Zen Doodle Apps Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Zen doodle lets you create captivating doodle videos in any language.
  • Its super-fast speed makes professional doodle videos within minutes using artificial intelligence.
  • Studies have shown that doodle videos or animations generate up to 9x more conversions and 2x more sales.
  • Professional doodle videos retain the audience’s attention by 15% more.
  • It provides lifetime access and 100% profits to the customer.

Who knew creating video doodles and earning money was just a few clicks away? CLICK-DOODLE-PROFIT! This is the time to skyrocket your deals, leads, and sales, with professional doodle videos. Get a lifetime subscription to get the Video agency kit which will provide you with all the tools and help you’d need to sell your doodle videos for the maximum price. The video agency kit includes client contracts, ready-made emails, invoices, business cards, and other tools that’ll ensure you become a total pro at creating video doodles. 

Zen Doodle supports text-to-speech voice and also supports over 60 languages including – Korean, Japanese, Filipino, French, Czech, Bengali, Turkish, Arabic and so many more. What’s exciting is that you can translate videos that have your voice to a different language. 

Capture viewer attention

Studies have shown that doodle videos or animations generate up to 9x more conversions and 2x more sales. Video doodles also capture user’s attention for 15% more time. Zen Doodles provides more than 100 ready-made templates and royalty-free pictures. You can make your video doodle from scratch by just using images, different languages, different soundtracks, and your creativity. This professional doodle videos app lets you make unlimited videos and video renders for clients and also provides you 100% of the profit. Naturally boost sales and conversions using animated whiteboard videos, as they have been shown to increase visitors but also click-through rates over marketing materials. 

Passively grow your business:

Glass board, blackboard, and whiteboard animated doodle videos attract 3x more attention and are thus, 3x more likely to be shared. They can also increase your referral shares by almost 32%. Zen doodle is highly recommended for agencies, marketers, e-com sellers, content creators, educators, and anyone else who needs attention to capturing videos. 

Steps to create a Doodle:

Step 1 – Select:

  • Choose a glass board, whiteboard, blackboard, or any custom-made background canvas. 
  • Select a ready-made template with over 300 to choose from or you can even start from scratch.
  • Or you can use your old YouTube video and repurpose the old content.

Step 2 – Doodle:

  • Customize your doodle for a more unique touch.
  • Change images, text, animations, and colors
  • Select a voice, choose any language, and choose a soundtrack.

Step 3- Profit:

  • Hit generate and create high quality and beautiful doodles in any language within mere minutes. 

Now you can capture, convert and profit!

Attract, Engage and convert using stunning digital videos:

Animated custom doodle videos are the best for inspiring and grabbing attention because they are multi-sensory, so people read, listen, and watch at the same time. Custom doodle video makers like Zen-doodle are user friendly. Even someone who possesses zero technical skills will enjoy exploring the doodle dashboard and will be a pro at creating video doodles. Now you can enjoy a whole different level of video engagement for any project and you don’t even require any special skills or tools. Zen Doodle is everything you need to make Incredible Doodle Videos!

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  • More than 300 ready-made templates give you an option to add pro-voice-overs or upload your audio.
  • This custom video maker allows you to create doodle videos by just pasting a YouTube video URL or just your text.
  • Flexible and professional drag and drop doodle editing canvas.
  • Text-to-speech and automatic video translation in more than 60 languages.
  • Free access to up to 5 million music library and royalty-free images.
  • AI-powered background removal technique.
  • Advanced doodle style translations: Slide from the bottom, hand painting, slide from left/right.
  • Create doodles with vivid colors or just black and white.
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