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Leading Web Hosting Providers in 2022

Looking for a top web hosting provider for your domain, but not sure where to begin? We can help! From price, to hosting features, to free domain registration.

Top 3 Domain Hosting Companies in INDIA
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Excellent 9.7

free domain and lifetime SSL

Great Value
bluehost shared hosting e1654320173923
Excellent 9.8

Free SSL & Speed Boosting CDN

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Excellent 9.5

Unmetered Disk Space

Great Value
Looking to build a WordPress website? Bluehost is an excellent option for that. It’s a lightweight solution offering fast loading times, guided setup process, and of course – a free domain with each plan.
Fast and reliable worldwide servers, top-class customer support, and a free premium domain – Hostinger offers everything you need to launch a brilliant online business.
HostGator is affordable, making it an excellent choice for beginners. With a modern interface, full cPanel integration, and a free domain name, it’s an excellent choice for all small businesses.
Big Rock is a Domain Registration and Web hosting company. It is one of the best hosting in India that offers various types of specialized web services, including domain registration, domain search, and shared hosting.
If you are a complete newbie and don’t want to invest too much in blogging but want to start your first blog with wordpress. Then Namecheap is the best hosting provide in India for you.
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Liquid Web Storm VPS4464

What are web hosting services?

Web hosting providers offer their customers combined or specialised hosting of single or even multiple services. Such web hosting facility is typically utilised to host webpages, but it may also be utilised to hold business email, documents, games, as well as other material. Companies can use web hosting solutions to outsource one or even several web-based basic tasks to such hosting provider. That enables the firm to concentrate its efforts on servicing its clients and expanding its operations.

There are several sorts of website hosting services available to suit to various types of enterprises. Certain web hosting firms will develop your complete website, whereas others will simply provide you with a piece of property and one shovel as well as leave you all your own ways. You will select a hosting firm dependent on the characteristics listed below, depending upon your business type and size.

How to Pick the Greatest Web Hosting Provider?

Your capacity to manage a profitable website will be severely hampered if you do not use the finest website hosting. There are a surprising number of website hosting companies fighting for your company. How do you choose the finest one? Begin by remembering the key steps:

Uptime on average:

The first thing to check for is regular uptime, which would be the average length of hours your webpage is up and running over a certain duration of time. The typical uptime of your webpage is essential since it might influence how much visitors it receives. Your website will not receive much traffic while users are unable to view it whenever they arrive. Even single hour of interruption means your company is already missing a significant amount of prospective sales. Which is why individuals want their usual uptime to reach as near to 100 percent as feasible. If your average uptime is less than 99.90 percent, you must start searching for a new web hosting company.

Loading time:

Another important topic to consider would be page loading time that is the moment it requires for an online page to open. Page loading time, like uptime, influences how much visitors your website receives. This is due to the fact that the slower that web pages appear, the more annoyed the user becomes. According to another Google research, 53 percent of mobile website users exit when a webpage requires more than Three seconds for loading. As a result, you need a web server that can offer page load timings of three seconds as well as less.


The third key element to examine is indeed the customer service provided by the website hosting provider. Having great customer assistance allows you to cope with website issues more quickly and efficiently. Web hosting companies often provide telephone, chat, as well as ticket-based client assistance. What is important is how soon they answer and how competent their support personnel is.

Pricing and contract renewal:

Every company wants to earn a return on investment. You must first be ready to invest significant money in attempt to do just that. Yet, when you’re just getting started, you might not wish to blow your entire savings on such expensive hosting service. When you’re managing a webpage for a large company, you might not wish to sacrifice on functionality.

When it relates to price, another item to keep an eye out for seems to be the price of upgrading your subscription. You might be startled to learn that the renewing fee is significantly larger than the original payment you made when you joined up.

Free domain name:

Several web hosting companies will normally provide you a free name for like a year. After this, you’ll have to begin paying a charge to keep using that site.

A complimentary domain generally looks like []. It is also referred to as one subdomain. Though this may not appear professional, it is useful when starting off.

Storage plus bandwidth:

A hosting service with unlimited bandwidth is usually the best option. The quantity of data which a webpage can transmit to its users over a specific time period has been referred to as website hosting bandwidth. As a result, the more bandwidth that web hosting service provides the better.

Storage is identical to bandwidth in that the greater you have the better. Because the phrase “storage” or “disc space” is so widely used, it appears self-explanatory. It decides how much site material you can keep, including text, photos, code, databases, plus even emails.

Examine various Add-On Items as well as Services Available:

Once your webpage is up as well as running, you may find yourself wanting to add additional features. Having said that, it is indeed worth investigating what potential host has to provide in aspects of “extra features” at this point.

If you really want to begin small and develop your way upwards as your page grows, be certain you can add new features without needing to jump over hoops or relocate your whole website. The flexibility to select elements “a la carte” allows you to create a package that includes everything you require. 

Such wishlist might contain stuff such as an SSL certification or bespoke email addresses, that we’ll go through in detail later. However, you may be capable to increase storage as well as other tools without altering your basic plan. In any case, knowing what’s feasible ahead of time will help you prevent unpleasant shocks later on.


Many web hosting companies include complimentary SSL as component of their services.

Whenever we talk regarding SSL within hosting services, we typically mean SSL certificates. This SSL certificate secures the link and provides confidence. It places the padlock symbol before any URL and inserts the letter “S” to HTTPS. SSL protects your website activities by encrypted any data that passes across it. This really is especially significant for e-commerce websites.

Options for refund:

Many web hosting companies provide a specific length of time with full money-back assurance. It’s good to possess hassle-free return options while testing out a website hosting provider. This allows you to pay to test their services and evaluate whether it meets your demands. If you don’t think their service is worth the cash you paid for it, you may easily get your cash back.

People who are unable to obtain refunds from any web hosting company generally release their rage on the internet. You may look for these comments (typically on blogs or reviewing sites) to check if the supplier’s money-back promise is as painless as they advertise.


Any web hosting company should preferably provide frequent website backups as well as make it simple for you all to accomplish it yourself. A webpage backup is indeed a duplicate of your webpage that aids in the maintenance of your webpage. It keeps you from loosing all of your website development and information if something bad happens.


Security features such as security tracking, Data loss prevention, LetsEncrypt SSL, RAID, and safe data centres should be provided by your website hosting company. Never overlook security while searching for a website hosting service. Picking a hosting solution with high security ensures that your entire website as well as your clients’ data is secure. When selecting the web hosting service, check over the security elements and offered packages if you want to add an extra layer of security.

Learn About Your Upgrading Options:

When signing any agreement, “reading the terms and conditions” is a wise step. This is especially true for internet providers. Before you commit to any hosting contract, make sure you won’t get fined if you decide to upgrade later.

In fact, your new weblog or podcast may become popular at some point, and you’ll have to expand out rapidly to give your website with more resources plus space. That’s fantastic! However, you must ensure that your hosting package can grow with you rather than hinder it.

Check to see if the provider allows e-commerce:

If you’re creating any e-commerce website, be sure your domain host provides everything you’ll need to operate an online marketplace. This could incorporate designed e-commerce facilities, one-click deployment of helpful programmes, and even enhanced security for internet transactions. For instance, if your server does not provide Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) certifications, you will need to acquire one that fulfils the payments gateway specifications you intend to utilise. Furthermore, if you really are unsure how to establish your new store, you may look for providers that offer webpage builders or even other services that can assist any e-commerce business.

Check to see whether email forwarding is included along with your profile:

You may be accustomed to getting your private email handled well by Google or some other provider. Which is why, whenever it relates to your company and webpage, email is frequently an afterthought.

When you wish your personal email to suit your company’s logo and the name of your website, you’ll also require a provider for that facility. Perhaps an email account with limited capability will be supplied into your hosting package. However, researching potential email hosting possibilities is highly suggested, particularly if you intend to use email campaigns to approach your target audience.

There are advantages and disadvantages to combining your email plus site hosting. Unless the host has measures in place to protect one as well as the rest, you may find yourself in a situation where “if only one goes off, they all went out.” This implies that when your website host fails, your emails will be lost.

From the other side, maintaining both services within the same location might make your life easier, and a trustworthy host must be capable to prevent such issues. Fortunately, the finest providers give a variety of alternatives for email forwarding. They have you protected if you are searching for a single email host as well as a web hosting service that contains secure email.

What Do Hosting Packages Entail to You?

The larger as well as more complicated the webpage, the more detailed the setup package required. The most important ones are just as follows:


The most basic bundle that providers provide is shared website hosting. Ones website is hosted on the very same server like many other internet sites, thus you share the server as well as any additional resources, such like memory as well as CPU. All of those are appropriate for basic webpage requirements like as email forwarding, file sharing, plus entry-level ecommerce websites. Shared hosting would be the least expensive and hence the most cost-effective solution for small as well as new organisations.


This virtual private server, as opposed to a shared domain controller, is dedicated to your specific needs. You might still be using a real server; however the service generates your very personal virtual server. Which means you have complete control over all assets, from memory space to processor power and even beyond. This would be a highly safer and extra trustworthy solution that maintains your site distinct from the rest while also being affordable.


Dedicated hosting would be already a step forward. On top to having your personal server, dedicated server allows you to have complete control over things. That implies you have complete administrative access as well as can configure things exactly how you want them. This sort of bundle includes a regal suite of capabilities that might or might not be required for all kinds of enterprises.


WordPress is just a type of shared hosting which appeals towards a more specialised customer. Those servers are configured differently, with elements that are especially appealing to WordPress efficiency, such as quicker loading times, pre-installation, safety elements that work directly with WordPress, plus WordPress upgrades. This is beneficial for businesses with WordPress websites.

Web Hosting Costs and Value

Some people pick web hosting companies only on pricing. While that is not a good plan, you should definitely consider price. The finest providers make plans to suit any budget, as well as in certain cases, joining up for much longer memberships will result in further savings.

Also, give yourself some breathing room. Selecting any web hosting package that suits the current demands of your webpage is fantastic. However, with optimism, your website will develop and extend over time; therefore your requirements may alter. Because migrating to a different web hosting company is time-consuming, look for one that provides scalable options. Along the similar lines, you should consider how many mail accounts have been offered. Whether as well as not you think you’ll need hundreds of email accounts in the future, it’s wonderful to possess the ability to establish as much as possible.

Why Are Webpage Hosting Prices So Important?

Hosting fees are significant since they persist throughout the lifespan of your page. Many hosting firms offer considerable promotional discounts to assist cover the expenses of launching a new firm during the beginning.

But what occurs when such deals run out? We encounter this problem time after time: you get smacked with an unexpectedly large hosting fee. 

Many customers also sign long-term agreements without fully grasping the terms as well as conditions, just to cancel the agreement after a few months. This can simply double or quadruple your website services prices at a critical period of development for your company. Nobody desires that.

You should also go beyond the price of any hosting bundle; quality as well as performance may have an influence upon company bottom line, therefore it’s not the stuff you can manage to overlook. The ugly reality is that less expensive is not always better.

Slow loading timings are just one example of how poor hosting may result in more failures as well as fewer conversions.

So saving a few bucks each month isn’t worthwhile it when your website isn’t doing effectively. Finding the ideal balance of quality plus affordability is indeed the secret to minimizing expenses and damage.

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