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Immersion Blenders Make Blending Easier

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Our experts have already talked at length about the best blenders for smoothies. We do hope you found it very useful and brought home a good blender. However, are these blenders ideal for preparing small-back recipes like whipped cream, vinaigrettes etc? It’s the scenario where you should switch attention to a good immersion blender. Unlike traditional blenders, immersion blenders are compact and versatile. They are also good for making sauces, soups and smoothies.

After performing several bouts of testing and going through users’ reviews on Amazon, our experts have rounded up the top 5 hand blenders. Continue reading to check what they have to say about each of these best immersion blenders.  

Product Profile

1. Best Value Immersion Blender: Hamilton Beach 2 Speed Hand Blender (Multicolour)

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This hand blender does a perfect job blending milkshakes, soups, dressings and whipped cream. Powered by a 225-watt motor, this blender can easily blend a pot of soup in just 90 seconds. It features both high and low blending speeds controlled by two easy-to-press large buttons. On top of that, it is the best budget hand blender.

This blender has only a 5-inch shaft which is enough for small batch blending. However, it isn’t the right size to use in a deep container. It is attached with food and whisk processors. Both are safe to use in dishwasher.

The plastic handle with a wide circumference feels a little bit slippery and might give you pain while holding onto. Another big disappointment is blending attachments don’t feel sturdy. However, overall, it’s the best immersion hand blender on the list.

  • Quick at work
  • Affordable
  • Difficult to operate for a long time
  • Cannot produce drinkable consistency while making smoothies

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2. Best Immersion Blender for Soup: Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender, Stainless Steel

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It is the best hand blender for soup. The blender features a speed dial to blend soup quickly while leaving no mess. Start blending on a low speed and increase the speed slowly for a splatter-free, smooth puree. It features a 300-watt motor and narrow blade guards. Despite the shortcomings, it can blend soup in 60 seconds. You can easily maneuver it around the pot. The blender has some issues blending smoothies. Our experts noticed large left-outs of ice and fruit even after a 2-minute work.

A good thing about this blender is it comes with a safety feature. The handle is easy to grip and does not feel heavy. The blender comes with a food processor, whisk attachment and mixing jar and all these are dishwasher safe. The blending attachment is, however, not safe to use in dishwasher.

  • Long shaft ideal for deep containers
  • Three dishwasher-safe attachments
  • Built-in safety features
  • Controls are at the top and so require two hands to operate.
  • Blender attachment is not dishwasher safe.

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3. Best for Baby Food: Braun MultiQuick 5 Baby Hand Blender

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This Braun blender features a variable speed button. The harder it is pressed, more powerfully it works. Keep in mind that the blade height should adjust to the food height; this way you can prevent splatter and get a perfectly desirable texture. The blender has a narrow bell-shaped blade guard without any vents. So, you won’t have to stop blending to remove what collects around the vents. The blender arrives with a dishwasher-safe food processor, whisk attachment and mixing jar.

  • Easy-to-adjust blade height
  • Dishwasher-safe attachments
  • Blade attachment easily collects water and so must be dried.

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4. Best Cordless: All-Clad KZ800D51 Hand Cordless Rechargeable 5-Speed Immersion Blender, Polished Stainless Steel

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What can feel better than moving around in kitchen with a blender that is doing its job without being plugged into the wall socket? This is the bliss of technology. If the rechargeable battery is fully charged, this blender can carry on blending work for more than 15 minutes on a high speed. Make sure to create some room on your counter space for charging the blender. A corded version is also available. It’s a powerful hand blender.

It comes with safety features. Push a button on top to unlock and press the trigger for activation. If the trigger is not pressed after 30 seconds, the blender will automatically go for self-locking. The handle and blade attachment, made of stainless steel, feel sturdy. The narrow handle feels comfortable and not slippery. The motor is powerful but amazingly quiet.

  • Portable
  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Powerful still quiet motor
  • Quick blending
  • It does not include accessories.
  • Pricey

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5. Best Power: Vitamix Immersion Blender, Stainless Steel, 18 inches

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Vitamix blenders have reputation of being used both at home and for professional purposes. This product lives up to the reputation that the company enjoys. For most blenders, it’s not easy to make a smooth texture of sauces, smoothies and soups. Moreover, they usually overheat while trying to do so. But this one does a perfect job of the trickiest works and delivers a large batch every time. It’s the best hand blender for smoothies.

It features five different speeds. This blender can go on working for 4 minutes at a stretch before automatic shutoff. At bottom, the blender is fitted with a heat-safe shield which prevents any damages to non-stick cookware.

This blender is super easy to use and clean as well. It comes with a 5-foot long cord that can help reach to a faraway wall socket. It is an expensive blender but if you can afford, it’s worth the extra dollars.

  • Long running time
  • Safe for non-stick cookware
  • Button controls are easy to operate with one hand.
  • Easy to clean
  • No accessories or blending jar included
  • Expensive

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Final Words

Most immersion blenders are easy to operate. They make a quick and good job and produce the perfect consistency for your soups, sauces, smoothies and homemade whipped cream. Most of them come with dishwasher-safe attachments and thus, save your time and labor for cleaning. Buy a top-rated immersion blender and you will feel the difference between doing the work manually and in a machine.

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