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Features to consider before buying a microwave oven

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The microwave oven was only considered a cooking system in those days. We now have microwaves that can multitask and do much more than just heat up with technological progress and growth. The microwave is an important part of the culinary world, changing the kitchen environment dramatically, and takes up little room. As soon as you plan to purchase a microwave oven and enter a store or start shopping online, you’ll find seemingly unlimited choices, forms, sizes and other technological features you didn’t hear before.

While it is easy to know if you have a microwave or not, driving through the wide range of microwave options for purchasing is entirely a daunting task. Based on your requirements, this is a small guide on the things you need to take into consideration when buying a microwave.

We begin with the types of microwave oven present in the stores offline and online like Amazon.

What are the different types of microwave oven to buy?

Countertop Microwave – Since they’re compact and lightweight, Countertop microwave oven are the perfect choice for most homes, just bear in mind that they take up some space on your counters. Any newer homes have a microwave shelf beside the fridge or stove to accommodate the microwave, allowing you to simply pop it in. It’s compact enough to fit in every kitchen cabinet, but it’s a virtual powerhouse of automated cooking features.

Check out the top 10 countertop microwave oven to buy

Built-in microwaves – Built in microwave oven may be placed inside, beneath or above your cabinets. These types of microwaves can have a light and ventilation system at the bottom, so that they can double as a coil to your kitchen. About the scope Microwave is an excellent example of an integrated one, and it has an even cooking pushbutton convection configuration. I also discussed cooking convection in the ovens 101 ranges, and the same simple principle applies to microwave convection. Convection ensures that you can cook quicker and preserves the whole taste of your meal.

Solo Microwave Oven – A solo microwave is a microwave for reheating food and drinks, cooking noodles and frosting frozen food items. Solo microwaves can cook food and beverages using electromagnetic radiation. The commercial as well as the domestic kitchens will use a single microwave oven. This microwaves use watts to turn heat into electricity, and then cook the food. These microwaves, from office break rooms, small apartments and restaurant kitchens, can be used almost everywhere.

Convectional microwave oven – Convection microwave ovens have the entire microwave and grill kitchen choices and are capable of baking bread. The convection microwave uses a separate mix of heater and fan to prepare all of the meals and more. A Convectional microwave oven heats food more quickly when it blows hot air, it contains atmospheric ventilation in and out. Convection stoves can reduce cooking time by 25 percent, according to Fine Cooking. This can however be a matter of recipes specifies a certain time of cooking depending on the classic oven, and then you guess how much time you can split the time of cooking.

Grill microwave oven – An outdoor grill microwave is a microwave which gives families the taste of the grill. A grill microwave oven can do everything, plus grilled pizzas, chicken and seafood. a solo microwave can do anything. Grill the grill microwave with a separate grill heater and extra supplies. These special grilling spirits make for grilling, toasting and roasting.

Advantages and disadvantages of each type of microwave oven

Pros and Cons of Built-in microwave or over the range Microwave oven

  • This kind of microwave may not take this useful area on the fridge, but you must recruit a specialist to get your oven professionally equipped. Due to its characteristics plus the cost of construction, an integrated or a multi-range microwave normally gets more costly.

Pros and Cons of Countertop Microwave

  • This style of microwave is excellent for those with a larger or larger kitchen counter. Compared to other models, this form of microwave is cheaper and it would be inconvenient to take a lot of space on your counter because of its scale. This can also be operated very well. You just need to connect it and heat or cook your meal. Although they seem very plain, there are several fascinating characteristics in the best countertop microwave for 2015. It can be easy in architecture, but it is filled with creative innovations.

Pros and Cons of Convection microwave

  • Convection microwave gives the traditional microwave oven the comfort of baking, grilling; it is time consuming and also affordable. However, the significant drawback of convection microwave ovens is that it is not as effective in baking those products as it is in traditional ovens. You will, for example, know that those baked with a traditional oven have a finer texture than those baked using a microwave oven convectional.

Pros and Cons of Solo Microwave Oven

  • Advantages of Solo microwave oven is its affordability, long term operation
    and compact size. However, the limitation lies in its scant features and minimum of models with automatic modes.

Factors to keep in mind before buying each type of microwave oven

What a microwave would do? What can’t it do, is the better question? Microwave will do anything from cooking a cooked rind to baking buns, no matter whether you pick the countertop or integrated. A brief buying guide of some of the features in a microwave is presented along with other factors that should be remembered before finalizing a product.


  1. Self-reheating – the food is perfectly reheated with a click of a button,  any havspecific configurations for heating residues or broth are ideal for your cooking spree.
  2. Self-defrost – you can automatically freeze anything you are frying based on the weight of chicken, beef or other kinds of food.
  3. Self cook – has a bag of popcorn ever burnt? That exactly where auto cook comes in handy. Cook the perfect bag with a touch of popcorn, bake some pumpkin or make a quiche – Auto cook removes tension when watching what you cook.
  4. Levels of power – Some frozen foods need that you only cook them at medium heat. Some microwave models have high, medium and low power levels to provide alternatives for cooking.
  5. Turntables on or off – Do you like food rotating while cooking? Select a turntable microwave. There is even a button on any of the models to turn off if anything has to be in order.
  6. Functions of the sensor – Several microwave cookers immediately detect how long the food has to cook and adapt.
  7. Removable racks – There are two tiers on certain microwaves, so you can cook on the top rack or the bottom.
  8. Functions Fast Minute – Would you like to add a minute to anything you cook? Just press a button. Just touch. Few Microwave brands allow you to set up with a tap of the button for 10 minutes of one minute.
  9. Keep warm feature β€“ Just like the areas may have a warm cabinet, some microwave models have a warm function which keeps the bread and cooker warm at an extremely low temperature until you’re ready to serve it all.
  10. Kitchen timer – The best friend of your mother will use kitchen timers for anything from minutes when a dish is finished to a time-out taking someone to the corner.
  11. Child Lock – Other tried and tested parents would never want to survive without it. Child Lock won’t allow your child to enter the microwave or switch it on while you don’t search.

Other factors

Kitchen dimensions matters: From 0.5-cubic to 1.5-cubic-foot versions this multifunctional device is available for all your kitchen spaces . First of all, though, you ought to consider how much room you have in your kitchen and what you’ll bring in it. Measure your dining dishes before you head to your home to buy a new range.

Power capacity: The higher the wattage, the more functions the microwave. Power is critical. You’ll need a medium to fully size microwave if you want to do other than cooking popcorn or baking potatoes. A large model and greater capacity are required for preparing a complete meal. Full ovens are equipped for 1000-1600 watts and medium-size ovens for 800-1000 watts of power.

Best budget microwave oven – Never forget to compare the deals of the appliance before finalizing the product. Apart from looking onto the features and factors while buying a microwave it is importance to analyze the market price or customers can also resort to buy their suitable Microwave oven from Amazon, the online store. Grab the most exciting deals and 

Frequently asked questions 

How does microwave oven works?

Microwaves are formed inside the oven by an electron tube called a magnetron. The microwaves are mirrored inside the metal interior of the oven where they are ingested by food. Microwaves allow water molecules in food to vibrate, causing heat that cooks the food

How to clean microwave oven?

The hands-off procedure to clean microwave oven is enumerated below:

  • Put some fluid in a microwave-safe bowl and cover with warm water. 
  • In the microwave, position the bowl and run it up for five minutes.
  • Allow another five minutes to stand.
  • Remove the turntable and wash it with a wet sponge and dry it with a towel of cloth.

How to bake potato in microwave oven?

Baking potato in microwave oven can be done in few easy steps:

  • In the microwave, cook for 5 minutes at full power. 
  • Turn over and cook 5 minutes longer. 
  • Remove from the microwave when the potato is tender and cut in half longitudinally.
  • Season with salt and pepper and mash with a fork inside.

What frequency does a microwave oven use?

Microwave is an electric pulse of about 1 m to 1 mm, which corresponds to the frequencies of 300 MHz and 300 GHz, respectively.

How to cook bacon in microwave oven?

Line a 3-layer paper towel microwave-safe tray. Set bacon on top and do not overlap. Cover with two additional coats of towels of cloth. 4 to 6 minutes high microwave for crispy bacon

How to fix a microwave oven?

Indeed, a normal micro oven consists of a transformer, diode, condenser, fusion and magnetic valve. A single unit is a basic system. All can be checked and replaced by a non-heating oven.

Step 1: Remove moving parts and unplug power.

Step 2: Back cover off. 

Step 3: Fuse first check.

Step 4: Door Switches Inspect.

Step 5: See the Switch Inside.

Step 6: Buy a substitute part.

Step 7: New Switch installation.

Step 8: On Unlocking Capacitor.

Note before it ends 

You’ve just passed a detailed microwave shopping guide. Now, that you have a good understanding of what the industry expects after having seen all the characteristics and types of microwave oven, find your choice in the Amazon Online store and lay your hands the appliance that best suits your needs. Many things need to be looked at, as per factor is discussed in detail in this purchasing guide. It isn’t at all difficult to find your way into the heart of your right kitchen partner. 

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