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Quick Overview

  • Kirim Email is an all-in-one email tool with email marketing, email automation, and email validation properties.
  • You can send unlimited emails with Kimir Emails based on your preference without having to pay any additional costs.
  • This tool integrates with Google Sheets and Google Forms to survey your subscribers without third-party plugins or add-ons.
  • With Kirim Email, you can get rid of unwanted subscribers in your list, such as spam traps, BOTS, lousy emails, and bounced emails.
  • Kirim email lets you design the layout of your email with stock images that will help you deliver your message effectively.

Kirim Email Lifetime Deal

For any online business, emails are the pulse that keeps your communication channel working. A relatively large portion of communication with customers happens through emails. But this could also mean that most of your time goes by personally sending and replying to emails unless you have a marketing tool. But most of the softwares available on the market are lacking or too complex to use.

For any small and upcoming business, the need to find a reliable email marketing service is even higher. There are spam traps, bots, bounced emails, etc., that add more hindrance. That’s why today we are sharing with you a comprehensive email marketing that takes care of all the above issues.

What is Kirim Email?

Kirim Email is an all-inclusive tool for your email with marketing, automation, and validation features. With this email marketing platform, you can send unlimited emails, ensuring that your emails reach real people only. You can customize how your landing page looks on your website or domain. Kirim email lets you design emails that look good on all devices. With the built-in email validation, you can eliminate bounced emails, spam traps, BOTS, and unread emails. It will increase the open rate of your emails, with higher conversions and ultimately more sales.

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Features of Kirim Email

Now that we have explained what Kirim Email is and how it works, it’s time to go over its top features. Here are the features that make this web-based email marketing tool a must-have for every business.

Kirim Email gives you the option to send unlimited emails every day:

Kirim email lets you send unlimited emails on a weekly, daily, or more frequent basis. With this email marketing service, you are sure to grab the attention of your customers.

The built-in email validation tool will constantly filter your emails:

You get a world-class built-in validation tool powered by the latest technology. The built-in email validation tool will only send your email to real people by eliminating others from your list.

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Customize your landing page to boost your leads and conversions:

With this web-based email marketing tool, you can make sure to design a personalized landing page for your readers. Whether it’s’ on your website or domain, you have total control over it.

Design personalized emails in various formats with stock images:

When designing your email, you can choose between a mark-down email editor or the customized editor. You have over 100,000 plus stock images to add to this email marketing platform.

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With Kirim Email, boost your deliverability and response rate:

When you send emails to customers and genuine readers, the chances of them reading those are significantly higher. Automatically the chances of conversion are also increased with our email marketing service.

Integration with Google Sheets and Forms, automation tools, and more:

Kirim Email integrates with Google Sheets for automatic email list cleaner of your email subscribers. There are also other features like email automation that make this a must-have for every business.


If you are looking for an all-inclusive email marketing and automation tool, then Kirim Email is the perfect software for you. With features like built-in email validation to automatically remove spam emails, this email tool does everything you need and more. When you get Kirim Email, you can ensure that your emails deliver to verified people, boosting your chances of creating new sales.

From creating a customized landing page to designing your email’s appearance, you will never fail to impress your audience. This automatic email list cleaner will remove unnecessary subscribers from your list, increasing your open rate and responsiveness. Get Kirim Email now, and start noticing better audience engagement for your business.

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  • Enjoy email marketing and validation from a single dashboard, saving your time.
  • Send unlimited emails to your subscribers without any additional cost.
  • Boost your delivery rate by sending emails to only real people through validation.
  • Embed your landing page, prompting leads and customers to create sales.
  • Choose from more than 100,000 stock images to include in your emails.
  • You can use Kirim Email on three different devices to ensure high productivity.
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