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The Best Blenders for Smoothies at Best Budget

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Most blenders are designed to deal with more than one task. But they are very often used to perform one task more than others – making smoothies. The best blenders for smoothies can easily crush ice and frozen fruits and turn all the produce into a silky, frothy and tasty drink. If a blender is not of good quality, chances are high that it will leave behind chunks of bananas or leafy or grainy bits of kale or other fibrous ingredients.

Our experts have handpicked the five top-rated blenders for smoothies. Remember we have included users’ comments and our experts’ unbiased reviews of each of the best smoothie maker .

1. Best Overall: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Black with 64-Oz. Container

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It is, by far, the best blender for smoothies, according to our experts. It’s of industry standard both in design and function. Vitamix blender is used across many commercial kitchens. However, it’s also excellent for your home use. Many users think it produces the fluffiest mouthfeel. No other blenders can cut and crush the nuts, chunks of frozen fruits and tough ingredients as effortlessly as it.

The model features a smoothie setting – you put all the ingredients, switch it on and enjoy your TV show. The blender has a tougher build than many others. It is pricey but definitely worth your money.

  • Durable
  • Can crush all types of frozen and tough ingredients
  • Produces fluffiest mouthfeel
  • Expensive

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2. Best Automatic Smoothie Blenders: Blendtec C575A2301A-AMAZONC Classic Bundle with Wild-Side and Jar and Spoonula, Black

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If you are looking for a blender with automatic settings but minus the Vitamix price label, it could be a great pick. The well-timed auto settings and pre-programmed cycle for smoothies never fail to produce the perfect texture. It is a multi-tasking blender that can do other works while crushing and blending. Some reviewers also feel that this blender is more powerful than the ‘Ferrari’ of the smoothie blenders i.e. Vitamix.

The blender sports an aesthetically sleek design that will look pretty good in your modern kitchen. It comes in a variety of bright colours. Making perfectly smooth and silky hummus has never been so easy and affordable!

  • Aesthetic design
  • Automatic setting
  • Multi-tasking
  • Touchpad interface for easy cleaning
  • No major demerit

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3. Best Full-Size Blender: Ninja BL642 Blender Duo with Auto-iQ, 1200W (Black)

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Whether at home settings or on a trip, this blender works really well, Equipped with two 16-ounce travel cups and a 72-ounce pitcher, this blender definitely has larger capacity to produce big batches of smoothies. Surprisingly, its base features a slimmer design that won’t take up much of space. It has three speeds, a pulse and single-serve function to prevent food waste and ensure the right consistency.

The best part of this smoothie blender is, according to many users, it can turn ice chunks into snow in literally no time. With the single serve, the blend is lot easier to clean.

  • Perfect for trips and at home settings
  • Takes not much space
  • Easy to use, clean and store
  • Auto IQ technology
  • Works really fast
  • Ensures perfect consistency
  • Prevents food waste
  • Some users complain plastic quality is not good

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4. Best for Travel: Hamilton Beach Raspberry 1 Jar Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid (Purple)

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Whether you need a compact model for your kitchen or your trip, this smoothie blender is the right pick for you. Unbelievable it might sound but the blender weighs only 2 pounds. The 14-ounce BPA-free travel cup directly attaches to the motor. Just add the ingredients and switch on – making smoothie is as simple as that.

Users like it for its compact look. However, they are also happy with its performance. It is as swift as the best stand mixers at blending the ingredients. What is more, it does not produce loud sound unlike the bigger models.

  • Compact
  • Fast at blending
  • Quieter
  • Not suitable for big batches

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5. Best for Juicing: Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender, , Gunmetal

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If you prefer a personal smoothie blender to make your smoothie, vegetable and fruit juice, it could be the best bet for your splurge. The blender comes with everything that you will need for your blending and juicing. When the all-in-one blending kit comes from the den of a trusted name, you can hardly go wrong with it. And just imagine, you will get the combo at just $100.

The blender gives a great texture every time it’s switched one. Furthermore, the blender isn’t loud at all.

  • Complete blender kit
  • Not loud
  • Affordable
  • No major issues

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What to Consider When Buying the Blenders for smoothies?

You need to remember some important points when buying a smoothie blender. Followings are those for your kind consideration:

Size: Some blenders for smoothies have capacity as large as 72 ounces whereas others are fine for single servings. If you are buying a blender to make smoothies only for yourself, a smaller machine featuring a 14-ounce travel cup will serve your purpose. However, you should buy a blender with a large pitcher to serve smoothies to multiple people. In case, if you have leftovers, a blender with a lid is the best thing to go with.

Features: Once you have finalized the size, consider the additional features. Many are superbly versatile and function as a food processor or a juicer. Some blenders for smoothies have a self-cleaning button. Some people look for the best juice blender cum smoothie maker. Prepare a list of features you like to have in your blender.

Price: Price plays a role whenever you are buying something. Always have a budget in place. Fortunately, you have a variety of options for all pockets. Many affordable blenders for smoothies have good ratings.

Final Words

A smoothie blender is the perfect kitchen appliance to serve yourself or your guests the perfectly smooth and silky texture. Some top blenders for smoothies feature versatility – they can make juice and process food as well. So, just assess your needs and budget before making a choice.

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