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Top 10 Best Robot Vacuum For High Pile Carpet to buy in 2020

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness! Most of us were taught it in our childhood days as parents and teachers always want to inculcate into us good habits. But once we grow up, we realize that cleaning home is no less than a Herculean and Himalayan task, especially if the apartment is large and it has carpets. Carpets are an aesthetic addition to the floor and the entire room. However, with that charm and elegance, comes some not so cool things and one of these is tough and tedious cleaning. But things have undergone sea changes after Robot Vacuum came to the market. In this buyer guide, we will focus on the best robot vacuum for high pile carpet

High pile carpets look glazy and feel comfy. They add to appeal of your living space. Cleaning high pile carpets is truly an ordeal. If you clean your home on your own, you need to squeeze a significant slice of your daily schedule for the purpose. But from now on, leave the task to a robot vacuum that knows what and where to clean and how to clean. With a slew of stellar options doing round, the inevitable question is which of these to choose. At this point, you should know that not all robot vacuums are designed to clean thick carpets. Glide through the guide to know what might work best for you. 

Robot vacuums are expensive but hopefully, you won’t mind making such an investment as it will save your time and labour for cleaning high pile carpets. Skim through the following picks, each of which is BEST under a specific category.

Our Top Picks in different categories

Best Value: Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

It’s a super slim robot vacuum to clean under furniture. With 1300Pa suction power and 100-minute battery life, it can clean a larger area of your room at one go. One of the best-priced models available on Amazon, it is equally good for both hardwood and carpet. 

Best for Carpet Cleaning & Pet Hair: No products found.

It sucks hidden dirt and dust from every corner of your room. Integrated advanced technology enables automatic and sequential navigation. App-controlled functions allow you to customize schedules for vacuuming and mopping. 

Best for Allergies: Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Dusts, pet hairs, pollens – all of these are allergy-causing agents. Don’t allow these to titillate your nostrils and clog your lungs. Bring it home for cleaning work. Dust–free carpets and mirror-like floor are what it will leave you with.

Best for Large Space: Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

It’s a cleaner plus mopper. With 2000Pa, it has got super suction power ideal for cleaning carpet, hardwood and pet hairs. The powerful & sophisticated vacuum has a long battery run time and can mop and vacuum on a single pass…..

Best for Cleaning under Furniture: No products found.

A beast with beauty! A smart cleaner it is, even under the low-height furniture. It easily detects difference in surfaces and switches to suitable suction power to do all-round cleaning. Powerful suction capacity coupled with advanced detection system and long battery life makes it the smartest choice at a pocket-cool price.  

Best for Tight Space: Eufy RoboVac 11, High Suction Robot Vacuum 

Satisfactory suction strength, 3-pronged cleaning system and long-lasting battery life make it an internet favorite. It easily slips into the right corner and strays under low furniture to make sure no dirt, dust and pet hairs are hidden from its powerful sensor.

Best Overall: Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

It is an all-rounder. Little bumpy but safe navigation throughout your living zone will make you happy. Superfast and powerful navigation, plenty of sensors, vacuum plus clean, app-controlled cleaning schedule and work make it a good pick for your carpet and hardwood cleaning.

Best in Class: iRobot Roomba s9+ 

A sophisticated robot vacuum cleaner with high price tag! A unique look, incredibly powerful suction capacity, infallible mapping, intelligent navigation, perfect cleaning, self-emptying bin – it has almost everything that you can wish for. A great choice only if you don’t mind splashing cash for class. 


How to buy robot vacuum cleaner? Follow a few tips to choose the BEST from the BUNCH. 

Navigation: It’s the most important factor to consider. Powerful navigation implies the robo-vac will continue working without bumping into anything or getting stuck to any place. SLAM, an old mechanism and VSLAM, a new-age mechanism are two widely popular technologies used in making of robot vacuum. 

Suction Power: Robo-vacs with high suction power perform deep and detailed cleaning at the tight corners and on high pile carpets. 

Battery Life: Long battery life is a big plus for any robot cleaner. The robot vacuums with long-lasting battery life can work non-stop for a long time. 

Brush: This factor matters a lot when it comes to carpet cleaning. You should choose a model that comes with soft bristles as it will do deep cleaning without damaging your carpet.  

Height & Wheels: Small is a bliss. Cleaners with short heights can easily smuggle themselves under low-height furniture. Right selection of wheels is also important so that robo-vacs can make a smooth switch from floors to carpets. 

HEPA Filter: The feature ensures that dirt and dust sucked by the robot vacuum don’t return to air.   

You will find all these points elaborated in details in our robot vacuum cleaner buying guide.


Product Name


Buy Now

Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

1 year

No products found.

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

90 days

No products found.
Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum 

1 year

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

1 year

No products found.

GOOVI by ONSON Robot Vacuum

1 year

No products found.
BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner 

1 year

Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

90 days

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum

1 year

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Product Profile

Unlimited Options and Limited Knowledge – that’s the BIG PAIN for the potential buyers. We have already shortlisted top 8 robot vacuums and highlighted their USPs. We will now give you a detailed analysis of each of them along with what we liked about them and what not. An unbiased and informative analysis will help you make an intelligent decision when buying a robot vacuum. 

1. Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Eufy boost iq robovac 11s tops our list of the best-selling robot vacuums across the USA. It is a smarter and better upgrade on the brand’s previous launch and comes at the best price. 

If you are on a shoestring budget and looking for one of the top-selling automatic vacuums to clean carpets, it is the right choice for you. Apart from a pocket-comfortable price point, it comes with an eye-teasing smart and sleek design. Though it features thickness of 2.85 inches, it packs powerful suction strength of 1300pa. Equipped with bigger wheels, it can cover a lager surface and move faster. 

The side brushes of the cleaner ensure deep cleaning at every layer of your carpet. A smooth transition from floor to hard pile carpet is one of the most reliable parameters to judge a robot vacuum’s performance. Don’t worry, it smoothly shifts between the uneven surfaces and works with equal suction force on both. If you are looking for a small yet powerful vacuum cleaner to buy on Amazon, it might make a good choice.

With battery life of 100 minutes, the appliance is an ideal pick for any average size house. Integrated BoostIQ technology automatically enhances suction strength within 1.5 seconds whenever extra messes need to be wiped away for an overall, excellent cleaning output. The appliance is easy to adjust, thanks to its remote control feature. 

Drop-sensing technology prevents it from falling off ledges and down stairs, reliving you from having to keep a constant tab on the machine when it is working. Large dustbox reduces frequency of cleaning. 


  • Dimension: 12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85 inches
  • Weight; 5.73 pounds
  • Thickness: 2.85 inches 
  • Suction Power: 1300Pa
  • Battery Life: 100 Minutes 
  • BoostIQ Technology
  • Drop-Sensing Technology 
  • Large Dustbox 
  • Super Slim
  • Affordable Price Point
  • Extremely Convenient to Use
  • A Quiet Cleaner
  • Powerful Suction Capacity
  • Long Battery Life
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Easy Movement between Hardwood and Carpet
  • Remote Control
  • Misses Certain Points While Cleaning
  • Spinning Brushes Send Dirt Flying
  • Limited Scheduling Options
  • No App Control or Virtual Barrier

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2. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors,Black

No products found.

What is the best robot vacuum for pet hair? Roomba 960 is the right answer. It is a smart-looking cleaner packed with efficient cleaning performance, especially when it comes to pet hairs. The cleaner is designed to intelligently map your living space and perform cleaning work accordingly. On that front, it’s much smarter than our numero uno choice Eufy Entry. 

Integrated Imprint Link Technology enables the machine to do automatic cleaning in sequence – vacuuming and mopping. With ‘Recharge and Resume’ feature, it does a complete cleaning work by picking up action where it was left. 

The appliance is able to detect and clean dirt in high-traffic spots and tight corners. Expect it to do thorough cleaning across your room. It will cover every nook and cranny of your living space. Irobot roomba 960 robot vacuum is especially effective for eliminating pet hairs from thicker rugs

It is a continuous and consistent performer. It never stops till it’s not done with its work. On the downside, it misses some smart features. It navigates your room in neat rows with help of floor tracking sensors. 

The device lets the users upgrade their cleaning experience. According to many users, it is the best robot vacuum cleaner to control through Alexa. Google Assistant & iOS enable it to listen to your voice and learn your specific cleaning habits to set up a personalized cleaning schedule. 


  • Dimension: 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Unique Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes
  • Dirt Detect Sensors
  • Google Assistant & Alexa
  • Dirt Detect Sensors
  • Powerful Pick-Up and Performance
  • Navigate in Rows
  • Ideal for Pet Hair Cleaning
  • Listens to Your Voice
  • Enables You to Personalize Cleaning Schedule
  • Doesn’t Clean Crumbs on the Couch

No products found.

3. Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power Suction, Upto 110 Min Runtime, Hard Floors and Carpets, Works with Alexa, App Controls, Self-Charging, Quiet

Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

It’s one of the hot internet sensations right at the moment due to its powerful suction power, long-lasting battery life and a HEPA filter. On top of these high-end features, it comes at an affordable price. Ecovacs DEEBOT n79s robotic vacuum cleaner is ideal for any household, regardless of its size. It works on any level and any type of debris. 

It’s not easy to find a robot vacuum having strong suction strength on hardwood and carpet, voice and app compatibility and long battery life at an easy-to-afford price point. That is why, this powerful performer is a favorite with the netizens. 

The app allows you to choose from three modes such as, “Spot” to work in a small area, “Edge” to clean the edges of the floor and “Auto” to dust an entire floor. It can easily get under the furniture and reach the hard-to-reach places. For such a small device, suction power is truly impressive. 

In absence of room-mapping technology, the cleaner makes a random but reliable progress. With a height of 3.3 inches, it’s not as efficient as the Eufy Robo-Vac in cleaning under low-height furniture. 

The best vacuum cleaner for hardwood and carpet delivers equally efficient results. A big downside is it blows up dander and dust when it cleans. The HEPA Filter functions to reduce air pollutants. Longer battery life along with auto-return and recharging implies that it’s always ready to clean. 


  • Dimension: 33 x 33 x 7.8 inches
  • Weight: 7.04 pounds
  • Battery: 110 Minutes 
  • Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands
  • Max Mode Power
  • Standard 1-Year Warranty 
  • Ready for Any Mess
  • Voice & App Controls
  • Powerful Suction
  • Auto-Return and Recharging
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Immature Apps
  • No Room-Scanning Tech
  • Wonky Cleaning Modes

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4. Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop, 2000Pa Super Power Suction &Wi-Fi Connectivity and Smart Navigating Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with 5200mAh Battery Capacity for Pet Hair, Carpet & Hard Floor (White)

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Robo vacs also work for large spaces. Roborock s5 robotic vacuum and mop cleaner is an excellent appliance that works on all types of flooring surfaces. It features synchronized vacuuming and sweeping functions. 

With super suction power of 2000Pa, it’s meant to work on both hardwood and carpets with equal smartness and efficiency. Compatible with Alexa, Android and iOS, its MI home app allows you to schedule your cleaning routine, monitor work progress, choose modes, clean specific areas and check accessory status.

Laser range sensors are intelligent enough to scan every room and create a map of your living area in order to clean the entire zone thoroughly and effectively. The feature allows the cleaner to avoid objects on its way and thus, eliminates the possibility of random bumping and irritating sounds, which are very common in other robot vacuums when they are busy cleaning. 

With battery power that lasts for 150 minutes, the self-recharge model performs non-stop cleaning and so makes an ideal choice for the big houses with multiple rooms. Gushing reviews drop a hint that it is an ideal robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning large rooms with premium features……


  • Dimension: 13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Battery Life: 150 Minutes
  • Bionic Mopping System
  • 5200mAh Battery Capacity
  • Self-Adjustable Brushes 
  • Washable E11 Filter 
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Synchronized Sweeping and Mopping
  • Excellent Suction Power
  • Powerful App Controls
  • Long-Going Battery Life
  • Effective & Thorough Cleaning
  • Advanced Climbing Ability
  • Anti-Collision for Safety
  • Zoned Cleaning
  • Ideal for Pets
  • Recharge & Resume
  • Mopping Not Different from Simple Floor Wiping
  • For the High Price, Not a Very High-End Machine
  • Bin Not Easy to Clean

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5. GOOVI by ONSON Robot Vacuum, 2000Pa Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Slim) Max Suction, Quiet Multiple Cleaning Modes, Self-Charging Vacuum with Boundary Strips, for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Medium-Pile Carpets

No products found.

A powerful and perfect robot vacuum cleaner that can easily slip under your furniture and do a quick and excellent cleaning work! GOOVI by ONSON Robot Vacuum relives you from having to take care of daily cleaning. It flaunts off a neat and clean look on the surface whereas under the lid, tossed are a slew of advanced features. 

The model features an array of intelligent and intuitive cleaning systems to sense and suck even the tiniest particle of dust and debris wherever hidden they are. It is low in height – only 2.81 inches – and so can easily work under furniture. Modern detection mechanism such as integrated infrared sensors that it is built around help the robotic appliance to easily identify obstacles, stairs and furniture and do the needful, thereby preventing unwanted fall and collision. It can increase its suction capacity as soon as it lands on the thicker surface.  

The robot cleaner packs in the function of automatic carpet pressurization, a feature to pull much up on the carpets that tend to gather dust and dirt more easily and quickly. With a pretty good degree of climb (12-15°), the machine can easily cross the carpet. Featuring automatic charging, it is always ready to plunge into the cleaning wok. If you are searching high and low for a budget-friendly robot vacuum cleaner with quiet, low-clearance cleaning and suction on all floor types, here is one to satisfy your needs. 

The system allows you to choose from a variety of cleaning modes. It can also use a vacuum zone such as, magnetic boundary strips. Filters are easy to remove and clean as well as washable. Battery life that goes on for 120 minutes feels like an added advantage. According to our experts and many users, it’s the smartest of the flocks currently available in an easy-to-afford price zone. 


  • Dimension: 12.75 x 12.79 x 2.83 inches
  • Weight: 5.73 pounds
  • Suction Power: 2000Pa
  • Battery Life: 120 minutes 
  • 2x 6.6ft Magnetic Boundary Strips
  • 4 Side Brushes
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Slim and Lightweight
  • All-Round Cleaning
  • Easy Under-Furniture Cleaning
  • Integrated Infrared Sensors
  • Automatic Carpet Pressurization
  • Automatic Recharge
  • Ultra-High Battery Capacity
  • Only One Schedule Can Be Set up One Time of a Particular Day
  • Not Always Returns to Its Base
  • No App Included

No products found.

6. Eufy RoboVac 11, High Suction, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Drop-Sensing Technology and High-Performance Filter for Pet, Designed for Hard Floor and Thin Carpet

Eufy RoboVac 11, High Suction Robot Vacuum

Welcome the new, permanent housemaid and enjoy the ultimate cleaning experience without monitoring if it is doing everything properly. Its low-profile design belies its super cleaning performance. 

Eufy RoboVac 11, with its excellent suction power, works effectively both on thin carpet and hard floor. Just a click of button activates the cleaner that easily moves under chairs and tables as well as reaches out to every corner of your living space. It also features versatile cleaning modes, which is great to let you choose from a variety of options as per your cleaning needs. 

Equipped with long-going battery power, it can work nonstop for 1.5 hours. Coming with a 3-point cleaning system – powerful suction, rolling brush and side brushes – it ensures thorough cleaning of your house. Thanks to infrared sensors, it does not bump into obstacles on its way of cleaning whereas drop-sensing technology prevents it from falling.  

Remote control is a new-age norm that is a part and parcel of nearly all modern-day robo-vacuums and this model is not exception to it. The feature relieves you from having to follow the cleaner wherever it goes. If you want precise control over your robot, you won’t find a better deal than it. .


  • Dimension: 12.99 x 12.83 x 3.07 inches
  • Weight: 6.66 pounds
  • Battery Power: 1.5 hours
  • 3-Dimension Cleaning
  • 3 Cleaning Modes
  • Triple-Filter System 
  • Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass
  • 12-Month Warranty 
  • Powerful Suction Power
  • Thorough Cleaning
  • Remote Control
  • Ideal for Pet Hairs
  • Long-Lasting Battery Power
  • Possible to Set up a Work Schedule at a Preferred Time
  • Small Pick-up Bin

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7. Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Vacuum and Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 1800Pa Strong Suction, App Control, Route Planning for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Carpet (Renewed)

Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Once Roborock e20 robot vacuum cleaner is done with its work, your floor shines like silver. Intelligent, efficient and methodical cleaning marks its working pattern. Motion tracking sensors along with a dual-gyro system creates a precise cleaning path to ensure smooth cleaning whereas drop avoidance and anti-collision are guaranteed by 13 onboard sensors. It bumps and bangs all around but with a slow motion, therefore harming no one and nothing on its way. 

Featuring high intensity in suction (1800Pa), it can easily pick up crumbs, dust and other dirt. Occasional emptying is enough to let it do its work efficiently as the machine comes with a super-sized bin. 

It is designed to vacuum clean your house as well as ‘vacuum and mop’ as per whatever you choose. The ‘ACTION COMBO’ is meant for thorough cleaning. The mop naturally sucks pool of water while cleaning your floor. The machine can automatically sense carpets and switch to its maximum suction power. According to consumer reviews of the top-selling robo-vac cleaners across the USA, it catches attention with its spiffy look and stellar cleaning performance.

As soon as it reaches the brink of its power, it returns to its base, automatically recharges itself and resume its action at the point where it left off. MI app, compatible with Alexa, Android and iOS, allows you to exercise more control over its movement, cleaning status, charging as well as customize a cleaning schedule. 


  • Dimension: 13.8 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 12.7lbs
  • Battery Life: 100 Minutes 
  • App Control
  • Auto Control Boost & Resumption
  • Tangle Freel
  • Washable Filter
  • Smart Look & Solid Design
  • Thorough & Methodical Cleaning
  • Superfast Cleaning
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Automatic Recharging & Resumption
  • It Works Slower on Carpet.

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8. iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal- Empties itself, Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Powerful Suction, Anti-Allergen System, Corners & Edges, Ideal for Pet Hair, black

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba s9+ packs in what we like most about the i7+ and comes in a decent shape that can easily reach the most difficult areas. It’s the most expensive entry on our LIST OF BEST. Smart look, infallible navigation, powerful suction and sensor-fitted self-emptying bin make good for its scathing price. 

An added 3D sensor scans the path of progress 25times/second to ensure a bump-free movement. The rubber roller brush works as a scrubber while cleaning low-pile carpet. Incredible edge-detection, intelligent mapping and a proprietary corner brush enable it to navigate the no-go zones. 

The ability to link to your iRobot map contributes to its outstanding cleaning performance. For the users with no budget border for room cleaning, it is one of a few high-end choices they will feel safe and satisfied with. 

Its advanced mapping system deserves stellar praises. The smart mapping system allows you to choose the areas that need cleaning or skip. By enabling you to customize cleaning maps and routines, it puts all the controls in your hands.  

It’s the most efficient robot vacuum with better sense of direction and also the most advanced type to clean pet hairs, dirt and dusty carpet. 


  • Dimension: 12.25 x 12.25 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds 
  • Anti-Allergen System
  • Voice-Based Instructions through Alexa or Google Assistant 
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Groundbreaking Cleaning Technology
  • 40x Powerful Suction
  • Detailed, Deep & Effortless Cleaning
  • Intelligent & Infallible Mapping
  • Complete Control over Cleaning through Customized Mapping and Schedule
  • Ideal for Carpet and Pet Hairs
  • Clumsy Navigation – Re-Cleaning the Same Spot Times and Again
  • Get Stuck Sometimes
  • A Little Bit Noisy

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How effective are robot vacuums? It depends on makes and models. However, the working mechanism remains same for all of them. Our experts explain it in details.

Robot vacuums use their built-in motherboards to map your floor plans, store those in memory and navigate throughout your home accordingly. Sensors prevent the robot from bumping into objects and guide it to choose the best cleaning route. 

Some models come with an HEPA filter to eliminate allergens from the inside air of your home. Once the robot is done with its cleaning work or it requires recharge, it will flash or beat and get back to its docking station.

Most robotic cleaners use integrated technology that provides them with 4-5 different cleaning modes. They seem to be cleaning in a random fashion. They choose a crisscross pattern, then spiral and finally crawl your walls. By using sensors, they navigate around the barriers and objects and often clean up the same area repeatedly in the process. 

Some of the best robot vacuum cleaners come with camera and lasers for home mapping to plan the best route for cleaning. They usually work in a linear pattern just like a human being. Once cleaning in one room is done, it moves to the next one. 


Operating a robot vacuum is super easy. Before plugging in the machine, you need to do a little bit of work such as, clearing laundry, lightweight mats or charging cables as most bots easily get stuck to these objects. You will experience some hitches during the first few sessions. After you use it regularly for a week or so, you will be able to identify the pain points and eventually find using the robot cleaner not a very big deal.  


Robot vacuums require a little bit of maintenance. In most homes, a bot will remain in mint condition for years. Just 15-minute of maintenance work every month is enough. It the bot needs to deal with heavy workloads, a little more maintenance is needed. 

Visit Amazon to buy a Robot vacuum cleaner that comes with several advanced features for a very low price….

Some Essential Tips on Robotic Vacuum Maintenance 

  • Replace the filter in your robot vacuum every few seasons. You can use third-party filters to save some money. Don’t worry; third-party filters will neither harm your machine nor negatively affect its performance. However, if get caught, you may get your warranty cancelled.
  • Remove any hair that might get wrapped around the brush as it rolls to collect dirt in your room. Most bots have a tool that can cut the fuzzes and brush them away. 
  • Keep the bearings on the brush roll cleaned. Cleaning should also be performed regularly (every few weeks) on side brushes and caster. You might have to use a screwdriver for this job but with many bots, you can easily remove the parts without any tool. 
  • A can of compressed air comes handy if you need to wipe away the dust accumulated on gears and other hard-to-access nooks in the machine.
  • Replace side brushes and filters a few times every year. The brush roll needs once-a-year replacement. You should also replace the battery whenever needed. Most bots need a new battery every second year though requirement for a replacement is directly related to frequency of use. 


Our robot vacuum buying guide will help you decide what to look for when buying a robot vacuum to clean high pile carpets. Whether your choice is the best or worst comes down to an array of certain key factors. Though the concept of BEST or WORST is often a subjective matter, we have tried to give it an objective aspect by categorizing the BEST BUYS under different categories as listed above. 

The height of the appliance, battery life and cleaning mechanism matter most. Keep in mind that the PERFORMANCE LEVEL for cleaning hardwood floor is way different from that on thick carpets. Let us now get to the brass talks:


Of all the must-consider features for the best robot vacuum purchase; some are related to cleaning whereas the rests are requisite for quick action and good performance. The robot vacuum with BEST NAVIGATION means the robot will neither get stuck to any place nor slip off the stairs. Only a good navigation system ensures efficient and quick cleaning. 

SLAM and VSLAM are two widely known navigation technologies. SLAM is an old-fashioned navigation mechanism whereas VSLAM is the latest type that makes the machine’s cleaning performance much better and faster.

Suction Power

Suction power matters a lot when it comes to buying a robot vacuum for high pile carpets. You will experience problems when working with a robot vacuum having poor suction power. Dust and debris tend to settle down to the bottom of hard pile carpet. Buy best rated robot vacuum cleaner in United States with high suction power (minimum of 1000Pa) and two power modes as it can perform powerful cleaning on different floors; otherwise, cleaning work will remain incomplete and ineffective. 

A cleaner with double modes triggers the power boost option on the carpet surface and switches to low power while working on hard floors. 

Choosing a cleaning appliance with high suction power or a robot vacuum with easy-to-adjust suction feature will be a wise decision. Don’t be tempted to settle for a cheap option. If your purpose is not served, it will be a complete drain out of your hard-to-earn money. 

Battery and Charging

Robot vacuums are no-cord appliances. Therefore, it’s important to check the battery life as well as how much time it takes to fully charge. Battery life that sustains for one hour is considered good as that will enable the robot vacuum to cover most of your space on a single recharge. Some appliances come with 2 hours’ of battery life but these are expensive. 

If we talk about charge time, a robot vacuum takes 3-4 hours for full recharge. If you shop for a robot vacuum for cleaning floors at an affordable budget on Amazon, it will take not more than 5 hours for full recharge. Some appliances feature self-charging. It means when the appliance senses that it will run out of charge soon, it uses the little charge remaining to get back to its base for charging itself. However, make sure that the device comes with both Self-Recharge and Resume features; otherwise, it will not be able to resume function after recharging itself. 

The self-recharge feature is an advanced feature and very important. With so many gadgets at your home, you will hate a new addition to the list that you need to remember for timely recharge. Even if you forget, the self-charging robot vacuum can recharge itself without anyone’s intervention. 

Height & Wheels

Height matters a lot and so do wheels. If you buy a robot vacuum with wrong-sized wheels, it will experience difficulties while moving from floor to carpet. The reason is the carpet and the floor are not on the same level and therefore, bumps create obstacle in the way. The right size of wheels is important for the appliance to switch between the surfaces with ease.

Continue to follow our quick tips for buying robot vacuum cleaner……..

Height is another important criterion to consider as good height enables it move around easily beneath furniture. Robots, which are relatively short and lightweight, have some advantages over their taller and bulkier counterparts. This is because, they can easily get under furniture and work better while moving over thresholds and making transitions from bare floors to carpets. 


Shape is, however, not super important. The D-shaped bots work much better at corners. Round bots with side brushes can also achieve the same result unless your corners have heavy dust piled up. 


Brush plays a key role in cleaning. It’s not a super important factor for hardwood but of utmost importance if carpet cleaning is in question. Robot vacuums with hard bristles damage the fabric of the carpet. Tangling is another issue if a hard bristled robot vacuum performs cleaning work on your carpet.

Use a cleaner having soft bristle brushes. The tango-free brushes are the best type as these neither get stuck nor negatively affect the carpet. A robot vacuum with tango-free brushes is designed around the right mechanism that does not involve pulling out the fibers from the carpet and won’t leave it with an uneven and unattractive surface. A vacuum cleaner with S9 type bristle works best for high pile carpets. 

HEPA Filter 

Nearly all the best-selling robot vacuum cleaners across US feature air filtration. It’s an important criterion that you should not let go off your radar. Some buyers, without being aware of its importance, skip the feature just to save a few bucks. If you think that way, let’s warn you that it’s not a good idea to go with. A robot vacuum with HEPA filtration ensures that all the microscopic elements, already sucked by the system, don’t return to the air. In case of carpets, especially hard pile carpets, HEPA Filter is of primordial importance because a lot of dust and debris tend to build up in the carpets. 


So far, we have discussed only the MACRO factors. We will now switch our focus to the MICRO factors. Let’s get into the details.

Navigation Speed

Navigation speed matters a lot. You will surely want your robot vacuum to do the cleaning work as quickly as possible. Bum-and-Run bots are a good option as they continue working until they run out of their battery power. Mapping bots work much faster than bump bots. Check prices and reviews of robot vacuums and mops on Amazon. There are some remarkable differences in different mapping bots though most of them come within the same 20 per cent range. 

Cleaning Mode

From our personal experience, we can conclude the most robot vacuum users never use any additional feature. However, a spot-cleaning mode is the commonest find on the list of add-ons whereas manual steering option is less common. These features work great when it comes to cleansing small, contained messes. 


It is a MAJOR factor if you have a big hairy feline or canine creature and so, you are looking for a highly efficient vacuum cleaner for removing pet hairs. Most users complain that the dustbin fills up very quickly but only the first few times when they work with it. After one week’s of regular cleaning, you will notice gradual improvement in its ability to collect pet hairs. The bin size varies from model to model but that is insignificant. 

Some bots feature self-emptying bins. These are extra-large bins fitted on top of the charring dock and assembled to absorb the dust and debris right out of the robot. It’s an excellent feature that enables you to schedule a cleaning setup and makes the appliance function like an automatic one. 


There are quieter robots and there are louder robots. The first type is surely better, especially when you are at your home and the robot is doing its cleaning work. Buying the quietest robot vacuum cleaner to clean hard floors has some clear advantages over the louder cleaners. 

From 10 feet away, a machine with 55dBC won’t create much of problem. Many models run at around 60dBC which is not more than background noise in your office. Stronger bots come in around 65dBC when they are working on bare floors, which is much quieter than any common vacuum cleaner. But the sound will be jarring on your nerves after 20 minutes or so.

Carpet Surface

An ideal robot vacuum is equally efficient on all surfaces. However, such an ideal item lives only in our imagination and never exists in reality. From our experiments, we can safely say that a robot vacuum can work best on a particular floor texture and not on all. The robots, which are good on hard floor, are less likely to be as effective on high pile carpets. However, there are a few most affordable robot vacuum cleaners on Amazon, which are more or less equally efficient on all surfaces. 

Boundary Markers

It’s obsolete if you buy a bot featuring interactive maps. But the feature is a useful one if you buy a simpler bot. The feature prevents the machine from knocking out water bowls or your pet’s food or getting into the zone where it is more likely to get stuck. An unobtrusive bot really helps. Many mapping bots will allow you to create clear yet invisible boundaries through your smartphone app. Some bots depend on magnetic strips spread across your floor. Usually cheap bots don’t feature boundary markers. However, doors, if closed, work as a good barrier for the bots. 

Wi-Fi & Smart Home Integration

These controls are handy to start and stop the bot when you’re not at home. Apps make it easier to set up a schedule for cleaning, keep a track of when replacing a part is necessary or adjust certain cleaning settings. A physical remote control is a handy tool if your bot does not feature Wi-Fi. The appliances having Wi-Fi feature are sophisticated robot vacuum cleaners with high price tags.

The problem with the bots featuring wireless connectivity is they can go wrong like other Wi-Fi-supported appliances. On top of that, troubleshooting in such cases will give you big headache. 


It’s interesting to note that the design of a robot vacuum is not a parameter of how good it’s at cleaning but a function of the cleaner’s performance. Don’t go with a thick robot vacuum. If your robot vacuum can easily get under the furniture and other hard-to-reach areas where manual cleaning is done only once in a blue moon, it definitely features a smart and functional design. The robot vacuums with wheels deliver a better cleaning result for high pile carpets. They are also ideal for long area movement. Some cleaners are also designed to be durable. 

Reliability & Durability

Purchase a solid vacuum cleaner at an affordable budget on Amazon. These are common concerns among the buyers, regardless of the type of appliance they are looking for. Some models withstand daily use for years even if they are on low maintenance whereas others meet an immature death within only a couple of years and repairing does not contribute much to their lifespan extension. 

As you might need repairing down the road, go with a model that features easy-to-access replacement parts. Brushes and filters are easily available but it often gets difficult to find wheels and spare batteries. 

Smart Features

New-age features are smarter and better to make your life much easier. These enable you to schedule a cleaning program according to your convenience. You can create the program weekly, daily or hourly, whatever suits your purpose. Another exciting feature is Wi-Fi connectivity through apps that let you operate your cleaner via your smartphone. In the age of Alexa and Google Assistant, which work much faster, the so-called smart features are no longer smarter enough. 

Visit Amazon to buy a robot vacuum cleaner that comes with several smart features at a very low price.


Most people are not familiar with the benefits and working mechanism of robot vacuums. Many homeowners use manual vacuum cleaners and robotic vacuum is a new surprise for them. We hope that our robot vacuum cleaner buying guide will help all, whether or not you are hearing about the appliance for the first time, to make a suitable choice as per your cleaning needs and purchasing power. Though each relevant aspect has been discussed in details, we feel you have dozens of queries related to robot vacuums. We have compiled a set of questions and answers to satiate your curiosity. 

What are the differences between robot vacuum cleaners and simple vacuum cleaners?

A simple vacuum cleaner needs manual intervention whereas robot vacuums are automatic appliances. It’s possible to program a robot cleaner according to your needs and convenience. Both types save your time and effort of cleaning floors and carpets but robotic system is a much better option if saving time is your priority. 
Carpet cleaning does not put an extra burden on your daily cleaning work. The dirt and debris accumulating on the carpet need powerful suction and that is best done by a manual vacuum cleaner. 
How effective are robot vacuums? Robot vacuums with modern features do a good cleaning work. However, in some situations, you will feel leaving the task to a manual cleaner. Therefore, if you want to trade your manual system for a robotic alternative, think twice before taking a decision.

Do robot vacuums work on carpet?

Yes, they do. In fact, robot vacuums are designed to work on both hard floors and carpets. However, make sure to buy a robot vacuum with the proper wheels so that it can make an easy transition from floor to carpet. 

How do robot vacuums know where to clean?

Robotic vacuums use various types of sensors to detect their path of cleaning, measure the areas around them and make their way through it. These sensors are bump sensors, cliff sensors, optical encoders and wall sensors. 

How often should I use my robot vacuum?

Usually, most robot vacuum owners run their machine 3-4 times every week. But it is highly recommended for the pet owners to run an ideal robot vacuum for pet hairs daily.

How to setup robot vacuum?

It’s pretty simple to set up a robot vacuum.  You can easily set it up with a Wi-Fi connection.
Activate the system.
Start cleaning cycle.
Download the app.

How to keep a robot vacuum from getting stuck under furniture?

The main issue with the robot vacuum is it often gets stuck under the furniture. Follow the simple steps to address the issue
Give plenty of rooms to the dock. A dock station serves multiple vital functions.
Pick up anything lying on the floor.
Remove the messy cords.
Watch out for water.
Make sure no shag rugs are left on the floor.
Leave the light in your room on. 

How to clean a robot vacuum?

Clean the sensors as needed but follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before doing that. Use a cotton swab or a microfiber cloth and little water for cleaning. You can also rub alcohol instead of using water to get the same result.


We have already presented an anatomical analysis of the 8 best robot vacuums along with their spec chart, pros and cons. This along with the detailed guideline on how to buy robot vacuum cleaner will hopefully help you stand in a better position to judge wisely and not with jaundiced eyes or prejudiced mind. 

As it is you who will splash cash on purchase, reading reviews to dig out more information and weigh merits and demerits of each shortlisted product make a lot of sense. Checking customers’ feedbacks will also help a lot. In a nutshell, devote time to reads and reviews to figure out the right choice. 

And when doing all these, never let your budget concern go in hibernation. After all, the best buy always mirrors the perfect courtship of functionality and affordability. 

So, what is stopping you from placing an order?

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