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Best Changing Pads – Reviews and Buying Guide

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As you have brought home the best baby wrap carrier for the new bundle of joy in your life, it’s time to pay attention to another important aspect. Of all the important things required to take best care of your baby, the best changing pads or diapers surely make it to the list of the top priorities. On average, most infants will require changing diapers at least, 6-9 per day. Though all changing pads are designed to do the same basic functions, some are safer and more comfortable than others.

Whether you are looking for something that’ll keep your baby comfortable in its cradle or something that’s convenient to use during a trip, here is a list of the best changing pads for the apple of your eye.  

Product Profile

1. Best Value Changing Pad: Munchkin Secure Grip Changing Pad (Multi Color)

Munchkin Secure Grip Changing Pad (Multi Color)

The Munchkin Secure Grip Changing Pad is definitely the best wipeable changing pad for your buck. The easy-to-wipe water resistance surface makes cleaning super easy. Furthermore, it also features a safety strap to keep your wiggly baby secured. The pad is lightweight and convenient to carry while travelling. You don’t need to constantly worry about changing your baby’s diaper frequently. The pad won’t slip around on hard surfaces, thanks to the rubber safety strips on its bottom.

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  • Safety grips for baby’s security
  • Easy-to-wipe surface
  • Some reviewers complain of strong smell coming out of the box

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2. Best-Rated Changing Pad: Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad Amazon Frustration Free Packaging

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This waterproof changing pad has it all! It’s lightweight and comfortable; easily fits most universal covers and retains its shape. In a word, it gives a good value for your money. This pad is big enough for the babies and also designed to fit standard changing table designs. It features both safety belt and high contoured sides that will keep your baby safe. The incredibly plush padding is highly water resistant. Therefore, cleaning is a breeze and you should stop worrying about liquids leaking into the foam.

  • Fits universal covers
  • Retains its shape
  • Fits standard changing table
  • Pricey

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3. Best Smart Changing Pad: Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

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No wonder that this product makes it to our list of the best diaper changing pads! The Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale is more than a surface to soak liquids and keep your baby in comfort. This 2-in-1 pad features a sleek design with an app that tracks your baby’s weight. You can use the app to keep a track of how many ounces or grams your baby drinks per feeding. The soft foam surface ensures ultimate comfort for your baby and makes it easy for you to wipe it clean.  

  • Easy-to-use app
  • Tracks baby’s weight progression
  • Soft and comfy foam surface
  • Expensive

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4. Best Four-Sided Changing Pad: LA Baby 4 Sided Changing Pad 30 White

LA Baby 4 Sided Changing Pad 30 White

Some parents prefer a changing pad with four contoured sides over the ones that feature two contoured sides. The four sides will keep your new born in one secured spot. The pad perfectly fits a smaller dresser and gives your baby a strong feel of comfort. Dozens of reviewers highlight how ‘safe’ the changing pad feels for their babies as well as them. According to most of them, it’s the best changing pads for the dresser and worth your every hard-earned penny.

  • Four contoured sides for enhanced safety
  • Easily fits a smaller dresser
  • Some reviewer note it’s overpriced for the quality

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5. Best Changing Pad with a Toy: Skip Hop Baby Boy’s and Girl’s Nursery Style Wipe-Clean Changing Pad (Multicolour)

Skip Hop Baby Boy's and Girl's Nursery Style Wipe-Clean Changing Pad (Multicolour)

This changing pad along with its handing toy will keep your baby entertained and happy. You can, however, remove the built-in toy if you wish so. It’s fairly easy to remove the toy. The contoured foam surface is soft and comfortable. You can easily wipe it clean so that the pad does not retain the foul smell of liquids. One downside is it does not fit all changing tables. So always measure the dimensions before hitting the ‘add to my cart’ button.

  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Hanging toy
  • Not fit for all changing tables

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6. Best Portable Changing Pad: J.L. Childress Full Body Changing Pad

J.L. Childress Full Body Changing Pad

Changing pads were never attractive before it came in the market. According to many reviewers, it’s the best portable changing pad. If you are looking for something convenient to carry without compromising quality, this one is definitely for you. It comes with diaper bags. The pads are small and flimsy. Still, it’s a large changing pad if compared to several others. The pad, when folded, covers a commercial changing table. However, you can fold it small and it will easily fit your small travel bag. The pad is sleek and available in a small variety of colors.

  • Looks sleek and stylish
  • Easy to fold
  • Occupies little space in your travel bag
  • Fits a commercial changing table
  • No major complaint

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How to Choose the best Changing Pads?

You need to remember a few points when looking for the right kind of changing pads. Here are those:

Comfort: Extra padding ensures better comfort and supportive foam keeps body snug. Some people prefer a contoured changing pad.

Stability: Look for disposable changing pads with contoured sides or a safety belt. It prevents babies from rolling around.

Size: Choose this best changing pads that will fit your baby in different stages of its growth. A changing pad with snug fitting in your baby’s early days is worth splurging for future convenience. 

Water Resistance: The best changing pads features a highly water resistant surface. Furthermore, cleaning should feel a breeze.

Final Words

So, when you are out for a suitable nappy changing mat, check if it features all the characters of a good changing pad. It should keep your baby in high care and comfort, ensure safety and feel convenient to clean. We do hope our buyer guide will help you a lot.

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