10 Best Hair Growth Oils to Buy in 2020 from Amazon USA

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If you are looking for organic hair oil to get rid of baldness, then look no further. Get voluminous, shiny hair with these top 10 organic hair-care products. These oils can be used for your eyebrows and lashes as well. These hair growth oils contain natural ingredients that grow your hair naturally. The review will make your selection easier and help you choose the best product depending on your budget.

How to select the best hair growth oil?

It is important to choose the best Hair Treatment Oils according to your preference. The following steps will make it more transparent:

  • 1st step: Different oils have numerous benefits, so select according to your hair type
  • 2nd step: Read the instruction manual and take a close look at the ingredients
  • 3rd step: Choose an oil that contains castor, jojoba extracts, and Aloe Vera as these are best for all hair types
  • 4th step: Try to mix with a carrier oil and never apply directly at the scalp

1. Kate Blanc Castor Oil

Kate Blanc Castor Oil

Make your lashes thicker and longer with this fantastic castor oil. The best selling hair oil for organic treatment is manufactured without any added preservatives and is entirely safe to use on your skin. Castor oil is known for its healing properties and can double up as fingernail oil as well. The oil is certified by the USDA and is guaranteed to be pure, authentic, and 100% natural.

  • This pure oil is shipped from India and is cold-pressed for maintaining its raw nature.
  • This authentic oil formulation guarantees quick results with noticeable improvements within a few weeks.
  • This excellent certified organic castor oil doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and is excellent for your skin
  • The unit comes with a dropper, eyebrow pencil, and lasher that make it easy to apply on your skin.
  • Pimples noted on eyelashes and skin after 3-4 weeks
  • Some people reported itching around the eyes

2. Sky Organics Castor Oil

Sky Organics Castor Oil

Make hair healthier and more reliable with this natural hair growth serum. This multipurpose oil is suitable for all types of hair and contains all the essential ingredients. Give your dull hair the perfect by applying this oil every day. You can also use it to your lashes and brows and make them thicker and lustrous.

  • When applied regularly, this hair oil brings back your lost hair and creates the perfect wave you deserve.
  • This natural hair oil is USDA certified, and so it’s safe to use over your hair, eyebrows, and lashes.
  • You can grow your hair naturally since it is incredibly flexible and can be applied before and after shampoo.
  • Made with all-natural ingredients, this hair oil hydrates, and skin and softens your strands.
  • Some products arrived expeller presses which are different from cold-pressed
  • People with sensitive skin complained of rashes on their face and hair

3. OGX Penetrating Oil

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If you are searching for a product to heal your scalp, then this is the perfect one for you. Prepared using original Moroccan Argan Oil, it penetrates the toughest strands and brings back the shine to your hair. Infused with vitamin E, this product makes your hair look healthy and robust. Just apply a few drops before going to bed and get instant protection from harmful chemicals and UV rays. Another product that can give miraculous results on your scalp is the Mamaearth hair serum.

  • Made from original Argan oil, this hair oil is manufactured using the best ingredients to give you relief from brittle hair.
  • This multipurpose product is good for all kinds of hairs like thick, dry, damaged, colored, and even coarse hair.
  • This product is straightforward to apply. Just add a few drops on your palm and rub it over your scalp.
  • Moroccanoil for hair is known for its healing properties and is perfect for split strands.
  • There are synthetic blends found in the product
  • Price is on the higher side doesn’t give satisfactory results

4. Moroccanoil Treatment

Moroccanoil Treatment

This is the perfect hair care product for women looking for a permanent solution for their damaged strands. This award-winning growth serum for hair contains a vibrant blend of Argan oil sourced initially from Morocco. It instantly nourishes your hair and gives it a shiny look. Get a smooth and long-lasting solution for your hair by using this exotic floral smelling product.

  • The product is made using the perfect blend of Argan oil and contains powerful vitamin E. It can be used for all kinds of hair treatment.
  • Say goodbye to dull and frizzy hair when you apply this classic castor oil.
  • This hair oil can be used on damp or dry hair and across any lengths. Use a conditioner after washing off to get shinier hair.
  • This product eases out the complex hair treatment routine and doles out a natural regimen to give lively strands in no time.
  • The smell was horrible according to some consumers
  • Some reviews complained of vegetable oil being used in the ingredients

5. OGX Hydrating Oil

OGX Hydrating Oil

If you are looking for quality solutions, then this excellent hair oil fits your bill. Extremely lightweight, this richly blended product will make your hair shine like new. Get curlier, bouncier, and colorful hair in a few weeks after applying this product. Inspire your friends and be the envy of your neighbor with silky and shiny hair reaping the advantage of using jojoba oil.

  • The coconut oil for hair growth uses the best quality of ingredients sourced from nature.
  • Give your hair an exotic treatment when you apply this hair oil and get soft and silkier hair.
  • Give your hair a healthy look and reduce tight strands when you use this certified organic castor oil.
  • Get smoother hair without any chemical ingredients that will result in damages.
  • Pungent odor and devoid of coconut smell
  • Sprayer from the bottle was missing on some shipments

6. SheaMoisture Masque Hair Treatment

SheaMoisture Masque Hair Treatment

This is an excellent product made with natural products for curly hair. Give your hair a powerful dose of moisturizer by using these hair growth oils. Get longer tresses and reduce painful hair loss by applying this oil on your hair. It can be used with shampoo and moisturizer that would give you the best results. The outcome is more appealing if they are used together with Livon hair serum.

  • This classic haircare product gives unrivaled performance and helps to grow your hair naturally.
  • Use this excellent hair oil with shampoo and conditioner to get a profound nourishing effect.
  • Manufactured using Shea Butter, honey, mafura and Baobab oil this product has rich antioxidants that restore lost moisture
  • Your hair will last longer and become more influential in days only after a few weeks.
  • Complaints of hair become gross and waxy.
  • The product comes tampered in some packs

7. Jamaican Mango & Like Castor Oil

Jamaican Mango & Like Castor Oil

Made with Jamaican oil, these Hair Treatment Oils brings back the old shine to your hair. It is excellent for softening your skin and supplies the essential moisture to your hair. Grow your hair thicker and stronger with visible results within a few days. This hair oil gives out a beautiful scent and doesn’t itch or burn.

  • This oil is perfect for a healthy-looking strand and gives a visible improvement
  • These best selling hair oil for organic treatment reduces baldness and gives from itchy scalp.
  • The product uses the best quality of ingredients that are perfect for your hair
  • The haircare routine uses naturally sourced ingredients that don’t damage your hair.
  • Consumers complained of additives in the package.
  • Highly-priced and synthetic products

8. Hairfinity Botanical Hair Oil

Hairfinity Botanical Hair Oil

Pamper your hair and reduce breakage using this powerful blend. This product is suitable for all hair types like curly, natural, color-treated, or permed. Exfoliates tight strands this oil is perfect for curing damaged hair. Made with the elixir, this gentle product supports natural hair growth. It restores vitality and shine to your hair, making them glow.

  • The product uses all naturally sourced materials and essential oils.
  • Made with coconut, moringa, sweet almond, jojoba, and olive oil, this Moroccanoil for hair is perfect for all hair types.
  • The oil mixture is free from paraben, petroleum, DEA and synthetic agents that are harmful to your hair
  • The unit is quite cost-effective to buy and suits all pockets.
  • Pungent smell from the product
  • Opened bottle and oil spills on cartoon

9. Garnier Marvelous Oil

Garnier Marvelous Oil

If you are trying to restore damaged hair tissues, then this would work just fine. This fantastic hair works by going to the roots and strengthens the strands from inside. Made using natural ingredients, this powerful certified organic castor oil can be used with shampoo or conditioners. It also provides the perfect bounce to your hair and makes it glow.

  • Reinvent the lost shine of your hair with this innovative growth serum for hair.
  • The product comes with profoundly nourishing and restoration formula and infused with 3 essential oils Avocado, Olive and Almond
  • The product provides deep nourishment and treats every type of hair without leaving any greasiness.
  • The product comes with multiple-use and excellent applications that restores natural balance.
  • Makes hair dry and colorless
  • Contains too much vitamin makes hair fallout

10. Maui Moisture Coconut Oil

Maui Moisture Coconut Oil

Made from pure aloe vera juice, this natural product is best for your curls. It provides the best hydration to your hair, making it soft and silky. The product is quite safe to use and contains the perfect hair-care fusion. The coconut oil for hair growth has been sourced from the island of Maui and contains hot regenerative mixtures.

  • The product provides total food with them and makes your hair look healthy
  • It contains all-natural ingredients from tropical plantations and is 100% vegan.
  • It nourishes from deep within and restores the normal shine of your hair.
  • The Moroccanoil for hair is free from harmful chemicals like paraben and silicon that destroy hair follicles.
  • The product is available in 6 variable ranges for different hair textures.
  • Consumers complained of losing hair
  • Doesn’t work for lighter hair types

11. Kate Blanc Oil

Kate Blanc Oil

Guaranteed for purity, this excellent cold-pressed oil is perfect for those rigid tufts of hair. Made using Jojoba oil, this classic unit removes wrinkles and absorbs moisture. This product uses organic blends, and so it’s entirely safe for any hair type. These Hair Treatment Oils can be used for beard, eyebrows, and lashes as well.

  • This oil grows your hair naturally, giving silky, softer, and bright tufts of hair.
  • This cold-pressed oil can be used as a daily moisturizer and gives proven results within a few days.
  • The castor oil arrives with warranty coverage and a 100% refund if it doesn’t deliver results.
  • The product removes blemishes and spots, making your skin look radiant.
  • Unfortunately fails to show results for dry skin
  • The package is missing droppers in some cases

12. SheaMoisture Coconut Oil

SheaMoisture Coconut Oil

Manage your hair better with this certified organic castor oil. The unit is manufactured using coconut oil, Acacia Senegal, and milk that leave little to the imagination. You will enjoy the smoothness of your hair after using this fantastic product for a few days. It is suited for curly hair but also works for other hair types.

  • This product visibly improves your hair within a few days after application
  • The product is manufactured using Shea butter, and coconut milk and contains no harmful chemicals
  • This hair growth oils gives 100% protection from damaged hair and improves texture
  • You can style your hair anyway after applying this classic unit on your scalp
  • The hair smells of chemicals
  • The overwhelming presence of synthetic fragrance

Editors Verdict

In this review, we have gone through the best available products online. So, each product has its beauty and qualified for this selection. But judging the top 10 Sky Organics Cold Pressed Castor Oil tops our list. This best selling hair oil for organic treatment contains the best ingredients and has the most negative reviews. Moreover, it can be flexibly used for hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes as well.


Can you put oil on hair regularly?

Yes, to get healthier and silkier hair to apply oil and leave overnight. Wash off with shampoo the next day.

What are the benefits of cold-pressed Castor Oil?

Cold-pressed castor oil has multiple benefits and visibly improves the softness of your facial and scalp hair.

How long does it take for castor oil to grow hair?

It depends chiefly on the hair type, but it usually takes around 3-4 months to show any visible improvement.

Is Castrol oil safe?

Castrol oil is entirely safe and doesn’t cause any issues. However, take care to stop use if you notice any irritation.

Is coconut oil good for curly hair?

Yes, coconut oil works wonder on curly hair. It is also good to use coconut oil for treating many hair follicles.