Top 10 Best Baby Backpack Carriers Buyers Guide

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Hiking is one of the few pleasures in life that would not cost you a fortune but will have returns which are of greater worth than money. The simple pleasures of life are most experienced when people set out for adventures without any lavish setting or extravagance, hiking is one such feat that enriches one’s mind with the subtleties of life embedded with nature’s bounties. It’s often presumed that hiking is ideal for men or at most for single women, but the tables have now turned and this adventure is no longer limited to bachelors and spinsters. Women now can keep their toddlers in tow and hit the terrain with the versatile and comfortable baby carrier backpacks available in markets across the USA.

Though hiking with babies comes in with a lot of baggage but the joy of exploring the mountains led by steep pathway is unparalleled. Your kid will be exposed to larger than life lessons that are much impactful than the textbook ones. Make your hiking experience more enjoyable by spending on perfect child carrier backpack with storage and ease of use for a trip to remember. An ideal backpack would shed of those extra hassles of carrying your baby while strutting with their luggage. Here we have picked top five baby carrier backpacks for you to choose the best from the crowd.

Our top picks in backpack carrier for babies in 2020

Best lightweight backpack carrier for babies –ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier

If you are looking for a backpack carrier for your tiny tot that won’t feel like a burden, search no more as your quest ends here. The ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier Toddler Green is your ideal associate to carry your baby for long hours at a stretch without causing much pain. Its lightweight texture and easy to lift pattern make it an ideal choice for hikers who are also parents.

Best baby carrier for hiking – Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier

One of the US top selling baby carrier backpack models on Amazon Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids – is our choice from the myriad of options available on the backpacks segment.  Carry your child ergonomically with this supremely comfortable backpack that carefully tucks in your kid with all his/her belongings and also renders you and your back the best support while climbing. Get this convenient backpack carrier for your kiddo at an affordable price from the Amazon online store. 

Best carriers for newborns – No products found.

If you are apprehensive and fear whether if it is safe for babies to fit inside a backpack then Boba Baby Carrier can put all your queries to rest. Its comfortable for your little one with its safety assured belts and straps attached at the sides to rule out chances of fall. 

Best 2-in-1 premium baby backpack carrier –Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier with Removable Backpack – 2 in 1 for Hiking with Kids is your ideal travel partner if you are planning to take your cub with you on an adventure hiking. It is also one of the top selling brands in the online stores like Amazon. 

Best soft carrier for babies – Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support and Cool Air Mesh (12-45 Pounds) is the best choice for precious one as its precision manufacturing technique has notable effects on the wellbeing of your baby. This model features the benefit of offering lumbar support to your kid while carrying os that it helps your baby to retain his/her right posture. 

Best carrier backpacks with shades – Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child Carrier

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child Carrier has deployable sun shade that makes the journey for your kid all the more comfortable and less troubling. 

Best basic baby carrier backpack –No products found.

If you are not planning to go overhead you’re your expenses considering baby backpacks are for limited use, select phil&teds Parade Child Carrier Frame Backpack. It comes in an attractive blue hued backpack. Its compact packaging and manufacturing is quite a hit among young parents who are planning for their next hiking with their kiddo. It can hold up to a baby of 40lbs, its waterproof feature withstands torrential rain by keeping your absolutely dry. It further comes with a 2 year warranty. 

The overall best choice for backpacks – No products found.

Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier Backpack is our pick from the versatile and comfortable baby carrier backpacks ensemble as it has all the right features an ideal backpack carrier must have. Starting from the sunshade, stirrups, a spot for your hydration reservoir with a small mirror fitted for you to keep an eye on your baby. 

So, here was a brief list of the products that we think are currently running as the best in the industry. However, we will recommend you to refer our baby backpack carrier buying guide. It features all the specifications along with the pros and cons of the model to guide thoroughly. Although, before you set out to gain a comprehensive knowledge on the products lets learn about the several factors one must take a notice to while hitting the trail with their kid. 


Product Name

Max Weight

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Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier Backpack

48 lbs

No products found.
ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier

ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier

40 lbs

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids

40 lbs

No products found.

Boba Baby Carrier

45 lbs

No products found.
Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier

45 pounds

Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

44 lbs

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child Carrier

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child Carrier

40 lbs

No products found.

phil&teds Parade Child Carrier Frame Backpack 

40 pounds

No products found.
Toddler Baby Carrier Hip Seat

Toddler Baby Carrier Hip Seat

33 lbs

Osprey Poco Child Carrier

Osprey Poco Child Carrier

48.5 lbs

At what age can babies go in a backpack carrier?

According to surveys and statement issued by famous pediatrician  Micah Resnick, of Mount Sinai Doctors Astoria in Astoria, New York, a child or a toddler is ready for being accommodated in a toddler carrier backpacks only on following conditions. 

  • Your baby must be able to sit independently whilst having a good neck and head control. This phase of a baby is actually considered to be a milestone usually achieved after six months. 
  • Ensure that your baby is able to sit for 30 seconds without any support. 
  • Breastfeed your child while fastening him in a chair, without his/her chin and head flopping down.  

Thus it is clear babies are safe to be tucked inside a child carrier hiking backpack while right precautions are undertaken. Parents can also opt for tandem backpacking carrier that allows  

Tips for Tandem-Carrying Kids While Hiking

Twin hiking carrier backpacks are widely preferred by parents who are not willing to leave out their kids back at home, while they set out for hiking. It is absolutely safe and secured to lift both your babies and travel through the steep at ease with the right child carrier hiking backpack. Here are few factors one must keep in mind while buying carriers for their kids in the case of twin hiking.

  • Always choose for comfortable carriers – Nothing is more important than sporting a carrier that is comfortable for a comfortable ride through the tough terrains of the hills. It can be troublesome to carry a single kid let alone two.  It is advisable to choose for the child carrier backpack with highest-ranking in the review perfect for ensuring ulterior parent comfort.
  • Practice carrying both the kids while at home â€“ Piggybacking both your babies in a backpack will be challenging task for the parents if they are well-rehearsed with their approach. It’s not easy to carry both the kids at the same time onto your body; frequent practice of enduring the load will help you make a swift move on the D-Day without much exhaustion.
  • Start your tandem hiking with short lengths â€“ if parents are setting out for hiking for the first time with both their babies, it is better they travel short distances while climbing. It would be wise to gradually increase the length and intensity of the hikes. 
  • Take frequent breaks while hiking and hydrate yourself â€“ There’s no harm in alleviating your tired shoulders frequently while hiking, remember you are carrying a heavy load. Hydrate yourself more often and get snacks when you feel drained out. 
  •  Never hike alone in tandem baby carrying – you might need an extra hand while double carrying your babies. Pass on the load to your partner and make shifts while hiking to fetch snacks for your kids and entertain them. 

Now that you are well aware of the strictures and precautions one must undertake while taking babies in hiking, let’s get to know more on the factors to probe while buying a baby carrier. Listed below are the things to consider while buying baby carrier backpack online on Amazon

Baby Carrier Buying Advice

Varied categories of baby backpack carrier

The major two attributes that we would stress on are the comfort and cutting edge designs. Parents must never compromise on the comfort category and opt for a unit that ensures the maximum of it. There are carriers that are loaded with industry first features mainly – Open cockpit for sustainable hauling of the kid in right posture for longer hours, foot rest and metal frames for rendering optimum back support for kids. 

Hikers who you go out for such adventurous trips more often should look for baby carriers that offer supreme comfort and convenience to the babies when they are tucked in. There are several top rated brands and models available under this niche in online portals like Amazon. Buy baby carrier backpack at lowest price on Amazon and bring home the safest product for your kiddo.

The lightweight feature of backpack carriers for your baby is the most significant attribute of this accessory while on a trip. It smaller size and lightweight are easily portable and can be fitted to any car or vehicle. Lightweight models include models include the Phil and Teds Parade backpacks that can be shrunken down into smaller size specially designed for accommodating even in compact spaces. Carry them along in shorter jaunts and hike trips for minimalistic packing.   

Comfort and Padding

Comfort takes the first place when it comes to hiking, one can never make their expedition affair a nightmare by choosing luggage carriers that are not feasible to carry. Keeping this factor in mind, several manufacturers of baby backpack carriers have resorted to provide comfortable padding in the baby carriers so that their adventure doesn’t turn into a disaster. 

Best baby backpack carriers must have strong suspensions to hold fast a baby securely from 16 pounds to a 50 pound toddler. It must have an hipbelt so that the baby’s head does not flop down on bumpy road or difficult terrains. The padding on the posterior regions will provide comfort ad maintain right posture of the baby.     

Cockpit comfort and harness insulation

A child harness is a prime focus while you are hunting baby backpack carrier for your little one. It renders your kid the right kind of support to maintain the posture even on long journeys. Cockpit comfort and the harness also allow scopes to adjust the seat as and when required based on the needs. 

Sun and rain shade

Hiking itself involves lot of strength and stamina. Walking around in the sun can make this journey even more difficult, the situation worsens if you are carrying your kid at the back. Several backpack carriers as a measure have introduced sunshade and rain cover in their items to protect the bay and the parents from the direct exposure of the sun. The built-in design has the sunshade and the rain cover fitted against the cockpit area. The detachable covers can be connected and used as per convenience.

 Weight of the backpack carrier

The weight of the package is also an important factor that parents should probe on while selecting a backpack carrier for their baby. Lightweight feature in the backpacks are also taken into consideration while purchasing. An ideal backpack should not weigh above 4 to 5 pounds. The weight of the baby is itself a bulk load an over-weighing backpack will only make the situation worse while hiking on a steep land.   


an adjustable backpack is one the prime requisites one must follow while buying a backpack for their child.  Adjustable fit system in specially designed baby carrier for hiking offers the parent with enough room to distribute the weight equally along their torso. The adjustable seat allows shortening or extending the padded region of the hip belt. Your chosen carrier should render lumbar support to the kid once tucked in as it will help them develop the right posture even after long hours of travelling inside the carrier.  

Pockets and Storage Capacity

Your chosen backpack must have an array of pockets and an ample space for better organization. There will be several products in the markets around USA that are available with only two pockets attached at the top and the bottom. Adequate space for storage ensures that parents have to carry extra purse or other handbags for their knick-knacks. This hands-on child carrier backpack can stuff in all your kid’s belongings with ease and evenly distribute the load on your torso. 


Ventilation feature is an essential requirement both for the parent and the baby. The openings at the top of the carrier enabling adequate passage of air are an extremely unique feature. The back panel ventilation opening allows swift movement of the air that eventually prevents the carrier from getting heated up even during summers. 

Additional Features – “I don’t wish for extra features, said no one”. Every parent wants their baby travel carrier backpack to have all that it is required for them to have a stress less expedition. While carrying a baby parents should be able to store entire belongings of their bay followed by essentials in the backpack itself minimizing the need to carry any extra baggage.  


Extra storage departments in the carrier is one of the prime factors that make these backpacks as the most sought after luggage carrier. The storage pockets will hold every knick knacks of your baby starting from the diapers, bottles, snacks and even your phone.


Additional accessories of a backpack are like few extra perks of choosing baby carrier backpacks over conventional luggage carriers. These added perks include sun shade, rain covers, key rings, space for holding toys and etcetera.  With these things sorted parents and the baby enjoy the outdoors in a more pleasant manner.

Child Age and Weight Ratio

There should be no overlooking the fact that the weight capacity of the baby carrier is the one of the most important factors to look at while buying one for your baby. Consult the manufacturer of your preferred brand and ensure that it will be able to lift the weight if your baby. Most backpack carriers are eligible of carrying weight around 30 to 50 pounds. Child backpack carrier of 50lbs weight capacity is preferred by most toddler parents, however the requirements of each baby is very unique and cannot be considered same. Parents need to be sure and make a point to note the maximum weight factors along with any added features or gear stored inside. 

Pack Safety ensured by the JPMA Certification

All baby backpack carriers in the United States of America have to follow the precaution protocol set by the Frame Child Carrier Standard Section of the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ensure utmost buyer as well as the user safety. This list of strictures followed by the agreement states that there can be no inclusion of sharp edges, unguarded pointed things, exposed springs and unintentional folding of the carrier. Your chosen baby carrier backpack should also boast of being marked safe by the JPMA safety certification, which further ensures that the item has passed through several levels of tests and screenings. The varied forms exam screening of the item states that that it duly adheres to the regime and is safe for  of ASTM, state, and federal restrictions and prohibits all types of hazard. 

List of top backpack carriers for babies and toddlers

1. Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier Backpack

No products found.

Thule’s Sapling Elite Child carrier backpack is the best budget product for your adventure trip that encompasses all the necessary features and is highly rated by customers. Its lightweight feature along with superior kid’s comfort makes it the most sought-after product for both parents and the toddlers. It has the convenient side and front entry into the cockpit. Find this baby carrier backpack at lowest price in Amazon by visiting the site earliest and grab the best deals 


  • It comes with the attractive two-in-one design
  • The backpack has six pockets enough for the guardians to store all the belongings of their kid separately without stuffing forcibly. It further comes with a removable daypack that all the more increases the total storage capacity of the carrier to a whooping 20 liters.
  • Thule’s Sapling Elite has industry-first features with specially conceptualized design. The added attributes are mainly sunshade, stirrups, a spot for your hydration reservoir, and a small hand mirror so you can keep an eye on your kiddo.
  • Compatible rain cover with seat adjustment facility tailored specially for your child’s height
  • The belt padding attached at the back of the carrier can extend out for toddlers who have larger waists, the additional sliding torso-adjustment system can be extended up to 6-inch. 
  • This carrier is very comfortable and widely accepted by parents
  • Detachable sunshade included
  • Removable daypack
  • Pretty heavy at nearly 8 lbs
  • The price ranges on the expensive side.

No products found.

2. ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier Toddler Green

ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier

The ClevrPlus Cross Country carrier backpack is an ideal choice for people who are petite and prefer lightweight baby backpack carriers. This wonder product weighs only 5.5 lbs. If you are wondering how this backpack in spite of having so many compartments can be this light? Then you are right! Even after having multiple storage facility this backpack feels light when lifted up on the back. If you are looking for lightweight backpack carrier for your baby then this is exactly the product where your search stops.


  1. Clevrplus cross country baby backpack features thick padding attached in the posterior panel of the carrier. It has breathable mesh fitted everywhere to make sure that the weight is evenly distributed. This mesh is instrumental to keep the body dry causing you to seat less even in hot summer days. It also protects the baby form the direct UV rays of the sun. 
  2. The backpack carrier also has multiple storage pockets that are both open and closed. It has the essential hip belt pocket designed specifically for quick access.  ye In addition to that, this backpack carrier has multiple open and closed pockets, including hip belt pockets that are easily accessible. The backpack carrier has a separate area for storing the bulkier items.
  3. The baby backpack carrier can lift up a baby of maximum weight range of 33 lbs. The dimensions of the carrier are 25” x 16” x 10” and the backpack weighs arond 5.5 lbs.
  4. Know this that your toddler is found to live this cozy backpack even when you are hiking in a steep 
  5. if you have a smaller toddler, you should know that this is going to be pretty comfortable for them. The seat is entirely adjustable, the harness will keep them safe while you’re exploring new terrain, and the foot stirrups will help them feel more secure. The only issue is that the foot stirrups are plastic – in case they wind up hitting you in the back, the plastic just adds to the uncomfortable sensation.
  • Very lightweight in nature.
  • Sunshade/rain cover included
  • Removable drool pad included
  • Max weight is just 33 lbs
  • Storage capacity could be improved
  • Smaller in size. Can be used for toddlers who weighs only up to 33lbs max.

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3. Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids

The Luvdbaby child carrier is the best budget baby carrier backpack with unique storage options. Enjoy hiking with your little one in this backpack and rest assured that your kiddo is safe and is reaping full pleasure of the adventurous expedition. Buy this product from Amazon at an exciting deal.


  • The Luvdbaby Child carrier backpack features specially designed adjustable harness. This structure comes with several layer of thick padding with breathable mesh included to ensure comfortable hiking for the parents. The padding added at the sides makes sure that the weight of the baby is evenly distributed while a parent lift up the carrier.
  • luvdbaby backpack is considered as the highest rated cargo in the markets across USA, all thanks to the adjustable baby seat and the stretchable foot rests to keep the little legs in place. Parents can further stay more comfortable as the extra padded layers would prevent them from getting kicked by their little one.
  • There are several smaller zippered and open pockets for storing multiple stuffs that are essential while hiking with a baby. The roomy compartments are spacious enough to bulkier items, starting from diaper bags to water bottles. 
  • The zippered hip belt pockets is specially integrated for you to store all the handy items conveniently without arising any need for you to carry purse.  
  • Another great thing about this backpack is its feature of foldable changing section. It also has other notable attributes like sunshade and dedicated rain cover go offer utmost protection to your kiddo a hole hiking even in times when the nature is not kind and travel friendly. 

All these extra features are curated and integrated seamlessly in the carrier backpack to make your a petition with your kid a memorable one. This affordable backpack is an excellent value for money. Bag this product at greatest deals from Amazon.

  • Great value for money
  • Very lightweight
  • Sunshade, rain cover and changing pad included
  • Storage capacity could be extended.
  • Takes time for users to get accustomed to the backpack.

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4. Boba Baby Carrier  (Dusk)

No products found.

The Boba 4G is the super comfortable and lightweight carriers ideal for short trips and adventures along the hill sides. The compact size and shape of the carrier makes it the most convenient choice amongst the parents.  Buy this baby carrier backpack along with baby wrap carriers from online stores like Amazon at the best prices. 


  • Boba baby carrier offers the liberty to pop out the backpack as and when needed while walking through the terrains.  
  • This carrier is capable of picking up a child of weight starting from 7 pounds to 45 pounds by employing a front or back carries. A compartment dedicated for the squirming infants are also added to free those tired hands from rigorous carrying sessions.
  • The weight of the carrier is just two pounds, while the straps connected along the shoulder are adjusted from 20 inches to 40 inches. The hip belt is extended enough to fit waists that range from 25 inches to 58 inches. The carrier will fit people with a height starting 5 feet through to 6.3. 
  • Designed and crafted with real 100 percent cotton, the carrier will render you utmost comfort and keep you cool as well. The removable ergonomic adjustable foot rests will make the journey to the hills all the more comforting and enjoyable. 
  • Storage for small items such as a mobile phone, money or credit cards is built in. There are also strap holders to carry a purse or an extra bag when you visit the grocery store on your way home. Additionally, the carrier has a removable sun shade/privacy hood.

This baby backpack carrier comes in plain colors, but there are also a number of fun patterns for those who want something different

  • Suitable for newborns and toddlers.
  • Wide, comfortable padded straps for a comfy walk.
  • Storage for smaller items so you don’t need to bring a purse along.
  • Easily portable
  • One might need an assistance while putting the older child in the carrier on your back

No products found.

5. Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier with Removable Backpack – 2 in 1 for Hiking with Kids

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier

Luvdbaby premium baby backpack carrier with removable backpack is the most sought-after product in the business as it has the necessary features that are required for an all-encompassing baby carrier. While you are on a expedition to the tough terrains of a hilly regions carrying a baby on the back makes it all the more difficult. This back pack is the solid investment for any parent as it is an ideal baby carrier for hiking on back. Get this product at an amazing deal on Amazon the online store.


  • Removable and storable sun visor – the sunlight can be really harsh outside during the winter afternoons. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause discomfort to your kiddo and will make you lose your mind as well. The protective high-value sun visor
  • Multiple Pockets – pockets are a great feature when it comes to baby carriers as it is not only the baby you carry along but all its knick-knacks. This premium quality Luvdbaby backpack offers you a range of pockets for convenient and hassle free experience for the parents. 
  • 2 in 1 Design – The 2 in 1 design is the most attractive feature of this product and is designed especially for you to carry both your baby and his/her belongings without stuffing them. The separate departments of this premium backpack will surely help you to move freely even in log outdoor sessions.  
  • Made of Waterproof Ripstop Nylon Material – The Ripstop nylon material is the highlight of this backpack as it is capable of withstanding all harsh climate conditions bet it torrential rains or sweltering summer waves. 
  • Foldable Diaper Changing Pad – Changing diapers in the backpack carrier has never been this easy. With Luvdbaby backpack parents can now easily replace the used dipers of their little one without taking them out of their carrier the foldable seat enable you to change the diaper anywhere and at anytime.

Learn more about this highly-rated baby carrier backpack on Amazon and grab this at an exciting deal.   

  • Durable and high quality build material
  • Supremely comfortable for the baby.
  • Lightweight and easy to lift
  • Versatile features
  • Higher safety attributes
  • The zippers attached are not of premium quality
  • Holding the sun visor can be problematic

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6. Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support and Cool Air Mesh (12-45 Pounds)

Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

The Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier has earned quite a name in the market for its ultra modern features and industry first attributes. One may find the product best suitable for newborns and toddlers who weigh between 7 to 45 pounds. Get this backpack at an amazing price from Amazon online store and get access to several lucrative deals.


  • Ergobaby 360 all position baby carrier is honored by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute with a stamp of approval. This states that the carrier is safe for babies to accommodate while parents are on a long expedition to hills without the posture of their babies getting tampered.
  • The carrier can be used both as front carry and on the back you can also attach it on the hip or by holding the baby facing you or facing out.
  • Babies and toddlers who are still in their breastfeeding regime can have their course fulfilled while on the journey. The pack comes with the carrying pouch that can be attached at your back to your hip to make breastfeeding an easy task.  
  • The baby front backpack weighs around and is capable of lifting a baby between 7 to 45 pounds. The dimensions of the backpack 6.18 x 9.13 x 10.43 inches.
  • Designed to optimize comfort for both parents and babies,
  • It has adjustable seats and height
  • Offers upto UPF 50 sun shade
  • Ranges on the expensive side

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7. Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child Carrier

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child Carrier

Organize your travel essentials with utmost precision in the Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child Carrier and roam around stress free, if dusty just wipe it clean and let it dry. The backpack has plenty of adjustability, and breathable space for the kids and the parents. Based on the reviews, the suspension system distributes the weight well along the torso of the carrier lifter making it all the more comfortable to carry. 


With 26 liters of cargo space, the Journey PerfectFIT Elite ties with the Poco Plus for largest capacity.

Fit a lumbar reservoir in the lower hydration pocket, or stash a bottle in the right hip belt pocket, which has a mesh base for just this purpose

Standard features as well, such as a built-in sunshade

front pocket has internal dividers and a key clip so you don’t have to go digging for small essentials, best of all is the lined bottom compartment where you can throw dirty clothes, soiled diapers, and other trash

  • Lots of storage including an attached dirty pocket
  • Comfortable
  • Standard features with easy handling attributes
  • Built-in sunshade.
  • Smaller people might find it a bit difficult to carry

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8. phil&teds Parade Child Carrier Frame Backpack, Blue – Compact, Lightweight (4.4lbs) – Holds a 40lb Child – Ergo Fit Harness – Waterproof – Minipack Included – 2 Year Guarantee

No products found.

If hiking expedition is not a regular affair for you then this budget friendly backpack is the right choice for you. This cost effective baby backpack has received reviews that are quite uplifting for the parents and will duly serve their purpose. 


  • The package folds flat for easy and compact storage.
  • Detachable mini-backpack that’s just right for older kids 
  • Includes harness for comfortable footrest.
  • Compact and lightweight package capable of holding weight up to 40 pounds
  • The weight of the backpack is 4.41 pounds with dimensions likely 23.62 x 6.69 x 11.81 inches
  • The backpack carrier is quite lightweight and affordable
  • May be better for more casual outings and not for the strenuous expeditions

No products found.

9. Toddler Baby Carrier Hip Seat, Front Facing Child Carrier, Baby Back Carrier with hood, Soft Mesh and Organic Cotton

Toddler Baby Carrier Hip Seat

A good parent understands the needs of their child, and trusts this brand whenever there is a need of a trusted product. Toddler baby is one of the few most positively reviewed products in this list of top backpacks and rightly so. It has several revolutionary features that make the journey all the more pleasing and comfortable both for the kid and the parent. 


  • The Toddler Baby Carrier has adjustable arm straps tailored to satisfy little backbones. 
  • Baby Back Carrier with hood, it is made up of soft Mesh and organic cotton with detachable hip Seat for Newborn, Toddler, Child.
  • Safe Ergonomic Baby Carrier is suitable for all season, as it has breathable space for nursing, hiking, travel and even while working indoors.
  • There’s ample space for small books, diapers clothes and other knitty-gritties and diapers. It has storage space for laptop  and VR Headset for Kids
  • The backpack has a shock-absorbing tether together to lessen the working tension and jerk and maximize the comfort level of the kid and the parent
  • Ultra-durable material as the clothing is made up of a nylon that withstand persistent dirt and status.
  • No notable cons found

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10. Osprey Poco Child Carrier

Osprey Poco Child Carrier

Osprey poco child carrier has a redesigned harness that makes hiking an easy task for new parents. This extremely comfortable backpack carrier further comes with a lot of unique features that already make it one of the top-selling backpack carriers in 2020 based on the customer reviews gathered from stores all across the USA and online platforms like Amazon. Get child backpack carriers from Osprey Poco, the brand and say hello to safe and secured hiking with unmatched comfort and convenience.


  • The shoulder straps of the baby backpack carrier holds fast and buckles the kid to the seat to avoid flopping down of head while sleeping.  
  • The redesigned harness of Osprey Poco Plus will make hiking an achievable task for parents who are willing to take up their kids in the journey. Once strapped, guardians can rest assured knowing their kid wouldn’t fall down or is unsafe. Stuff the interiors of the carrier with toys to keep your baby entertained and less cranky.  
  • There are enormous sunshade offers full side protection from harsh rays and wind
  • The hip belt, which now has more padding, also lengthens to fit larger waists.
  • Main compartment below the seat can be used only with the kickstand fully extended, which reviewers say can make the pack awkward to carry.
  • Users report the carrier is very comfortable and appreciate the well-ventilated trampoline back panel.
  • Child harness buckles in the back
  • Highly adjustable
  • Good ventilation
  • Expensive
  • Kickstand must be extended to use bottom pocket

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much weight should a child carry backpacking?

According to the experts it is ideal for children to carry only 10% of their bodyweight in their backpack.

Can you carry gear and child while backpacking?

The combined weight of the gear along with a baby is somewhat near around 66lbs which is 30 kgs approx. therefore for parents it is necessary to cover short trails and choose for comfortable carriers. There are several baby carrier backpack models available in stores and online forums like Amazon, else you can also refer to our buying guide for baby backpack carriers and choose a product that fits properly to your back.  

Is a forward facing carrier bad for baby?

With the research items available on the internet it can be concluded that the baby facing outwards for longer hours can maker him/her exposed to chilly air which may welcome discomforts like cough and cold. However facing the carriers for forward for short periods is harmless unless you make sure that your bay is strong enough to support their head and turn them back at you while sleeping.   

Are baby carriers bad for baby’s hips?

Baby carriers are manufactured in a certain style that forces the kid tucked in the back to fold the baby’s legs so that they stay together. Prolonged confinement to this posture may lead to Hip dysplasia. Parents who are keen to take their tiny ones to their hiking adventure should make sure that they buy a  that force the baby’s legs to stay together may contribute to hip dysplasia. Baby carriers should have adequate space for them to stretch their legs and hips when required. Guardians should look for backpacks like Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier Backpack that offers seat adjustment facility with deployable leg rest.

Is it safe to wear a baby carrier while pregnant?

It is safe to wear baby carrier in pregnancy. There are many benefits to baby wearing when it comes to the mother and the baby. However, there are few factors that are should be taken into account while a pregnant mom is carrying  her toddler on the back the health of the mother, the weight of the baby backpack carrier, stage of pregnancy and the weight of the “wearee”. 

Do you want to carry your child for a long time? When do you switch from baby carrier to toddler carrier?

In case parents are able to understand that their kids are becoming increasingly restless when tucked inside baby carrier consider it as a signal that is time to graduate from a baby backpack to a toddler carrier. Hiking carrier for 3 year olds or less is spacious with a deployable sunroof and providing ample space for them to stretch and relax. 

Are there carriers that you can wear on your stomach and back?

Baby carrier for hiking on back and front are available on all stores in the USA and are also found in online portals like Amazon. Get the best deals on these backpacks from Amazon and opt for double baby carrier backpack to carry your kids at ease without any hassle and looming threat of accidental fall downs.

Final words 

Your baby is your unique identity and any share of fun experienced without their joyous presence would make it dull for you. Hiking in the difficult terrains are challenging and cumbersome but the thrill of making way to the summit withstanding all the obstacles and harshness of weather is unparalleled. Take your offset along and make your next hiking plan full proof by keeping in tow the best backpack carrier for babies. Bring home an ideal travel partner while you are on your pinnacle through the steepness of the hill.

When buying stuffs for babies parents have to be extra cautious about its safety and usability. We would recommend you to follow our baby backpack carrier buying guide and lay your hands on the product that justly fits your hiking requirements and storing needsDon’t for get to focus on the holding capacity and manufacturing of the carrier so as to minimize your shoulder stress while maintaining the right posture for your little one. Think no more and plan your next trip to the hills with your kids by bringing home the best baby backpack carrier.