Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security Series Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • At Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security series students will learn and acquire the skill of ethically hacking the WEP & WPA Wi-Fi networks.
  • Students will learn how to protect their Wi-Fi from any sort of hacking activity. The students will get to know what all Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable or wide-open and are prone to hacking.
  • The students will get to know how to create imitating or fake hotspots. They will learn how to strike at WPS and other systems.
  • The course describes how a wireless network is prone to an attack, or possesses threat, from the viewpoint of a hacker.
  • This course provides the students with pre-designed readymade tools for Wi-Fi hacking that are customizable to suit the need of the user. These tools help in easy navigation through various ways and techniques that hackers use for attacking the Wi-Fi networks.

Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security Series Lifetime Deal

Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security Series is a course for any person who intends to learn how to shield their wireless networks and provide a Safeguard against Security Threats. It extensively covers the study of both securing as well as hacking the Wi-Fi systems because then it becomes easier for a learner to understand the techniques of safeguarding the wireless systems.

It is a course for beginners, so, the learning happens at a foundational level. The course comprises around 25 lectures that are 4 hours of effective learning. Throughout the course, a learner will get to know about the recent developments in the field of Wi-Fi hacking and security.

What is Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security Series?

Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security series is a course that enables students to learn various challenges that a domestic or a corporate wireless network may face. In this course, students get to know about how to secure wireless networks from attacks or any other harm as un-secure and open Wi-Fi networks are more prone to attacks.

The students do not require possessing any pre-existing knowledge or the technical know-how of hacking. The curriculum of the course is in such a fashion that a beginner can learn ethical hacking and safeguarding a wireless network from the scratch. A person who has a basic knowledge of computers and has a little understanding of how the internet works can join the course. He merely requires a Laptop or a computer system with Packet Injection Capability.

Features of Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security Series

  • The course provides in-depth knowledge about wireless routers. You will learn to create fake Wi-Fi devices. You will also acquire knowledge about Wi-Fi jammers and how to utilize them.
  • The course provides you a comparison between Windows and Linux operating systems for wireless hacking and security.
  • It enables the learners to understand the functioning of WEP, WPA & WPA2 protocols. You also learn about the configuration of GUI drivers
  • It will help you to acquire knowledge about hidden SSID networks and their hacking techniques. You can also learn the basics of MAC filtering and how to hack it.
  • This online tutorial provides lifetime access to the learners. The course is available for both web streaming as well as mobile streaming. This provides the learners an opportunity to learn the skill of hacking and securing from any place and at any time that is feasible for them.
  • The course will provide the learners an overview of cryptography. It will enable them to understand the communication protocols. They will acquire knowledge about encrypted texts and plain texts.


Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security series is an online tutorial that helps the learners to understand the various wireless networks and their functioning. The tutor is a Certified Ethical Hacker that has mastery in his subject. The curriculum of the course is easy to understand. It also provides you with assessment tests to check your skills.

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  • At Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security series, students learn the skill of ethical hacking from a Certified Ethical Hacker. The instructor teaches them to shield the Wi-Fi networks against WEP, WPS, and WPA attacks.
  • The course uses evaluation and analysis methods of teaching. It teaches the learners to identify the probable as well as the existing threats so that they can take an action well in time.
  • The trainee also learns to develop and implement the defensive and safeguarding techniques that can protect the wireless internet systems.
  • The basic requirement to join Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security series is that you should have a working internet connection, a wireless router, and a personal computer system or a laptop.
  • This is a comprehensive course that comprises 25 modules in total. In addition to the lectures, you will find the Challenge Assignments that will help you to track your learning process.
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