Ace the MBA Application Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • The course as the name suggests ace the MBA application provides its users with compressive guidance to master the application and submit a well-crafted application for selection.
  • There is no need to have any prior knowledge before pursuing this course, but just a willingness to learn what it takes to put together a competitive and successful MBA application.
  • The course is suitable for those aspirants who have decided to apply to a world-class MBA program and have an idea about the schools to which they want to apply.
  • If a person is in the middle of confusion that whether an MBA program is suitable for them or not, then this course is not for them.
  • It covers all the information that is important for an applicant to know about while submitting their application. It does not include anything about the process after a decision has been received such as being accepted, rejected, or waitlisted.

Ace the MBA Application Lifetime Deal

After working hard in college, receiving some valuable work experience, and have evaluated your career goals- the person is all set to take on the challenges of business school. To enter into business school and apply for the MBA program is a very tough and time-consuming process, and offer you no guarantee that your application will surely be accepted. It also has two downloadable resources. This course comes with a policy that if the user is not satisfied with the course the money can be refunded to him within 30 days. This course is divide into the following chapter’s introduction, an overview of materials, test scores, your story, resume/cv, essays, recommendations letters, knowing the school, application form, and at last get it reviewed. It also provides its users with a practical aspect of this application as the applicants were given homework to write the specific paragraph or sub-topic of application and further that written application is reviewed by the experts present at the panel and an honest review is given by the experts directly to the applicants.


  • It helps in improving the quality of essays and resumes of applicants and allows you to craft them as per the expectations of the MBA admission committee.
  • It makes the applicants aware and adopts the successful strategies for transforming their profile in the middle of a competitive bunch of applicants and be an extraordinary applicant.
  • The users of this course can have lifetime access to it and can be streamed anywhere on the web or mobile phone. The user can redeem his code within 30 days of purchase. A certificate of completion is also given at the end of the course to its user.
  • It gives its users access to 39 lectures and 3.5 hours of content available for reading 24/7. You can also customize your applications according to the standards of the MBA admission committee.
  • SRIRAM EMANI is associated with this course as an instructor. He is a decorated professor of MIT Sloan School of management. He has a record of helping 100s of students from over 20 countries to craft outstanding applications to the top 25 business school programs in the world. He helps all the applicants to stand out as unique people among 1000s of applicants.


This course demands no requirement of prior experience from the applicants before opting for this course. Every person whether he has a submitted application before or not is eligible for this course. So this course is a comprehensive guide to getting into the business school of your choice.

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  • This course is structured in series of short videos that provide powerful insights and experts advice on drafting thousands of successful applications.
  • This course provides its users with nuances and tips that are based on difficulties faced by the best applicants. It is a kind of exhaustive guide that will help the students to nail the application process.
  • This course also includes an extensive set of additional resources which includes various videos and articles written by the topmost experts in this field to help the students to be successful in their MBA application journey.
  • The course is suitable for every kind of user whether they are first time applicants or re-applicants and covers all the stages of an MBA application process like school research, test scores, resume, essays, recommendation letters, application form, pre-submission reviews, visiting the business school, optional, and re-applicant essays
  • This course act as a companion who can guide the applicant step by step through the process and help them grouping their thoughts and efforts to submit an outstanding application.
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