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Quick Overview

  • Rapid Gulp helps you in building high-performance websites & apps. It also assists you on how to increase your productivity and working efficiency.
  • Rapid Gulp is helping students to learn how to use effective tools for Web Development. It will help you in creating better working websites. It gives simple examples and step-by-step instructions so that it becomes easier for the students to understand.
  • Through this course, the students will learn how to set up Gulp. They also learn how to write and record basic tasks.
  • The course includes the study of common use cases on how to create plug-ins. The students will acquire knowledge about how to create a plug-in from scratch.
  • The course and its modules comprise practical examples. This provides the students with real-life working experience.

Rapid gulp Lifetime Deal , this is an online course that helps you in learning how to create better website. To have a better understanding of the course a student must have the fundamental knowledge of NodeJS. Web developers can opt-in to this course as it will assist them to enhance their elemental knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The course aims at providing you with the skill set that will help you to future-proof your career as a Web Developer. The course makes use of practical examples to give an on-ground work experience to the learners. You can get lifetime access to learn with the help of Gulp.

What is Rapid Gulp?

Modern Web Development Technologies makes use of several advanced tools that might overload a beginner. Rapid Gulp helps the learners to gain knowledge about all the necessary tools and how to use them for creating better websites. By the end of the course, you will be capable to create your web applications and test them. You can easily automate your tasks by employing Gulp with great simplicity and flexibility.

You will learn how to optimize your website’s content, CSS, JavaScripts, and image files. You will learn to make use of advanced preprocessors such as CoffeeScript and LESS. These preprocessors allow you to get in the lead of JavaScript. You can simplify large tasks by combining series of files and processing them together.

Features of Rapid Gulp

  • With Rapid Gulp, students learn to use HTML build. They will improve their productivity by learning how to link multiple files with a single JavaScript.
  • Merely creating codes do not solve our purpose. With the help of Rapid Gulp, students learn how to test the codes to ensure their integrity. Gulp makes it easier for the students to run these tests.
  • Students discover various preprocessors such as CoffeeScript and LESS. By employing them the overall Web Development process becomes easy and the experience becomes seamless.
  • They learn how to make use of LiveReload. This tool allows you to automate the reload process. You just need to save the file and the browser reloads it.
  • Throughout the course, the students will gain better insights into the streams. It enhances their understanding of Gulp.
  • There are many pre-existing plug-ins available in the domain of Web Development. But here at Rapid glow, you learn how to develop a plug-in from scratch. Students also learn how to catch and handle various errors that many plug-ins toss.


With the help of Rapid Gulp, you learn to create efficient websites and apps. You learn how to create plug-ins from scratch. Throughout the course, you will learn about various plugins such as reload plug-in and gulp-jasmine plug-in. you acquire in-depth knowledge about HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


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  • The students can get lifetime access to learn modern web development technologies through Rapid Gulp. It provides a learner with the flexibility of learning from any place, at any time, and on any device.
  • You can access this course through online web streaming options. You will find an effective division of modules into three different sections. These sections are further sub-divided into 15 lectures that cover all the important aspects. The total length of the course is 41 minutes.
  • In Section 1 students get a basic overview of the course. They learn how to set up Gulp, writing basic tasks, combining several files into a single file, creating task dependencies, and running a series of tasks simultaneously. Gulp will also assist in monitoring these files automatically.
  • In section 2 students learn how to run few common tasks such as optimizing java scripts, CSS, and images. Your files take a lot of time to load and if you optimize them the overall loading time decreases. It also makes the content more operative.
  • You also learn how to create minified and unified files. It becomes easier to define the files in this pattern with streams.
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