. 

Digital dials or touch controls are increasingly common in slide-in electric ranges, especially the induction types, to control the burner. However, our experts have found it pretty frustrating to use buttons for burner control though, many people find the feature quite useful as it relieves them from worries of ending up with triggering the dial accidentally.


Capacity does not matter a lot. However, most slide-ins come with an oven larger than 4.8 cubic feet. They provide enough space to prepare a big sized Thanksgiving Turkey. Except the cheapest slide-in electric ranges, all the models feature three racks in the oven. Some of the high-end, expensive variants have one rolling rack that helps you easily take out dishes from a hot oven. 

Majority of slide-in ranges feature some kind of convection cooking mode. The feature spreads heat evenly to enable you to cook quickly at lower temperatures. It is a useful feature to prepare large batches of cookies but does not work equally well for pastries.  


Given the larger size of slide-in ranges, it’s a Himalayan task to clean them. Manual cleaning is truly an unpleasant work, no matter whether or not you are using a cleaning spray. That is why, self-cleaning mode is a wonderful feature worth having, especially a high-heat mode. Experts are of the view that high heat burns out the heating elements or damages the electronics and thus, shortens the lifespan of your cooking range. 

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Some slide-in ranges allow steam-based cleaning that is quite like a pseudo-self-cleaning feature. Keep in mind not to use a high-heat cleaning mode frequently in order to prevent your appliance from suffering any damage. 

Size of Pans

The size and number of pans used for a particular cookout session are among the most important factor. If you use multiple plans simultaneously, you may need a fitting cooker that will go well with different top burners. 


Those with open budget are in a far better position to pick up whatever they need and like. For others, assessment of affordability is very important. Choose a model that comes with most modern features and easily fits within your budget range. The in-trend features will give you an idea about the look of the future generation of appliances. The point to remember is people don’t buy an slide-in range every couple of years. Therefore, it makes no sense to spend on an expensive model that will go out of favor in a few years. 

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Micro Features 

  • A griddle, temperature probe or other cooking accessories are useful add-ons. Many ranges feature one or more of these. However, if they are not tossed in, you can buy each piece separately.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity is moderately useful in quick diagnosis of malfunctions in your cooking range. Some high-end models even allow the users to control the system with their voice commands. However, our experts are not convinced enough if the feature is useful enough to counterbalance the potential privacy and security risks of having a connected kitchen appliance. 
  • Extra Cooking Modes such as, food-specific presets, proofing modes, scan-to-cook, delayed starts are really great. However, we’re pretty sure that only a few people use these toss-ins. 


Here is a list of some frequently asked questions and their most fitting answers to make sure that you never go wrong with your choice. 

What are the differences between freestanding and slide-in ranges?

Freestanding ranges feature a background with burner and oven controls. They also feature finished sides and therefore, are more flexible with installation. The freestanding units can be easily anchored anywhere in your kitchen space.
Freestanding units are less expensive if compared to slide-in ranges. The freestanding models are available at lower prices staring from $549-599 in comparison with $1,000 for the slide-in ranges. 
The slide-in ranges have the oven controls and burner up front. On top, they are a little bit wider to overlay the countertop in order to create a built-in design. Style and easy cleaning are two important benefits of having a slide-in range. Both types need a 2.5 feet cabinet opening to fit in properly but the slide-in types feature unfinished sides. 

Why are slide-in ranges more expensive? 

The fact that slide-in ranges are more expensive can be put down to the complexities in ergonomic design and embedded technology. Sophisticated features are included to ensure fast heating while keeping the exterior cool for the sake of users’ safety. Slide-in ranges are costlier than freestanding units because of their custom, built-in design. 

Does my slide-in range need countertop behind it?

No, not all slide-in ranges require a countertop behind it. 

Do slide-in ranges have adjustable legs?

Yes, the range comes with adjustable legs. During range installation, the legs need to be lowered to line up with your counter top. The legs are akin to screws; turn them clockwise to lift and counter clockwise to lower. It just takes 10 minutes to do the complete setup. 

Are slide-in ranges hardwired?

An outlet receptacle is required for free-standing upright ranges. Drop-in wall ovens or cooktops are usually hardwired, with the connection panel of the appliance directly connected to the circuit wiring, without the advantages of a plug-in receptacle and cord. . 

How to set clock and timer on electric range?

It slightly differs from one model to another. Therefore, it’s best to check the manuals to find out how to set clock and timer on you particular slide-in electric range. 

How do I set my range to self-clean?

Remove all the racks, lines and cookware before setting your slide-in range to self-clean cycle. You should also remove any food remaining and hard soil deposits from your oven. Use water and a plastic scouring ball to wipe away heavy soil. 
If your oven window has shield, slide it to the close position and then close it. 
Does your slide-in range have latch release button? If yes, push and hold it when sliding the latch to the clean position. Now turn the oven temperature knobs clockwise to a ‘CLEAN’ position. You can set any temperature. 
Push in and activate the ‘STOP’ dial. Set the stop time ahead of timing set for cleaning. The Rule of the Thumb is, 3 hours for heavy soil and 2 hours for light soil. 
The ‘Clean Light’ will pop up immediately. It’s an indication that the cleaning cycle has started. The light may go on and off in a cyclic way on some models. 
The ‘Lock Light’ will remain on into the cycle for 30-40 minutes. 
The ‘Clean Light’ will go off after cleaning is complete.  
The ‘Lock Light’ will go off in another 30-40 minutes after the Clean Light goes off and the oven is cool.
After the ‘Lock Light’ goes out, slide the latch back to the ‘Cook’ position by pushing and holding the latch release button. 
Switch the oven SET knob to OFF. 
Always remember never to set your slide-in range to self-clean if the oven lamp cover is not there or the oven dock is not functioning properly,

How to clean my slide-in electric range?

Make sure to clean your cooktop on a regular basis and after each use. This way, your cooktop will look shining and damages can be prevented for a long time. Using a ceramic cooktop cleaner is highly recommended as other alternatives might not be very effective for the purpose. 
Here is how you can clean your slid-in electric range:
Even if you are going to use it for the first time, clean the cooktop with a ceramic cooktop cleaner. It makes cleanup almost effortless and protects the top.
Using a ceramic cooktop cleaner regularly will help keep your cooktop looking spick and span.
Before using the cleaning cream, make sure to shake it properly. Apply only a few drops of it to clean the cooktop.
Use a cleaning pad or a paper towel to clean the cooktop surface.
Use a paper towel or a dry cloth to remove the cleaning residues. Rinsing is not needed.

Some Important Tips to Remember:

Whether you are using an expensive or budget-friendly slide-in range, it’s important to understand the dos and don’ts when cleaning the system. Here are those for you:

  • Spillovers are very common occurrences when you are preparing any dish. If that happens, immediately clean the spill as it will be tough to remove the spills after they become cold and sticky. Use a clean dry towel and wipe the stain with extreme care. 
  • Never use any abrasive cleaning powder or solution and scouring pads as that might leave scratches on your cooktop.
  • Don’t use ammonia, chlorine bleach or other cleaning agents that are not meant for cleaning a glass-ceramic surface. 
  • Never use a sponge or solid dish cloth for cleaning purpose as the remaining film might leave stains on the cooking surface after the area receives heat. 
  • Cooking on a solid surface on a continuous basis can also lead to a permanent stain. 

Final Words

Over the years we have gathered valuable customer feedbacks to guide you in choosing the most reliable slide-in electric range brand. Our complete buying guide will surely make you confident enough to choose the right slide-in range that meets your food preparing requirement and comfortably slots in your budget range. If budget allows, never hesitate to go with an appliance that is way ahead of its time. 

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