C# The Complete Foundation Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • C# the complete foundation is a specially designed course to cover all the important concepts of C# and OOP (that is object-oriented programming).
  • This course will teach you how to create effective and useful C# programs.
  • Along with creating C# programs, the person will also learn how to use other integrated development environments (that is IDE’s).
  • After the completion of this course, the users are completely eligible to opt for ultra-modern topics.
  • This course will make the individual competent to learn the transitions into other languages like Java and C++.

C# The Complete Foundation Lifetime Deal

The C# the complete foundation is a specially designed course for beginner programmers and developers or for people who are new to object-oriented programming (that is OOP). The course can act in various ways either it can be a refresher or it can be a teaching guide to the students who are learning C# in schools or private institutions. At the beginning of the course, all the high-level object-oriented programming languages will be taught and while proceeding you will come across more advanced subjects. The 96 lectures and study material provided by this course will only pressurize on the fundamentals of C# which will prepare the individuals for college-level jobs and personal projects. In this course, there will be a full-time helper available to clear doubts or any sort of questions by discussion or email. Each chapter video closes or ends with a homework exercise and a quiz based on the recent chapter that establishes a learning environment. It sets up a strong understanding of the C# fundamentals and the working behind object-oriented programming. Once you buy this course, it will be with you for a lifetime and you can access it anywhere on your mobile phone and laptop. You will get a certificate on completion which you can attach to your resume to make it attractive.

What is C#?

It is a strong OOP (that is object-oriented programming) and is one of the easiest programming languages to start learning as most of its fundamental principles can implement them automatically which makes the user’s life a lot easier. The basic use of this C# language is in making video games which also includes mobile software development. In addition to video games, many other androids, as well as IOS-supported mobile applications, can be code through C# programming. Learning C# will make you ready for other advanced Object Oriented Programming languages like python, java, and even C++. In today’s modern era IT companies search for programmers with the knowledge of C# and you will be hired as an entry-level developer and will allow you to create and develop your applications and software and reaffirm yourself.


  • This course allows you to understand the C# at a college level and by completing it you can start your career as a developer.
  • After the completion of this special course, you can easily understand all types of errors like syntax, run-time, and logic errors.
  • While pursuing this course you will be taught to write natural and vivid pseudocode and flowcharts.
  • Danny Boehm from California University will be present as an instructor during the course, who can capture all his students by handing on practical projects and most of them include concept lectures and practical homework to practice.
  • In this course, you will learn about various data types and their representation, Microsoft visual studio, different types of arrays, creating loops, and a lot more.


The C#: the complete foundation course allows its users to create and develop C# applications and understand C# at its highest level. The user will learn how to apply the fundamentals of object-oriented programming. The course content is categorized as getting started followed by first look and using data such as variables and different data types. At last, it teaches using GUI objects, looping, and arrays.


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  • The C#: the complete foundation course is very suitable for beginning programmers and developers.
  • This course provides the customer with 96 lectures and 8 hours of content and material on how to create C# applications.
  • It helps its users to learn how to apply the core concepts of object-oriented programming (that is OOP).
  • This course teaches the individual how to use integrated development environments like an eclipse, unreal engine, unity, etc.
  • While using this course you can apply code encapsulation for firmness and reusability.
  • With help of this course, you can learn how to examine, design, execute and assemble around objects.
  • While learning through this course you will be able to write conventional classes, interfaces, loops, and methods.
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