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Top 10 Best Washing Machine in 2020 from Amazon

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No one loves to wash loads of clothes day in and day out. But then it’s a daily chore that you cannot escape from. The great relief is washing clothes is no longer a manual job as technology has made the work quicker, easier and better. Yes, we’re talking about washing machines. A washing machine can clean whatever is tossed at it easily and efficiently. It saves your effort and time.

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With an exciting diversity in washing machines available in the market, the task of choosing the right model is quite overwhelming and painstaking, especially if you have no or little idea about the matter. At, our experts have covered everything from A to Z on how to pick the best washing machine for your home subject to proper assessment of your needs and budget.

Washing machines have come a long way from being just luxury products to becoming necessary home appliances. It’s no longer a fashionable item but a functional piece to ease off your workloads. With every company spending an astronomical sum on their advertisement to impress and influence the consumers and create and control a ‘jump onto the bandwagon’ effect, you will definitely find yourself lost in options. Here come we – your friend, philosopher and guide.

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Product Name



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KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine

Semi Automatic

26 lbs

portable 2

KUPPET 16.5lbs Compact Twin Tub Wash & Spin Combo for Apartment

Semi Automatic

171 lbs


Magic Chef 2.0 Cu. Ft. Compact Top-Load Washer

Top Loading

85 lbs


Panda PAN6360W Portable Compact Washing Machine

Top Loading

121 lbs

panda portable

Panda 1.34 cu. Ft. Portable Washer Machine

Top Loading

10 lbs

magic chef

Magic Chef White MCSTCW09W1 0.9 cu. ft. Compact Washer

Top Loading

0.9 cubic feet

Electrolux Titanium Front Load 

Front Loading

8 cubic feet


Magic Chef 1.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Top-Load Washer

Top Loading

1.6 cubic feet


Westland Sales ARWXF129WNA Splendid Compact Washer

Front Loading

15 lbs

LG WM3998HBA 4.5 cu.ft. Front Load Washer & Dryer Combo
  Front Loading

4.5 cubic feet

How Does a Washing Machine Work?

Washing machines, also called as clothes washer or laundry machines, clean your dirty laundry without any manual intervention. It relieves you from having to rub the dirty clothes with your hands and squeeze those to drain out the excess water as these machines are designed to do these works automatically.

The working mechanism is not same in every washing machine and largely depends on its type. Some require a little manual effort and the rests can do it automatically. However, the fundamental working mechanism remains the same in all machines.

Here are the top rated washing machines review guides to help you lay your hands on the best washer model that can perfectly match your requirements and budget.

Every washing machine features a wash tub where you need to put your dirty laundry along with water and washing liquid or detergent powder. You just need to select the wash mode and set the timer. After the machine is done with washing, you can choose the ‘rinse’ mode for complete washing. Then switch to dryer model after the entire washing procedure is complete.

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The modern types of washing machines don’t need any manual intervention for changing modes. They can set and reset everything automatically, limiting your responsibility to only stuffing the tab with dirty laundry and setting the wash mode. PRELIMINARY INTERVENTION – That is Enough. The machine uses the right amount of water and detergent required to wash clothes loaded into it.

Advanced design also enables the new-age washing machines to set the timer for washing, rinsing and drying in accordance with the chosen mode and weight of clothes.

Different Types of Washing Machines

Having full knowledge of the varieties available as well as pros and cons of each type will help you make an informed choice. If you are looking for various brands of washing machine, you can check our buying guide.

Followings are different types of washing machines with advantages and disadvantages of each category:

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

What are the features of a semi-automatic washing machine?

The name reveals a lot – it’s not fully automatic. Therefore, a little manual intervention is needed for washing clothes. This type features two tubs – one tub for washing laundry and another one for spinning or drying. The laundry needs to be transferred manually to the spin tub after the washing process is complete.

The semi-automatic type has laundry capacity of 6-8 Kg. Go with one that meets your family’s daily washing needs. They are wallet-friendly options for those with a tight budget.

  • Portable
  • Less time required for washing cycles
  • Continuous water supply for washing clothes not required
  • Low-priced models
  • Not a space-saving option (bigger in size)
  • Manual intervention – though a little – required

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

What are the features of a fully automatic washing machine?

The name reveals the secret – it needs no manual interference. It is capable of doing everything – washing, rinsing and drying – without your involvement. You are required to set the program and that’s all – the rest is its responsibility.

There are several great features of fully automatic washing machines. This type of washing machine is equipped with only one tub to wash and dry clothes. They are little more expensive than the semi-automatic models.

  • Just one push of button required to start automatic washing
  • Improved energy efficiency compared to semi-automatic types
  • Extremely powerful in removing sticky stains
  • Direct water supply required
  • Not budget-friendly as semi-automatic machines
  • Not possible to add more clothes before completion of water cycles

Fully automatic washing machines are categorized under two heads – Top Load and Front Load.

Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machine

Let us now take a look at the features of each of these types and how they are different from each other.

Top Load Washing Machines

If you don’t mind a little manual intervention, Top Load Washing Machine makes the best choice to enjoy good washing experience. Top loading washing machine price is less than front loading washing machine price. This type has an opening on its top to allow you to load the clothes. It arrives with only one tub for laundry washing and drying.

You have to attach the system with the water inlet tap, Load the clothes washer as per its capacity. The machine can automatically control the amount of water it requires for washing, rinsing and spinning the clothes without demanding any effort from your end. These machines are extremely user-friendly.

The advanced top load washing machines feature extra-large tubs to accommodate heavy loads of clothes and offer excellent cleaning. The advanced models are also energy-efficient and so don’t cause your power bill to swell heavily.

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Top-loading washing machines can be further categorized as those equipped with agitator and those not equipped with agitator.

Top load washing machines with agitator shake and force water through the system to create the motion. The mechanism creates vibration. However, this particular type offers quick and efficient cleaning.

Top load washing machines without agitator are also called high-efficiency systems. The best top loading washing machines without agitator is capable of cleaning heavy loads in one go and produces better cleaning results. What is more, it requires little water for cleaning if compared to the ‘With Agitator’ type and does not produce jarring sound during its operation.

  • Light in weight
  • Faster cleaning cycle
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • Less expensive than front load washing machines
  • Little rough on clothes
  • Plenty of water required
  • Not all of them coming with a built-in heater

Front Load Washing Machines

They are the most advanced type and sport a smart and spiffy look. They come up with horizontally sit tub, therefore requiring you to load the laundry from the front part.

Front load washing machines are more energy-efficient. They consume less water and detergent. They are loaded with many exciting and advanced features including the timer to start and stop the system, various wash programs, hot water for improved washing.

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The only drawback of this version is it is on the higher side of the price curve. However, if the best cleaning result is your priority, this variety makes the most suitable purchase.

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Once you stuff the system with dirty laundry, the machine senses the type and weight of the load and consumes water accordingly. Then, it selects the timer to wash, rinse and dry clothes in the same tub. This machine handles bulky items or heavy loads with supreme ease and efficiency.

  • Gentle on fabrics
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Improved water efficiency
  • Featuring a built-in heater for hot wash
  • No cloth tangling due to Tumble Wash Technology
  • Requiring a fixed place for installation (not light in weight to move around easily)
  • Adding clothes not possible in the middle of washing cycle
  • Expensive

Features to Consider before Buying Washing Machines

You need to place several macro factors under scanner for a careful and comprehensive scrutiny. Followings are some important features to consider before unzipping your wallet:


Capacity is the most basic consideration before choosing any particular type of washing machine. Washing machines come in a wider range of capacity. Count the heads of your family before deciding the capacity. The Rule of the Thumb is as follows:

  • A washing machine with capacity of 5Kg is enough for a couple
  • A washing machine with capacity of 5-7Kg is ideal for a small family of 2-5 members.
  • A washing machine with capacity of 8Kg or more is good for a family with more than 5 members.

Installation Space

Installation space is another important factor – only next to capacity. There are some efficient ways to install a washing machine. You need to choose a proper place to install the machine. The standard side by side machine with dryers – it usually measures 27 inches – easily fits the laundry areas. If you intend to buy a system having more capacity, it will measure 29-30 inches in width.

Washer Size

You should also accommodate ‘Washer Size’ into the orbit of your consideration. If you require a high capacity washer, make sure that it can easily get through the doorways and comfortably sit in the space. Start with measuring the width, height and depth of the space where it will be installed. The space of installation should factor in your choice of the ideal washer.

Fuzzy Logic

It’s one of the important tips on buying best brand washing machine.

The most advanced varieties of fully automatic washing machines feature a Fuzzy Logic system. The feature enables automatic operation of the entire washing process with just a simple press on the one-touch button. So, the washing machines with a fuzzy logic system don’t require you to keep a tab on the washing cycle.

The system is so advanced that it relieves you from having to take care of the entire washing cycle from actual cleaning to spinning through automatic detection of the weight of the loads. It can also control the amount of water level, detergent and washing time.

Washing Machine Drum Type

Looking for thebest buy washing machine brand in United States? In that case, you should not ignore this feature.

The wash drum or tub in a washing machine is either porcelain or plastic-coated or made of stainless steel. Most of the semi-automatic and fully automatic top load washing machines have a plastic drum. The plastic drum is an economic option. It’s easy to clean and does not suffer wear and tear due to hard water.

The stainless steel drums sport a smart look and feel premium. These drums are easy to maintain and cause no damage to your clothes. Some plastic drums have a coating of porcelain. These drums also make a smart choice but deterioration is highly likely.

Wash Programs

Different fabrics need different settings for washing. For example, cotton, wool and silk require a soft wash whereas only heavy washing can remove the tough stains from fabrics like denims.

Educate yourself about different types of wash programs before you buy washing machine online or from a brick and mortar store. The semi-automatic washing machines feature fewer wash programs whereas fully automatic variants come loaded with plenty of washing programs.

Automatic Dispensing Solution

The amount of detergent to be used is directly related to the laundry load. Still, it’s not easy to determine how much detergent you should use. Using less detergent will definitely affect the cleaning results whereas using more of detergent increases water requirement. That’s why, using the right amount of detergent is important to ensure the best washing performance.

Many advanced models of washing machines have an auto-dispensing solution to overcome this issue. The feature automatically figures out the right amount of detergent according to the laundry loads and degree of stains.

Smart Inverter Technology

The home washing machines with smart inverter technology make sure that the motor, which will carry on washing operation, will perform its cleaning operation at the maximum speed subject to the load. The technology implies that the motor performing cleaning operation will run at a speed in accordance with the laundry loads It’s an energy-saving feature ad mostly found in the advanced variants of washing machines.

Different Soaking Technologies

Washing machines of different brands feature different kinds of soaking technologies to ensure more convenient and effective dirt removal. For example, Bubble Soak Technology is a signature feature of Samsung washing machines. It adds convenience to dirt and tough stains removal by allowing the users to soak the clothes in the bubble. All that you need is to push the button.

Advanced Whirlpool models feature SuperSoak technology. The technology uses soaking and scrubbing method to remove stains.

Direct Drive Technology

Direct Drive Technology is another feature to look for according to our washing machine reviews. This technology implies that the motor includes no chains, gearboxes or belts. The drum is directly connected to the motor so that it can rotate directly. Thus, the technology guarantees improved energy efficiency as well as less vibration and noise.

The washing machines built with this technology incorporate fewer moving parts and thus, suffer less deterioration of appliances over time. As a result, the technology adds to the lifespan of the motor.

Delay Start Features

It’s one of the most advanced and amazing features of a washing machine. The feature offers good benefits. The delay start function allows you to set the start of the washing cycle – immediately or a few hours later. The feature enables you to choose the time from six to thirty-six hours of loading the laundry. The washing cycle will get automatically started at the time you set.

With a washing machine integrating the feature, you can easily get out of your home to do some shopping or other works. By the time you come back home, the machine will complete its washing cycle. However, only the advanced variants of automatic washing machines have this Delay Start Feature. Make sure to keep it in mind when choosing from a swelling option of top washing machines.

Hard Water Compatibility

Hard water is a big issue in different parts of the world. Hard water creates problems in dissolving the detergent properly and that negatively affects cleaning results. Hard water causes deposition of salt around the supply and drain pipes as well as drum. That situation leads to choking.

To overcome the issue, the leading washing machine brands rely on Hard Water Compatibility Technology that converts hard water into soft water. It safeguards the critical parts of the washing machine against choking and damage.

Drum Sanitization

What are the benefits of home washing machines packed with Drum Sanitization technology? The washer’s drum emits a musty smell. To deal with this problem, many new-age washing machines are packed with a unique technology – Drum Sanitization. It requires you to press the button to remove the bacteria, molds and other allergens for tub or drum sanitization.


Whatever type of washing machine you have decided to buy, make sure to check the warranty period, extent of coverage as well as terms and conditions. Most of the brands offer a one-year warranty on the machine. However, a few come with an extended warranty. The duration of warranty period and extent of coverage usually depend on the model and its price.

Some Additional Features Worth Considering

Load Sensors: It supplies the amount of water required to wash a particular load.

Electronic Display: It lets you keep a watchful eye on the status of the cleaning process.

Temperature Control Settings: It automatically manages the temperature according to the extent of soiling in your cloth.

Smart Control: Some top rated washing machine manufacturers in USA allow the users to synchronize the appliance with their phone via Smart Control App. It allows you to use your smartphone to control your washing machine.

Smart Diagnosis: Many washing models are designed to synchronize with your smartphone and thus, enable you to know any issue in the system as soon as it occurs. Therefore, the feature functions as a troubleshoot guideline.

Many of the latest launches are made compatible with the Alexa Appliances to enable you to use your voice-based commands to operate and control the washing machine.

How to Maintain Washing Machines?

Even if you bond with the best washing machine brand in USA, regular maintenance is a must to ensure its proper functioning. Perfect maintenance also extends the lifespan of your washer.

  • Don’t overstuff your washing machine as overloading can negatively affect its washing performance or even damage the washer.
  • Check the hoses regularly – at least, once in a month – to identify cracks or bulges.
  • After every wash, use a bucket of water to clean the wash and spin tub. Also make sure to clean the washer regularly.
  • Always choose the right type of detergent to be used in machine. Make sure to use it in the right quantity.
  • Clean the wash tub, gasket and door after every round of wash to prevent molds or bacteria builds up. It will also help in removing foul odor.
  • Don’t ignore the exterior of the machine. Use a liquid cleaner to clean the exposed parts to maintain its shine and finishing as long as possible.
  • What to use to clean washing machine? Make a home-made cleaning solution by mixing a few drops of distilled white vinegar with a cup of baking soda in a dispenser. Use the solution to clean the inner tub. Run your washing machine on the hottest cycle with an additional rinse.
  • Semi-automatic machines come with a lint filter inside their wash tub. It sucks all the particles including lints from the laundry items during the washing cycles. Therefore, cleaning the filter is a must for smooth and excellent washing performance.
  • Never leave the wet cloths in the tub for a long time as it builds up musty smell as well as bacteria and mold.
  • Never close the machine door as soon as it is done with washing. Make sure to allow for proper air flow so that the machine gets dried up completely. It prevents mechanical parts from moisture-inflicted damages.
  • Install the machine at the right level of the floor to avoid vibration during the washing process. Also make sure to leave a few inches from the walls while placing the machine.


When it comes to the best washer making brands, Whirlpool tops the list. The top-rated washing machine manufacturer in USA has a wider range of stunning and super powerful semi-automatic and automatic washing machines (both top load and front load) on offer. They make the most of advanced technology and exploit the skill of their expert designers and engineers to unleash what exceeds even your wildest dreams.

Contact Details:

Tel: 1-866-698-2538


Kuppet has carved a niche for themselves in the industry with an excellent fusion of elegance, quality and functionality. The company, with its out of the box thinking and reliance on advanced technology, brings out high-quality products and guarantees excellent customer care service to make your life easier, better and happier just like what you have always dreamt.

Contact Details:


Place an order for Magic washing machine online and feel the differences in your everyday life! With more than 85 years of rich experience, Magic Chef has emerged as an undisputed leader in the housecare industry. The brand is recognized and renowned for its wide diversity of housecare appliances that score high in both design and quality.

Contact Details:

Tel: 1-888-775-0202


Panda has already printed its signature in the industry. The company is known for its high-end housecare launches that also steal the show with their attractive and innovative design. A seamless blend of the modern technology and creative thinking is what puts Panda Products in the bracket of the best-selling homecare appliances in the market.

Contact Details: 

Tel: (888) 329-8832



Electrolux is one of the most recognized washing machine brands of United States. They have made innovation a mundane affair. A strong passion for innovation is what keeps them going. With an eye for quality and detailing, the brand leaves its unique signature style in a wider diversity of kitchen and laundry appliance inspired by their unchallenged expertise in making professional products.

Contact Details:

Tel: (877) 435-3287

Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-8PM (EST)


Westland Sales is the parent company of Splendide. Seated in Clackamas, Oregon, the company has years’ of valuable experience in making high quality compact appliances.

Washing machine customer feedbacks are pretty impressive.

Splendide pioneered the concept of ‘Space Saving’ back in 1984 and since then, has been working closely with a team of highly qualified engineers and designers to bring out modern appliances with the grand features of high quality and controls that are always a priority for the consumers.

Contact Details:



LG is a renowned multinational electronics company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The company takes pride in feeling the pulse of a wider pool of homeowners and homemakers and brings the right products through their ceaseless innovations. LG has only one motto in business – Help Customers Lead a Quality Life!

The company brings a vast range of semi-automatic, full-automatic, top-loading and front-loading machines. You will be surprised to know LG is one of the best affordable washing machine brands to buy online.  Regardless of your budget, LG has a full range of offers to suit every pocket and priority.

Contact Details:

Tel: +82 (0)2 3777 1114



The South Korean company is another giant name in the industry of home appliances. The brand lives up to its promises of reliability, quality and superb performance. Samsung has an incredible range of housecare items including washers and dryers. Samsung washing machines will never fail to impress you with their amazing look, exciting features and outstanding performance.

Check out the front load washer and dryer reviews on Samsung products.

The advanced washer models from Samsung include some new-age features such as air dry turbo function, eco-bubble,  eco drums, wobble technology, diamond drum, gentle fabric car, smartphone troubleshooting and energy efficiency.

Contact Details:

Tel: 800-SAMSUNG (8 AM – 12 AM EST 7 days a week)


IFB is widely regarded as one of the most reliable washing machine brands in USA. They integrate the latest technology to bring out an exciting range of fully automatic front load washing machines. The brand swears by innovation, quality and durability. Some of the latest and innovative technologies that IFB leverages in its products include 3D wash system, crescent moon drum, filter treatment, air bubble wash and auto-balance system. Their smart and efficient systems are meant to make life superfast and super easy.

Contact Details:

Tel: 1860 208 5678/ 1860 425 5678


Bosch washers are designed to make your life more comfortable. The brand has always lived up to its name. They launch both smart and stylish top-load and front-load washing machines packed with some tech-notch features including reload functions, water filter for hard water, bigger drum and eco silence drive motor. If Bosch is the brand name, there is no reason to doubt robust quality.

Contact Details:

Tel: (917) 421-7209

Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands to Buy from Amazon

1. KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine

No products found.

The Kuppet compact twin tub portable mini washing machine sports a smart compact look and allows you to do washing in a compact environment. The machine is intellectually engineered to save your time and produce excellent cleaning performance. With it, you can easily choose wash or spin and the machine, once it’s done with washing, will stop automatically. The machine comes with a built-in drum pump that allows you to drain out the dirty water easily and quickly.


  • Overall dimensions: 27.4×16.1×31.9 inches.
  • Capacity: 26 lbs (washer: 18 lbs, spin cycle: 8 lbs).
  • Wash Timer: Up to 15 minutes
  • Spin Timer: Up to 5 minutes
  • RPM: 1300
  • Power supply: 110v/60hz
  • Power Consumption: 420w(wash:280w/dry:140w)
  • Smart look
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy to operate
  • Built-in drain pump
  • Stainless steel snap ring
  • Large opening
  • Powerful motor
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Complaints about its spinner basket

No products found.

2. Portable Washing Machine, KUPPET 16.5lbs Compact Twin Tub Wash & Spin Combo

No products found.

Another gem from the den of KUPPET! The mighty mini is an easy-to-move type of machine designed to provide a golden solution for small laundry loads, such as, T-shirts, socks, underwear etc. KUPPET Portable Washing Machine 16.5lbs Compact Twin Tub comes loaded with some exciting functions of spin and water flow, water inlet and sprinkling. All these collectively and effectively save labor, time and water usage. Wrapped around the high-end technology, the washer with new water flow and large wave pulsates produces less twists of clothing and ensures far better washing.


  • Dimensions: 21x14x25 in
  • Total capacity:17lbs (washer:11 lbs, spin cycle:5.5 lbs)
  • Washer Timer: 0~15 min
  • Spin Timer: 0~5 min
  • RPM:1300
  • Power Supply: 110v / 60hz
  • Power Consumption: 360w
  • Easy to operate
  • User-friendly design
  • Powerful motor to save washing time and guarantee good washing results
  • Transparent cover design allowing you to watch the washing process anytime
  • Grinding sound during washing cycle

No products found.

3. Magic Chef 2.0 Cu. Ft. Compact Top-Load Washer

No products found.

The compact washing machine lends a touch of magic to your daily life. It arrives with a pack of advanced features to save your time and effort and relieve you from taking care of daily laundry loads. The Magic chef compact top load washer is designed to guarantee optimal care of fabrics as well as fast and quality washing results.


  • Dimension: 22.2 x 21.7 x 37 inches
  • Capacity: 2.0 Cu. Ft.
  • Total Capacity: 85lbs
  • RPM: 750
  • Easy-to-access control panel allowing you to access wash options conveniently
  • 6 fully automatic wash cycles providing maximum care for different fabrics
  • 3 temperature and 3 water level settings ensuring proper washing
  • Pulsator generating strong and weak water flows to ensure even cleaning
  • Auto shutoff after the washing cycle ending signal for added convenience
  • Rollers contributing to easy washer movement
  • Delay start function
  • No water on rinse cycle when in “NORMAL” setting

No products found.

4. Panda Portable Compact Washing Machine, Gray

Panda portable Compact Washing Machine

The portable machine has got all the power to serve and solve your daily washing needs. The model sports a smart and space-saving design and so, makes a suitable choice for condos and apartments. The Panda portable compact washing machine feels sturdy and operates silently. It performs washing, rinsing and spinning automatically and produces outstanding cleaning outputs.

Being compact, the machine can easily and efficiently handle small loads for your daily laundry needs. The washing machine comes with 8 different washing programs that need just a push on button to get activated. It also features 4 water level settings to ensure perfect cleaning.

There is an advantage of portable washing machines – you can move them around without much of physical effort.


  • Dimension: 20 x 19.5 x 35 inches
  • Total Capacity: 1.34 cubic feet
  • RPM: 800
  • Power Consumption: 440 – 480 Watts
  • Timeless design
  • Space-saving model
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to move around
  • Energy efficient
  • Electric controls with LED display
  • 8 washing programs
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Inter Hose and Quick Adapter
  • Silent performer
  • Not big enough to support a large family’s daily laundry needs

Last update on 2022-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

5. Panda 1.34 cu. Ft. Portable Washer Machine

No products found.

The new variation of this Panda Compact Portable Washer wears a smart, stylish and space-saving signature look. It is carefully designed to ease your daily laundry works. The compact model is perfect to manage small loads. Being small, it can be installed in apartment, RVs and dorms. It comes packed with 10 different washable programs that spring into action with just a single push on button.

The Panda pan56mgp3 portable compact washing machine features a stainless steel tub that makes the system sturdy and durable. A pretty classy machine for near perfect cleaning and coming on the lower side of price curve!


  • Dimension: 20 x 19 x 34 inches
  • Total Capacity: 1.34 cubic feet
  • RPM: 800
  • Power Consumption: 310 Watts
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Stylish and space-saving design
  • Strong and durable stainless steel tub
  • Easy-to-operate control panel
  • Easy to move around
  • 10 different washing programs
  • Electronic controls with LED display
  • Small water pumps

You can shop through a wide variety of washers from Amazon USA. Any entry on our list of top ten will do full justice to your hard-earned money:

No products found.

6. Magic Chef White 0.9 cu. ft. Compact Washer

No products found.

If you have a small family and limited space, this Magic Chef Compact Washer is going to be your lifesaver in true sense. If your apartment is too small to make room for a big laundry set, this mini top-load washer will surely make the best option to embrace.

Bundled with an exciting diversity of new-age features, the Magic chef white portable washing machine makes the tedious task of laundry cleaning more convenient. Multiple wash programs allow for flexible wash options and provide excellent care.


  • Dimension: 20.5 x 20.5 x 33.1 inches
  • Total Capacity: 0.9 cubic feet
  • RPM: 680
  • Power Consumption: 310 Watts
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Electronic controls with digital display
  • Transparent glass lid
  • Adjustable legs
  • Detergent dispenser
  • Auto shutoff
  • Auto unbalance detection
  • 5 wash cycles and 3 water levels
  • Making loud noises on spin cycles

No products found.

7. Electrolux Titanium Front Load Laundry Pair with Washer and Electric Dryer

Electrolux Titanium Front Load Laundry Pair

Electrolux is one of the most revered names in the highly competitive world of home appliances. Anything tumbling out of their den creates a lot of buzz in the market. This model is no exception to the norm.

Look matters a lot and this Electrolux washer efls627utt sports an attractive design. Its cycle dial functions as a bright LED display. The washer also comes with several special cycles and steam modes to add to convenience of laundry washing.

The model feels sturdy, so much so that slamming the door shut won’t cause it to creek – a feature that is not found in even some high-end washing appliances. Both machines feature doors that are designed to rebound from the latches when any force is applied to swing them closed.

Each of the cycle modes is customized to dry a wider range of clothing and fabric types. The washer can handle everything from towels to heavy comforters, delicates to dailywears. The system has internal sensors to measure the moisture levels in the drum. The machine is also equipped with steam modes for dewrinkling and refreshing laundry loads.

What is more, the model makes its way to the list of the best-selling washing machines in USA.


  • Dimension: 27 x 38 x 31.5 inches
  • Total Capacity: 8 cubic feet
  • Max Power Consumption: 6000 Watts
  • Lovely to look at
  • Cycle dial doubling as an LED display
  • Offering several special cycles and steaming modes
  • Slow drying
  • Lacking smart features
  • Absence of mobile app control
  • Text labels on control panel not backlit or illuminated

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8. Magic Chef 1.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Top-Load Washer in White

Magic Chef 1.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Top-Load Washer

A game-changing launch from Magic! Worried about not having enough of space in your apartment? Well, a magic solution comes in form of this Magic Model. With a set of convenient features tossed into its design, the washer adds a lot of convenience to the process of cleaning and ensures an excellent cleaning outcome every time.

The top-load Magic chef 1.6 top load washer flaunts off a spiffy look and durable construction. The portable washer is meticulously designed to make your laundry day a fresh breeze with guaranteed full-sized results.

A perfect choice to install anywhere in your tiny apartment! The compact model makes a good choice for any vacation home and apartment.


  • Dimension: 20.7 x 20.3 x 36.6 inches
  • Capacity: 1.6 cubic feet
  • Easy-to-access control panel allowing you to access wash options more conveniently
  • 6 full automatic wash cycles providing optimal care for different types of fabrics
  • 3 water level and 3 temperature settings ensuring optimal washing
  • Electronic control with LED display
  • Auto shutoff
  • Suitable only for small loads

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9. Westland 15lbs Splendide Compact Washer

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Even the mild sound during washing and spinning cycle produces perturbing effects on nerves. If that is the case with your old machine and you are planning a replacement, this super-silent ENERGY STAR washer is the ideal model to go with. It’s capable of taking laundry loads up to 15lbs.

Coming with loads of high-end features, this Westland splendid compact washer adds lots of excitement and convenience to your day-to-day laundry works. Easier and Faster – these two features make this model a Superstar for the potential buyers. Adding to its amazing and inspiring profile is SUPER SILENCE – a feature that is rare even in some of the best-in-league washers.

An energy-efficient washer that it is, it won’t cause a heavy spike in your monthly power bill. For smart, quick and thorough cleaning, accommodate it into your thoughts.


  • Dimensions: 60 x 158 x 40 inches
  • Capacity: 15lbs
  • RPM: 1200
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Extended up to 2 Years)

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  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Adjustable spin speeds and water temperature
  • Automatic load balance system and water levels
  • Delay start
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Some consumers complaining about poor customer care service

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10. LG WM3998HBA 4.5 cu.ft. Front Load Washer & Dryer Combo

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Here comes one of the top picks of best washing machine 2020!  LG is one of the leading brands in the industry. The brand dares to think out of the box and puts their innovative thoughts into the products. Built around TurboWash Technology, LG ThinQ Technology and 6Motion Technology, this AAFA Certified washer offers a complete and convenient washing solution for your regular laundry needs.

If you have a large family, this LG front load washing machine with Ultra Large Capacity is the ideal choice for your daily laundry purposes.


  • Dimension: 30.75 x 27 x 39 inches
  • Capacity: 4. Cu. Ft.
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited Warranty (Direct Drive Motor)
  • Steam Technology & Allergiene Cycle
  • Ventless Condensing Drying
  • TurboWash Technology – 6Motion Technology – LG ThinQ Technology
  • Requiring a larger space for installation

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Which is the best option – Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic?

Both types have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Choice is also a function of affordability. Your needs and wallet are the best guides in your decision making process.

How do fully automatic washing machines differ from semi-automatic washing machines?

Semi-automatic types are cheaper but feature only a few wash programs. They are easy to maintain. If you are on a shoestring budget, a semi-automatic variant is your best option. But if you can afford more, you should go with a fully automatic machine because it comes loaded with more wash programs and that, in turn, produce the best cleaning performance. Furthermore, full automatic machines perform every action automatically.

Which is better – Top Load or Front Load?

Front load washing machines are more expensive than top load washing machines. However, their top-notch performance does full justice to their high price tag. The front load types save more time, energy, water and detergent use for washing and drying. They come with more advanced features than the top load alternatives.

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Which is a better option – Direct Drive Motors or Belt-Drive Motors?

Washing machines, which come with direct drive motors, offer more benefits than their belt-drive counterparts. The washers featuring direct drive motors produce less noise and vibration. Furthermore, they consume less energy. However, on the downside, these varieties need regular maintenance and servicing. The washing machines having belt-drive motors are less expensive but generate more vibration and noise.

How many gallons of water do washing machines use?

It depends on water efficiency of your washing machine. The ENERGY STAR certified washers use 14 gallons of water per load whereas the volume increases to 20 gallons for standard washing machines.

Which is a healthy option for washing machine – Liquid Detergent vs Powder Detergent?

It has been proved that liquid detergent is a much better option. Unlike the powdered detergent, liquid variety dissolves properly and leaves no suds.

How to drain washing machines?

The process of draining is not same for top loading and front loading washing machine. If you have a front loading washing machine, here are some crucial steps to follow:

Turn off the power.
Locate the drain tube or drain pump filter.
Drain the water.
Clean the filter.

If you have a top loading machine, here are the steps to follow:

Turn off the power.
Locate the water supply hoses and drain supply hose.
Drain the washing machine.
Remove a drain hose clog and drain pump clog.

How to check filter of a washing machine?

It’s important to check your washing machine filter on a regular basis. Unscrew it anti-clockwise. If anything gets stuck in the filter, it may jam the path. In such cases, the main pump hose should be removed for removing the obstruction. Use a large towel and don’t remove it as long as the machine has water in its drum.

What is the best way to clean washing machine?

Regular cleaning of washing machine is a must to keep it in mint condition for years. However, it’s undoubtedly a redundant task. The machine deals with loads of grime every day and over time, it builds up in your machine. If regular and proper cleaning is not done, it will make your machine less effective and less efficient. Taking some time off to give thorough cleaning to your washing machine is a way to keep it working well.
It’s important to note that cleaning procedure is not same for top load and front load washing machines. However, both cleaning methods use the same key ingredients – Bleach and Vinegar. Bleach destroys mold, mildew and bacteria while white vinegar dissolves scum, soap and tough material deposits.
Take a measuring cup, bucket, cloth and sponge. After every wash, your machine will look spick and span. What is more, it will be able to handle your laundry loads more effectively.

How to clean top loading washing machine?

1. Start with vinegar wash. Take 2 cups of vinegar to add to the detergent tray in your machine. You can also pour it directly into your wash drum. Use the hottest water setting to run a wash cycle. It will remove the mold and mildew as well as dissolve mineral deposits.

2. After the first wash cycle, pour 2 cups of bleach into the wash drum or add it to the detergent tray. Run hot water wash cycle for the second time to remove germs and stains that may have presence in the wash tub.

3. After the first wash cycle, pour 2 cups of bleach into the wash drum or add it to the detergent tray. Run hot water wash cycle for the second time to remove germs and stains that may have presence in the wash tub.

4. After the rinse cycle, remove the fabric softener dispenser, black dispenser and other removable parts from the detergent tray. Pour warm, soapy water into a bucket. Immerse the detergent tray pieces into the water-filled bucket and allow those to soak for a few minutes. Use a cleaning cloth or sponge to clean each piece properly. Set them back at their original places in the detergent tray.

5. Clean the rubber seal placed around the door as well as exterior of your washing machine.

How to clean front load washing machine

1. Add 1 quart of bleach to a hot water-filled washer drum and allow it to soak for nearly one hour to remove mold and mildew. After one hour, run a hot water wash cycle.

2, After the 1st cycle, pour hot water again into the washer and add 1 quart of white vinegar. Give it another hour to soak.

3. Dip a sponge or microfiber cloth into the vinegar-mixed water. Use a wipe cloth to clean all the corners of your machine, including the lid, knobs and exterior. Some washing machines have built-in-dispensers for bleach or fabric softener. If you have this type, make sure to wipe everything properly.

4. Go for another hot water wash cycle and your machine will shine like a new one.

5. Keep in mind that not only your washing machine needs to sparkle clean; the dryer also needs regular and proper cleaning. It’s a part of maintenance procedure.

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How much detergent should I use in a washing machine?

If you have a semi-automatic machine, the amount of detergent to be used should be in direct proportion with the dirt present in the clothes as well as laundry loads. Presence of soap suds on clothes is an indication that you should use less detergent. However, it’s not an issue with the more advanced variants of fully automatic washing machines. They have an automatic dispenser that allows the machines to take the detergent in right quantity, depending on the loads and how much dirty the clothes are.

How long do washing machines last?

The average lifespan of a washing machine is 11 years. Consumer reports suggest that any 8+ year old appliance should be replaced unless it’s a high-end machine.

Final Words

We have tried our level best to present a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed choice as per your needs and purchase prowess. The write-up has covered all the necessary details including different types of washing machines along with pros and cons of each type, the top selling washing machines in 2020, machine maintenance tips and points to consider before making a purchase. Still, if you have any query or doubt, feel free to post your comment.

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