Top 10 Best Hair Straightener Products Buying Guide in 2020

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Gone are the days of perms and curls; straight hair is the latest sensation. Women – though surely not all of them – love to keep pace with the trend when it comes to fashion. But not all are blessed with straight cascade and for those, who did not have it from GOD, a hair straightener comes as a box of blisses.  

Options are galore when it comes to the best affordable hair straighteners. And that literally pushes you towards perplexity and indecisiveness. The only way to come out the problem is to gather knowledge about hair straighteners as much as possible. We have discussed some important points in details to provide you with a complete guidebook on how to choose top rated hair straighteners. These points are as follows:

  • Features of a good hair straightener
  • How it functions
  • Types 
  • Most popular hair straighteners 

Amazon Best selling hair straighteners

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The right amount of research is important to lay your hands on the perfect type aligned with your needs and wallet. Some models are designed for rough hair whereas some work best for soft hair. Some are good for kinky hairs and others are fine for curly type. 

Healthy and shiny hair adds to one’s elegance and persona. What is more, a shiny cascade of straight hair boosts up one’s self-esteem and confidence. It goes without saying that grooming is important to look your best and most confident. Choose the best affordable hair straightener for your lifestyle

Regular salon-visits can surely give you the kind of hair treatment and style that suit your hair type, face and persona. However, there is a way to avoid expensive weekly or monthly salon visits by purchasing a good hair straightener that will help you get fashionable and desired hairstyle without requiring you to get out of your home.

Experts at have done their level best to search for the latest options and research on each of them to prepare a comprehensive guideline. 

While researching on the top-rated hair straighteners that are taking the WWW by storm, you are most likely to stumble upon a myriad of products, each of which claims to transform your hair from gnarly to glossy. Any of these sounds like a perfect solution until you visit our page and read reviews on Amazon. 

Watch this space to find out what makes a good hair straightener and go through brief but bias-free reviews about each of the shortlisted top 10 that our experts have carefully handpicked. 


The working mechanism of hair straighteners involves a lot of technicalities. Therefore, it might not be easy for all to understand everything. However, there is no harm in giving it a try, especially when our experts have explained everything in laymen’s terms.

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The cortex of your hairs has some hydrogen bombs. They tend to bend and become curly. The hair straighteners cause them to break down. When the hairs are broken, they get back to their original shape – STRAIGHT. Hair Straighteners do two things – firstly, they straighten your hair and secondly, they make sure that straightened hairs don’t get back to their original texture.  

Hair, if exposed to water or moisture, becomes curly once again due to reformation of hydrogen bombs. This reasons why some people need hair straightening every day because after you take a shower, hair will return to its curly form. 

The most important factors for choosing hair straightener online on amazon USA have been clubbed in the next section. 


There are four categories of hair straighteners – Ionic, Ceramic, Titanium and Tourmaline. Followings are full blow-by-blow of each of them:


In physics, an ion is defined as an atom or a molecule. Loss of one or more molecules generates electric charge. Water inflicts positive charge on hair whereas ionic hair straighteners generate negative ions. When your hair strands are coated with negative ions, opposite charges attract and neutralize each other. Neutralization causes your hair to look straight, silky and shiny. 


Go through the best ceramic hair straightener reviews on Amazon to choose the perfect model for your hair type. Ceramic is one of the most popular and widely used materials used in flat irons. Ceramic plates help in even distribution of heat and as a result, you won’t get hot and cold blemishes. It reduces the chances of burning your hair and that’s really an advantage to appreciate. 

Not all ceramic hair straighteners are made of ceramic. Usually, ceramic-coated aluminum is used in making of them. This type comes at a high price due to high expenses of pure ceramic. 

If you purchase a ceramic hair straightener, check the surface regularly to make sure that ceramic has not chipped. Chipped ceramic exposes aluminum and will cause your hair to burn while straightening it. 

Reviewers recommend best ceramic hair straightener that will suit your hair type, quality and length. If you are looking for a 100% ceramic hair straightener, look for some specific phrases such as “Solid Ceramic” or “Pure Ceramic”. 


Titanium is an excellent heat conductor. It generates a consistent flow of heat that functions even at low temperatures. This way, you will not end up burning your hair. Titanium absorbs and transfers heat very quickly and gets a high ionic support. Therefore, it does not take much of time to straighten your hair. On that front, it has clear advantages over ceramic hair straighteners. 

Titanium hair straighteners have more features compared to ceramic alternatives and that is why, preferred by most people. However, ceramic type is much safer to use and delivers professional-level results. 


Purchase tourmaline hair straightener for smooth and silky finishing to your hair. This type of hair straightener generates consistent heat. Tourmaline is actually a chemical that is grinded into powder and used to coat ceramic and other metal plates. Compared to titanium and ceramic hair straighteners, they generate a higher output of negative ions to lend a glossy and glitzy touch to your cascading beauty. 


Ceramic diamond plates have a smoother texture than other variants. They easily, quickly and efficiently glide through your hair. A single stroke can easily rectify the layer of hair. Ceramic diamond plates infused with Teflon feature a non-stick coating that prevents various styling accessories from sticking to the plates. 


It is the most suitable hair straightener for curly hair. Individuals with frizzy hair will also see it a perfect fit for their hair texture. Teflon adds a non-stick coating to the plates and ceramic reduces friction between plates and hair. These straighteners prevent frizz and static to make your hair smooth and damage-free. 

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You need to expand the orbit of your knowledge a little more and make rooms for multiple factors worth considering while choosing a hair straightener that perfectly suits your hair type and length. A wrong choice will not only dishearten you for not getting a dream look but also damage your hair. So, never hurry and instead, educate yourself about different aspects of hair straighteners before taking a pick. Here is a hair straightener buying guide to educate and help you in this regard: 


This part has already been covered. Depending on the material, hair straighteners can be categorized under four heads – Ionic, Ceramic, Tourmaline, Titanium or Iron. 

Each of them has its own set of pros and cons and yes, prices differ as well. 

Ionic makes an excellent choice as it generates static electricity and frizzes through naturally occurring negative ions 

Ceramic hair straighteners are considered the best and they come at a heavy price. It gives your hair a natural shine, thereby making your pride of cascade silky smooth. 

Tourmaline hair straighteners work best for those with unruly and curly hair. The best part of this type is it repairs your hair as if it has suffered damages due to harmful chemicals and/or machine. 

Titanium is a good conductor of heat. Moreover, it takes solid care of your hair and does not cause it to burn. The fact that it comes at a pocket-friendly price has also contributed to its rapid popularity. 


If you are looking for the best hair straightener for all hair types 2020, take baby steps to make the right purchase. This is simply because, NOT ALL but A FEW are designed to suit all hair types. Here is our guideline on how you should choose the perfect hair straightener for your hair texture. 

Straight Hair: If you have naturally straight hair, you are really lucky. These people still use hair straighteners for a smooth and shiny look. Hair straighteners made with tourmaline are most suitable for straight hair.

Thick Hair: Thick hair is not easy to manage, more so if you have picked up a wrong hair straightener. The best would come in form of ceramic straighteners because they score high on ‘QUALITY’ front.  

Check out the best price of hair straightener online.

Curly/Wavy Hair: This type needs regular attention for hair straightening. In fact, people with extreme waves or curls should use a straightener nearly every day. Without a good hair straightener, it will be a tough challenge to manage your wavy or curly hair. A titanium-made hair straightener is best for curly hair texture as it generates heat much faster and helps you straighten your hair more quickly. 

Hair Color: Hair color does not factor in the list of the must-consider points while choosing the best hair conditioner for your hair type. Regardless of the color – Black, Red or Blond – you are using, the focus should be laser-pointed on the texture of your hair before buying an ideal hair straightener. 


When we’re talking about hair straighteners, size matters a lot. A bulky model will give you a hard time while using it. The best choice is a lightweight straightener that is easy to grip for a long time. Remember that it takes quite a good amount of time to work on a very long hair.

Purchase portable hair straightener to use if you are often on a trip near or far. 

Throw a glance at the length of the model you intend to purchase for straightening your hair. It will not be easy to work with a long hair straightener. Long plates will complete the work faster but shorter variants are much better and they make things much easier for you. 


Another good point to think about! It will feel easy to hold a hair straightener that comes with a good grip. This type will enable you to work on your hair with great ease and comfort. Remember that your hands will be busy with it; so make a choice that you feel comfortable with. 


There are so many hair straighteners brands in the US market that you may be spoilt for a suitable choice. Each one articulates their status as ‘NUMERO UNO’ and makes tall claims that their product lives up to your expectation. Reality is, the claims prove true for some but not for all. 

The basic of a good purchase is to look for a well-known brand. Yes, some people are obsessed with brand names. Call them brandmaniacs or whatever else, but they end up enjoying better results with their choices for years than what the rests experience with their sole focus on the ‘CHEAPEST DEALS’.

Brand means quality and quality comes at a price. Make sure that it is reasonably priced. You can always search on the internet to check the best budget hair straightener to buy on sale.  

If ‘SAVE COST’ is your only motto, you can surely go with a lesser-known brand. In that case, make sure to visit the company website, understand the features of their offers and read the customers’ feedbacks so that you get a peace of mind that your hard-earned money is not drained out. 


For most buyers, price rules the purchase decision. Many people have a tendency to jump on the cheapest products as they prioritize cost saving to quality. Even if quality is your main concern, make sure that the product you have decided to choose is not overpriced. In that case, you should skew your attention to the low-priced alternative that swear by high quality. 

Take time to go through the best hair straighteners reviews to decide which comes packed with the basic and necessary features as well as makes an economic choice. 

Our experts suggest that you should not buy very cheap items, especially when it comes to electrical goods. If it is too cheap, it’s less likely to work well and even might invite disaster. 

RULE OF THE THUMB: Buy what gives you optimum return on your spending.


Apart from the discussion above, there are some additional features to find in a hair straightener while deciding what would be the best buy in your case. 

HEAT-UP TIME: It’s important to consider the amount of time required for plates to heat up. Some straighteners take longer to absorb heat than others. It will be annoying for you to wait longer for your straightener to heat up for your use. 

RULE OF PURCHASE: The shorter the heat-up time, the better! 

TEMPEATURE SETTINGS: A hair straightener with various temperature settings, especially ranging between very high and low, is the most perfect type to go with. These are the hair straighteners for all hair types. 

INFRARED HEAT: This feature allows your straightener to heat up from inside. With this feature, you are at a lower risk of suffering hair damages. It allows for even distribution of heat and that ensures excellent straightening results.

WET OR STEAM HAIR: A hair straightener that does not require you to wait until it is completely dried so that you can use it makes a good choice. The ceramic varieties use steam and avoid any direct contact with the steel plates, thereby ensuring minimal damage. Experience the salon-grade hair straightening and styling results with a professional steam hair straightener

PLATE WIDTH: It’s another important consideration. Slimmer plate width works best for short hair whereas longer plates are most suitable for long and medium hair. Followings are some helpful recommendations for different hair types. 

  • Mini Plates for short hair, spikes and bangs
  • 1 Inch for curls, waves and perms
  • 1 and ½ Inch for curly and coarse hair
  • 2 Inch or More for long and thick hair

STYLE AND DESIGN: Though it is not too important a point, buyers always appreciate smart design. No one likes to have an ugly appliance at their home. The BIG BOSSES and even the SMALL GUNS being well aware of people’s demand, make sure to introduce spiffy and stylish products to steal the glance. 

Look for the best ceramic hair straightener deals on Amazon.

WEIGHT: Light weight ensures that you can use your straightener more easily and conveniently. What is more, you can easily carry it around and stash it in your luggage before backpacking adventures. Therefore, lightweight hair straighteners are great travel-friendly options. 

AUTO-OFF: This feature should not be ignored as it ensures safety while using a straightener. When the appliance is not in use, the feature switches it off automatically and thus, prevents unwanted electrocution and saves power consumption as well. 

Buy the hair straightener brand in United States from Amazon. 

We’re sure readers have many questions and they are looking for the right answers. At, we have tried to feel their pulse and so, clubbed together some important questions and answers to meet their queries and guide the flocks to decide what could be the right choice for them


It may sound like harping on the same string but at the cost of repetition, experts recommend that you should not be hoodwinked by the LOLLYPOP of ATTRACTIVE DEALS. If you are not one of those who love to flaunt off their riches, saving on purchase is surely an idea never to ignore. The problem is, many have their glances fixed on this single most factor. We have already discussed the must-consider features while buying a hair straightener. Check out a quick preview of the top 10 hair straighteners for in depth reviews in our next segment.

1. Andis 38330 Professional 450ºF High Heat Ceramic Press Comb with Dual Voltage and Auto Shut-off, Black

Andis 38330 Professional 450ºF High Heat Ceramic Press Comb

Andis is widely known for their finest quality and feature-thick launches that also score high on style factor. They have survived 80 years in the industry and worked really hard to create a glorious profile that is surely envy for their rival brands. 

Andis high heat ceramic professional press comb is designed to ensure the industry-standard professional results by making the top-notch technology available at your doorstep. 

Though ideal for coarse hair, the comb works on all hair types with its 20 different heat settings. 

It gives your cascading glory a sleek and smooth look. The comb heats up very fast (30 seconds) and that means you don’t need to wait longer to start the straightening work. 

The swivel cord allows you to maneuverer the model with dexterity. Auto-shut off ensures added safety if you forget to switch it off. With that spiffy and smart look, there is little doubt that it’s one of the best mini hair straighteners online.

2. HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

HSI Professional Glider

HSI professional is dedicated to delivering salon-grade styling tools to revolutionize the beauty industry. All of their haircare products are meticulously designed to live up to the expectations of the professional barbers as well as other enthusiasts who love to try hair straightening at their home 

HSI Professional glider ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron features tourmaline-infused ceramic plates that generate negative ions and allow tiny water molecules to infiltrate into the hair shaft for reduced static and frizz. 

The model is a HOST in ITSELF! Designed for salon-standard results and durability, the floating plates offer high-level flexibility to enable you to straighten, curl or flip. 

HIS Professional is one of the Amazon best flat iron sellers in United States. This model features eight micro sensors and is built to make an optimum use of HeatBalance Technology for even distribution and regulation of heat. As a result, the straightener takes less time to do your hair and also ensures damage prevention. 

Its 1-width plate is wide enough to suit any hair length though narrow enough to allow you to style your bangs. 

3. CHI Spin N Curl in Onyx Black

CHI Spin N Curl in Onyx Black

Internet is abuzz with soundbytes that never stop showering praises and petals on this latest sensation. It helps you get classy waves and curls on your instant demand. Curling hair has never been so easier but then chi spin n curl in onyx black happens! Built around Ceramic Heat Technology, it has just come and conquered the market with its promise of beautiful, bouncy and healthier hair. 

Be a proud owner of glossy and gorgeous hair with just a single gentle push on button. The digital temperature display allows you to set temperature in a non-fussy way and literally speaking, the wide range of temperature suits all hair types. In other words, the straightener is designed to offer a personalized styling experience while preventing hair damages as much as possible. Anytime, any day, we’re ready to take vouch for its amazing straightening power. 

The sexy hair straightener is all set to seduce you with its RED HOT LOOK. 

4. KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Do you travel often? Are you concerned about your shabby, disheveled hair with curls here and there? Here comes kipozi professional titanium flat iron hair straightener to give you carefree experiences near and far wherever you are. The model with its Auto World Voltage is designed for worldwide usage. 

What if versatility, luxury and leading-edge technology find a point of tangency? Out of cave comes this Kipozi hair straightener. Built for users’ comfort, its Titanium-made plate facilitates even distribution of heat and allows for firmer grip. 

Most suitable for thick, wavy and curly hair, this straightening appliance gives your hair an amazing shine and smoothness while ensuring reduced frizz every time. 

The smart-looking travel hair straightener with an 8ft swivel cord is the ultimate choice for convenient styling. 

5. Cayzor Beard Straightener Comb for Men

cayzor 1

If long and burly your beard is, it’s probably getting out of control and giving you a sordid look. It may have developed a weird look in the middle of its Cascadian downfall or become coarse and curly that you expected least. A way out comes in shape of cayzor beard straightener comb for men. 

Let’s tell you growing beard is very much in fashion these days. For many, beard symbolizes manliness. But taming the troubled areas at home? That sounds a crazy idea. However, this beard straightening tool has twisted the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ into “I AM POSSIBLE’. 

Thousands of beard straightener reviews on Amazon glorify the features and functions of this particular model. It shows you how to smooth out your difficult-to-manage beard in an easier, faster and safer way. 

Its top-grade anti-scald coated teeth guarantee high level of safety and ensure ZERO damage to your hair. The model comes with a 30-minutes Auto Shut-Off feature to ensure an added peace of mind for the users. 

You can easily see the temperature by shooting a glance at the LCD Screen. It has got the size advantage and so can work in very tight zone between your face and under chin. This portable beard straightener won’t take much of space in your bag and will help you get a neat and perfect beard anytime and anywhere. 

6. KIPOZI Hair Straightener 1 Inch Titanium Plates Professional Flat Iron

KIPOZI Hair Straightener 1 Inch Titanium Plates Professional Flat Iron

Another Kipozi signature forces its way to our list and we’re least surprised. The soft pink is so much eye candy! But that’s not all it offers. The Kipozi pro flat iron with titanium ion plates hair straightener comprises titanium plates carefully designed to heat up almost in the blink of an eye and conduct extremely high heat in a very shorter space of time. With each plate based on Nano Technology, the hair straightener helps you get rid of unwanted static or frizz every time you use it. 

Titanium prevents corrosion, thereby keeping the appliance free of any build up for many years. The styler features an Auto 90-Minute Shut Off. So you don’t need to do panic whether or not you have switched it off before leaving home. 

Shop flat irons online from reputed sellers of United States.

Versatile heat settings make it powerful and careful enough to work on any type of hair texture. Whether you have curls all over your head that needs higher temperatures or thin hair begging for lower settings, the straightener comes packed with all that suit different preferences.

Cordless hair straightener USA is the new HERO and you should welcome and worship the rising sun. Forget about tangled or twisted messes as it allows you to tame delicate fly-aways as well as reach seemingly invisible back part repeated times without making fusses with knotted or tangled cord.

7. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

babylisspro 1

The Babyliss pro nano titanium flat iron is lightweight beyond your crazy expectations. Many travel flat irons are so lightweight that they seem to style only tiny doll hairs. It is extremely easy to work with as well. 

The tool allows you to straighten a wider section of your hair at one go, thereby making it easier and faster to style your hair. It can easily straighten the poofiest sections with just a single glide. 

It arrives with a pack of 50 heating settings – going up as high as 450F. Now that’s not a joke. Its smooth titanium plates can hold up to extremely high heat and conduct it easily while resisting corrosion. The appliance is designed to leverage the advantages of Nano Technology in order to ensure salon-level results and protect your hair from heat-induced damages. 

The flat iron allows for an easy and firm grip and so, you can easily craft wavy textures or straight structure without feeling hand or finger fatigue. 

Whether you travel frequently or once in a blue moon, this mini hair straightener online is of good value for your bangs. 

8. NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Argan Oil Tourmaline Ceramic Titanium Straightening Flat Iron

NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener

Nition professional salon hair straightener is designed to give a new definition to the traditional straightening iron. It’s a great-looking hair styling tool loaded with creative healthy styling features. Its 5-IN-1 heating plate is meant to ensure healthy 3D styling. The advanced technology helps in locking natural moisture of your hair and leaving it soft, shiny, smooth and healthy. 

ONE STEP design is a leading-edge and revolutionary concept that lends a button-less, fuss-free and fashionable look to the straightener. The 2 in 1 hair straightener and curler is lightweight enough to easily fit your travel bag and therefore, makes a great travel companion anytime, anywhere. 

9. KIPOZI Pro Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Ceramic Plates & Adjustable Temp

KIPOZI Pro Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Kipozi pro flat iron hair straightener with ceramic plates is perfect for those who want to get rid of unwanted frizz and static on a regular basis. It arrives with a wider range of easy-to-adjust temperature settings and so, works for any type of hair. You can flat iron your hair to get a classic cascade of smooth and sleek hair or create a voluminous blow-out sensation with its power of hair flipping. 

The Anti-Skid Design offers a tight yet comfortable grip on its handle to let you work on your hair without hand fatigue. It cuts the risk of accidentally touching the extremely hot plates. 

The 60-minute Automatic Shutdown Function makes it sure that you won’t have to rush back home as you cannot remember if you have switched off the machine. The travel-friendly straightener has exerted words of praise for its salon-grade quality and affordable price level. It’s one of the Amazon best seller hair straightening irons

10. Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 Inch Flat Iron, White / Rose Gold

Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron

Many Amazon reviewers agree that it’s one of the pretty solid and premium quality hair straighteners. Thousands of FIVE STAR reviews embolden our faith that it has all the makings to be an absolute favorite for millions. 

Experience fine and flawless super straight hair style with this NEW conair double ceramic flat iron. Arriving in a soothing combo of white and rose gold, this hair straightener looks too Instagram-sensation to work. But sigh, it’s a miracle! Double Ceramic Technology is the strength behind its superlative functioning. Top-notch quality of ceramic, which is a signature of the cutting-edge technology, ensures even heat distribution. 

The styling accessory is gentle on your hair and its anti-frizz controls allow for smooth, silky and straight styles. 


Is there anything like the ‘best hair straightener’?

Actually the word ‘BEST’ is a function of multiple parameters including the type and length of your hair. According to several researches and reviews, different types of hair straighteners are suitable for different types of hair textures. To buy the BEST straightener for your hair type and quality, you should do some valuable research and find out what will fit in your case. Our hair straightener buying guide will hopefully offer you some good help. 

That being said, no one will ever go wrong with a ceramic type as it is designed to suit all types of hair textures and that’s why, extremely dependable. Most people are very impatient and impulsive buyers. Instead of doing some research and going through feedbacks, they just jumped at the best deals and offers without considering if these will work for them. Such blind buyers should go with ceramic hair straighteners to get smooth, sleek, shiny and straight hair every time.

Should I apply anything on hair before using the straightener?

It’s not necessary to apply any particular product before using your straightener. That being said, it helps if your hair strands are fragile. Check for the best pre-straightening hair products from unbiased silky hair professional hair straightener reviews

Do we need to apply hair protectant?

Let’s face the truth. Even with the best hair products and straightener, your hair stands to suffer damages from regular use. Keep in mind whether you are using a diffuser to maintain your curls, blow dying your silky hair or straightening hair strands to don a puffy-to-plain look, heat is what you need to help you get a desired style. Hair protectants – the name says it all – are kind of protective sunscreens for your hair. A good hair protectant safeguards your hair from the damages caused due to regular exposure to heat for hair straightening and styling. 

What is a better choice between titanium and ceramic straighteners? 

Titanium is a good conductor of heat and so, titanium types heat up much faster and contain heat at a particular temperature. Compared to ceramic straighteners, titanium variants can help you get a satisfactory result more quickly. That being said, ceramic types are safer to use due to their ability to distribute heat evenly. Furthermore, they reduce hair damage by minimizing friction between the plates and your hair and ensure excellent results in form of smooth and static free, frizz-less hair. 

Our experts’ votes go to ceramic hair straighteners. 

What are the differences between straightener and flat iron?

It’s possible to curl hair with straightening iron. However, you need to understand the differences between the two types that you can use for the same purpose. All flat irons are hair straighteners but not the vice versa. A flat iron has two plates to straighten your hair. On the other hand, a hair straightener includes more in form of hot combs, blow dryers, straightening brushes or other types of accessories. 

How to put volume in your hair with a straightener?

If you have flat and thin hair and want to add volume to it, apply a branded volumizing product all over your hair. Air dry it first so that the machine doesn’t have to do much of straightening work as it will cause your hair to become thinner.

How to use hair straightener?

You don’t have to be an expert in rocket science to use a hair straightener. Follow a few simple steps and you are done.

Avoid everyday use.
Use a volumizing product all over your hair before straightening.
Buy a good quality straightener that is most suitable for your hair type.
Don’t choose high heat setting while using the machine.

Make sure that your hair is completely or at least, halfway dried before using the straightener. 

How to straighten my hair without damaging it?

Followings are some essential tips for you to ensure that hair straightening causes no damage to your hair:

Apply a soothing shampoo to your hair and then condition it properly to prepare the hair strands before straightening. 

Use a good thermal protector before using the straightener. 

Section your hair by using taming hair clips while straightening your hair.

Use a hair straightener made of ceramic plates. 

Never re-straighten your hair when it is still hot.

Message your hair with coconut oil at least, once in a month for
damage control and hair repairing. 

Dry your hair completely (at least, half dry) before using the machine. 

How to curl hair with a straightener for beginners?

Follow our simple step-by-step guide to get the desired result:

Work through the small section of your hair towards the top as gently as possible.

Pull the machine down your hair shaft as if you were straightening your hair as normal. 

When you reach the target part that needs curls (usually middle-to-end of the section to get a natural, breezy and beachy look), skip to step four.

Hold the machine 180 degree away from your head and pull it down gently through your hair. Repeat the procedure for each section. 

How to reduce frizz after straightening natural hair?

Carefree, beachy appearance with a few strands of flyaways is not all are very fond of. This is simply because, a glossy and smooth hair is very much ‘in’ thing and fashionistas want to look hot and stylish from tip to toe. Your hair looks frizzy when moisture absorption from the air causes cuticles to lift. To minimize the frizz, it’s important to know how to treat your hair with the right products after you are done with straightening work.
Buy a detangling product, spray it into your hands and rub them together. Run your fingers through the frizzy section of your hair. The detangler will smoother hair cuticle and eliminate the frizz.
You can also use a straightening serum. Spray it on a flat paddle brush and run it all over your frizzy hairs to smoother and straighten them.
Don’t brush or comb your dry hair immediately after straightening it as it may fray the hair cuticle and even cause frizz. Instead, use your fingers to comb through your hair. 

How to use hair straightening cream?

Here is a step-by-step guide to show you how to use hair straightening cream:

Clean your hair properly. Make sure not to use the cream on unwashed hair. 

It’s important to ensure that the cream you are using is good for your hair. Use a little amount of the cream on one hair strand. If it loses color or breaks, switch to another straightening cream. 

Brush your hair separate into several strands so that you can apply the cream easily and evenly. Women, most of the time, grab bunches of hair and start using cream or flat iron. Unfortunately, it’s utterly wrong as you will end up getting disastrous results.
Now you come to the actual task – applying your hair straightening cream. Always wear gloves while using the cream in order keep your hands safe. Take a small amount of it and use your fingers or a brush to apply the cream while working from the roots to the tip of every strand of hair. Take care that your scalp does not get in touch with the cream because it may cause irritation. 

Use a wide-toothed comb to spread the cream gently and evenly until the entire head is covered. Comb your hair from upward to the tips to ensure a perfect finishing touch.

Leave the cream on your hair for 15-20 minutes. For safety of your hair, perform the afore-mentioned strand test after 5-10 minutes.

Take a warm water to wash your hair thoroughly for 5-7 minutes.

Ensure no trace of cream is left on your hair. Dry your hair properly with a towel.
You are just a single step away from getting a smooth and silky straight. It will be enough to blow dry your hair. However, for salon-standard finishing, you can go with a flat iron. 

What is the best hair straightening serum?

A variety of good quality hair serum is easily available in the market. Though not all are suitable for all types of hair but a good hair serum always offers versatile use and various hair solutions. It adds texture and shine to your hair and also makes your hair strong. 

What is the ideal hair straightener temperature?

There is no one-fits-all answer to this question. Honestly speaking, the ideal temperature depends on multiple factors. The ideal temperature is the lowest setting that will allow you to get the straightened stand with a single pass of your machine. That means no attending to the same locks times and again. Followings are some important points to remember in this regard:
Hair Type: Some hair types take more time and effort to get a pretty shiny and straight look. For example, those with curly and thick hairs should set the temperature to a higher setting whereas those with nearly straight hair can get the desired effect even with the much lower settings.
Hair Damage: High temperature causes more damages to already damaged hair. So, if you have damaged hair, keep the temperature as low as possible and also avoid using straightener as much as possible.
Hair Products: Some hair products help in the process of hair straightening by allowing you to achieve a good result at lower settings. 
Experts’ Recommendation: Most of the straighteners allow you to choose a temperature from 160 to 220 degrees C. Set the temperature at 180 degree or below if you have thin hair. For curly and thick hair, you can choose higher settings i.e. 190 degree C or above. 

How to clean hair straightener?

Cleaning a hair straightener is extremely easy. You need a warm, damp cloth, cotton balls and rubbing alcohol. 
You should start cleaning when the appliance is completely cool. Soak a few cotton balls into rubbing alcohol and swab them gently to clean the machine plates. After you are done with cleaning, use the cloth to wipe down the appliance. 

Do hair straighteners cause hair damage?

Some people cannot do without a hair straightener. They use it almost regularly. Keep in mind that regular use is not recommended. That’s why, it’s important to learn how to use a straightener effectively. Make it a point to use it with a heat protector to prevent your hair from heat exposure and burning. 

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Do hair straighteners cause baldness?

Regular use of straighteners certainly damages your hair though causes no permanent hair loss. Over time, you may notice thinning and in that case, discontinue using it and the hair will come back. 

Do hair straighteners cause cancer?

Household appliances including hair straighteners produce formaldehyde known to cause carcinoma in rodents. However, there are no evidences that it poses the risk of cancer in human beings. 


If the right type of hair straightener is chosen and used properly, it will give your hair a very elegant, bouncy and silky look. Pay heed to what our experts say and suggest. We, at, also encourage you to know what straightener professional hair stylists use to give a perfect touch of style and finishing to their clients’ pride of possession. However, everyday use may cause damage to your hair, including hair thinning. Make sure to use good quality products every time before straightening your hair. 

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