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Top 10 Backyard Swing Set Buyers Guide

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Though a variety of indoor games are easily available to keep your children occupied and entertained, nothing can beat the excitement and benefits of outdoor activities. A backyard swing set is an excellent installation that all children are really fond of. Our backyard swing set buying guide and reviews will help you choose the best pick for your child. 

It offers not only fun and excitement but also some health-related benefits to your child. It helps your child develop physical strength, agility and motor skills. Physical activity is important for physical growth and development as well as overall wellbeing. 

However, backyard swing sets pose some serious risks. Children sustain injuries, mainly from falls on backyard swing sets and it’s a big concern for parents. Some injuries are terrible and require the injured children to be hospitalized and undergo treatment for weeks. Hence, the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC recommends that swings sets and other on-ground play instruments should be installed on a protective surface. 

The commission also recommends maintaining acceptable distance between swing sets and proper maintenance of your equipment. You should also teach your children how to play safe in order to prevent serious injuries. 

Top-Selling Swing Sets on Amazon 

We have handpicked the top 10 best backyard swing sets that you can buy online. We will be giving a slice of what they feature and offer. For more information, scroll through the blog and read the reviews in details. 

Best Overall: Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set

The swing set looks great and features many exciting elements from steering wheel to telescope. It is ideal for the daring kids who love to scale heights. The high price tag might scare some away but if you want your kids to explore the quality and imaginative possibilities of outdoor play on swing set, you won’t mind paying a few more dollars. 

Best Wood: Big Backyard KidKraft Andorra Cedar Wood Swing Set

If you are looking for a big punch in a small wonder, don’t look beyond this big backyard swing set. Premium quality 100% cedar wood speaks volume for sturdiness and safety. It can accommodate 7 children at a time and allows them to explore the magic world of fresh outdoor playful activities. 

Best Monkey Bar: Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide

It is the best monkey bar for your kids to develop strength. The stainless steel body is lighter but extremely safe for even older children. Designed to deliver plenty of activities, this swing set keeps children of all ages entertained with pure outdoor fun for hours. It is not difficult to install and maintain either

Best Metal: FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ 8 Station Sports Series Metal Swing Set

High quality metallic frame gives it a sturdy character. The safe structure features 8 exciting play stations to make room for 9 children to enjoy fun together. It offers plenty of physical exercises and exciting activities to keep your kids busy for hours.  

Best for Small: Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

If you are looking for a compact swing set, it’s the best bet that you can buy on a budget. The wooden swing set might feel flimsier but is extremely safe for kids to climb, swing and slide. The compact swing set offers a range of play features to keep your kids in a playful mood during their outdoor exercises and activities. 

Best for Special Child: Therapy Swing for Kids with Special Needs

Special kids need special treatment and entertainment. This swing set is specially designed for them. The set provides not only fun but also some therapeutic benefits to the kids by helping them learn coordination, body balance, motor skill and body awareness. It is safe, durable and comfortable. 

Best Budget: Swing-N-Slide PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set with Swings

The most affordable swing set takes your kids’ favorite playtime to a new height with its versatile and classic design. The model is simple in design and easy in assembling. The swings are flexible to allow you to adjust the heights. Kids will love to show their acrobatic skill and hone it up on this trapeze and ring combination.   

Best for Young: Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set

It’s a top-rated swing set for young children. The plastic construction does not compromise with quality, safety and durability. The colorful model comes with all the bells and whistles to entertain your preschooler. It makes a great choice for large families having many young kids.  

Best for Tree: Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing in Multi-Color Rainbow – Kids Indoor/Outdoor Round Mat Swing

This swing set lets your kids swing into action indoors or outdoors. It is the best pick to hang from any sturdy suspension of posts, swing sets and trees. The model is extremely safe and durable and offers super comfy and sturdy rides for the kids. 

What Should You Check before Buying a Swing Set?


Make sure if the place, where you will be going to install a swing set, offers enough space for accommodating the structure and smooth swing and slides. Choose the shady areas of your yard to set up your swing set as sunlight will reduce the lifespan of your play set. 


Size matters when it comes to choosing a swing set. Even if you buy a small swing set, make sure that it allows for expansion as kids need a longer model as they grow up.


Swing sets are made of wood or metal. Wooden structures are safer and more durable. Of all varieties of wood, cedar is a good choice as it is resistant to decays and insects.

Ease of Assembling

Some swing sets take a few hours for assembling whereas some take few days for the same. If you are not an expert, you might need help of 1-2 persons.


If you are on budget, buy a basic swing set with options to add a few accessories for an expansion as your kids grow. An all-compassing swing set will cost you a bomb and you might not need all integrated accessories. . 

Why Should You Buy a Backyard Swing Set?    

Do you really feel it right to tell your child to “Go and Play Outside”? No, this is because without much of accessories and amusements, children easily get bored when they are out on the field even though you know outdoor activities are very important for your child’s health. A safely installed swing set can effectively solve your dilemma and ensure your child’s safety. 

Though it is called backyard swing set, you can set it up at your front yard if you own any and have enough space there. However, the yard must have a relatively flat ground for proper and safe installation of the swing set. The swing sets are meant for children. It is the right place for them to get rid of boredom of staying busy with books and blabbering. However, the benefits go beyond just plain pleasure as activities contribute to your child’s physical growth and development as well as mental happiness. 

Go through our great customer reviews on the swing set so that you can purchase the most suitable one.

As a parent, you should make sure that there is plenty of fresh air in your yard as it will help your child lead a happy and healthy life and stay fit. When you set a routine of disciplined outdoor activities for your kids at an early age, it will build up a strong foundation of regular exercises to practice for the rest of their life. Knowing that you have a safe zone for your children to stay active and make fun with their friends will give you a peace of mind. 

What is Special about Backyard Swing Set? 

A swing set installed in your yard is much different from what is set up in the park of your locality. A park is a public place and the swing set installed there needs to be incredibly stable and durable as it needs to endure rough use and abuse by many children in its lifetime. A swing set built up at your backyard will take a beating from only a few children for a handful of years as it will lose its importance as soon as the children grow up.

If you plan to have a swing set for your backyard, go with a model that sports a pleasant design and features more adventurous accessories. A wooden play set will show up the signs of daily rough uses in a couple of years but can easily last the entirety of your kids’ childhood years. A metal swing set with its hard frame poses a great risk for your kids. However, it eliminates the likelihood of overcrowding when they will play with others and thus, reduces the risk of injury.  

Even if a park is not far away from your home, it’s better to go with a personal swing set if you have enough outdoor space for its installation. 

What to Look for before Buying a Swing Set 


The first thing you should consider is the place where you are going to set up the swing set. You should check if there is enough room for the structure as well as the necessary spaces for swings and slides. Spot the area of your yard which receives proper sunlight as placing the swing set in a shadier place will increase its lifespan. 


If you are planning to have more kids in future, a swing set is a good investment for your yet-to-come-into-the-world children as well. A little bit of maintenance is what it needs to survive for years and offer pleasure and health benefits to the kids who are yet to see the light of the day. 


Wood is stronger, safer and more durable than any metallic structure. Hence, it needs no costly annual maintenance. It looks elegant and holds up to different weather conditions and your kids’ daily abuse as well. You can paint a backyard wooden swing set for kids with bright colors. If taken proper and regular care of, it can easily last for years and if damages show up, the damaged parts can be easily replaced.

Wood is a natural element available in a variety of natural textures and designs. It is easily disposable and so, you don’t need to worry about what to do with it after your child overgrows. Cedar wood is an excellent choice since it is immune to insects and decays. Choose the kind of wood not treated with toxic chemicals. 

Metallic frame is also becoming popular for its shiny look. The biggest disadvantage of a metallic swing set is it is prone to rust. However, advanced coatings and protectors can effectively prevent the issue. Metallic swing sets are much easier to set up than wood and lighter as well. Metal is a good conductor of heat and so quickly becomes too hot to touch if exposed to sunshine. However, unlike others, metal swing sets won’t melt, burn or warp in extreme weather conditions. 

Plastic might not be the ideal material for durability of a swing set but it will be strong enough to stand up to childrens’ rough play. Smooth and safe edges are a Big Plus and the plastic frame is best suited for younger and shaky toddlers. Assembling is easier and the construction is lighter. Low price is definitely a Big Bonus. 

Ease of Assembling

Assembling a swing set is not something that always requires you to hire an expert. You can do it on your own, with all the instructions explicitly mentioned in the manual. However, the task of assembling takes time. If the manual mentions that it will take 12 hours, keep in mind that the actual assembling of big backyard swing sets will take much longer. Moreover, it will not be possible for you to commit yourself to the assembling work for such a long time at a stretch.

Arranging tools, putting them together, making an overall preparation and clean-up will take time and you may end up spending days or weeks for set-up. If the manual tells you to take help of 2-3 people, it really means that. Hence, have a plan in place before trying your hands at assembling work. Some sets require experts’ intervention for assembling and you can avail their service for an extra charge. 


You have some interesting options at your disposal. If you want to save some money and but want something more exciting and benefitting for your kids, decorate a basic and budget swing set with some smart accessories. It will help you choose what you actually need for your child and customize the swing set accordingly. An all-compassing swing set will give you more for your investment. But the set will bring with it many accessories, only a slice of which you eilll ever want or need for your kids. 

However, if you want and can afford, you can always go with elaborate kits and add telescopes, tic-tac-toe boards or anything else that appeals to you. Accessories are the great options to convert even a basic model into a ‘bling out’ set. 

Types of Swings

Belt swings are the commonest kind though other options are also up for your grabs. Bucket swings are especially designed for the toddlers who cannot balance themselves safely on belt swings. Bench swings and large saucer can easily make room for two or more children at once. 

Number of Swings

Most of the swing sets feature 1-3 swings though larger swing sets are also available. Larger swing sets in backyard are perfect for big families and parties.  


Whatever model you purchase, you can always add to your swing set. Any swing set, from belt swings to baby swings, allows you to do basic changes as your child grows. A switch to rock wall from an inclined ladder will be a nice upgrade. Depending on compatibility, you can upgrade to an entire 2-story play house or fort to make a basic swing set a big draw for your children.

Coated Chains

Chains attach swings to frames. Children can suffer injuries by pinching their fingers in the chains but a plastic or rubber coating on the chains prevents the risk. 


You can easily find completely freestanding swing sets. You can use pegs to install such a model on the ground or can create holes in the ground for cemented installation.  

Age & Weight Limits

Smaller swing sets can hold up to lower weight whereas bigger installation can easily stand up to higher weight. Always check the age and weight limits before making a purchase. You should also consider how many kids will use the swing set. Even if you have only one kid, he or she will love to share the space with friends in neighborhood. 


Always look for a long-time and larger warranty as it will cover all the expenses if any problem shows up within the time period. If the swing set is subject to elements, make it a point that nothing leaves the warranty void. 

Get the best deals on wooden and metallic swing sets on Amazon…

Product Profile

Choosing the best backyard swing set is the most challenging task. It involves a lot of inspection, reviews and comparison. Without any doubt, the task is time-consuming and tough. Our experts have selected the top 10 backyard swing sets that are most popular across the US. We have already introduced you to the basics of most of them and it is time for more detailed discussion. Scroll through the content and pick your favorite from our thoroughly researched and reviewed list of the best wooden and metal swing sets…

1. Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Swing Set is more than a plain swing set. Apart from a trapeze bar and two belt swings, this model features a climbing wall, slide, rope ladder and raised clubhouse complemented by steering wheel and a telescope. 

The swing set looks great and offers complete safety to your kids. It will keep your children entertained and enthralled for hours, on the structure and with ingenious plays as well. 

Cedar wood, the construction material, makes the swing set extremely sturdy. The structure is securely held together with Safe-T-Fuse locking nuts and heavy-duty metal brackets, which successfully resist wobbling as time passes. 

Cedar is a naturally strong and weather-resistant material. It may discolor over time but won’t rot or mold. 

This swing set is not easy to assemble and that is its major drawback. Even if you are an expert, you need a couple of helping hands for assembling. And if you sweat a lot while dealing with simple flat pack furniture, it’s better to hire an expert to build up the best wooden swing set for your backyard on Amazon.

Assembling issue is not a deal beaker and according to our reviews, it is an amazing swing set to keep your kids busy with all the fun they need in their childhood days. It is expensive but considering what it features, that much it definitely deserves. 

It is an excellent tribute to the most daredevil kids. Whatever way they try to reach the summit, it will give them an immense pleasure of climbing the highest peak on the set. The accessories that spruce up the set, from bright green tarp roof to steering wheel, transport your kids’ imagination to reality – a translation of mirage into oasis. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 186 x 150 x 119 inches
  • Weight: 308 pounds
  • Recommended for children aged 3-10 years 
  • Made of 100% cedar wood
  • Powder-coated steel brackets  
  • Steering wheel
  • 6.5-ft rope ladder
  • Rock wall
  • Telescope
  • 1-2 children can use it comfortably and safely at the same time
  • Sturdy construction
  • Ideal for exploring creative and quality possibilities
  • Weather resistant
  • Difficult to assemble
  • High price tag

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2. Big Backyard KidKraft Andorra Cedar Wood Swing Set / Playset F24140

Big Backyard KidKraft Andorra Cedar Wood Swing Set

Don’t go by the nameBig Backyard Kidkraft Andorra – as it is designed to fit small spaces. It’s a compact model with a footprint of 80 square feet, offering plenty of fun in every inch of its well-crafted body. 

The swing set is spacious enough to accommodate seven kids. The model allows the kids to explore a thrilling high-rail wave slide and take the adventure enthusiasm to the next level with a quick hike to the rockwall ladder and up the canopy-shaded deck at the top. 

Enclosed by shielding side slats, it ensures the highest level of safety for your kids and allows them to write or draw on the vinyl chalkwall. The kids are free to just sit and play or explore the magic kingdom. 

Guide your kid on a trip to the sandbox for fun-filled archaeological digs or a thrilling swing on one of the two secured belt swings for fresh air activity. The model, often considered one of the top-rated swing sets 2020, is designed to offer plenty of playful activities and gives you a peace of mind that your kids will always be safe while climbing, swinging or riding on it. 

Made of 100% premium quality cedar lumber, the swing set is sturdy and easy to assemble. 

Spec Sheet: 

  • Dimension: 108 x 95 x 123 inches
  • Weight: 130 pounds 
  • Can handle up to 110 lbs per child 
  • Recommended for children aged 3-12 years 
  • Made of 100% cedar wood 
  • High rail waive slides
  • Chalk Wall
  • Double belt swings 
  • Canopy
  • Premium quality construction
  • Safe for use by 7 children simultaneously (withstanding 770lb)
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to assemble
  • Plenty of playful activities
  • Wood splits in a few spots in times of assembling

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3. Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide

Lifetime monkey bar adventure swing set is big on thrill for children of all ages. The sturdy model is spruced up with a wider range of funny and fresh-air activity options. Designed to deliver hours of fun and years of durability, this top-rated heavy-duty swing set features a trapeze bar with rings, three belt swings, monkey bars, a fire pole and a wavy slide. 

The swing set with the kind of range and diversities it adds to funny activities is a definite boredom killer for your kids. They will love to explore the world of magic after school, during the vacation and every weekend. 

Backed by gushing praises by users and reviewers alike, this swing set continues being one of the top-rated swing sets across the US market. It is strong enough to accommodate older kids as well. In fact, adult users also report experiencing little fun on the play set. It is the best wooden swing set for children as well as adults.

The metallic swing set is sturdy and you won’t need to worry about getting it painted every year. The swing set is a smart option for large families or those who frequently host play sessions since children can easily keep them busy with a wider variety of activities. 

You need to devote a few hours to assembling. The process of assembling is not daunting, at least what many buyers think.  

You don’t have to cement the poles deep into the ground for safe installation and it will definitely save your effort and time.

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 18.5 X 13.75 X 9.5 ft
  • Weight: 187 pounds 
  • Can handle up to 700bs
  • Free-Standing Swing Set
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Trapeze Bar with Gym Rings
  • 3 Belt Swings
  • 9-ft Wavy Slide
  • Soft rubber grips on swing chains 
  • Ideal for large families
  • Very strong to accommodate children of all sizes
  • UV-resistant
  • Satisfies safety standards
  • Retains color for a long time
  • Low maintenance
  • Prone to rusting

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4. FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ 8 Station Sports Series Metal Swing Set

FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ 8 Station Sports Series Metal Swing Set

Looking for the best quality metal outdoor swings for adults with the best features on Amazon? Your painstaking search ends here.

It comes with all the fun features to keep your kids active, healthy and happy. It will help them to develop lifetime sport skills. 

The model is ideal for children aged 3-8 years. It features a 32-inch flying saucer, a 36-inch fitness jumper trampoline, a slide, a glide, a swing, a monkey bar, a backboard, a basketball hoop and a net-fitted soccer goal. 

The swing set provides your kids with a decent space for a great workout. The features and facilities accommodated into the swing set combine the fun and play smartly and sensibly. The feeling of fun and thrill will stay with the kids as long as they love challenges. 

Fitness reality kids swing set is all about ‘Play Safe and Have Fun’. Constructed with sturdy 2inch tubular steel, it offers enough space to keep 9 kids super busy at a time. 

The swing set has all to make your kids a fitness freak in interestingly playful ways. These days, kids are busy with video games, computer or TV when they are not studying. This play set will bring your kids out of their comfortable but confined zone to the magic world of fresh air and fun activities. So, allow your kids to explore the fun outside to the fullest; they need all these for a healthy body and mind. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 157.5 x 107.5 x 72 inches
  • Weight: 103 pounds
  • Recommended for children of 3-8 years
  • 32-inch flying saucer
  • 36-inch fitness jumper trampoline
  • Fitness slide with ladder
  • 2-person glider
  • Backboard and basketball hoop
  • Soccer goal with net
  • Monkey bar with handles
  • 2-inch tubular steel frame
  • 2-year warranty on frame and 6-month warranty on other components 
  • 8-fun activity stations can accommodate 9 kids at a time
  • Have plenty of features for physical activities and exercises
  • Strong steel frame
  • Highly safe for kids
  • Assembling is tricky and takes time

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5. Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

If your backyard is not spacious enough to accommodate a large swing set, switch your attention to Backyard discovery Buckley hill wooden swing set

The compact model is an excellent choice for kids who have outgrown the features of play sets for toddlers but are yet to qualify for a big kid’s swing set which is usually designed for spacious yards.  

This swing set is ideal for kids up to 10 years old though 5-8 is the highly recommended age limit. Enclosed on three sides, it is completely safe for your kids at the summit where they can sit together or write/draw on the small blackboard. Complete fun in a canopy-shaded cottage set on a height to tease your kids’ climbing skill! 

Measure the available space in your yard to seek if it can easily make room for the compact set. The model is strong though amazingly light in weight. You can easily move it between places in your yard. Many reviewers consider it one of the best swing sets for small yards.

The swing set is made of 100% cedar. Strong construction gives it credibility if it comes to safety. With small, tight knot construction, the lumber is less likely to show small cracks over time. Pre-stained lumbar is excellent for clear and smooth appearances. You might need some pilot-hole drilling. The laminated swing beam is tightly secured by steel clam-shell brackets to ensure safe swinging. 

A few buyers complain that the wood used in construction is thinner than expected. True it is but don’t worry as the swing set still ticks the standard safety mark to give parents a peace of mind.

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 123 x 107 x 92 inches
  • Weight: 27.4 pounds
  • Recommended for children of 3-10 years 
  • 6-ft speedy slide
  • 2-position swing beam
  • Chalk board
  • Rock wall ladder
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Compact model
  • Safe swinging
  • Ideal for toddlers
  • Plenty of play features
  • Easier to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Doubts over durability
  • Chalkboard looks like a piece of rigid plastic

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6. Therapy Swing for Kids with Special Needs (Hardware Included) Snuggle Swing Cuddle Indoor Outdoor Adjustable Hammock

Therapy Swing for Kids with Special Needs

How does it feel when sitting on a hammock or porch swing? Does not it feel exciting when you wrap up yourself in a comforter with a book open but overturned right on your breast? Is not the feel exciting and one of its kind? This time, bring the excitement and comfort right at your backyard – Therapy swing for kids with special needs is the best bet to spend on. 

The sensory swing stands out from the crowd of swing sets as it offers a safe space to the kids with special needs. It is ideal for kids and teens suffering from ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism. , 

The swing looks really great and comes in a variety of bright colors. Your kid can coil, swing or lie in it and the model is sturdy enough to stand up to different postures. 

As soon as the kids start swinging back and forth, the set cuddles them in its cozy embrace of cocoons. It helps the kids learn the body balance and awareness, spatial and motor skills, right coordination and enhanced focus.

The swing set creates sensory pressure all over the structure and makes a fun space to swing, spin, bounce or even lie down enjoying every moment and movement of the swing. Its intelligent ergonomics best suit the children with special needs. According to our experts, it is the best swing set for special children

Made of high quality silky and soft nylon, this backyard swing set is a dreamy cocoon for your kids to soak in all the comfort and calmness of hammock-like offers. . 

It takes just a few minutes to set up the yoga swing. You can install it both indoor and outdoor. The flexible chain allows for easy height adjustment and thus, makes it easier for fun hanging. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 110 x 55 inches 
  • Weight Limit: 110 pounds
  • Can handle up to 110 lbs
  • Recommended for children aged 3-10 years 
  • Made of Silky Nylon
  • Specially Designed for Kids with Special Needs
  • 1-year guarantee for sensory swing 
  • Safe and durable
  • Available in different colors
  • Highly comfortable
  • Helps kids with special needs pick up motor skills, coordination, body balance and awareness
  • Easy to set up
  • Perfect to install both indoor and outdoor
  • No attachment for the ceiling

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7. Swing-N-Slide PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set with Swings, Brown (Amazon Exclusive)

Swing-N-Slide PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set

The high-end and high-priced swing sets have lot to offer but sometimes it is only swings what many parents want in a play set. Swing n slide pb 8360 ranger wooden swing set is sturdy model made of solid wood. It features a trapeze bar and two belt swings to ensure perfect balance of swing and safety for your kids. 

Only swings and nothing more but that will give you kids immense pleasure in doing acrobats on it. Simplicity does not burn a hole in pocket and that rings true for this one too. 

It looks really simple and you can keep it as it comes. If you already have other play equipment in your yard, it is a good choice as you don’t need to spend on a feature dense swing set. 

The basic design makes it easy to set up. The play set is also easy to maintain. It features all premium, pre-cut cedar lumber, swings and hardware required for assembling. Sans the bells and whistles, it is one of the most affordable swing sets currently available across the US market

The swing set is designed up to three swings, each of which can stand up to 115 pounds. Each swing features sturdy chains coated with plastic material to prevent pinched fingers without compromising performance. The chains are easy to adjust for different heights. 

The swing set flaunts off a classic and versatile A-frame design that makes it easier to switch out existing swings (for example, a new purchase of bucket swing for your toddler) and getting back to the ‘old is gold’ belt swings, the original attachment, once your child grows up. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 104 x 92 x 82 inches
  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • Each swing can support up to 115 pounds
  • Recommended for children aged 3-10 years 
  • Supports up to 3 swings
  • Swings coated with plastic material
  • Simplicity in design
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Versatile design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Low-priced model
  • Small size

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8. Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set

Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set

If you want to buy a large, colorful and feature-thick play set for your little ones, Little tikes clubhouse swing set is a fabulous pick to pay for. 

Designed for strictly backyard use only, the swing set exhibits a riot of bright colors and that fascinates the kids most. Adding to the charm of colorful look is a set of all the quality possibilities for imaginative plays. 

The swing set has a slide, two swings and a clubhouse area. The bells and whistles are just in perfect size and height to fit preschoolers. It simply means that the swing set has a short lifespan and you should either plan for another baby or have someone in your mind to pass it to once your child gets too big to fit for it. 

According to our reviewers, it is the best backyard swing for kids and ideal for a big backyard. The plastic construction is a visual delight for kids of all ages. Kids’ safety is a concern for all parents and on that front, no compromise has been done. Our experts can certify to its durability. It takes little time to put together.

It’s a great boredom busters for little busy bodies, keeping them engaged with multiple outdoor actions and acrobats throughout their early stage of development. 

The model can support up to four kids at a time. Hence, it makes a great choice if you have a large family with many young kids or your kids have already made many friends. 

What the netizens say? Well, majority of them are all praise for this simple outdoor backyard swings perfect for all ages.

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 143.5 x 68 x 76 inches
  • Weight: 2.22 ounces
  • Recommended for children of 2-6 years 
  • Plastic frame 
  • Support up to 60lbs per child (maximum 4 children at a time)
  • Clubhouse with climbing wall
  • Fun steering wheel
  • A large slide
  • A challenging rope ladder
  • Catchy and colorful look
  • Strong construction
  • Durable for years
  • Comes with required bells and whistles
  • Safe for kids
  • Some parents complain about weak anchors
  • Takes long time to put up together

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9. Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing in Multi-Color Rainbow – Kids Indoor/Outdoor Round Mat Swing

Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing in Multi-Color Rainbow

Sorbus saucer tree swing set allows little ones to swing into adventure-packed activities. Your kids can safely ride into fun-filled actions for hours. 

The model has two strong suspension points for hanging, removable flags for festive flair and a comfortable round seat. 

The swing set is roomy enough to accommodate 2-3 kids. Your kids can twist, swing and enjoy quality playtime with their friends. The hanging play set is ideal for indoor plays and outdoor activities as well. Parents can join the action and fun and these will be precious moments and memories for all.

The saucer tree swing is designed to offer instant fun, irrespective of wherever it is installed – indoors or outdoors. 

The swing set offers a cozy escape from the boredom and makes an ideal spot for kids to read, chat and listen to music. It is a shell that stimulates their creativity and enthusiasm. Netizens claim it a great swing set for toddlers and we’re not denying that. 

Hang it indoor so that the kids can enjoy some relaxed moments through gentle movement. It’s portable and so you can take it outdoor and hang it from a strong tree branch for picnics, parties and play dates. 

It is super easy to install. You can hang it from all types of posts or trees with sturdy and safe suspension.  

Made of high quality oxford fabric and heavy-duty polypropylene, the swing set features a sturdy and durable design for safe and comfy rides. Gift it to your kids and allow them to enjoy fun to their heart’s content.

Spec Sheet: 

  • Dimension: 40 x 40 x 63 inches
  • Weight:7.24 pounds
  • Can handle up to 330lbs 
  • Ideal for children aged 3 years or more
  • Seat constructed from heavy-duty polypropylene and Oxford fabric
  • Multi-color rainbow frame 
  • Foam-padded steel tube frame 
  • Colorful design
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor fun
  • Roomy for 2-3 kids
  • Comfy hanging seat
  • Safe ride
  • Quality could have been better

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10. Saucer Tree Swing ,Giant 40 Inches with Carabiners

Saucer Tree Swing ,Giant 40 Inches with Carabiners

With a full size sturdy saucer tree swing available, why to waste your money on a cheap and boring swing that can hardly impress your kids?

It’s afternoon and your kids are back from school. Or it might be a Sunday morning or any summer evening and your kids needs some fun time. A swing set always makes a good choice for some thrilling fun that is badly missing in indoor games

With this swing set, turn your backyard into an exciting playground where you kids will enjoy some quality entertainment activities on their own or with their friends for hours. Between swinging and sitting, the options on offer are literally limited to ‘Not Just a Few’. 

Composed of the strongest material such as commercial grade steel (for frame) and superlative quality Oxford polyester, it is one of the best swing sets for older children and sturdy enough to support up to 700lbs. 

This swing set brings all the differences to take your kids’ outdoor action and experience to a different level. The manufacturer claims top-notch safety and quality and it’s not only their lip service. The swing set truly lives up to their promises. 

Breezy install is a big advantage. All the instructions are explicitly provided in the manual. You might take help of another person to get the work done more quickly

What is the use of a swing set that succumbs to browbeating of nature? Frequent replacement of swings sets just because they cannot withstand heavy shower, snow or sun is a waste of time. Make a lifetime investment and welcome this highly weather-resistant swing set. Shine or rain, it is no match for this weather-resistant model made to deliver non-stop fun round the year. 

This fun quality swing set won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 29.4 x 15.2 x 3.1 inches
  • Weight: 8.08 pounds
  • Can support up to 700lbs
  • Made of unique 900D Oxford fabric with industry-standard coating 
  • 12-month warranty 
  • Nice look
  • Colorful fabric
  • Ultra safe and comfortable
  • Built to last
  • Weather resistant
  • Breezy install
  • Non-stop fun round the year
  • Very short hanging ropes

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How much does a swing set cost?

The basic type of swing set starts at about $100-$500 whereas a standard backyard swing set costs $1,200-$10,000. Be prepared to shell out more for a swing set featuring multiple swings, slides, decks, awnings and creative touches like a movable ship’s wheels. 

How long does a swing set last?

It depends on the type of material used in making of the swing set as well as how well it is maintained. With annual treating or staining, a pressure-treated pine swing set or a cedar model can last for 2 decades or more. Swing sets made of redwood or other softwood varieties are more prone to rotting after 5 years. 

Are metal swing sets prone to rusting?

Metal swing sets are vulnerable to rusting. However, contemporary options have powder coating all over the body to prevent rust. Metal swing sets are also painted to resist rust. However, paint fades away over time and thus, makes way for rust to set in. Powder-coating is a more effective method to coat metal and keep rust at bay. 

How to change my play set?

Among other factors, the age and interests of your kid should be considered before purchasing a swing set. A small toddler play set is ideal for a 4-year old but won’t be ideal for an 8-year old. Some swing sets are themed, a feature that helps you make a choice. If the story and pictures of pirates fascinate your child, a play set with a telescope and crow’s nest will be an ideal choice for him or her

What to put under swing set?

You have a lot of options to put under your swing set. Purchase what allows for proper water drainage. Choose something that easily absorbs impact and features a softer surface so that your child does not suffer an injury after falling. Some good options are:
Pea Gravel
Rubber Tiles
Wood Mulch
Good Old Grass

How can I level a swing set?

Leveling a swing set makes lots of differences in determining how sturdy your swing set will be. It is extremely important for smaller swing sets. You should use a carpenter’s level to inspect the ground to ensure that your swing set is properly leveled. This extra step ensures that the play set swings the right way.  

Do I have to re-stain or re-treat a wooden swing set?

The swing sets need re-staining after a few years of wear and tear caused by climatic elements and kids’ rough use. Just like a wooden deck or fence, you should make sure to keep the treatment or stain on your wooden swing set fresh and fine so that it looks appealing and protects the play set. 

Can I add on to a wooden swing set?

Yes, you can. In fact, it’s a good way to add more fun aspects to a swing set and make it more interesting for your kids. You don’t need to be a welder to make the set larger. Instead, conceive some funny ideas to add some interesting attachments to your swing set. Interesting additions will make the swing set a more challenging attraction for your kids as they grow. It’s also the smartest way to expand a small play set. 
You might need help from someone and show some patience towards assembling a swing set. However, the extra efforts, time and spending are worth it to bring some smile to your kids’ face. It will surely give you immense satisfaction. 

Final Thoughts 

A swing set is a long-time, even if not a lifetime investment. When your kids will bloom into adults and won’t need such a play set any longer, it will still continue being a reminder for you of their sweet childhood days – a treasured trove in your life. A swing set benefits your kids in multiple ways by promoting good health, helping them learn to share space with other kids (from family and/or neighbor) and giving them a slice and sense of real-life adventure.  

Just ensure that you are making the right choice for you kids. We hope our best reviewed wooden and metal swing sets on Amazon will help you a lot. 

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