Top 10 Best Full Body Massage Chair BUYING GUIDE in 2020

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This time, we’re going to present our massage chair buyers’ guide with analysis, tips, reviews and recommendations to give you a complete picture of what you should know, follow and buy. 

Whether you are an office-goer, a housewife, a business owner or a student, you will love to enjoy some luxury relaxation at the end of the day crowded with works, commitments and responsibilities. In fact, you may need such relaxation every time you get tired and feel like being pampered in the cozy embrace of a chair especially designed to provide you with balmy massages. Welcome to the World of Massage Chairs!

For those having little or nil idea about a massage chair, let us tell you that it’s a mechanical chair that makes a technical collage of air bags, other features and technology to massage your entire body. Sitting on a massage chair will give you a feel of undergoing spa therapy at home and you can use it whenever you feel like. But the question is how to choose the best massage chair?

Massage chairs replicate multiple massage techniques, leaving you with a comfortable massage experience. But how many of you are aware of its benefits and brands? Finding a good massage chair is difficult, more so when you are divorced from the facts of what makes a good massage chair. 

In our massage chair buying guide, we’ll touch upon several topics including benefits, types, tips on purchase, top 10 massage chairs in the USA and a set of frequently asked questions. 


It’s good for old and young as well. However, twilight saga is never complete without aching back and feet. That’s why the elderly folks are more fascinated with the massage units. However, these days, muscle strain and pain are very common among the Gen X. If you need regular and proper massage therapy, go for it. 

It’s not necessary for a massage therapist to be a human being always. Inanimate massage chairs are doing fine to reduce and even eliminate pain and inject more energy into your daily life. 


If you don’t know about massage chairs or never owned one before, you might be wondering “how it can benefit me”. Well, our experts will underline the major benefits of having a massage chair at your home. The buying guide provides varied list of massage chairs with top comforts.

Re-living Chronic Pain: One of the main reasons why massage chairs are becoming popular is its ability to relieve chronic pain in back, neck or joints. If you have been suffering from any such chronic pain, a massage chair is worth a purchase. It will work like a trained physiotherapist and you can avail its service anytime you need it. 

Many studies have come with glaring evidences that massage therapy is highly effective in eliminating pain. Though most of these studies involved a human massage therapist, the same results can be achieved with a massage chair.

Check out the top rated massage chair for back and neck in order to enjoy a pampering massage experience at the end of a hectic day. Most of these chairs also offer gentle and generous shoulder, hands, hips, legs and foot massage as a part of their full body massage program. 

Improving Blood Circulation: Another great benefit of using a massage chair is it improves blood circulation throughout your body. As a result, you will feel more awake and active. Better results can be experienced with Zero Gravity Massage Chairs. It’s a big advantage especially for those who find little or no time for regular exercise and cannot visit spa very often. 

Improving Posture: It’s interesting to note that regular and proper massage helps to improve posture. Whenever you’re undergoing a massage, the right posture is very important. Massage chairs are designed to ensure that in order to help you enjoy full benefits of massage. 

Thanks to common features in massage chairs, regular use will help to flex your muscles and make you feel more calm, composed and relaxed. These benefits will ultimately lead to improved posture. You’ll feel it in a few days as you won’t have to slouch or roll your shoulders forward and can sit up straight. These chairs are designed and developed around some specific techniques to help you better your posture. 

Good for Diabetes: Massage therapy is highly recommended for people suffering from diabetes. It is claimed that proper massage at injection sites help to enhance insulin absorption. 

Stress Relief: Massage chairs are excellent stress-buster. Read and find the smart massage chair for home use to take you out of the cocoon of messed-up and mazy state of mind caused by mounting stress. Daily stress, if not relieved, takes a toll on your physical and mental health. This is because; body and mind are intimately interlinked. There are several reasons to feel stressed out but massage chairs work as a panacea for all types of stress that bog you down. 

At times, you want to put all the work on shelves and wind down. With a massage chair at your home, you don’t have to worry about when and how to relieve stress. When you are relieved of stress, you will feel more energetic, active, creative and productive and as a result, your outlook on life will improve. 


First and foremost, you should know about different types of massage chairs. Each of them offers a very special type of massage. Check out the best features each massage chair offers. Here is some information for readers’ digest:

Reclining Chair

Nearly all new-age massage chairs feature a reclining position. This is simply because, the position is very effective. Anybody feels more relaxed in a reclining position. Different types of massage chairs offer different degrees of reclines. You will learn more about it in our PRODUCTS & DETAILS segment 

Read the top 10 Recliners buying guide you may consider worth purchasing based on customer feedback

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This type reclines back to a particular level where you will feel almost weightless. That’s why, such chairs are named “Zero Gravity”. It helps in improving blood circulation throughout your body and induces a high level of relaxation. Ideal, full featured zero gravity massage chairs are on the expensive side of price spectrum but they are worth the cost. 

Vibrating Chair

It’s the most basic type of massage chair. All mechanical chairs feature this quality. The chair electronically vibrates to give you a good feel of relaxation. 

Full Body

The name is self-explanatory. Such chairs take care of your whole body. In fact the best full body massage chair is designed to cradle you for pain relief. These chairs are expensive as they are claimed to be the closet models of human physiotherapists. 


Ottoman massage chairs look more like the traditional models. This type comes with a separate footstool and both offer a hearty massage. 

Shiatsu Massage Chair

As the name suggests, it offers Shiatsu massage which is a very unique type of massage originated in The Land of The Rising Sun i.e. Japan. It works on the pressure points across the body to relieve pain and offer relaxation. Affordable shiatsu massager chairs with heat therapy are not hard to find and they promote good health. 


Product Name


Buy Now

RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Shiatsu

No products found.

Osaki OS4000TC Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero Gravity

No products found.
Full Body Massage Chair Recliner Os- 3D Cyber

Full Body Massage Chair Recliner


Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair


Osaki OS7075RC Model OS-7075R Zero Gravity S-Track Massage Chair

Osaki OS7075RC Model OS-7075R Zero Gravity S-Track Massage Chair

Zero Gravity

Osaki OS3000ACHIRO Model OS-3000 Chiro Massage Chair

Osaki OS3000ACHIRO Model OS-3000 Chiro Massage Chair


Titan TI-Alpine Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair

Titan TI-Alpine Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair

Zero Gravity 

Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair


Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Shiatsu

Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity



Massage chairs, depending on their types, come with different features and functions. In this blog, we have enlisted them under different categories so that you have some confidence that you are choosing the right type. 

S Shape

Most chairs use an S Shape track system; it’s traditional mechanism. Such chairs are designed to provide massage up and down the curvature of your spine that resembles ‘S’. 

L Shape

These chairs use a different technique, which involves running up and down one’s back as well as to the seat beneath the individual. It’s just like sitting on the letter ‘L’. It’s an extension of the ‘S’ shaped chairs. It covers your back and also reaches to your lower back and even hamstrings. 



This Japanese massage really works wonder for your body. And just imagine such massages are done not by skilled and sensitive hands of a masseuse but by a programmed massage chair. These chairs include easy-to-change nodes to offer a more satisfying massage experience. In this buying guide for the USA consumers, we have compiled some best shiatsu zero gravity massage chair reviews. So, just glide and go through the write-up to reach the PRODUCTS & DETAILS section. 


Look for a massage chair that has kneading function if you want a model to work on your knots.


It’s one of the most traditional massage techniques and seeks to relax muscles and improve blood circulation. 


This style of massage is aptly described as “Thundering on Your Back” by the users. It’s ideal for those who prefer a deep intense massage. If you are in favour of little less intense massage, look for other options. 


It works magically to help lubrication of muscles and joints. If you love to stretch yourself out as it gives you the best feel of relaxation, go with a chair that comes with this feature. Any massage chair featuring ‘stretching’ option is perfect home foot massage chair for your needs.


The chairs offering compression massage come with air bags. Pressure is applied on different areas of your body to relieve body pain. 


Now when you are convinced that a massage chair will benefit you in multiple ways, some important points need to be considered to figure out how a particular model works and how efficiently it functions. In this segment, you will learn how to choose a professional massage chair.

Massage Power

It’s a decisive factor in assuring how much benefit you will be able to enjoy. Some people are in favour of soft massage whereas the rests prefer rougher massage. However, there’s no way to accurately decide which massage chair will exert more power than others. 

The only way to know the type of massage a particular chair offers – rough or soft – is to go through the experts’ reviews and users’ feedbacks. However, those opinions are very much subjective. The best way to buy a massage chair capable of offering the kind of massage that you need or like is to choose a model having easy-to-adjust intensity. 

As per the rule of the thumb, the more intensity level, the better! This way, you can ensure that members in your family will also experience some much-sought relaxation by using the same model. Keep on reading to find out the best massage chair brands so that you can choose from their product line to meet your massage needs – rough or gentle. 

Massage Rollers

Some massage chairs, especially the most advanced units are fitted with rollers to ensure a great experience for the users. Massage rollers are ergonomically designed to imitate the massages done by trained human hands. These rollers can easily slide upwards, downwards as well as sideways to cover your back while ensuring a calming and comfortable massage experience. The rollers perform and produce relaxing action. It stimulates blood circulation in your back.

Heat Massage

Such massages are designed to induce thorough relaxation of your muscles. Massage chairs have infrared rollers or heated pads to generate heat against your back. It will help to relax muscles and stimulate local blood circulation. 

You will find fully automated lift chair with heat and massage in our reviews of the top-rated makes and models. Heat massage is one of the basic features of massage chairs. 

Massage chairs produce heat massages in different ways. Most make a good use of heated pads in your lower back area to generate heat against your lower back. Remember that it’s one of the most sensitive areas in your body to bear the brunt of daily physical pain and stress. Other massage units use the same pads but come with a heat massage feature for your feet. Foot massage is very relaxing and refreshing; though localized, it induces soothing effects on your body. 

High-end massage chairs use infrared rollers to offer heat massages. These rollers cover the entire surface of your back and produce a very soothing massage experience. 

3D Massage

Read our buying guide to look for the best massage chairs on Amazon but remember not all of them have a feature like 3D massage. 

It is more effective than normal massage by offering more depth. High-end massage models use the joint actions or airbags and rollers. The airbags are filled with air and therefore, can cover your whole body. Once the airbags get your body locked in place, the baton of actions is handed over to the rollers that start with massaging your legs and back. The feature is really great as it provides an immersive massage experience to your body in entirety. It’s more enjoyable and relaxing than the normal massages. 

Air Compressor Massage

Most brands include this feature into their products. The feature makes massaging sessions more beneficial and enjoyable by using airbags. Alternative compression and decompression of air bags will provide thorough massaging of your muscles through pushes against them. The feature effectively functions on any part of your body. 

Most massage chairs – both high-priced and best budget massage chairs to buy in 2020 – have airbags in your shoulder, neck, arms, legs, hips and feet areas. How much you will be able to enjoy during massage sessions largely depends on the number of airbags your massage chair has. Most massage chairs allow you to change the airbags intensity as per your needs. 

Muscle Stretch Massage

Many massage chairs have this feature. Also referred as stretch, muscle stretch or yoga, it functions in the same fashion. The feature makes an excellent use of compression massage to warm up muscles so that they can stretch. 

You will be amazed at the kind of experience due to the muscle strength feature integrated into your massage chair. It offers excellent relaxation and refreshment, especially after physical exercises. Such massage helps and accelerates muscle recovery after an injury or strain. Buy body massage chair at best price from Amazon to enjoy a great stretching experience at your home. 

Spinal Stretch

The high-end massage chairs have this wonderful feature. Though referred by different name, it functions in a similar way. The feature helps in stretching of your back in order to reduce pressure against your vertebrae and relieve pain. It functions like a magic wand for those afflicted with chronic spinal pain and is further enhanced by a zero gravity feature. 

Manual Control

Though predefined programs come as an added bliss, manual control is a basic feature to look for. The feature allows the users to create customized massage sessions at the right speed and intensity settings by incorporating their favourite techniques. 

Predefined Programs

Why to choose from the Amazon bestselling massage chairs featuring predefined programs? This is because; predefined programs always offer added advantages. These programs use a good mix of different massage features and techniques to offer a more invigorating massage session. Most of these programs are purposefully designed. For example, some are meant to stretch your muscles, some compress them whereas others offer gentle caress. 

Number of Auto Programs

Each massage chair is packed with a number of specially tailored pre-set automatic programs. Depending on the massage chair model, the number of built-in programs varies and that means, you have lots of options for a pick. A massage chair with a full range of different programs will be a smart purchase. 

Massage Chair Material

Most chairs, even the high-end models, feature a faux leather covering. Real leather is not used as it is not as effective as faux leather to deal with the pressure generated by the rollers and airbags. Even if you are buying the bestselling massage chair on Amazon, never ignore the importance of checking the quality of its upholstery as top quality chair material is a strong assurance of its durability. 

Quality of faux leather is one of the most visible differences in high-end and low-end massage chairs. The high quality and high-priced massage units have a thicker layer of leather, which makes them more durable than the cheaper alternatives. 

Acupressure Points

Some massage chairs enhance massages and improve results by using the acupressure points located throughout your body. The points, when chosen and pressed properly, offer a fascinating feel. As a result, the massages produce more realistic benefits that simulate the massage techniques and skills of a professional therapist. 

Additional Massage Features

At the first glance, it might not seem important a criterion. However, massage chairs with additional features produce a far better massage experience. The add-ons work best for your head, arms, hips and legs. 

Body Scans Technology

Body scan technology is fairly a modern concept and one of the best features in massage chairs. When purchasing the best brand massage chair in United States, check if the model includes this feature as it ensures more customized and comfortable massage experience. 

The technology helps to customize massage to suit needs of different users. It involves tracking the curvature of your spine as well as other physical features through sensors and customizing the massage sessions accordingly to perfectly suit your body structure. 

It’s an excellent feature incorporated into the massage chairs. The shorter people won’t have shoulder air cells beating against their neck whereas taller individuals won’t have them functioning on their back. 

Easy Accessibility

Control panel plays a crucial role in determining accessibility to massage chairs. An ideal chair must have the qualities to be programmed and used with ease. However, some brands have models that are difficult to program and operate. The Best buy massage chairs across the USA feature easy-to-read control panels and so are extremely user-friendly. 

LED Lights

Some massage chairs feature LED lights for added delights. You need to turn off other electronic appliances in the room to enjoy a more stimulating massage experience. Turn on the LED lights and sink into relaxation. The LED lights spread a soft feel throughout your interior and make your massage experience more immersive and invigorating. 

Remote Control

Some models feature remote control to ensure easy accessibility. You can use the remote control for multiple purposes such as, to change the massage techniques, massage speed and intensity and turn on or off the chair. 

Cup Holder

It might not feel important at the first glance but you will feel its importance when using a massage chair. You can use it to hold glasses or cups during massage sessions. You can use the same feature to store remote control to avoid misplacing it. 

Bluetooth Compatibility

Some high-end models come with built-in Bluetooth Adapters. Only one of our worthy top 10 massage chair models features Bluetooth compatibility. The feature enables you to set up connection to any Bluetooth-compatible streaming device as well as pair it with the chair. Pairing of the devices will allow you to directly listen to your favourite podcasts or songs through the speakers of your massage chair. 

USB Port

Some massage units feature a USB port to allow you to charge your cell-phone.

MP3 Player

If you love playing music, look for a massage model featuring MP3 player that will allow you to load your favourite songs.


Most of the massage chairs are heavy in weight. However, lightweight models are also available. They feature casters to make it easier for the users to move them from one place to another. Portability is definitely an added advantage. Portable chairs may or may not be expensive, depending on their features and functions. Visit Amazon to buy portable massage chairs online at best deals. 

Now you know the essential features as well as add-ons to look for when choosing a particular massage chair. Prepare a list of what you think more beneficial to serve your purpose. The list will help you choose the perfect massage chair. 

Swivel Base

This feature comes handy if you want to use your massage chair as an office chair as it allows your chair to rotate on a base.


If your aching area is not easy to access, memorizing the right intensity every time through different settings will be an ordeal. Memory/Recall is a function to remember the intensity style and speed of massage that gives you maximum benefits. 


Never forget to check the type of coverage provided by a particular massage chair. Massage chair coverage includes: 

  • Head Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Neck Massage
  • Shoulder Massage 

Silent Operation

Some of these chairs are noise makers while being in use. Silent operation is an advantageous feature because you won’t have to think twice before receiving massages when others in your family are relaxing, sleeping or engaged in activities that need ‘pin drops silence’.


It’s a feature worth your careful consider. Warranty varies from one massage chair to another. 


With a plethora of brands and models around, choosing the best massage chair is quite an overwhelming task. Don’t worry; we’re always here to offer the best and unbiased advice and guidance. Our experts have done meticulous research and standard testing to prepare a list of the top ten massage chairs that will induce an optimized feel of limber and luxury comfort. Check out a quick preview of the best massage chairs 2020 for in-depth reviews

1. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Relaxonchair is a reputed brand well known for designing high-end massage chairs. Like many of its innovative and top-quality models, this Relaxonchair full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair comes with massage nodes that keep on moving along an L-Track. Such movement helps you stay focussed on your lower back. 

On one ground, it is way different from other Relaxonchair models available in the same price range and that is all about a wider selection of features it comes with. 

You can select from three zero gravity settings – a great feature to allow you to recline as well as lay flat so that pressure is relieved of your whole body. This full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair has airbags to offer full-body soothing massage perfectly customized to your height and the credit goes to the integrated computerized body scanning that takes the perfect measurement of your spine. 

The model features a spinal decompression program that allows you to enjoy a full-body stretch. Its heating pads in the lumbar positions make it perfect for anyone afflicted with back pain. 

Gushing reviews are coming from customers’ end. They are in love with its large and convenient-to-operate control unit as well as intense massage. In fact, it is one of the top rated zero gravity massage chairs as per customer reviews

The chair is easy to adjust according to different sizes of users and that’s why, can serve the purpose of family massage needs. 

Spec Sheet: 

  • Dimension: 65x30x40 inches 
  • Weight: 256 pounds
  • Shape: L Shape
  • Fully automatic program 
  • 3 True Zero Gravity Positions 
  • Multifunctional
  • One-hand full size remote controller 
  • 4 automatic massage programs
  • Air Massage Technology
  • Lumbar back heating 
  • Computerized body scan 
  • Well-designed model
  • Fully automatic programs simulate the actions of a professional physiotherapist
  • Deep tissue massage helps in reliving muscle tensions, body pain and mental stress
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to move due to wheels attachment
  • High quality seating surface material
  • Great for whole body massage
  • Dim remote backlight
  • Foot/leg massager not making an easy movement to heels or toes
  • The massager feels too rough in aching areas
  • Poorly translated warning in English

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2. Osaki OS4000TC Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

No products found.

Another zero gravity model coming with an easy-to-operate control panel! Thanks to its built-in modern computer body scan technology for body scanning, its features can be tailor-made to match peculiarities of your spine and as a result, you can enjoy a more invigorating massage experience. 

The Osaki os4000tc model os 4000t zero gravity massage chair makes an excellent mix of technologies to allow every user to choose his or her favorite massage technique. You can choose from air massage, heat therapy, seat vibration, rollers and many more. 

At this price point, the mode comes loaded with too many features and functions. According to many users, it does a good job for shoulder and neck pain as well as in other problematic body parts. 

It’s one of the best models tested by our experts and will surely bring you a good value for your money. Every time you undergo massage session, watch your body transported to a pain-free and peaceful state. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 34x31x52 inches 
  • Weight: 213 pounds
  • Shape: S-Track 
  • Power Consumption: 110-120 Volt 
  • Upgraded PU covering for increase durability and comfort
  • Six unique Pre-Set programs
  • Easy-to-use Large LCD display remote with wireless remote
  • 2 Stage Zero-Gravity positioning inspired by NASA
  • Foot, Calves, Arm, Hips and Shoulder air pressure massage
  • Auto timer setting from 5-30 min. massage session
  • 5 levels of speed and intensity for the massage
  • Seat Vibration Massage
  • Zero Gravity Position during massage sessions provides optimum comfort and benefits
  • Rollers accurately map the back curvature
  • Unique foot roller delivering soothing kneading style massage application
  • Offering full body air massages
  • Heat therapy enhancing massage experience
  • Wireless controller making it easy to control the main features of the massage chair
  • Not a space-saving design
  • Shoulder and back airbags get in the way of rollers
  • Narrow shoulder airbags

No products found.

3. Full Body Massage Chair Recliner Os- 3D Cyber

Full Body Massage Chair Recliner Os- 3D Cyber

If you are looking for a reclining model to experience an enriching full body massage, this full body massage chair recliner Os 3d cyber is the perfect piece to transport you to just another world.

It looks decent and feels comfortable. Now when you are too occupied with its look and feel, let us tell you that it comes with a diverse range of intensity levels and massage settings that are super easy to adjust and enjoy. 

Its design tells everything about discreet massage functions. It even allows you to store away the controller in a built-in side pocket. 

For our expert reviewers, it is one of their most favorites because it functions really well on your back and feet. Integrated heat options induce a very soothing and relaxing effect on your tired muscles.

It is definitely one of the best for the budget-conscious buyers. The chair brings great comfort on their body and pocket as well. As per our experts’ best budget massage chair 2020 reviews and customers’ feedbacks, it is one of those low-priced models for a satisfying full body massage. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Weight: 248 pounds
  • Shape: S- Track
  • 2 stage zero gravity
  • 3D massage technology
  • Accu-point technology
  • Computerized body scan
  • Waist airbag squeeze
  • Airbag seat and hip massage
  • Foot and calf airbag massage
  • Back heating 
  • Low priced 
  • Offering full-body massage
  • Reclining posture feels more comfortable for many users
  • Easy-to-adjust 5 levels of air intensity for 3D massage
  • Auto timer tracks the time length of your massage session
  • Massage speed control easily adjustable
  • Little bit heavier
  • Not easy to move from one room to another (requiring help of more than one person)

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4. Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair, Black

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair

If budget is not a barrier for you and best is what matters most, we’ll recommend you this Panasonic pro ultra prestige luxury heated massage chair.

Panasonic EP series looks extremely solid in both its build and features. Like its other siblings in the EP bracket, it will continue to pay dividend in terms of complete and superlative massage experience for a long time. 

Supreme quality black synthetic and supple leather upholstery enhances your comfort level to a new high.  The lounger is intelligently designed to replicate skill and experience of a professional therapist for an invigorating massage experience. 

With rollers sliding from neck to back, shoulders to arms, hips to legs and travelling the groves of your body with an easy glide, the lounger offers a soothing, stretching and relaxing full body massage to recharge the tired and tense muscles. Junetsu Kneading Techniques quickly loosen tight muscles and breathe a new life into them. 

Throw a look at its spec chart and you will immediately realize why we have placed this best pricier massage chair for home use on our list of favorites. Soothing and interactive rollers guided by a high-performance motor move up and down, left to right for delivering 3D unique massage that promotes good health through muscle relaxation and blood circulation. 

Its dual zone heat massage is extremely effective to relax, refresh and recharge sore and tired muscles from head to toe. Air bag massage covering your whole body releases tension from arms to legs, head to toe, back to neck in order to improve flexibility and blood circulation. 

According to the users’ feedbacks of the best selling massage chairs on Amazon, it’s very close to their heart. For them, it’s a nearly flawless performer designed to offer not only the best spa-standard massage therapy at home but also to allow you to customize massage programs. 

In our guidebook, it’s a clear winner in every department.

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 48×32.7×45.3 inches
  • Weight: 218 pounds
  • Unique 3D massage system
  • Junetsu Kneading Techniques
  • Dual zone heated massages
  • Full-body air bag massage
  • Custom combination massage programs
  • Innovative design, modern features and top-notch quality
  • Highly durable
  • Comprehensive and customized body massage
  • 10 different Junetsu Kneading Techniques offer diverse and decent massage therapies
  • Promoting good health by improving blood circulation and invigorating tight, tired and tense muscles
  • Not Zero gravity
  • High price

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5. Osaki OS7075RC Model OS-7075R Zero Gravity S-Track Massage Chair

Osaki OS7075RC Model OS-7075R Zero Gravity S-Track Massage Chair

Literally speaking, take a load off in this Osaki os7075rc massage chair. Remove your weight and pressure and recline completely. Heating function offers some touch of warmth to your lower back and soaks its pain and tiredness in no time. 

The massage unit offers a full-body massage. With strategically positioned airbags throughout the body, the chair stimulates different parts and promotes good health. 

Of all massages it offers, hip and pelvis massages are more important as many people complains pain and stiffness in these areas. Gentle foot massage induces an extra layer of comfort while helping to relive muscle pain and tension and enhance blood circulation. 

Have you recently checked what the customers are saying about it? Visit Amazon and you’ll see internet is flooded with rave reviews. Fatigue and stress relief comes as additional benefits with this feature-loaded, functional, 4-star zero gravity model. 

As per the reliable reviews of the top-selling massage chairs on Amazon, it has already got a promotion from occasional use to daily use as it is heavily effective on reducing and relieving muscle tension and pain. 

Spec Sheet: 

  • Dimension: 34x52x57 inches
  • Weight: 230 pounds
  • Shape: S-Track 
  • Power Consumption: 150 Watts 
  • Automatic Time Setting: 15-30 minutes 
  • Computerized body scan
  • Zero gravity 
  • 6 easy-to-use healthcare auto programs
  • Intelligent 4 roller system
  • Powerful 13 roller system
  • Computerized body scan
  • Multiple air bags
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Adjustable air massage
  • Mild heat therapy
  • Air massages for pain and fatigue relief
  • Full body massage with special attention to pelvis, hip, arms, shoulder, legs, neck and calf
  • Beneficial for only bigger people
  • Not ideal for size-challenged users
  • Massaging equipment failing to hit the mark horizontally and overshoot the mark vertically

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6. Osaki OS3000ACHIRO Model OS-3000 Chiro Massage Chair, Black, Auto Recline, L-Track Roller System, Leg Adjustment, Timer, Chromotherapy Lighting, Air Massage Intensity

Osaki OS3000ACHIRO Model OS-3000 Chiro Massage Chair

The brand makes a big claim that their Osaki OS3000ACHIRO chiro massage chair delivers more comfort and covers more areas of your body than any of its compatriots can do. After a few bouts of standard testing, our experts have now reasons to believe that it’s not a mere tall talk. 

Whoever thinks, tells or touts that look comes last has never seen such a magazine-standard massage chair. If you are craving for a deep stretch and carefree and complete massage that closely mimics the skill and soft hands of an experienced therapist, what could bring a more satisfying experience than this one of the top-rated massage units in the USA?

It’s the latest technological innovation from the manufacturer. The extended massage track reaches beyond your back to touch and massage buttock and thigh. It’s clearly leading the Osaka massage char lineup for its longest massage range. 

A mingling massage model of different massage techniques allows you to choose what you feel your favorite. Computerized body scanning technology maps out the curvature of your body and offers a blissful massage experience accordingly. 

In addition to basic features, it comes with some innovative add-ons and that set it apart from its brethren in the same price bracket. 

Squeeze some extra time out of your packed schedule and go for leg vibration massage. Therapist say leg massage brings an immediate and magical relief to tiredness and tension of your body. Do you need more reasons why it’s one of the top selling massage chairs in the USA

Remember we’re in no hurry to hear you showering words of praise on us for our recommendation; you can always save such euphoria for future. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 52.4×30.3×38.2 inches
  • Weight: 205 pounds
  • Shape: L-Track
  • Power Consumption: 200 Watts
  • Auto recline 
  • Width control 
  • Chromotherapy Lighting 
  • Seat and leg vibration massage
  • Leg adjustment
  • Computerized body scan
  • 5 types of massage techniques 
  • Power surge and overhead safety protection 
  • Easy-to-use remote
  • Easy-to-remove intensity pad
  • Allowing width control
  • Reliving muscle fatigue
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Air massage intensity
  • Not zero gravity
  • Not ideal for full body massage

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7. Titan TI-Alpine Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair, Black

Titan TI-Alpine Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair

So, there you are with this Titan zero gravity massage chair; a great chemistry is going to build up only if you welcome it to your home. Inspired by the most advanced massage technology, TP-Pro Alpine, and combined with zero gravity positioning, this model chair is designed to ensure top-notch massage experience. 

Like a plethora of advanced massage units focused on complete body massage, its compass of concern is set towards lower back, calf and foot massage. L-Track shape enhances effects of massage by enabling each disc in your spine to separate and decompress individually and allows nutrients to get into the disc tissue. 

Computerized body scan enables the unit to self-adjust itself to deliver customized massage experience for every user. Therefore, you will have no problem in sharing the massage chair with others in your family. A decent family chair in design and function – what do you feel?

The rollers are designed to spin and stimulate acupuncture points while inflated air bags produce a much deeper massage experience along the bottom of the feet. A befitting and benefitting bespoke zero gravity massage chair to soothe and stimulate your legs. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Dimension: 75x30x45 inches
  • Weight: 250 pounds
  • TP-Pro Alpine Technology
  • Zero gravity position 
  • L-Track massage
  • Computerized body scan
  • Airbag massage
  • Auto leg scan
  • Heating function on back 
  • Zero gravity position making perfect alignment of spine
  • Delivering superlative massage experience
  • Auto-adjustment offering customized massage experience
  • 2 heating pads placed in the back improve pain relief, relaxation and comfort during massage sessions
  • Great for gluts and butt relief
  • Little heavier
  • Not focused on complete body massage

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8. Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair | Full Body Shiatsu Heated Massage Chair | Zero Gravity Electric Recliner | Foot Rollers, Calf, Arms, Shoulder, Neck & Back Massager – (Black)

Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair

Distinct it looks and decent it feels! If you fall in love at the first sight, we won’t be complaining. Such is the charm of Medical breakthrough 4 v2 recliner massage chair

The chair, purposefully and carefully designed by a team of more than 25 doctors, surgeons, pain specialists and chiropractors, brings spa within the comfort and confinement of your home and office. 

Customization is the new buzz word in the consumer world. On this front, it scores a high point. It allows you to remotely choose your favorite massage mode and adjust any aspect virtually. 

Medical body scanning technology of this full-body massage chair with zero gravity will scan your body and customize positioning of the massage rollers to the perfection. So, each massage session is designed to deliver best output specific to your needs. 

Amazon is abuzz with wealth of healthy reviews in favor of its medically designed and developed features and functions. Zero Gravity positioning evenly distributes your weight across the chair, allowing you to load your weight off as long as massage session is going on. A virtually weightless positioning ensures a deep and delightful sense of relaxation during soothing massage. 

The model, which is rightly claimed and acclaimed as one of the top-rated zero gravity massage chairs across United States, comes with inflatable air bags to grip your hip tightly and stretch the muscles gently in your back region, It loosens the stiff and stubborn muscles and boost spinal health. 

Spec Sheet: 

  • Dimension:65x32x40 inches
  • Weight:250 pounds
  • Shape: L-Track 
  • Zero Gravity 
  • 4D arm massage
  • Smart full body medical scan
  • Healing air cells
  • Chiropractic back stretch 
  • Offering full body massage
  • Heat massage with a gentle push on button delivering soothing massage to relax muscles
  • Healing air cells available in different shapes and sizes add a softer and improved relaxing surface to your massage chair
  • Allowing you to customize your massage chair
  • Easy to move due to wheels attached at its bottom
  • Medical full body scanning customize the massage rollers’ position to deliver personalized and perfect massage experience
  • Instructions not clear

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9. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Massage

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

If pain is stalling your daily life, it’s time to stab the nagging ache with a full body massage. And for that, you won’t have to visit a spa, rather bring spa to your home! 

If you are tight on space, welcome this rockstar to your home. Borrowed from the Chiro conception, the embedded creative function widens the space between vertebral body to prevent cartilage and bone suppression on nerve. This full body zero gravity Shiatsu massage chair can solve the problems of muscle stiffness and herniated disk.

Intelligent mechanical massage hands collect data on the back and mimic professional therapist’s skill to deliver multidimensional massage.

Developed around the latest technology introduced in physical therapy and biomechanics, it comes with several high-end features such as, magnetic therapy, stretching function and many more. 

A good number of airbags – there are 78 of them – strategically scattered throughout the body along with 2 air pumps and 8 magnets does a good job to promote a happier and healthier lifestyle. A fully automatic compact massage chair designed to redefine ‘RELAX’ session! 

Chirping users are saying only good things about it. And why won’t they? Crowded with fabulous features and functions, it is designed to help you stay energetic and active always. 

Spec Sheet:

  • Shape: S
  • Zero gravity 
  • Mechanical massage hands
  • Easy-to-control button embedded into armrest
  • Magnetic therapy 
  • Stretching function 
  • Easy-to-operate control button
  • Reliving pain and fatigue
  • Full body massage
  • Rolling massage perfect for relaxation
  • Full body massage
  • Space-saving design
  • Recline feature missing

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10. Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Air Pressure, Bluetooth, Heat and Foot Roller Included, Black

Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

If marriage anniversary of your octogenarian grandparents or parents is round the corner, think about some out-of-the-box gifts this time. What about a health gift? Massage chair recliner with zero gravity is begging your attention. 

Ergonomically designed, the massage unit features armrest linkage system that keeps your arms in the maximum comfortable position when you are reclining.  

Improved casters perform deep tissue massage along with Gua Sha therapy to soothe heels and soles. Scattered airbags in the important areas such as, shoulders, arms, calves, waist and hips are designed for airbag compression therapy to provide an ultimately relaxing and rewarding massage experience. 

Relaxation and recreation go hand in hand with when you are enjoying your massage session. The unit allows you to connect Bluetooth music player to your cell-phone so that you can enjoy both music and massage simultaneously. 

In a nutshell, an all-purpose smart massage chair within the limit of your afford! 

Spec Sheet:

  • Weight: 175 pounds
  • Power Consumption: 100 Watts
  • Zero Gravity design 
  • Bluetooth audio play
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Light in weight
  • Offering full body massage
  • Easy-to-adjust massage intensity allowing you to choose the perfect massage mode and intensity
  • Enabling you to enjoy music and massage via Bluetooth Audio Play
  • Design could have been much better

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It’s good to be curious. Even though you have our buying guide, tips on purchase, the best massage chairs along with our experts’ reviews, some questions should be asked and it’s the right platform to ask those. Following is a set of common questions and what our experts think the right answers to each of them. 

How do massage chairs work?

A massage chair functions on a track system, with air bags, rollers or nodes working up and down your spinal cord to imitate the hands of a human massager. It loosens knots, works on joint stiffness, relieves pain, improves blood circulation and relaxes your body. Whether best or budget massage chairs to purchase online, the basic principles of functioning always remain the same. 

Are massage chairs as effective as they are claimed to be?

Massage has proven to be very effective as a therapy in daily pain management. These chairs mimic the hands of masseuse and there are naked evidences that massage chairs are truly effective in pain relief and management. So, honestly speaking, such claims are not an exaggeration. 

How long to use a massage chair?

According to general consensus, the recommended period to use a massage chair should not be more than 15 minutes per session. In fact, these chairs are designed to produce maximum benefits in shorter time interval. Using a chair in moderation always provides more benefits. Prolonged use harms body in different ways; it may aggravate your existing body injury, create lesions, cause inflammation or damage to body tissues or put more stress on nervous system in the process. 
However, no official advice is available on this topic. Many models, especially the high-end, best selling massage chairs on Amazon, feature Auto Shut Down that allows you to monitor how long you have been using the chair. The feature also ensures safety for the users. 
Make sure to do some free-hand exercises after using your massage chair as it will help your body to release toxin produced during massage session. 

Can I use a massage chair during pregnancy?

Mixed advice makes it really difficult to give a binary answer i.e. Yes or No. Many recommend it to deal with lower back pain which is very common during pregnancy. However, it’s also recommended not to use a massage chair during the first trimester and limit your massage session. 
It’s always better to consult your gynaecologist whether or not to use a massage chair when you’re pregnant. 

Is it safe to use a massage chair with a pacemaker?

Leading pacemaker manufacturers claim in no uncertain terms that using a massage chair with an implanted device has “NO KNOWN RISK”. It goes true for professionally recommended best full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chairsas well as other variations. Still, it sounds more sensible an idea to consult your cardiologist before using one as well as read the manufacturer’s manual for device-specific advice. 

Can massage chairs hurt my back?

Massage chairs don’t induce any ill effects. However, if not used properly, it could bruise or hurt your back. Therefore, it’s important to follow the guidelines and never to use it beyond the time limit and frequency suggested in the manual. 

Are massage chairs good for health?

Benefits of using a massage chair have already been mentioned. It helps to relive not only physical pain but also mental stress. And most importantly, massage chairs have no negative side-effects. High-end massage chairs produce extra benefits like proper blood circulation throughout your body. These models are costly. If you don’t mind splashing money on the best buy, check out USA top rated massage chair brands pricelist.  

How to clean a massage chair?

Fabric or leather upholstery needs gentle cleaning and handling to make sure that upholstery stays in mint condition for many years. However, vinyl or faux leather upholstery needs their own type of cleaning and maintenance. Go through the guidebook that comes with the product to learn more about cleaning and maintenance of your massage chair. However, some basic rules apply to every make and model. 
When cleaning a massage chair, you should pay special and extra attention to the areas that come in direct contact with your exposed body parts and hair as these easily and quickly get sweaty through your clothes. For example, head, neck and arm areas need more cleaning and care. Massage chairs for home and professional use come with manuals that clearly mention what to do and what not to do during cleaning. 
If possible, remove cushions and upholstery as it will ensure proper cleaning of those areas. Reach out to the crevices and corners underneath for thorough cleaning. Take the removed parts away from your chair for cleaning as it will prevent any cleaners from getting inside your chair. 
Sweep out hairs and dirt that usually get collected in the nooks and crannies of the chair. If your chair is made of delicate or natural material, use soapy water to clean the surface. Make sure to use a mild soap for the purpose. 
Never use acidic solutions or soak any piece in water. It’s better to use a spray bottle. Why to perform massage chair cleaning with a spray? This way, you will be able to avoid the risk of soaking the fabric and it will also help to dry quickly. 
After spray, use a damp cloth to rub the fabric pieces dry. Never allow the soap to dry on your chair as it will produce ugly spots on the fabric and damage the chair. If any spots are visible, use the damp cloth to rub them away. 
Never put any wet piece back to the chair and wait for everything to properly dry. 
After everything feels dry, replace the removed items one by one and the chair is now ready for use. 
You don’t have to perform thorough cleaning very often. Instead, use a damp cloth to mop up the entire structure and let it dry. It is an effective in-between cleaning procedure to keep your chair spick and span for many years. 

Is a massage chair a costly purchase?

Get the best deals on pricier massage chairs on Amazon; it will soften the scorching price tag to a great extent. Price of a massage chair actually depends on the type, features and brand. An entry-level model can cost you anything from $200 – $700 whereas the high-end units cost to the north of $20,000. 
It’s important to figure out how frequently you’re going to use the chair, features that you like and your favorite brand before shopping. 


Having a good massage all over your body gives you a strong feel of relaxation. It calms and comforts your nerves, loosens your muscles, recharges your body and refreshes your mind. In other words, it soaks tiredness from your body and also establishes a divine harmony among body, mind and soul. 

But it’s not possible for all to visit a massage parlor for full-body massage. Furthermore, regular spa treatment at a reputed parlor is not a pocket-cool idea.  This is where, a massage chair sounds like a better option in terms of benefits as well as cost. Our buyer guide along with reviews of the top-rated massage chairs in 2020 will help you lot to make the right buy at the best price. 

Invest time to read features, functions, reviews and feedbacks before setting your mind on a particular model for a purchase. Never make haste as the products won’t fly off the shelves so quickly but once money is spent on the wrong pick, it will be clear and complete drainage of your hard-saved dollars. SO, TAKE TIME, TAKE CARE.