Universal Flat-Panel TV Articulating Wall Mount Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Customary flat-panel television Articulating wall mount places the best tv viewing experience front and center.
  • The television flat screen wall mount comes with a cable-management gadget, which streamlines cables and cords.
  • Installation is easy, proper television mount making plans will make ensure the television stays on the wall
  • Adjustability helps you to flow the flat display television in your perfect viewing attitude.
  • Integrated cable management system & integrated bubble level.
  • Smooth set up ideal for domestic, workplace & industrial programs.

Universal Flat-Panel TV Articulating Wall Mount Lifetime Deal

If you just bought a brand new television, nothing will make it look nicer than mounting it on the wall. With an articulating wall mount (additionally known as a complete-motion mount), you can swivel, tilt, amplify, retract.

Having a wall-installed television is a long way more versatile and fascinating than using a tv stand. Whilst first comparing a television mount, it’s important to become aware of precisely which room this tv might be placed on the most enjoyable attitude or aspect of the room you plan on mounting. Extra care ought to be taken for mounting TVs on partitions because the weight calls for drilling into the studs of a wall to make certain right sturdiness and safety. Although setting it up is simple, proper television mount planning will ensure the tv remains at the wall via wooden wall studs as opposed to at the floor.

Enhance your home TV viewing revel in with this Universal Flat-Panel TV Articulating Wall Mount. It extends, articulates, tilts, swivels, and collapses-ideal for nook set up. This TV wall mount comprises 22” to 55” flat-panel TVs, and it offers everything needed for perfect mounting.

What is Universal Flat-Panel TV Articulating Wall Mount?

We endorse Universal Flat-Panel TV Articulating Wall Mount for the maximum flexibility in viewing from angles and dynamic presentation, with an articulating arm over a hard and fast mount.

This feature will deliver your screen the liberty to tilt or swivel the viewing attitude of the flat display as needed, making it the correct option for workplaces or other situations requiring adaptability (i.E. Reduce glare).  It moreover offers pinnacle-adjustable tv mounts to make sure you can without problems discover the correct technique to mount your television in even the maximum precise areas, along with areas at the ceiling with our complete motion ceiling mount.

Television wall mounts are a perfect strategy for home environments or other areas that don’t demand lots of flexibility. Your set-up will seem mainly glossy if your LCD, LED, or plasma tv has a slender profile as well. However, we recommend having some kind of adjustability built into your mount tv to make for the glare in rooms at one of the different times of the day. Having adjustability permits you to move the flat display tv on your best viewing angle as well.

 Features of Universal Flat-Panel TV Articulating Wall Mount:

  • Supports displays from 13” to 42″ up to 20 kg: this heavy-obligation tv wall mount supports VESA compatible displays incl.
  • Extensive variety of motion: Articulating television flat screen wall mount gives +/-90° swivel, +2/-15° tilt & +/-3°LCD display screen stage adjustment & arms allow low-profile at 2.8″ (70 mm) from the wall or bigger than that.
  • Lateral adjustment: full-motion television wall mount with post-setup lateral moving lets you center the display on a wall or corner, with 16″/24″ off-focused studs and a range of 445.Eight”/1.1m to the 360-degree angle that is from left to right.
  • Compatibility: conventional tv wall mount supports LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, among others (screws/spacers incl) & VESA hole patterns 200×100, 200×200, 300×200, 300×300, 400×200, 400×300, 400×400, 600×400 .
  • Tidy aesthetic: the adjustable television wall mounting bracket with built-in cable control & optional black snap-on covers keeps flat screen cables prepared; perfect for purchaser-dealing with digital signage.


Overcome an unusual floor plan,  annoying glare, or awkward furniture placement that could restrict the leisure of your flat-panel tv. The Manhattan Universal Flat-Panel TV Articulating Wall Mount folds nearly flat closer to the wall and well extends on a sturdy double-arm that will help you acquire high viewing positions from nearly everywhere inside the room.

VESA-compliant and constructed of first-class fabric, this articulating wall mount fits a range of display sizes for a secure above-the-floor television installation. It’s a suitable fit for mounting a television in your living room, bedroom, or den, as well as for commercial use in motels, classrooms, conference rooms, virtual signage, and extra.  Wherever you install, the Manhattan Universal Flat-Panel TV Articulating Wall Mount puts excellent television viewing enjoyment in the front and center.

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  • Securely wall-mount your tv for best viewing in boardrooms, lobbies, lecture rooms, and assembly areas.
  • Hold visitors knowledgeable in hotels, eating places, and different venues.
  • Save the region via mounting your television on the wall.
  • Securely holds one flat-panel Television.
  • Meets VESA standards.
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