CaptionSaver Pro: Lifetime Subscription Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

CaptionSaver Pro is referred to as a Chrome extension that readily saves Google Meet live captions to your Google Drive. It usually features timestamps and highlighting, which improve the automatic note-taking capability to help you concentrate on the meeting. With CaptionSaver Pro, you can join any kind of meeting as you usually would and CaptionSaver Pro will help you turn on captions once you join the meeting. Through this, you do not have to click on anything as the software itself will save the caption transcript while you are in your meeting.

CaptionSaver Pro auto-saves live caption transcripts from Google Meet and you can readily view your captured captions with the help of the Chrome extension. It will automatically turn on the captions of a meeting once you join and if you happen to be a pro user, you can also save it to your Google Drive.

CaptionSaver Pro Lifetime Subscription Lifetime Deal

Sometimes it can be challenging to concentrate on a video conference and taking notes side by side of what is being stated at the same time in the video. If you feel like taking notes it means that you cannot recall everything that was stated in the video after the meeting is over. And, taking excess notes can lead you to miss the essential snippets of the data while the conversations happen to be occurring. By using CaptionSaver Pro, you can be sure that you are entirely encaged in your conference, hence having all your notes successfully.

CaptionSaver Pro is a Google Meet video conferencing platform that helps you concentrate on your meeting as the software saves your life caption transcripts and takes care of your notes as you focus on your meeting. Once you install the Chrome extension and connect with your Google Drive account, you can join any kind of meeting with Google meet as captions will easily turn on through the software. The software helps you turn on captions as your meeting goes on and all the captions will readily be captured.

About CaptionSaver Pro

CaptionSaver Pro is a Google Chrome extension that will readily help you save any of your Google meet live captions immediately into the Google Drive account. Although you can come across the basic version of the application, the professional version adds timestamps and highlighting, either of which happens to be essential for notes that are organized, particularly in long meetings with numerous participants.

Using this application in combination with Google meet happens to be pretty simple. Simple beginner video chats as you normally would. This application will facilitate captions automatically as you do not need to have to click on anything.

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With the progress of your meeting, CaptionSaver Pro saves all your captions automatically without requiring any user input. If you want to view the captions that you have saved, simply tap on the Chrome extension to do so as the app auto-saves live caption transcripts from Google Meet. After clicking on the Chrome extension you can either go to your drive for downloading a TXT file on your hard drive or to save captions to your drive. Google Chrome web browser is the only requirement to use this application.

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  • There are options for auto-saving the captions to Google drive
  • There are timestamps and highlighting
  • Additional features include auto organizing by date and integrations
  • You can download captions to your Google Drive through Chrome Extensions


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  • Unlimited autosaves to your Google Drive
  • There are timestamps and highlighting
  • Works on your Google Chrome browser
  • Enhances automated note-taking capabilities
  • Save life caption transcript from Google meet
  • Live caption transcription abilities
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